Powerful Solar Eclipse Opens To New Beginnings, Timelines. Plus, Info On The Great Conjunction And 2021 – The Age Of Aquarius. Twin Flame Revelations…

Welcome into a brand new week in the cosmic energies!

Highlights this week include:

Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius calls for a radical awakening – it’s time for a new beginning, beyond what anyone has expected!

And, powerhouses Saturn and Jupiter both enter Aquarius, setting the start for a brand new chapter: The “Age of Aquarius!”

Discover more below!


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Powerful Solar Eclipse

This is set to be a major week for the year for us all, in some way change is hitting – and it’s all about a new beginning, a powerful infusion of light!

We start this week with the total Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius at 11:16AM (UTC) on December 14th. This new Moon Eclipse is all about perspectives, beliefs and reaching higher.

Sagittarius is the sign of the centaur archer, half man, half horse, wielding a bow and arrow to shoot high into the sky.

“His” wisdom is, if you don’t try or reach for your goals or a higher state, you can never attain it. Aim your highest!

New Higher Timelines Activated

At this Eclipse, we’re experiencing a reset, a new beginning in terms of manifestation, a powerful leap into a new and higher state.

Spirit shows us, new and higher timelines being activated and anchored in.

As the Eclipse happens in conjunction with Mercury, there’s a focus on beliefs and ideas and communication.

It also ties in themes from the lunar Eclipse of 30th November, which was in Gemini. Mindset and self perception is key.

Make sure you’re actually OPEN and aligned with receiving these new shifts!

So many are unfortunately stuck with heavy baggage in their system that in effect block this positivity from being able to reach them.

(Read more about how to benefit from the immense power of Eclipses here)


Release Everything You Thought You Knew

We’re dealing with a powerful cycle change this December. Paving the way for a “new world” in 2021 after all the breakdowns of 2020.

Spirit says, it’s a complete new beginning. Release everything you thought you knew because that applied only in the old reality.

This is a new beginning a new state, and those old things don’t apply anymore. Reach higher. Even higher than you have before.

You will surprise yourself. Just set the intention right now that you are telling the universe your true highest desires – don’t limit yourself.

(I take you through a powerful intention and manifestation session here – opening to receiving your desires tangibly)

Rebirth In The Twin Flame Connection

During the Eclipse, Venus is conjunct Juno asteroid of marriage and soul mate relationships, on the border into Sagittarius from Scorpio. This is an indication of rebirth of love in your Twin Flame connection.

Hope is being reignited. Expect some positive change, news or shifts this week. A new beginning is happening for the long run. We are up-levelling.

A divine new chapter is clicking in, for the collective.

Forget everything that came before, in essence, and you will open to the highest expression of these new timelines and grids being made available.

Living Your Higher Story Of Love

Spirit knows you may be concerned your counterpart is not willing, but when you as the conscious individual “opt in” it happens for you both as a pair…

Because you share a collective field it becomes available for you as a PAIR. Your Twin’s soul is in support even if their ego seems to not be. (For more on this, click here)

In short, the Sagittarius Eclipse is calling for us to wake up. To release belief based limitations.

To begin to live a higher version of reality. To not be held back by the old human karmic stories and woes.

To open to a new world, first in terms of potential and idea and possibility… and in doing that, allowing and receiving it in as physical truth.

Where Do Your Real Life Experiences “Come From”?

Remember, everything is spiritually created in the nonphysical before becoming manifest.

Right now, you can opt into a higher state of your entire future path. Don’t limit yourself!

Many people are unfortunately so stuck in disbelief, skepticism and resentment that they’re blocking the very good things they’ve asked for or the universe is working to bring them.

Thankfully there are ways to open up to receiving again.

I take you through opening to the Universe’s help, Unconditional Love, and Twin Flame Union here…


“This is just magical and I’m moved to tears…This huge block between us just dissolved in a snap and we are now closer than ever before! It’s like a miracle just happened before my very eyes.” Laurent C. Paris, France

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Follow Your Bliss…

As Venus enters Sagittarius, we have a shift in atmosphere in love and for the Feminine Twin this next month – above all we see “her” feeling quite content to follow her own bliss, regardless of what her Twin is up to.

We see her feeling less like she needs and longs for them…

And as you may have heard me say before, this can be the very shift that opens to you receiving their physical presence and love…

Even if you thought it was out of reach for good.

This coming month, keep the following saying in mind:

“Follow your bliss, and the universe will open doors where there were only walls.” – Joseph Campbell

Whose Opinions Are Affecting You?

However, an opposition between Venus/Juno and Lilith Retrograde at the tail end of Taurus causes issues.

It means karmic gender based negativity may be getting in the way of your Twin Flame harmony.

If you’re not experiencing a state of love and harmony together (including in the physical), **it’s because of toxic programming from the past**.

And it’s likely not even “yours”, it’s inherited material or distortions from society.

Make sure you clear it so you’re aligned with love and unity, otherwise your systems will keep deflecting each other in recurring cycles of conflict and problems.

(I take you through this process here)

Toxic Outsiders

Another indication is, be careful who you tell about your positive love experiences and your hopes and visions for the future.

Not everyone is a supporter, and some people’s past hurts will push negativity onto you. You don’t want their disbelief and skepticism to “deflect” your vision from coming to pass.

Technically, you rule your own manifestations, but in energy terms other people’s limiting beliefs and negative opinions can tangle up our experiences.

A Friendly Warning Reminder…

Spirit highlights, consider the fact that you told them in the first place – it’s an unconscious invitation that allows them into the situation on an energy level.

Make sure you don’t let in people who have toxic projections – even if they don’t tell you openly.

This is an issue close to my heart, because I may have told you in the past, my own Twin connection went haywire when I started doing sessions with other Twins – despite us never having had problems before.

It was because in communicating and interacting with others, their problems became present in my field, affecting our connection.

Whose “Poison” Has Gotten Into Your Connection?

This is such a common issue for Twins, so please don’t treat it lightly. Value and guard your sacred connection.

And if you’re someone who’s been hurt, please be careful with projecting your opinion and wounds onto other people and Twins.

Just because something is the case with one person, doesn’t mean it is true with someone else.

Know that if you’re online talking to other Twins beware those who operate from toxic energies, ego, blame, cattiness and negativity – they will only “infect” your connection… Read more here.

Chiron Direct – Healing Calms Down

Also on December 15th, Chiron stations to turn direct, signalling a coming phase of increased progress.

Chiron tends to bring old unhealed wounds to the surface, and with Mars and Chiron both retrograde this fall in Aries, ruler of the Masculine…

A lot of old conflict and separation wounds have been triggered to surface and be healed. This is set to become smoother now.

If you’ve had issues with a “runner” Twin, they’re set to calm down considerably.

Divine Feminine Leadership

Last week we had a monumental shift as Pallas entered Aquarius, marking the beginning of the “age of Aquarius” as the major slow moving planets shift out of Capricorn and into Aquarius, beginning now and ending with Pluto in 2023.

December 17th, Saturn moves into Aquarius, followed by Jupiter on December 19th.

This is a historic event – especially as the transition into Aquarius is happening in a “great conjunction”…

Jupiter and Saturn have not been this close in 800 years, so this is truly an epoch defining time!

Phasing Out The Old Karmic Reality…

It signals a massive shift for collective development, for humanity. We’re entering into a new era entirely over this next year.

So what does that mean? We’re beginning to shift out of the old systems that have been dominant for centuries. Out of the old “karmic” reality.

Away from perceiving the self as a limited human body.

Out of suffering and opposition. Out of the experience of life as happening “against us” or life being a punishment full of suffering.

Will the shift happen magically overnight? No, it likely first comes from the “inside out”.

An inner “enlightenment” causing a completely different approach to life and others. Mindset shifts causing outer changes more and more. Awakening on a larger scale.

Major Transitions Underway…

So this major move of power into Aquarius shows we’re in a transition as a society.

But what does it have to do with Twin Flames?

We are here to lead the way in awakening to this higher state. To be pioneers of this new way of experiencing the world.

Moving out of the old modes of karmic existence as a perceived physical body and its limitations, into a new and higher state. The infinite soul.

Love based in two hearts uniting.

Transcending the old paradigms of marriage and romance for protection, safety and survival… And moving beyond the “woman vs man” opposition model of relationships.

Are You Really Embodying Unity Consciousness?

Unity consciousness is being activated more and more energetically on the planet.

The problem is, most people aren’t able to run unity consciousness in their being – as humanity has never had this programming before.

It’s new to the physical body.

So it can trigger old density and wounds to surface to purge, as the system tries to integrate.

To get the most out of this without struggle and triggering, have a look here.


The Shift Into Unity Consciousness – 5D

Activating Unity consciousness programming is what truly helps you embody and experience lasting harmony and togetherness as a Twin Flame, physically.

Not just on the soul planes.

Spirit’s input is if a Twin pair keeps coming together and breaking apart in the “real world” or never seemingly uniting…

It’s because they are not able to “run the programming and experience of unity” in the PHYSICAL world.

I.e. they’re missing this KEY programming. (Again, I take you through bringing this online in your systems here)

Spirit’s Message About Physical Twin Flame Unity

On December 18th, Juno, asteroid of soul mate relationships and marriage, follows Venus into Sagittarius. We’re shown that LOVE leads the way. The HEART.

To release the idea of marriage or togetherness as a goal in itself..

It is LOVE that is the goal, not togetherness as a “situation”. Spirit shows us, many Twins have tripped themselves up with this.

By trying to manifest togetherness as a goal in ITSELF, rather than manifest LOVE… Which is a powerful magnetic state that pulls the togetherness to you.

Changing The Twin Flame Paradigm

In fact we’re being asked by spirit to release the “obsession” with physical togetherness, as it is complicating and blocking things for so many Twins.

– What if LOVE was the answer? The feeling, experience and state and enjoyment of LOVE?
– In other words, following the HEART? Following our BLISS?
– What if that was what we focused on? Not the “Ego concept” of togetherness…

In essence, don’t focus on the outer “picture”. Focus on LOVE. Follow your HEART.

Not the mind’s abstract ideas of attainment and conditions such as “WHEN we are physically together, THEN I will feel content” because that will push it away from you.

Have You Shut Off Your Heart’s Guidance?

To experience unity, feel and dwell in and experience love NOW. Tap into it. Feel the immense immaculate love that always exists between you and your Twin Flame.

If it seems to not be there, it’s because you’re operating with your mind.

You’ve shut out your heart’s guidance. The heart always knows. Love is right there, once you choose to tap in.

I have some exercises for you to truly begin to embody this in the Vibrational Alignment Program. These are spirit’s own guided methods to help you unite and enjoy your journey.


The “Missing Ingredient” For You?

Lastly this week, Mercury makes the move from Sagittarius into Capricorn. This signals it’s time to “get real”.

We’re being asked to begin implementing our higher ideas and dreams into PHYSICAL reality.

We can’t JUST dream and wish and hope. At SOME POINT we have to begin taking action and face the “real situation”.

If things aren’t as you want, you have to assess where you’re at and take action from that point.

The Great Conjunction Brewing – “Star Of Bethlehem”

We’re being asked to come down from the clouds somewhat. To step into our own lives. To take charge of ourselves.

Because as we’re being told, if we stay in a state of total detachment from our own life experience, things happen beyond our control. It’s time for mastery.

This weekend you may already sense the major cosmic event brewing for next week, as Jupiter and Saturn are nearing their conjunction – now in Aquarius.

This has been called the “return of the Star Of Bethlehem” and carries major themes of Rebirth and a new era of light on the planet.

And a massive clarion call to lightworkers worldwide as a “new reality” begins.

You may feel this over the weekend, and I can’t wait to share more with you in next week’s forecast!

A Week Of Awakening…

This is a week where awakening figures strongly, on multiple levels. You may be challenged to open your mind to states and experiences you had dismissed as “impossible”.

You may face surprises regarding your Twin Flame connection.

Above all, there is an air of new beginnings, new momentum and new light around!

Pay attention to your intuition, your heart knows the way. Make sure you listen.

Release thoughts, beliefs and habits from the past…

And prepare for an astonishing year ahead!

Cassady x

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