Mercury Direct, Unlocking Star Memories: Aquarius Season “Says”- Your Superpower Is In Your 3rd Eye! But, Are You Willing To Let Go Of Old Grievances To Allow Love To Tangibly Arrive?

Welcome into a brand new week in the cosmic energies!

Highlights this week include:

A Week For Powerful Progress And The Untraditional, As Sun/New Moon In Aquarius Combine With Mercury And Uranus Both Turning Direct…

But, Sun conjunct Pluto awakens your primal power and asks you to up-level your life once and for all.

Stay calm, because the biggest stumbling block on your path will be your own temper… Can you master YOURSELF above all?

Discover more below! 

2023 – Your Best Twin Flame Year?

Can you believe we are entering the third week of January already? Crazy, right?

It’s so easy for the year to fly by on “autopilot”…

Where we just let our goals and dreams gradually slip into the background, and begin to focus on the same old stress and struggle as before.

Do you want to be in an amazing situation come January 2024?

Do you want this year to be the best Twin Flame year you have had yet?

Do you want to emerge from these coming 12 months with more love, harmony and light between you? Together, happily united?

Then I can help. You still have time to join us for the next Twin Flame Soul Alchemy group, commencing January 20th.

twin flame coaching

I would love to take you through this sacred work, so you can experience the breakthroughs and positive shifts you have been waiting for!

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Aquarius Season Starts

So now onto this week’s energies:

You have been feeling it for a while now, that a new beginning is imminent.

If you can stay in charge of your perspective and keep focused on your desire now, progress will indeed begin to come together…

The big highlights this week are Mercury going direct on January 18th. And after a long month in Capricorn, we officially enter Aquarius season!

Uranus Direct, New Moon

Venus has been journeying here since late December… And on January 20th the Sun joins her, followed by a powerful Aquarius New Moon the next day.

Plus, a few days later the sign’s ruler Uranus moves direct.

This has powerful effects for the Twin Flame connection!

Third Eye Awakening

Above all, there’s increased forward motion and our third eye center will begin to settle. The atmosphere will feel less heavy, but independence is key. 

In Aquarius season it also means we are likely to pick up on deeper Twin Flame pair memories and information.

IF you pay attention. If you’re too busy scrolling on social media or with a thousand daily activities, it will likely pass you by…

But if you go within, this is a heightened time to pick up on your Twin’s higher self’s wisdom, star memories and invaluable gifts the two of you share from your origin, and more.

*Allowing* Guidance And Higher Support

Pay attention. There is wisdom working to reach you. There is a wealth of information, guidance and power that is working to awaken in your situation right now…

But it requires that you let go of any struggles you’ve been holding onto, any resentment or anger…

(Because in energy terms, and in the Twin Flame mirror, those low vibrational frequencies only attract more of the same!)

For help, The Star Activation Ceremony is a highly recommended session to connect with your higher faculties, release the lower 3D blocks that keep so many Twins stuck, and accelerate your Twin Flame journey to union.

“I was very heavy for weeks and felt drawn to the Star Activation. I decide to jump in and now I feel SO different afterwards. I feel 100 times lighter now.

I really felt my twin there as we did the clearing on both of us, and I got a text from him as soon as it ended!!!!! The same night, I dreamed that we were together and I feel this huge shift has happened between us. Thank you so much!!!”

– Helle, Copenhagen, Denmark

Go here to read more and take the session

Energy Shift Into Air

This week, we have a massive shift from Capricorn into Aquarius energies – air, electricity, change.

The “water bearer” Aquarius is a sign strongly invested in freedom, individuality and the new and unorthodox. It also rules starseeds.

With a New Moon here on January 21st, along with Uranus and Mercury direct, it’s all about ALLOWING ourselves to start over.

Twin Flame Illusions

And, as spirit says, to see through the human illusion.

To release polarity/conflict/separation programming… and anchor into the knowing that every single person is a soul of light, and that we are all part of the same whole!

To remember that on the soul level, there is no such thing as separation.

The Lesson Of “Separation”

This is a lesson so many Twins get stuck in learning, through cycles of repeated “physical world” separation as their souls wait for them to realize this:

That the Twin Flame connection never ends. That they are always there with you as a soul, no matter what.

And that you are not two people opposed – you are one original soul divided.

It means we HAVE to approach the Twin Flame connection differently than a “regular” relationship, otherwise it can cause added problems.

Read more here in “Twin Flames: Why Regular Relationship Advice Doesn’t Apply”


Mirror, Mirror – What Are You Pushing?

Unfortunately, so much of the “standard Twin Flame info” ALSO fuels into problems and opposition by not taking this into consideration.

In short, the Twin Flame mirror means that when you are angry or focused on your Twin Flame as being far away…

Unfortunately you are entrenching it and making it more so, AND you are pushing that energy back onto yourself, causing more distance.

What’s the solution?

You have to go within and detangle the deeper reasons, the past karma and other factors that cause a distorted dynamic between you to begin with.

Have a look here, and I will help you because it can be complicated. 

Feminine Twin Being Challenged

When Venus journeys through Aquarius, it not only puts the spotlight on this energy for our relationships…

It also signals that the Feminine is being asked to learn to be OK with “standing on her own two feet”.

A big lesson for those who are incarnate as females in this lifetime or have a feminine energy dominance, is to learn to stand alone, be independent and prioritise their own self love.


The collective energy field of the feminine carries in it karmic patterns of being “caretakers”, feeling responsible for others, being compelled to help others before ourselves.

In recent years there have been heavy pressures from the planetary energies, pushing the feminine to make a stand for “herself”.

We have to deal with our own inner situation, as that is what affects what we experience with others.

If we are running on empty, feel insecure, scared and full of shame – it will attract back a host of issues with other people and with life itself… And ESPECIALLY with our Twin Soul.

Have a look here for more in this article on Twin Flame “Self Union”.


Aquarius New Moon – Cutting Through Fear

The New Moon in Aquarius echoes these themes. Independence and Self Love are of key importance.

Otherwise the energies of need, longing and desperation come into play – and they will repel love because they are based in fear.

So many Twins experience that when they get into desperation about the connection, it gets tangled up in drama and they get the OPPOSITE of what they wanted – love.

The solution is to deal with our own INNER situation, to be whole within.

Have You Been Doing This?

As the Sun conjuncts Pluto this whole week, your true power IS being awakened in you. It can be surprisingly “primal”, so keep an eye on your temper…

And to make the most of the New Moon, notice where you might have been fighting yourself, belittling yourself, making yourself dependent on others…

You’ll likely notice you have been telling yourself “stories” about smallness and helplessness in the back of your mind.

Become aware, and resolve to clear and release it for good (use the sessions here if you want to go deep with this for lasting results).

Uniting With Yourself in Love

These tough “pushing us into our highest potential” energies are a part of the preparation for Twin Flame Union.

To root out old programming of separation, survival and polarity, so that the Twins can move up into a new higher realm of unity and togetherness.

So we can approach Love from a place of Love, without attachment, fear or other negativity getting involved.


How Is Your Inner World?

If you’re still not feeling whole on your own or good enough on your own, you have some work to be done WITHIN you – before things can fall easily into place on the outside.

Adding to this, but with encouragement, Uranus turns direct for the first time in months.

This means it will be easier now to step into that new state of inner positivity and create change in your life.

Creating Change

Uranus energies deal with change and the unorthodox, star realms and breaking with tradition.

Uranus’ “message” is that our inner world is powerfully affecting what experiences we attract on the outside. ABOVE all with our Twin Flame.

It has to do with visioning (third eye) and speaking – which are both acts of creation.

Becoming aware of the creative power of our words and thoughts, is a major lesson for Twin Flames.

A Tough Reminder

You’re being alerted now to be mindful of how you communicate about your Twin Flame connection.

If you write your frustrations down in a forum or page, or tell your friend about how awful you feel and how your Twin doesn’t care and you’ll probably never get together….

You are unfortunately creating this with your energy – aligning with negativity more and more deeply. The lesson is to shift, to resolve the deeper CAUSES, not to act like it’s out of our hands – which only cements it.

Twin Flame Solutions

We can clear the negativity to eradicate it (many people find it healing to write down the negatives and burning the paper afterwards, or you can use modern energy clearing tools with less mess).

And instead of complaining or reinforcing more of what we DON’T want, it’s powerful to also ask:

How can I create and attract differently in future, so I experience more of what I DO desire?

Releasing Blame Because?

As we do this, our situation begins to shift.

Because as long as we’re blaming others, we’re keeping the situation stuck and our energy blocked from receiving the help we want.

And as a Twin Flame, when we hold the intention that the connection is blocked or they are “running” or it’s hopeless…

That’s exactly what we unfortunately get more of.

Writing Your Own Happy Ending

As Pluto joins with the powerful Aquarian “new beginning” energies this week, he shows us that a “new you” is emerging.

Your higher aspects of self are awakening, or are trying to get your attention so you can step out of limitation… And truly begin to live your Divine path of Union.

The message is: It’s OK to start over. Let yourself off the hook.

And if you feel hopeless or things never change for you, that’s exactly what is working to be purged.

If that’s how you feel, you already know what needs resolving.

If you would like my help in making 2023 your best Twin Flame year ever – have a look below or submit your application here

And as always, I’m sending you so much love and light <3

Cassady x

Start shifting your Twin connection into harmony and accelerate your journey to union with the powerful 12 Month Twin Flame Gold Coaching and Quantum Energy Healing!

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