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The Lion Dominates Collective Soul Development After 17 Years Of Purification. Ego Blocks of You Vs Me Flare Up. Can You Live With An Open Heart In A World Of Fear?


There’s a lot going on in the cosmic energies right now. For the first time in almost two decades, the North Node – representing the collective soul development – moves retrograde into Leo.

This means there’s a lot of old stuff being stirred up.

This is the first time the North Node visits Leo since year 1999-2000, meaning there are issues in the collective development that require resolution – something from that time is recurring, themes, tendencies, conflicts…

On a world scale, increasing conflict brewing in the Middle East and resulting fear around the globe is an immediate corresponding theme. Conflict between opposing views and values.

Another theme is fear of the future – if you were around back then you’ll remember how worried people were that the whole world systems would collapse as the system turned into a new millennium…

Fear is a contractive, heavy energy that you’ll recognize as an awful feeling in body and mind. Like feeling caught up against the wall with nowhere to escape. Unfortunately fear among people is “contagious” and social media and news are its main methods for spreading.

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Shadows Vs Light

The positive side of Leo as a sign is creativity, romance, pride, glory, “kings and queens”. However, the collective development themes are changing and there’s a strong possibility that Egos will flare up to the point of danger.

With Ego comes conflict, because the ego is based in perceiving the world as “you vs me”.

For Twin Flames this could pose a problem – as we’ve discussed before, perceptions of difference and separation are one of the core blocks to Twin pairs coming together.

To remedy this, I was asked by spirit to create the Complete Harmony Healing for Twin Flames. Have a look here.

A theme for Twin Flames right now is a shift from the feminine polarity Twin shouldering most of the burden, to masculine polarity Twins being activated to carry out more work “above ground”.

Although the “sleeper” twin is always working on energetically paving the way and integrating light codes and resolving issues for the pair as a soul, the North Node moving back into Leo indicates that there is a shift into focus on the masculine polarity Twin being “activated” on a more conscious level.

Expect something in your Twin to change during this period – awakening to a larger part of themselves, remembering more and more (glimmers of insight) who they are as a soul.


The Highest Expression Of The Heart

At its highest expression, Leo energies (masculine) are benevolent, caring, expressive, wanting only the best for everyone. The wisdom of living with an open heart.

Let’s set the intention that these positive traits become the leading themes in this coming period and that any old negativity is resolved in peaceful ways.

For you personally: Spirit indicates, look back to how your situation was at that time. What were you experiencing in year 1999-2000 and how does it relate to your current situation? How can you handle things differently now? How have you grown as a person?

Expressing gratitude for the wisdom you have now and for how much you’ve evolved, is a wonderful practice that helps raise your vibration and invite in more positivity and experiences to be grateful for. There might also be things to learn from the way you were back then.

Courage, a sense of self pride and desire to express yourself fearlessly are likely themes you can take as inspiration for this coming period.


Mutual Support Between The Twin Pair

As Venus trines Mars now, there’s a sense of mutual support and reconciliation between the Twins compared to recent weeks.

There was an indication of the masculine returning to his “old ways” in terms of socializing, romance and seeking excitement and easy gratification as a way to reaffirm ego identity, but it seems there’s either forgiveness between the two now, or “he” made the final choice to move past his old patterns.

Either that, or perspectives have changed. In the most difficult situations between Twin Souls, the deepest game changer is this: You are your Twin and they are you. Read more about this and the Twin Flame Mirror by clicking this link.

If you’d been born in their stead, as their gender, with their family background, with their experiences you would in essence be them. If they had been born in your stead, they would in essence be you.

Forgiveness is a powerful spiritual tool that sounds deceptively feeble. It’s actually a very courageous thing, to forgive someone. Read more about forgiveness and how it can serve to up-level your whole journey here.


Old Feelings Return

With the Moon conjunct Pluto retrograde early in the week, old unconscious feelings are stirred up – this is set to be an intense period but try to treat it like you would a detox of the physical body, you know that you’ll be purging what’s not good for you.

Keep a similar perspective and know that any latent emotions rising up are coming up so you can clear them. Then do so. Once you learn metaphysical energy clearing methods you can use them with ease any time, anywhere.

Mercury now moves into Taurus again, still going over old “shadow terrain” from the retrograde period but we’re getting into lighter and more clear, reliable communication.

One thing to watch with Taurus energies is stubbornness. In this coming period, do your best to really listen when others are speaking and give their point a chance even if it goes against what you yourself habitually believe.


The Miracle Of Moving Into Choice Instead of Need

Lastly this week, the Sun moves into Gemini – sign of the Twins – and Venus is still opposition Jupiter in Libra. There’s a strong focus on balance now. Love requires harmony, openness, balance.

There’s a sense of push and pull going on and we see in particular that the feminine in the Twin pair is receiving new high vibrational light code downloads – the human relationship templates are being reworked as a result of Twin Flames being powerful conductors of energy, bridges between “heaven and earth”.

In this period the biggest changes come from the feminine integrating her new found strength and focus on individuality into the pair.


What Is True Love?

Reaching Twin Flame Union is not just about softening or “upgrading” the Masculine. It’s about balancing and clearing the Feminine’s need of others (which has been genetically programmed through generations) so that she can become *whole within* and attract a relationship that’s truly worthy of her.

A relationship that’s mutually respectful and caring, full of love and built on the basis of shared desire to be together.

Safe in the knowing that she doesn’t *need* her counterpart, she *chooses* him out of love. When a relationship is based in this kind of love, fear fades away.

Because need and fear are intrinsically connected.

Only when fear of abandonment, fear of rejection, fear of being alone steps aside can love truly flow to its full potential. This is the inner and outer alchemy of the Twin Flame journey.

Go here to learn more about how my Twin and I reached Union within 18 months of our first encounter – resolving karma and aligning our energies to allow for unconditional love.

As always, I’m sending you love and light for your continued journey! <3

Cassady x

“Cassady’s teachings and techniques have lifted me from utter soul sickness to greater peace and increasing forgiveness, self love and love for my partner. Now I can greet my fear and anguish with peace and love. I am finally feeling more calm, clear and confident. Thank you Cassady!”

Kate, California, USA

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  1. I’ve been feeling quite hopeful and that something is about to change. Good to have some validation <3 I began to see 555 and 505 again and everywhere, and I keep finding grey feathers! I know what the numbers are, but I'm completely clueless about the feathers, does anybody know what they mean?
    This resonated so much with me! That part about shifting from need to choice? I said to my twin more than once almost the exact same thing: I don't need you, but that doesn't mean I wouldn't prefer to have you in my life.
    Thank you as always Cassady!

  2. I met my twin in 1999/2000. This article was totally right what I needed to hear. So much to say, but really you all already feel it.

  3. Absolutely remarkable, Cassady. My most painful and least authentic relationship occurred exactly from 1999-2000. Unbelievable that that time period is highlighted in this forecast. I got some chills when I read that. I’ve done a great deal of work surrounding that relationship, but I will get back to work on it now. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

  4. Hello Cassady,

    Greetings! I have a question out of curiosity. Are these forecasts applicable for all parts of the world? Because here in India, all transits are delayed by a month or so due to timezone differences.

    1. Hi Pratibha,

      Yes they’re for the whole planet – it’s about how the other planetary energies affect the earth plane and us living here <3 Because the planet revolves every 24 hours it's applicable for the whole human collective, but with a focus on twin flames

      Sending you love and light

  5. I am feeling sort of frustrated with my Twin the last few weeks. I don’t know if he is seeing other women or not but our communication is intermittent. We we do talk it’s very loving and he calls me “my love”. He admits it’s difficult when he doesn’t communicate enough. He makes me feel like I am the only one for him. We do currently live about 2000 miles from each other and I am married.

  6. I’m still unsure about what it could be from 1999-2000 that needs resolution because so much happened: first baby, graduated, mother-in-law diagnosed with cancer and later died, met a soul mate that I recently connected with again who turned out to be my sister’s twin- so many difficult events. Can you help with that one Cassady?? The King and Queen theme is making sense though; I recently dreamt that I decided to leave the English harbour by a large sailboat with my family because a storm was coming. It felt like long ago and my mother was there challenging my decision. Suddenly it felt like a memory was released in my mind about who I really was and why I was so sure of my decision; I told her that I was the Queen of England- Queen Elizabeth I !! I told her that I knew exactly how to navigate the storm because I’d talked with my trusted captain and made a good decision- The next day, I read your post with the king/ Queen reference!! It still feels like my own memory-Crazy!

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