Feminine “Magic” In Focus, Shining Light On Your Mirror Of Self. The Greatest Romance – Are You Willing To Give All Your Love Back To Yourself And The “You” In Everything? 


Welcome into a brand new week in the cosmic energies.

Highlights this week include:

Focus on self love, Uranus retrograde pushes for “upgrades” in relationship programming…

Powerful Aquarius Full Moon and Sun in Virgo bring “spiritual Ego” to the fore… Where have “lies” gotten in the way of your true path?

Discover more below!

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Push For Balance

We head into this week with some potent transits for the Twin Flame connection.

Venus enters Libra on August 16th, soon to be followed by Mars.

Libra is the second home of Venus and love (the first is Taurus), so this is a more beneficial transit for love, romance and unity than we’ve had the last month.

However, these energies encourage and gently push you to seek and find balance.

Be Good To Yourself!

We see you’ll likely be so  focused on everyone ELSE that you may let go of your own goals and wellbeing too much.

So keep an eye on your boundaries. Make sure you’re as loving with YOURSELF as with others.

Spirit suggests, see your own attitude toward yourself as your “recipe” for love in general.

As the saying goes, how you treat yourself “teaches” others how to treat you — whether consciously or unconsciously.

Childhood “Programming”

This was something I struggled with for a long time on my journey and before awakening, as I was carrying childhood wounds and imbalances.

I was shown that SO many Twins struggle because they’ve never had the “programming” of self love and aren’t fully able to embody this inner state of wholeness and unity with SELF.

So I was guided to create a session for this, where we go in and heal any old imbalances and “download” the templates of self love.


“WOW! This felt like the answer to my prayers! I’ve been noticing so many signs and it just feels like everything is aligning! Thank you thank you!!!!” – Cheyanne W.

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The Challenge With Self Love

Because I’m sure you’ve experienced that although we mentally UNDERSTAND the concept of self love…

it doesn’t always mean we’re fully able to LIVE and BE that way with ourselves…

And when this happens, there’s always a deeper reason — usually a wound or imbalance from childhood.

Have a look here at the Higher Heart Transformation Journey where I take you through this deep and transformative work to open you up to more of your OWN love and inner wholeness…

To help you embody the inner wholeness that also makes you a match to “outer” unity and love with your Twin Flame.

Life And Self

So for harmonizing and balancing: Look at your current situation and get a feel for where you could make adjustments.

Your home life, your career, your relationship – where are you out of balance?

Where in your life are you giving more than you are receiving? Where are you sacrificing your soul’s truth?

Look at what habits you have of relating to others — are your relationships balanced in terms of family, friends, love?

If not, what can you do to address that imbalance at this point?

Inner Balance

For Twins it’s essential to balance our inner state so that we’re a match with outer unity.

To come together is to find balance both within and between us, as “one soul in two bodies”.

You are being asked now to look at where in your own LIFE you are out of balance so that you can find balance within yourself…

And ultimately, the complete balance of Twin Flame Union.

When you are in balance and in flow, magic starts to happen in life — there are no more “leakages” seeping out your strength, and you move forward swiftly on the path to your desires.

Uranus Retrograde

Echoing themes from earlier this summer, the journey increasingly goes within, this period.

Especially as Uranus, the planet of change, mass communication, technology and the unorthodox goes retrograde from 19th August and will be moving “backwards” for months to come.

This deals with changes moving from the outer to the inner realm.

We’ll be dealing with change turned INWARDS.

And as Uranus is moving through Taurus (since 2018), the realm he is working to bring change to, is love, relationships and belongings.

Letting Go Of Old Habits

We will be pushed let go of outworn attachments, to the past, thoughts, attitudes, to un-serving habits, and to our old dynamics around “self vs other”…

Especially our childhood patterns that formed the “blueprint” to how we function in relationships and the Twin Flame connection.

If you use this energy current well, you can blast through the internal blockages and stagnation which might have been keeping your outer situation stuck.

(If you’d like to take action on this, blast through the stagnation of old struggles and move into a new and higher vibration for your connection, go here.)

The Twin Flame Mirror

Uranus’ “message” is:

Your experiences in life, with love and relationships are ALL an OUTER mirror to YOUR inner state and how you see and interact with yourSELF!

Because your inner world is always powerfully affecting the experiences you attract on the outside. ABOVE all with your other self.

“As within, so without. As above, so below.”

As Uranus works “his” way through Taurus for the next few years still, our heart chakra, relationship programming and love templates are being powerfully triggered to purge old negativity to make way for a higher state.

To push for “heart centered living” and relationships based in mutual higher love.

Abandonment Complexes?

So expect a purge and push to “upgrade” the heart chakra and your relationship “programming” in this period.

Old patterns regarding attachment learned in childhood are being triggered so you can clear them.

Spirit shows us, abandonment complexes, not feeling recognized or loved for who we truly are deep down, and more, are likely to come up over the next few months.

The purpose is to clear out of the way anything that’s kept you from being fully free to live with an open heart, and anything that has blocked your Twin Flame connection. (Get help to resolve this here)

Hidden Resources Brought To Light

If you do your own inner work voluntarily, you’ll get through this time with a lot more ease.

You won’t be so pushed by the cosmic energies to “learn lessons the hard way” in love. You won’t be triggered so much.

Other themes to this coming few months are — you discover you were your own best resource and rescuer all along.

Hidden resources become revealed and highlighted. Seeing your own beauty from a different perspective. Appreciating your own uniqueness.

A “Twin Flame Test”

Remember any negativity is a “test” — it’s being brought up to give you a chance to take a step back and release it to lift up into a higher state of living and have love…

Just like you’ve been asking for!

The problem is, this stuff doesn’t go away just because we think:
“OK, I see where I went wrong”.

Programming is stored in us on an unconscious level in multiple interconnected ways.

Your Love Blueprint?

And in a spiritual sense, negativity has to be cleared out — erased from our system, like we’d uninstall a program from a computer.

You know, if you just navigate off an app on your phone, it doesn’t fully go away.

It can still be active in the background. You have to close the app, and delete it, for it to be fully gone.

Energy clearing is the most effective way I’ve discovered to *permanently* clear blocks and shift into a higher state — click here to read more about my process and how I discovered this

Aquarius Full Moon

August 22nd we have a powerful “seasonal blue moon” Full Moon in Aquarius, which is Uranus’ home sign — which brings an interesting doubling of this energy.

It’s likely our perspective is being flipped now. And it ties in with love and relationships, as this is where Uranus is stationed.

We may come face to face with our OWN role in any disappointment we’ve had, and that we may mourn and grieve this…

But as we ACKNOWLEDGE and then FORGIVE and RELEASE that experience, something new can growth forth.

This is especially key as the Full Moon hits in conjunction with Jupiter Retrograde.

Repression Coming Up

Don’t take your emotions at face value in the lead up to the Full Moon throughout this week and around the 22nd.

There’s a purging process going on. Highlighted is, repressed issues due to “spiritual bypassing”.

Where we may NOT have DEALT with the deeper issue but told ourselves everything was fine or would work out when that was not aligned or fully true.

Especially in terms of the future, our dream come true.

If the future suddenly seems bleak right now, it’s the “baggage” coming up to the surface. Make sure you clear it, so it doesn’t stick around to cause blocks in the future.

The Hermit?

It’s likely you’re processing issues around frustration, feeling that your dream hasn’t come to fruition, that others are against you… or that the world is a bad place.

Spirit shows us, many will feel like “being a recluse” at this time.

We may see highlighted all the ways we have been disappointed by others. Emotions may flare up.

The illumination spirit shows us is: try to remember that on a higher level everyone is YOU.

Therefore you are ALWAYS home. You and your Twin Flame ALWAYS share love.

A Suggested Solution

Work to release the wounds around human “ego/separation consciousness” — the self vs other..

Know that everyone is deep down a soul of light who wants the same thing — love, to be loved and cherished and recognized for who they are.

And sometimes, they act out because they feel UN-loved.

Forgive any negativity, visualize a pink light of divine love around the whole planet. Feel into love for the wholeness. And you will heal. (And uplift the whole)

So deeply, it may surprise you.

It will transform you and open to more of your divine self shining through in your life. It will elevate you AND your Twin Flame connection.

You will also find the Golden Light Infusion session powerful for this as we take you through this work.

Being Gentle On Yourself

 August 22nd the Sun also enters Virgo, and it shows us that you may be EXTRA hard on yourself and others right now — even if you don’t realize that’s what’s going on.

You may only see flaws and problems. Be very VERY gentle with your perspective.

In general Sun in Virgo tends to increase our demands of ourselves and others. So be careful you don’t end up being mean to yourself (and others).

Take some time out. Go within. Meditate. Journal if you feel bad. Do a guided session to experience a higher state and heal.

And go see your Twin Flame’s soul and allow them to shower you with love.

Spiritual Ego?

Another tendency with this Aquarius Full Moon/Sun in Virgo is that “Spiritual Ego” may rear its head.

It may only be too easy to see how awful the world seems and how terribly stuck in ego/3D everyone “else” is…

If so, go back to spirit’s advice from above. Remember that in spiritual truth everyone is part of the same whole.

No one is inherently un-spiritual (we are all spirits in human bodies!).

Secret Ego Blocks In The Spiritual Scene

When you push against others, when you push into the contrast… It only brings problems.

It’s Ego! (In disguise).

Release the “self vs other” paradigms, as they will only bring pain. Especially in the Twin Flame connection, where it pushes into separation.

Wishing ill on others, including your Twin Flame or people online, is a very common underlying cause of drawn out Twin Flame separation and division.

What Are You Saying Behind Others’ Backs?

Because your counterpart’s soul tries to teach you gentleness and humility, by showing you that negativity only blocks love.

So what are you saying about your Twin and others? How are you speaking about other people? 

Remember, it is coming back to you powerfully in your Twin Flame connection and your own life – like a BOOMERANG.

This “boomerang effect” is one of the most sustained lessons for Twin Flames, because we are are here to transcend separation consciousness and move into UNITY consciousness.

That doesn’t just affect our Twin Flame journey, it deals with our relationship with ourselves, the universe, the world, other people — EVERYTHING.

(Read more here)

Sun In Virgo — Filling Your Own “Cup”

The next few weeks as the Sun moves through Virgo, sacrifice and self love are in focus.

Remember you have to “fill your own cup” — otherwise you can’t truly help anyone.

In this era, everyone is meant to wake up to their OWN connection with light, their healing gifts, their divinity. It is not just for the select.

When we lead by example, others wake up.
Instead of feeding into dependency, which can block others from waking up to their own light.

Never feel guilty for prioritizing and taking care of yourself.

(Read more in this article)

Healing Past Disappointments

Jupiter Retrograde challenges Chiron this whole week, and ties in with the Full Moon – showing that deeper healing is needed around disappointments from the past.

We may feel “let down by the Universe”, says spirit.

But remember if this has happened, then yes, deal with those emotions and hurts.

Journal on them, clear them, forgive yourself and others involved so you can move on…

BUT know that the Universe NEVER denies us our dreams.

If something doesn’t live up to our wishes or dreams, it’s due to blocks in OUR system. (Watch a video on that here)

Who Told You Dreams Don’t Come True?

So ask yourself this: Who told you your dream was out of reach? What were you told in your upbringing? What familial habits and patterns can you see?

These are the REAL reasons why dreams often don’t come true.

Dreams CAN come true.

But to align, we have to not just “mentally believe” — we have to be a TRUE inner energetic match. (Get help with this here)

That’s why you see some people having seemingly inexplicable luck while others struggle despite doing all the “right stuff” — it’s because of alignment.

Frequency. Set-point.

What REALLY Determines “Destiny”

So how do you know what you’re aligned with?

Look at your LIFE, your Twin Flame connection.

It’s ALWAYS an outer mirror, an expression of your dominant energy, mindset, emotions, beliefs… whether it’s been conscious or unconscious.

We can never “fake” alignment.

Why Twin Flames Are Made To Reunite

Always remember that spiritually, your dreams are NEVER out of reach. You and your Twin are MADE to reunite, to love eternally.

But as humans, you may have “virus programming” that’s deflected it.

Do your best to stay detached and remember these things as emotions may rise this week.

Your dreams “WANT” to reach you.

Now, will you truly open?

Not just wish and hope, but do the sacred inner work that will make you aligned and able to RECEIVE it in your physical real life?

If you’re ready, go here and ask yourself what you feel most drawn to. That’s your intuition speaking about what is most needed for you right now to align more fully with love.

Not just as a dream, but as a physical 3D experience.

Until next time, I’m sending you love and light for your journey <3

Cassady x

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