Love Breaks Open: Full Moon Eclipse In Taurus. “The World Is Shifting To Bring Your Unity”… Are You Ready For The Changes Working To Reach You? 

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Welcome into a brand new week in the cosmic energies.

Highlights this week include:

Major physical 3D world changes working to shift reality, to make Twin Flame Reunions happen. What in your life is calling to adjust? 

Exciting times of change and “preparations for the next era of your life”!

Discover more below!

Recent Purging Calms Down

Mars, Mercury and the Sun are spreading out from their intense “team work” from the last month and a half – and this means things feel a little less pressured now than in recent times.

It tended to bring up a lot of drama and repeats of past wounding, so this week and moving forward is set to be calmer.

However, we ARE still in the preparation phase for the “second Twin Flame reunions” in February 2022, which is when Mars/Venus meet in Capricorn.

By Divine Design

Spirit shows us that whatever triggering has been happening lately, is specifically designed to bring deep collective SEPARATION programming to the SURFACE…

So it could be recognized as such and cleared.

So hopefully you’ve been working on staying clear and shifting into a higher vibration and mindset. (Otherwise it will just sink back into your system and keep affecting your path behind the scenes.)

If you have had struggles lately, make sure you clear out the ENERGY negativity that’s causing it on a deeper level – so you can shift higher!

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cassady cayne review

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Physical Focus For The Twin Pair

This whole autumn has been a purification and recalibration period, to prepare the Twin Flames to be a match to a LASTING and HARMONIOUS physical unity coming up.

Now, Juno asteroid of Soul Love enters Capricorn, and Venus is already here on her way through the sign, then returning again in a Retrograde later this year…

In other words: This coming period is going to be more focused on the 3D physical for the Twin Flame pair. 

3D Physical Focus

This time right now is not focused on Reunion, in general… (It CAN always happen, but it’s not in the cosmic “plan” specifically for this period).

But what we’re being shown is that there may FIRST be a breakdown or breakup of the life circumstances that may have blocking togetherness.  

This means karmic relationships or friendships or even living situations that have functioned as blocks or kept you from being available, are breaking apart. 



Preparing Ground For Love

In short, the planets are helping you prepare ground for PHYSICAL unity.

Keep this in mind now:

If things seem chaotic or “crazy”, could it be you are being asked to LET GO of something?

So you are more open and available to unity?

It could also be happening with your counterpart on THEIR side. We’re shown, some might find their Twin being offered a job near where THEY live, for instance.

Or as another example, their Twin might end up having to return home now, due to a family situation… in SOME way they might end up in the same location as you, if they weren’t before.

It’s this KIND of situation happening. Not exactly physical unity per se, but the PREPARATION for this. Destiny “re-shuffling”.

Clearing Deflections 

With Pluto still in Capricorn as well, you are being encouraged to make sure you CLEAR any fear, worry or doubt you may feel around this subject.

Because those unfortunately will deflect the unity and love you long for.

So in order to make sure you are aligned, physically and energetically a match to unity and love, make sure you keep clearing the fears that come up.

(I help you with that here)

Complete harmony Healing Tool

The Complete Harmony Healing for Twin Flames is a guided energy healing session that takes you through effortlessly clearing your chakras and auras, cutting old “outsider” attachments, uplifting your timelines and energies to unity, and more. All in Free Will.

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Moving Home For Love?

Another shift comes as Vesta asteroid of the hearth and home, enters Sagittarius on November 16th.

This shows us that YOU might be the one whose home may be “travelling”. In other words, YOU might end up be the one offered to travel or end up moving.

And/or, your home or inner space is taking on a more philosophical atmosphere.

You’re likely wanting to learn, expand, reach higher, aim for your goals – and this could include a desire to travel.

Follow your intuition and listen to your heart, and it will work out well!


One complication is that opposed with Vesta, are Lilith conjunct North Node and Ceres.

Vesta is the goddess of the hearth, the home’s central fire or flame in ancient Rome. Lilith represents the shadow karmic feminine.

The North Node deals with soul path, and Ceres manifestation.

This means the positive changes you are wanting to make or are LONGING for, could seem sabotaged by “dark” feminine energy, characters or thoughts/patterns within yourself.

Dissuading Love

It means, it’s likely that the change you feel GUIDED to, is being discouraged – either through an outside person or UN-conscious aspects of yourself.

Someone or something trying to talk you out of positive change, especially the goals and manifestations you want to happen… 

Including Twin Flame unity and love.
So make sure you consciously listen to LOVE over fear.

Just because others may have had a hard time, doesn’t mean it’s your destiny to live.

Choose love. Ask your Twin’s higher self and guidance to SHOW you the way there. To help you not listen to fear.

Childhood Wounds

Jupiter semi-square Chiron and the Retrogrades show that “sabotage” may be rooted in the past.

The reason things may have not been “working out” in terms of your goals, including Twin Flame Unity, is that there are still UN-HEALED things in your system…

Deeper Ego wounds in particular, from childhood. Around your perceived worth, your ability to make things happen, and how others responded to you. 

Again, the key is to HEAL and CLEAR those wounds so they don’t keep attracting cycles of those same experiences of feeling rejected, unsupported or unloved…

The Twin Flame Mirror “Talks”!

Because as you may have read before – “As within, so without”.

What we hold within us, tends to call back an outer “mirror image”, as so many Twins experience. 

In essence, it means if we have for example an abandonment complex from childhood, it unfortunately tends to attract more and more experiences where we FEEL or SEEM TO BE abandoned…

Until we clear and heal it. 

For help with this, go here.

“I don’t think I could have survived my relationship without this. You get to go back, and heal and clear stuff from your inner child and your twin flame’s. It’s been a key part of my spiritual journey, and the change has been just profound in me.”

– Emma P., UK

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Lunar Eclipse – Destiny In Focus

Thursday we have a Full Moon partial Lunar Eclipse at the tail end of Taurus.

Tying in the North Node, this ALSO deals with destiny and life path… 

Taurus deals with manifesting and creating, and the North Node rules soul purpose and life path for this lifetime.

So with the Full Moon Eclipse here, there’s an emotional culmination of an old chapter.

You are being asked to release the emotions, patterns and thoughts that brought you here, to THIS place… To close off an era. So you can reach (even) higher!

Repressed Emotions?

North Node in Gemini says: if you are not happy with where you’re at, you must look at the BELIEFS and THOUGHTS that brought you to that place.

Because our beliefs and thoughts tend to be projected back to us as “reality”. 

With Taurus being a slow to show emotion kind of energy, we see there could be an eruption of REPRESSED emotions now.

Where we have tried to keep going in the face of negativity…

And where we feel that we have spent all our effort, and yet nothing has materialized… Where we feel that we sowed the seeds, did the work, and yet nothing seems to have bloomed.

Spiritual Bypassing

Mercury opposing, shows us it’s NOT because your “destiny” is to fail or not get your desires!

The REAL reason has been the mindset, beliefs and information you’ve been applying.

And with Mercury in Scorpio it’s clear a key reason, is SPIRITUAL BYPASSING.

I.e. pretending to stay positive and forcing ourselves to think about good things, and ignoring the deeper inner issues, fears and blocks… This has been part of why we may not have received our “dream come true” (YET!)…

When Shadows Demand Attention

Because when we “bypass” issues, they keep playing out while we pretend they aren’t there. And it means they block our progress, without us realizing.

This never works, unfortunately.

It’s like leaving your house without turning off the lights. Just because you are turning AWAY, doesn’t mean they’re not still ON.

This Full Moon Eclipse is set to be a rough wakeup call – but it’s TRYING to help us.


Blinded To Ourselves

In order to do so, it may pull us down, into realizing that things are not going to pan out if we keep going in the SAME track. 

The Eclipse means we are being “blinded” to ourselves, in an attempt to get us to shift into something higher.

By making us momentarily unconscious, so a “reset” can happen.

Can you RELEASE and be OPEN to the fact that your dreams CAN come true, but you may have to shift your approach? That helps so much just in itself.

Starting Over

 Are you willing to release disappointment, past hurt and what has caused any lack of results – and unhappiness in the now moment?

Are you willing to release what you THOUGHT, and start again? 

Because ultimately, your soul ALWAYS knows. It’s when the human mind starts to get involved, that we get distortions, dysfunctions like bypassing… And lack of results.

Do Not Take Things At Face Value

This Eclipse window, which lasts into December, is a period of recalibration and shifts. Right now, focus on releasing and opening to allow SPACE for the new and higher…

Spirit warns, do NOT take things at face value this week because of the recalibration and shifting…

Try your best to flow WITH this. Because can you see, that in order to get you to where you want to go, some big things may need to shift?

And it may be uncomfortable while it shifts, EVEN if it’s needed and guided?

You have been asking for this, they say.

“The World Is Rearranging Itself For You”

Try to “see through” what is going on, from a higher perspective.

“The world is rearranging itself for you”, they’re saying.

The world is making way for love, by removing what was NOT love…

Try to take a step back from yourself and see yourself from the outside this week. Keeping a neutral standpoint will help you avoid being dragged into old “autopilot” behavior. (If you need help, I’ll take you through it here)

Staying calm will also help you release with more ease, and you’ll find it a much more comfortable experience than if you get caught up in drama.

Pushing Toxins To Leave

There are also negative pockets of consciousness released during Eclipses, so if you feel that “interference” is stronger, you’re not wrong.

It’s because it’s being pushed to LEAVE, so we can Ascend higher.

The best thing to do is work WITH the cleansing process to release it once and for all so you can open to your highest. 

Shield yourself, stay clear and go to your soul and guidance for help if needed (I show you how in class 2, 4 and 6 here). They always know the higher perspective and what will help the most. 

twin flame story

Sowing Seeds Of Love 

Taurus is the home sign of Venus – so this Full Moon Eclipse speaks volumes about manifesting Love.

Don’t give up if your desires haven’t happened yet. But again, make sure you’re not trying from a flawed perspective. 

If you’ve been working on manifesting something that hasn’t yet shown up – don’t lose hope.

 Keep nurturing those “seeds” daily and make sure you’re working with an aligned process.

For help with the manifestation process, specifically for Twin Flames, go here.


Optimism As “Self Fulfilling Prophecy”

Lastly this week, the Sun enters Sagittarius for this coming month. Themes are freedom, optimism and higher perspectives.

 And if you find it challenging to be positive and stay on track, know that negative, limiting habits of mind are often ancestral patterns. 

This year Sagittarius season sees you eager for change, and as mentioned, it could include moving home, changing careers, moving to another country, taking a trip or more…

Or simply wanting to shake up your life in some major way, from changing your approach, to your appearance, your friendship circle or other things. 

As long as you follow your intuition, these are guided changes. And as the Sun receives support from Pluto, yes, transformation of SELF is particularly encouraged right now!

Real Change Comes From The…?

However, a Square to Jupiter warns us – don’t make RASH choices but mull them over…

And remember that if our INNER state doesn’t shift along with the OUTER change, it doesn’t tend to stick.

An example would be, if you moved to a brand new country and city and got a new job, not realizing that you’d experience the EXACT SAME same drama with NEW coworkers as you had in your old job…

Because your INNER alignment hadn’t changed.

So yes, the change you’re itching for is guided and encouraged. HOWEVER, it may come closer to home than you are wanting right now. And that’s a good thing. 

A Week For New Beginnings

When you change your inner state to love and unity, you are in “heaven” no matter where you are, says spirit. This is enlightenment. Bliss in every moment.

With Pluto supporting several major other planets, we see transformation is going on this whole period, in subtle behind the scenes AND more obvious ways.

You may not realize it – but the next chapter of your life is being prepared.

And the planets “want” it to be your best so far!

Work to flow WITH this process, so it happens with ease and happiness.

Enjoy, and listen to your heart. It knows the way!

Cassady x

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