Remembering Why Your Soul Chose This. The Mystery Deepens. Can You Find The Secret Path Forward, With Your Inner Gift Of Strength?

Welcome into a brand new week in the cosmic energies!

Highlights this week include:
Mercury continues Retrograde. Strong energies in Aquarius and Male/Female karmic challenges ask you to go beyond the “standard version of reality” and be anchored in your intuition.

Can you allow yourself to be this powerful?

Discover more below!

Un-Doing Past Distortions, Male/Female Issues

This is set to be a week full of learning and un-doing past distortions… to open to a higher version of your path!

For Twin Flames, there’s a snag involving male/female issues as Lilith asteroid of the “shadow feminine” conjuncts Mars in Taurus…

She then joins Uranus R in the same sign throughout the week – and the Moon passes them both on Thursday-Friday.

It’s about breaking old boundaries around gender karma, which is good…

But it indicates we’re likely to have repeated triggering. Around the feminine Twin feeling mistreated or like things aren’t working in “her” favor…

Or there may be “outsider” females bringing negativity to the Twin Flame connection.

Toxic Content Purging

It could also come in the form of restrictive relatives, feeling judged by others based on gender…

It could show up as “shadowy” people who have designs on your counterpart, negative beliefs and projections from society and other toxic content…

It could even be old triggers and insecurities arising from your own system or genetic lineage.

Keep an eye on yourself this week. Know that if problems arise, this negativity is what it’s mostly based in.

It’s the past “speaking” and it’s not really yours to “own” or experience. (For an article on how to deal with sabotage and outside negativity as a Twin Flame, have a look here)


The Power Of Intention

You can lessen the negative impact and invite in harmony by being in the strong intention:

“Love is the truth, this is a distortion.
I’m not allowing this negativity anymore.
I opt out of this old version of life and reality.
This is not me.
This is not allowed in my reality or our Twin Flame connection.”

That will help a lot – but in order to fully eradicate the kind of lingering conflict/male/female issues that are SO COMMON for Twins and tend to cause so much suffering and issues that just don’t go away no matter how much you wait and pray and hope…

Have a look at this session where I take you through clearing out this toxic material for good. Because it wasn’t really “yours” to begin with.


“I have been doing this meditation every week since you made it and now the karmic relationship my twin was in is over and I know this is because of this meditation… I can’t thank you enough Cassady…lots of love…x” – Diane

Click here to learn more and download

Not So Fast…

We have another powerful transit affecting this whole week:

Saturn square Uranus between Aquarius and Taurus tends to deal with sudden changes and ruptures, especially relating to the physical world, property, relationships and technology, social media and groups.

On the whole we may see chaos, changes and discussions around legislation, information and interactions online…

But it has powerful messages for our individual lives and for life as a whole.

Don’t repeat past mistakes in new guises, “say” these two powerful planets.

Above all this is not a time of making long term decisions, as things are massively in flux right now especially until February 20th when Mercury goes direct.

The Mirror Speaks

Take some more time before making up your mind.

Plus, stubbornness is a factor at this time. We may be tempted to act out from a place of irritation or thinking we know best when the cosmic energies are saying – we really don’t!

The planets “say” we’re acting from a place of trying to gain freedom or trying to gain something on the OUTSIDE… When really what needs adjusting is on the INSIDE.

If we try to correct or gain something without being in the aligned inner state, it becomes distorted. Things don’t tend to work out.

This also involves trying to place blame on the outside. When “as within so without” – any outer issue is always working to point us back to our inner situation.

(More on the Twin Flame Mirror here)


Guided Action Vs Ego/Fear

Saturn is also “saying” that anything we create that is not from a place of divine guidance/to the highest good, will always break in some way, at some point (even if we ourselves chose to end things or move on).

We are being asked to shift our perspective this period. To anchor into the knowing that we ARE the divine, we ARE infinite souls, that “all is well”…

And to take action from THAT state of harmony and flow.

Because Ego driven action or fear driven choices are:

1) Detrimental and cannot last, in universal truth (it will break apart sooner or later)
2) It is “secretly” caused by not feeling safe or loved on the INSIDE, which is most often a childhood pattern

Yes, it’s that “obvious”! say the planets. So much of what “ails” this planet is due to childhood imbalances. Feeling unloved. (For more on childhood healing for Twin Flames, have a look here)

Anchoring Into Spiritual Truth

So what’s the remedy? Clear and uplevel that inner programming around love. Know that we are ALWAYS home, we are ALWAYS loved by the universe and all of creation.

Each soul is infinite in potential and good. And now, anchor into that and take action from that place.

If every soul wakes up to this knowing, the world would be so different.

When we realize we are all part of a greater whole, we act, feel and think differently.

We stop having abuse, inequality, suffering. And this, is unity consciousness.

Unity Consciousness In Focus

This is why Twin Flames agreed to come here, to help anchor in oneness, the knowing that in “other” lies “self”. That separation is in so many ways an illusion.

And the more society begins to understand this, the easier the Twin Flame journey flows.

The more we ourselves anchor into unity consciousness, the more harmonious the Twin Flame connection.

We cannot just think our way there, in most cases, because unity is a “new” state of consciousness in society. It hasn’t widely existed before.

Activating Inner And Outer Union

This is why we Twin Flames are here, because we come from unity and have latent this template.

So to help as many Twins as possible activate this and call in inner and outer union, I was asked to create a session that takes you through this activation.

(Have a look here for more on Twin Flame Union and what it really means)
twin flame union

Intuition, Feel, Flow Are Key…

On February 18th we begin to tap into this on the feeling level above all as the Sun enters Pisces, followed by Mercury moving direct on February 20th.

It’s not necessarily that we see the world more clearly, but we begin to FEEL the flow leading us in a particular direction.

Even those who don’t identify as spiritual or sensitive or guided, begin to sense the inner brewing of direction. The subtle current of the universe leading us in the direction of our highest good…

Which can come through the un-doing of what is NOT to our highest good.

Tough Love From The “Heavyweights”

Saturn and Uranus are two of the most destructive forces in the zodiac.

So right now with a powerful square we may feel like everything is out of control, or things are changing beyond our reach, or that the weight of the world is on our shoulders…

Fear may figure strongly. But the wisdom is, allow what falls apart to do so now, because it is not to the highest good to begin with.

And spirit is fast to add, if it happens in the TWIN FLAME connection or something you care about such as career or your heart’s desires, it’s likely that a MODE of being, an approach or DYNAMIC is what is falling apart.

If this is so, it means a higher and healthier dynamic will rise forth. So be willing to release and know something better will show up if you allow it to.

(You’ll find this session helpful)

Restructuring Happening

And while this restructuring happens, as spirit calls it… which is going on both individually and for society, know that deep inside you will FEEL the guidance to what is to your highest.

Your mind may not understand it, but if you go within, tap into your true guidance and intuition, you will effortlessly be guided to that higher place.

It may require trust.

But know that your “inner compass” is never wrong. It’s just a question of “listening”.

How To Never Question Your Intuition Again!

To “hear” and feel this more strongly and gain accurate intuitive insights, clearing your energy system of congestion, negative attachments and density is key.

Because they cloud up your “finely tuned instrument” of intuition. To have clear perception, you have to have a clear system.

I take you through a 9 minute full chakra/aura cleanse and reconnecting you with your highest light in this Free session – making it easier to tap into intuition and stay in positivity, attracting harmony with your Twin and more.

What Channel Are You On?

Because it’s all about energy. If you’re in a state of congestion, confusion, fear and worry, full of collective “noise”, you aren’t available to love, unity and harmony.

Being on a frequency of fear and wanting to receive love, is a lot like being tuned into “metal FM” and expecting to hear “meditation music” as you may have heard me say before.

Because they’re on opposite sides of the scale.

And often, people are so full of static that nothing different than what they’ve already experienced can come into their reality.

Can Hot And Cold Exist At The Same Time?

You’ll notice this with temperature, which works similarly, says spirit. If you have a glass of hot water, it cannot simultaneously be cold.

At best you end up with lukewarm if you combine them. And if your glass is already full, it doesn’t have room for anything new.

So clearing out the low energies of fear, worry, anger, shame, guilt and more will powerfully uplift you to be a match to love, harmony, wellbeing and all the high energies.

For more on this, have a look here.

There’s also a channeled test to help you pinpoint what vibration you are actually in, and tips on how to uplift your vibration and your Twin Flame connection for good:

Information Overload

There is so much confusion and an OVERLOAD of information in the world these days – it means truly intuition is the only sure fire way to make sure you navigate to your highest good on your unique path.

Again, purifying your system is the most potent way of doing this.

If you want clear and easy insights from your guidance, it can also be helpful to have a system to help with the process.

So you don’t inadvertently tune into ego or negativity…

This will also help you verify and “train” your own intuition. Have a look here for my method which you can use for free.

Have You Given Up?

As Jupiter and Mercury retrograde conjunct throughout the week and as Mercury goes direct on February 20th, we see that luck, wellness, positivity – and misunderstandings – are in focus.

For most this deals with a reevaluation of how capable we are… and how worthy we are of having our dreams come true!

Most of us have been told to limit our expectations and desires in life – and spirit highlights Twin Flames having given up on happiness together…

Well, in spiritual truth, that’s just not real! It’s a lie!

The only limitations that apply are the ones we accept as real, that’s how consciousness and energy works.

The Sneaky Inner Twin Flame Enemies

Unfortunately, when we accept it as true and unavoidable on some inner unconscious level, that “Twin Flames always suffer/don’t end up together” or any other issue… We “make it true” in our reality.

And it begins to become reflected back to us as “real” in the form of experiences, and our “reality”.

The tricky thing is, we most often make these deeper assumptions and alignments on an UN-conscious level. How do you know if you have?

Well, your reality is always reflecting it back to you, says spirit. So if things aren’t working out with your Twin or anything else you truly desire, it’s a sign that on some deeper level you have likely blocked it from possibility.

You may have accepted a false belief such as ‘Twin Flames always have a hard time”, “men cheat” or other common ideas from hearing other people’s stories online, as an example…

(I help you clear it all here)

What’s Really Going On This Week

So with this transit, you’re likely
1) shown where you’ve made these kinds of unconscious “agreements” with limitation and negativity… and
2) you’re being asked to clear them.

If you can do this now while they’re shown up, it’ll be much smoother to release them. It’s like the universe is giving you the chance to “opt out”.

By showing up all the limiting beliefs you subscribed to and forgot you’d signed up to… Like online subscriptions running in the background….

Now you get to choose over. You get to “unsubscribe”!

Your Dreams Are Speaking

Pay attention to your dreams, as it will likely be shown symbolically there. Then strongly opt out, clear it, release it for good.

(Or, for a powerful group clearing session where I take you through releasing ALL the most common Twin Flame blocks and limiting beliefs, have a look here.)

This weekend when Mercury moves back over Jupiter, now direct, you will hopefully see the world, your Twin Flame connection and the future in a different light.

If you spend this week wisely and clear limitations, you’ll see the positivity and the possibilities later.

The Truth About Who You Are!

Because as spirit repeats, the TRUTH is you are an infinite being. Consciousness is never limited. And you ARE consciousness, living in a physical life and body.

So don’t let the outer surfaces “fool” you…

Just because something hasn’t happened in the past, doesn’t mean it can’t happen in the future!

Just because no one you KNOW has experienced something, doesn’t mean it’s IMPOSSIBLE.

Just because human beings haven’t experienced something before, doesn’t mean it doesn’t EXIST! (More on this here)


A Week For Opening To Limitlessness!

As a Twin Flame you really are here to expand WAY BEYOND what the world got used to believing was real.

To reach into a higher love than people thought existed. To awaken to your true infinity — and your Twin Flame’s!

This week is above all about releasing limitations so that the higher possibilities can reach you and begin to show up in your world tangibly.

Don’t listen with your MIND, to the stories of the world or theories of fear and opposition. Anchor into your inner knowing.

Why Did You Really Come Here?

The truth is, you are consciousness, a piece of the infinite universe experiencing life as a human being. And so is your Twin Flame.

NOW, can you see what’s truly possible?

NOW, can you see why you came here?

To awaken, to reconnect, to learn and grow together?

NONE of this happened by accident.

Pull the veil from your eyes, and you’ll see the magic working to reach through every single day of your life…

Enjoy x

Cassady <3

“Your Vibrational Alignment program and Harmony Healing have been so valuable to me and I use them daily. I also use the Higher Heart weekly. Thank you!!! My Twin Flame and I reconnected again in a way that was better than I ever could have imagined.” – Joy, California, USA

Read more testimonials here

twin flame program

Want more? For my step-by-step “roadmap” to Twin Flame Union, created after my Twin and I reached Union – have a look at the Vibrational Alignment Program.

Alternatively, download the F R E E Twin Flame Help Kit which contains samples from the full program!

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