Intensity In Love and Potential Clashes, Can You Channel This Powerful Energy Through Intimacy? Plus, Why Lessons Around Twin Flame Surrender Might Be The One Thing Holding You Back (…I Don’t Mean That The Way You Think – Read On).


Another significant week ahead, with a powerful Mars/Saturn Square teaching us an important lesson, the Sun moving into Aquarius for the coming month and an intense interaction between Venus and Pluto – sexuality and passion reaches new heights, to the point of obsession.

At the week’s beginning – and the effects will be noticed throughout – we go head on into Mars Square Saturn.

In one sense, this counteracts and balances last week’s incredibly flowy, watery, heavily “feminine” energy – with this new transit we get a strong grounded, Masculine energy of responsibility and reliability.

This is in many ways the opposite of what last week felt like.


What Are You Missing?

We see that we’re being blocked from progressing. The energies are saying “hang on a minute”. Are you sure you’re headed in the right direction? Is there something you’re missing? Have you checked all your facts?

It’s almost as if Saturn is giving us one last chance to rethink where we’re going. An indication is that we might have been giving up more of our personal passion than is good for us.

In serving others (last week’s Feminine energy) we might have let go of “too much”. Surrendering who we really were meant to be all along.

Because the truth is you are uniquely you for a reason. You’re not here to serve others through sacrifice.

You’re here to shine bright as the star you are, with your unique talents, gifts, likes, dislikes, abilities and experiences. And we’re shown the door opening. It’s time to reclaim your own truth.

We go through discovering more about your unique mission and life’s path in the Vibrational Alignment Program for Twin Flames – read more here.


You Are You For a Reason


Step into your space and mark out who you are. Don’t keep walking along a path that leads to you losing your passion. This is it.

We’re shown a supportive hand on our shoulder, reminding us gently that we’re loved and valued for who we are already.

We don’t need to change to make others happy. We don’t need to “surrender” to the Universe because we are the Universe. It’s enough to relax the ego mind and go within.

As the Sun moves into Aquarius on the same day, we get an emphasis of this same message: You are uniquely you for a reason and your “mission” is to live your bliss, to live in “heaven on earth” for you – not to struggle to help others.

All souls have their own “dharma” or life path (discover more about this here) and you cannot walk another’s path for them, you cannot learn for them. Live as an example, and others will follow suit.

I was shown this guidance by spirit at a difficult time: When you feed birds, you put the food out and they choose when and if they come to eat.

You cannot not feed the birds by forcing the food in their mouths so much as leave out food for them to come and enjoy when and if they are ready for it. Spiritual work and guidance is much the same.

If you’re “hungry” for spiritual sustenance and uplifting your journey once and for all – here’s the “food” spirit and I have created together, to assist with many different aspects of the Twin Flame journey.


Brighter Times Ahead

Aquarius is the sign of the Lightworker, come to earth to gift new higher ways of living, to help the planet’s evolution.

Many people with a strong Aquarian energy signature have a soul background from beyond earth – many Twin Flames are among them. Enjoy this time as you are likely to feel more at “home” with yourself and these energies. More supported.

There’s a new focus of reaching higher. A lighter feel than last month. Spring is coming, and we can feel it in our bones. There are brighter times ahead, a sense of more light than in recent times.


The Power Of Twin Flame Sex

As Venus sextiles Pluto – we have an intense transit in love and between the Twin Flames. The themes now are intensity, sexuality, obsession, death/rebirth.

Strong and potent sexual encounters between the Twins is highlighted, but it can turn to obsession. Subconscious emotions and triggers are involved.

Read here about how running can be triggered by sex, and what to do to resolve it. Twin Flame Sex is a heightened site of transformation and healing, and is intensely aspected right now. Make the most of it now.


Love That was Lost Returns

Something you thought was lost is being reinvigorated in this period, there is love “between life and death”. Astral encounters are also indicated.

Make sure you take advantage of this period by honing in on a soul to soul “ritual” for you and your Twin such as a daily meditation session where you interact with them or simply sending them an “I love you” telepathically before you go to sleep at night.

You can get started right now for free with my no cost Transformation Kit For Twin Flames.

When I used to give one on one intuitive coaching sessions to Twin Flames I eventually realized there wasn’t enough time for one person to help all the thousands of Twins out there – so I created a free pack of downloads available for all Twin Flames!

You can get my sample energy clearing for Free here – warning, ‘may cause miracles’!

I’ve had Twin Flames email me from all over the world to say how profound the effects of the Free Energy Cleanse Tool have been for them – including Runners getting in touch out of the blue after their Twin Flame cleared energy!

The reason this happens is that all twins share an energy field and everything we do or intend or feel impacts the other. One twin shifting their energy impacts the whole dynamic in the pair! Try it for free here.


Resolving The Past

Old phases and cycles in love are coming up to be “clarified”, so if there are problems now it’s because Pluto is “trying to help you by shining light on what’s been blocking you behind the scenes”.

Again as mentioned last week, you don’t necessarily need to understand exactly what a block is or why it’s there – just get a feel for it and you can clear it with energy tools. Awareness is essential.

Right now, big progress can be made between the Twin Flame pair – increased closeness – and the most powerful realm for this is in intimacy and sexuality. Don’t let physical separation deter you from exploring this…

This Year I’m Giving Away the 2017 Yearly Energy Forecast for Free – sign up here and you’ll get the 25 page eBook sent directly to your inbox!

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Until next time, I’m sending you love and light for your continued journey! <3

Cassady x


Want more? For an easy, smooth way to clear blocks, heal your energy and harmonize your journey with your Twin, have a look at the Vibrational Alignment Program for Twin Flames here.

twin flame program

“I decided to listen to one of your energy clearings while on one of my flights this week, and something amazing happened– I actually felt and saw my twin’s higher self kiss me! I had my eyes closed, and as we were going through the clearing part of karma, I saw a face emerge from a black and blue background, covered in white-beaming stars…
This has not ever happened to me before! I immediately knew and felt that it was my beloved, and the positivity that flooded my entire being was amazing. Thank you so much, dear Cassady!!! “

– Karina, San Francisco, USA

Alternatively you can try my Free Starter Kit!

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  1. Cassady, As I read the forecast I was amazed as this is exactly how this week feels. More masculine. I feel as if I can say all is well not linger in the heavy thick emotions and truly know all is well. Twin flame connections can be truly perplexing. My twin and I are separate but speak once or twice a month. He’s definitely got the space between us, I continue to clear my energy using your tools and honor how i am feeling each day. It occurred to me maybe my soul has urged the separation for continued growth. Since I’ve been using your clearings I have a lot less fear. I know we will eventually get this worked out. Thank you for your loving wisdom.

  2. Thank you so much! I love that you brought up the energy Saturn is giving us making us second guess everything, as I am second guessing this for the fist time in my journey.

    Is it possible to lose your twin flame connection? I have been on this journey for a year and have recently been told that my higher self did something bad and now we are no longer twin flames. What was weird is that after I learned of this, he and I had reunion so I’m very confused.So…I guess I just want to know if it’s possible for twin flames to lose the connection? If we are no longer twin flames…will we still come together? We made an agreement for this lifetime to raise the vibrations of the world right? I still feel his HS telling me we will be together and to not be stirred or shaken by this but I can’t help but feel like maybe this is just the energies and interference trying to take me off my path.
    Thank you

    1. Hi H,

      No you can’t lose your Twin Flame connection, and your higher self will per definition not do anything “bad”. Have a look at this article on twin flames and higher selves – the higher self resides in the higher vibrations. It has no motivation to impact anyone negatively : ) It’s not like regular human beings – it doesn’t get jealous or angry or make “mistakes” like human beings do

      Please consider that what you’ve thought were messages from your higher self might be ego fears or entity influence…Have a look here for how this happened with me at the start of my journey (

      We go through how to *safely* receive true guidance in the vibrational alignment program. When we begin to open up to spirit, many many people make the mistake of listening to what’s not to their highest good – because there’s no label on the words we hear.

      **Something negative will often pretend to be your higher self, your twin’s soul or even angels in order to get you to listen to it…**

      Therefore I’ve included several tools in the program to secure your communication with the unseen.

      Have a look here for more info (class 4):

      Sending you love and light! x


  3. I’m curious to know if a karmic partners jealous energy can block the twin flame connection? Or even a jealous 5D energy?

  4. It has been a very difficult past 2 years possibly longer with this healing. I would be fine one day and the next day not so much. I have noticed I do have problems with sex and intimacy that is a part of me I need to heal from. The heart chakra is the hardest part to heal for me. I wonder if this is saying I have become obsessed with this?!

  5. Cassady-I am amazed at how everything is changing. I just purchased your complete alignment program and have been stunned at changes occurring already. Your posts are always right in time with what I feel and see, it’s such a beautiful gift you share. Im almost speechless with what i have been sensing and experiencing….dreams but not… while awake.. and feeling the strong connection with my twin i believe…..I think we are communicating in a very new and exciting way and its just incredible….I am so very grateful to be on this journey and find great comfort and strength in your assistance! Thank you beyond and beyond! Jen.a

    1. Jennifer, I’m so glad to hear that! Yes, big things can start happening once we shift energy 🙂 So happy to hear your connection has been opening up like this <3 Enjoy! xoxo Cassady

  6. Hi Cassady, thank you for the write up. Had a dream 2 days ago where i was hanging on to the top of the castle wall struggling to climb back over the wall or to jump down. After sometime i feel like jumping off.. As i was about to jump off, a scary thought of death came. Sprawling on the ground with blood flowing out from the body or all broken bones. Then i just let go and during the fall, i thought of pulling my leg up like in a lotus position. Then i started chanting a buddha’s mantra. Immediately i landed back on my own body. I was jolted up from the dream . Appreciate your thought on this. Love and Lights to you.

  7. Hi Nicole,

    It means exactly what it says ; ) It’s not a much discussed subject but remote touch means twin flames are never truly separated. We go through sharing step by step methods and tools for remote interaction and twin sexuality across the distance in the Vibrational Alignment Program (class 6

    Sending you love and light <3

    Cassady x

  8. Hey Cassady,

    I wanted to ask if it’s possible to attract a “pre-twin” ( false twin) while working with the cleansing energy tool? I’ve been using it for 3 months now and right after 2 weeks of using it, this girl showed up and we met under strange circumstances, she’s from another country. She’s got issues when it comes to express her feelings ( I’m guessing she’s got lots of karmic baggage). I get really confused at times, I’ve always found it difficult to follow my intuition ( due to my severe anxiety).

    Thank you!

  9. Hello,
    As I continue on this path, I lose more and more of who I was. I was driven, competitive and maybe driven by ego. Now, I just want to lounge around, listen to music and wear pretty things. I’m my complete opposite. I’m young and I have cut myself out of the game I was in. I don’t want to do what I was doing. The thing is I have a lot of time left and have no desire to do any particular thing. I am also lucky to be in a fortunate position so no money issues. My mom has noticed this drastic change and I have left her baffled. The thing is, what now? I meditate on this but I struggle to feel something on this… I want to do something but I’m so tired of games, and so called etiquette, and “professionalism”. Even as I write this, I’m smiling. Who is this girl? Can you speak to this? I want to get back on track, not dance around all day. I want to do something, but the thought of interacting with professionals dulls that somewhat. I feel like I have to mask myself and that’s what I’m not up for now. Naturally, I don’t feel polished or as sensitive as a lot of other people I see around me. So a lot of effort goes into interacting with people. Any thoughts on this?

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