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This week we face potent renewal and huge shifts in energy with a New Moon in Gemini and Saturn moving backwards into Scorpio – sign of heavy power issues, control, death and rebirth.

We enter this week on the cusp of a New Moon in Gemini – Tuesday 16th June the moon reaches her monthly new beginning in the sign of Mercury – signaling new beginnings in the realms of how we emotionally deal with intellect, analysis and thinking.

New outlook

When the energies of the Moon, ruler of emotions, and Mercury, ruler of the intellect, come together in this way we experience an emergence of subconscious material up into the aware conscious mind. So don’t be put off by any strange dreams or memories popping up now, it is an opportunity to resolve old issues that may have been clogging up valuable “closet space” in your subconscious mind. Time to let go. If you’re not willing or able to, it will kept being brought up until you do learn to let go.

Coming right after Mercury going direct in his home sign, this New Moon signals that the energies really have come to the end of an old cycle (especially mentally). If we have spent the last 28 days well in terms of reexamining our thinking patterns, communication and perceptions the way Mercury Retrograde asked us to; we will most likely never quite have the same outlook on the world again. A lot has changed in a short space of time.

For the Twin Flames, this renewal can be the oxygen that fans the flames once more – movement means things are going in the right direction. Stagnation in beliefs and manifesting repeating cycles of the same situation coming around again and again doesn’t serve anyone. So the universe pushes us to break free.

Sometimes we hold onto old perceptions simply out of habit, however, and although this past month the energies have done their best to shake us out of this sometimes we just don’t want to let go because what we already know is comfortable. As the saying goes: “Innocence is bliss”, but sometimes the universe will push us to wake up whether we want to or not. This means we’ll keep being shown the same lesson over and over until we do.

Galactic energy updates

As we clear out the old we are also given (by pre-arranged choice) new energetic updates to our physical bodies and energetic fields in order to help the absorption of ever more light. Light replaces the dark. We are becoming new.

Many of us are going far back into our lineage and past life history in our release process, so if you have enigmatic dreams do not assume it’s simply fantasy – it could be your higher self aligning you with releasing what’s in the way of you coming back to your true soul self the way you were before gathering up all the “baggage” of life on earth. We are still being pushed to open up to our true soul and therein our life path the way we intended it, and anything that stands in the way of this is being forced out, often whether we like it or not.

Rising above pain

Opening up and clearing energy blocks can free us up to experience the expansiveness and lightness in this process rather than going through the pain of it.

Spirit often compares it to standing on a bridge with a river raging below, versus being down in the river trying to stay afloat. Once you clear energy to raise your vibration, the violent ups and downs and fluctuating moods will stabilize and you will rise above any old cycles of repeated separation, confusion and heartbreak that may have come before.

Shift into heaviness 

Saturn has now just reentered Scorpio on his retrograde motion (which continues for a few months more) – a noticeable shift, as Sagittarius is an expansive fire energy denoted by enthusiasm and idealism; while Scorpio energies are leaden and watery, brooding energies of deep layers and the subconscious, power issues and death and rebirth.

Saturn’s foray into Scorpio again is an energy we experienced last year on his forward motion; and this time he’s back to go over old ground and make sure you didn’t miss anything out. It’s not always pleasant but be happy that when he leaves again this time we will have had the chance to let go of some deep and heavy past memories and trauma.

Make sure you use this time wisely: the energies now support going over the past to clear away what doesn’t serve us anymore – Saturn is the great “karmic teacher” who insists on us clearing away anything extraneous, leaving all “baggage” behind to continue lightly on our journey. Often he uses force if we’re not willing.

Remember why you’re here

Midweek Saturn opposes Mercury, a classic energy of the push and pull of responsibility and lightness. Saturn is now reminding us to be careful in our communications; Gemini loves socializing and discussing an array of different ideas while often not committing fully to a single one. However, life is not all games and fun, is the Saturnine message – “Make sure you make the most of it. Make sure you get started on what you came here for.”

This can be an excellent time to meditate on your true inner purpose. For some this might be buried under “shoulds” and “shouldn’ts” from childhood, our education and financial worries, but try to silence your mind and seek inside: What is it that lights you up with passion? What couldn’t you live without? What would you do in life if you didn’t need money?

For the Twin Flames, this time also means getting serious about Ascension and getting to the part of the journey where we can be living examples of unconditional love in the world.

Until next time, I wish you love and light on your continued journey! <3 

Cassady x 

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