A Week For The History Books! Your Superpower Switched Up – Are You Using This Consciously? Love Magnetism And Heightened Twin Flame Connections…

Welcome into a brand new week in the cosmic energies!

Highlights this week include:

Unity consciousness working to reach you!
Twin Flame harmony in the “air” – but are you tuned into to receive it?

Discover more below!


A Time of Dreaming

This time is set to be a week of guidance and tapping into a higher flow on the physical level. And there are some great news incoming…!

We have a lingering effect from the Sun and Venus’ interaction with Neptune from last week, and the “fogginess” and dimensional openness from this is still around…

Meaning increased “supernatural” phenomena within the Twin Flame connection. The connection is STRONG on a higher level!

To benefit, make sure you go within regularly – and keep a journal. Otherwise you may “miss” it.

What Song Comes To Mind?

So much Pisces energy means heightened Twin dream activity…

Such as hearing songs in your mind when you’re half asleep, and experiencing your counterpart with you as a spiritual presence, even romantically — embracing or kissing you!

Venus stays conjunct Neptune until late this week, so it’s a key time for love on the higher planes. Your Twin’s higher self is likely reaching through more noticeably.

If you want to learn how to fully activate and enjoy the “remote romance” and telepathy in your connection, check module 2, 4 and 6 here.

To my knowledge, there’s no other actionable info on these aspects on the Twin connection out there.


The Truth of Love Vs Illusions Of Fear

Enjoy this heightened time, and know this connectedness and love is truly available to you every single day.

This higher love is the TRUTH about how they feel about you, their soul says.

Anything else is the illusion created by human fear programming.

And if their physical world self is not being particularly loving, then it’s the human fear programming creating it.

You can help them release it, so they become more and more an expression of their higher self — the way you have with your increasing awakening.

More info on that here.


Feeling Heavy or Cloudy Lately?

A downside to this connection can be that due to the emotionally open nature of Pisces/Neptune’s energy, you may have been picking up on outside energies of heaviness, sadness, or even depression.

Or your Twin Flame may have…

If this is going on, the first thing to do is shield yourself, ground yourself and work to keep your energy system clear.

I take you through clearing for free here and share multiple powerful methods for shielding and protection in the Vibrational Alignment Program.

So many Twins out there have absorbed others’ issues and end up with problems because of it — when it’s not really “theirs” to begin with.

Unfortunately, sometimes people even end their life due to depression that is a result of being energetically sensitive and having absorbed collective heaviness and negativity…

How to Uplift the Journey?

So much pain and suffering could be avoided if we were conscious about energy, the chakra system, and how the universe works.

The truth is, we live in a world of energy… (That’s actually a scientific fact – nothing is really solid, it’s energy in motion – vibrations!)

But most of us don’t know how much energy affects our lives, our relationships, our health, and our emotions. We walk around affected by a lot of content that’s harmful to us.

For Twin Flames, being aware of energy is key to a harmonious connection… (Watch a brief video on how it works here)

And use the free energy cleanse here for a powerful shift in just 9 minutes.

Or to go deeper and learn more about energy mastery for a harmonious Twin Flame journey, click here.

Tapping into Guidance

On March 15th Mercury enters Pisces for the coming month, highlighting this same issue. It’s a double-edged sword — it increases intuition and ability to perceive guidance, heightens sensitivity…

But it also makes us more vulnerable if we’re not conscious. Because our “energy boundaries” are more porous than usual.

It’s an ideal time for receiving and communicating with higher guidance and tapping into Unconditional Love.

But again, it’s also a time when you could be getting dragged around by outside content.

As an example, if you go within and receive guidance, you can get aligned with and attract amazing things. And open to true inner happiness.

But if you watch trashy TV shows or are on social media unconsciously taking in everything that comes up in your feed… THAT’s what you end up full of.

And it will likely NOT help your Twin Flame connection or your life.

When All You Get Is Static?

Spirit wants me to share an anecdote to illustrate:

I did a podcast a while back where I was asked about automatic writing and channeling.

The host said she tried it once with her friend, and when she started writing to get guidance in the automatic format…

ALL that came out was “Thomas the train” related words, because she had been with the friend’s child watching this children’s TV show in the background all afternoon!


She was SO FRUSTRATED because she felt she wasn’t able to channel or do automatic writing.

When what was happening was she really WAS channeling!

But her system was full of Thomas the little steam engine and children’s TV static because she’d been UNCONSCIOUSLY absorbing it all afternoon!

The paradoxical thing is, I immediately knew this person would be highly intuitive because she was clearly so sensitive.

If she wasn’t she wouldn’t have picked up on that content.

What Goes In, Affects What You Get Out

As soon as she cleared her energy, cleared the channel – and shielded herself from that kind of outside noise – she’d be able to get ACTUAL true guidance.

And… she’d be able to anchor into her own truth.

Not be pulled around by whatever was around her or in front of her.

Keep this in mind for the coming month. What are you taking IN, which is affecting what happens in your Twin Flame connection?

Remember: “As Within, So Without”.

Opening To Positivity

Remember the connection is always on, but it can get severely BLOCKED by what we interact with and take in, or what blocks come up to be purged in our system.

This is why energy work is so crucial for a happy Twin Flame journey. Have a look here for more.

(You can read here about other Twins’ amazing experiences with this work — no matter what’s happened before, things really can change for the better! I’ve seen it happen time and time again)

Have You Been Blind To Your Beauty, Your Radiance, Your Power?

Throughout the week Venus and the Sun are traveling together, indicating that beauty, harmony, enjoyment, and love are in focus – especially as they enter Aries around March 20th.

You’ll likely feel like pampering yourself, and in traditional astrology, you’d say this is a time when spending money on your appearance will “pay off” in terms of career and interactions with others.

Including your Twin Flame connection.

Above all you’ll likely feel better about yourself, like your light is shining your INNER beauty on the outside. In fact, with a trine to Pluto, you have POWERFUL attractiveness on your side this week.

You are way more appealing to your chosen person than you think — and to others. You’re radiant — especially right now.

Use The “Superpower” At Hand

Spirit shows us, people “eating out of your hand” figuratively. In other words, you are very persuasive and magnetic and things can really shift in a positive sense.

Especially if you keep your magnetism flowing in the direction of your desires. In other words, you could waste this “superpower” by not being conscious.

It’s like a beam of sunlight . . . If shone in a general direction, it lights something up. If you isolate a ray, it can become a laser that can cut through glass.

So be aware of the power you possess. Use it for your heart’s desires.

Guidance shows us, it’s about being the magnet to your dreams. Be in that state of attraction. See yourself pulling it in. And know that when you dwell in bliss, you’re aligned with bliss. You pull in more bliss.

And this is something you can benefit from using consciously every single day. For more on Manifestation, including my step by step process, click here.


Equinox Gateway, Spring Begins!

On March 20th we have the Equinox and the Sun enters Aries.

This is a powerful gateway event celebrated since ancient times, the equal point when the days start to become longer than the nights in the Northern Hemisphere.

This is a heightened time of manifestation, so again focus on your highest desires this week. See yourself calling them in.

When the Sun enters Aries, a new cycle begins. Aries is the first sign of the zodiac — effervescent, optimistic, action-oriented.

A rebirth of the senses, of excitement, and the outward-directed active polarity.

Aries Season — Rebirth

Like with nature, much has been happening behind the scenes over the winter months for this new cycle to begin.

Like seeds growing under the surface of the soil without being visible during the dark months, manifestation and creation, and shifts have been occurring on the energetic and emotional planes…

Which are now getting ready to emerge in the visible, in the physical. This week feels like waking up, finally coming out of hibernation.

Remember, we all have a life purpose – an innate “direction” or “path” planned before life. In short, what fulfills you and excites you, is what you came here for!

(Discover more by clicking the image below)


Venus Enters Aries — Warrior Goddess Energy

As Venus enters Aries, it shows that the Feminine Twin may be growing impatient and is itching to take matters into her own hands.

And this can be good — as long as you understand how to do this and avoid putting chaotic energy and “chasing” into the connection.

I take you through a powerful manifestation process here that will clear out this distorted dynamic and plant seeds of major change — calling in your desires including Twin Flame reunion.

What’s Missing?

So many people get manifestation “wrong.”

So many Twins and spiritual people are out there wishing and trying, writing out their desires, visualizing and doing affirmations and candle work and spells and crystal work and all kinds of ceremonies…

And STILL don’t experience their desire come to fruition physically. This means there’s a KEY part of the process missing.

I take you through what this “missing key” is and how to implement it for massive results in this session.


“Home of The Masculine Energy”

With Venus entering Aries, which is the “home” of the Masculine, the feminine/female Twin is being called on to step into her full power, the archetype of the warrior princess. To balance her own inner polarities.

These Aries energies are strongly supporting the feminine in embracing power, strength, and action. Opening to and integrating her masculine polarity.

There’s a balancing going on in this period and spirit shows, you’re being asked to integrate your OWN inner Masculine and Feminine polarities for an inner state of harmony…

Which will then open you to OUTER harmony and reunion.

The Twin Flame Balancing Act

Venus in Aries is all about the female embracing her own power, recognizing her own strength, being fearless.

This time will likely bring high volatility but lots of zest for action and plenty of physical passion.

It’s a time full of potential enthusiasm, forward momentum, and progress…

But be careful with the shadow aspects of the Aries/Masculine polarity energies: aggression, impatience, domineering (needless to say, these traits can cause problems in love).

Be mindful of seeing others’ points of view right now — this doesn’t come naturally with the Aries energies.

Some diplomacy can help you get the most out of the high-impact power at hand this month.

Balance, Harmony, Inner Work

With Mars in Gemini, there’s a harmonious flow between the counterparts, and with fire and air in focus, we’re set to have more forward momentum over this next month in the Twin Flame connection.

There is an emphasis on balance and harmony. We are here not only to reach balance as a pair but to assist a balancing for the collective.

Be aware of your own INNER harmony or disharmony.

Are your own inner masculine and feminine polarities inflow? If not, this tends to cause issues between you and your counterpart on the “outside.”

Inner Templates of Distortion

Approach this with forgiveness, understanding, and love, and you can heal long-standing issues and reach a state of wholeness over this coming month — paving the way for a higher chapter for the long run.

If you’re female or feminine dominant, how do you feel about the masculine?

If you’re male or masculine dominant, how do you feel about the feminine?

What were your first experiences in childhood with this polarity “other” energy? What was your dynamic with the first woman or man in your life?

This is in focus now.

Go within, heal those imbalances, and your Twin Flame connection will open to its true state of harmony!

Until next time, I’m sending you love and light for your journey <3

Cassady x

“Your Vibrational Alignment program and Harmony Healing have been so valuable to me and I use them daily. I also use the Higher Heart session weekly. Thank you!!! My Twin Flame and I reconnected again in a way that was better than I ever could have imagined.” – Joy, California, USA

Read more testimonials here

twin flame program

Want more? For my step-by-step “roadmap” to Twin Flame Union, created after my Twin and I reached Union – have a look at the Vibrational Alignment Program

Alternatively, download my Free Twin Flame Help Kit which contains two resources from the full program!


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