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Love is boosted with High Vibrations and more Twins are anchored into 5D. Plus, Blurred Lines pose challenges and Ignite Passion as Twin Flames are brought back to a sense of their Original Unity.


Energies are settling after last week’s Eclipse, but with four planets as well as Chiron in Pisces still, emotions are running high. For Twin Flames, who are always connected by a heart cord that enables the two to feel each other’s emotions, this can be both positive and negative.

Memory Of Original Love

Firstly, know that the clearer and more high vibrational you get, the more reliable this connection gets and the more joy you’ll get out of it as you won’t be picking up on congestion and ego fears.

This cord between the Twin Flames is there with both Twins’ agreement from the origins of our existence. Coming to Earth, we all knew we would be physically separated, but this cord was meant to ensure we never lost each other completely.

It is why we are always connected, always in touch, and can always reach each other on the 5D planes. If you look at two Twin Flames energetically, you can always see this cord between their hearts. This is the bond of Unconditional Love.

We’re Never Apart

A memory of how strong the original love between Twin Flames was – that we didn’t want to lose each other ever. If you’re experiencing turbulence on your journey, consider that.

I’m pretty sure there aren’t many people you’d willingly connect yourself with for life, walking around bound to them like in an emotional three-legged race. You and your Twin love each other that much as souls. So much you never wanted to be apart. Let that guide your heart and mind home to Unconditional Love…

Unfortunately, many Twins also have negative cords of attachment to each other based in control, fear, jealousy and suspicion that distract from this positive heart connection and creates turmoil.

Happily, these attachments are very quick and painless to clear, and taking the time to do it will lessen conflict and tension and allow the love between you to blossom in a new way.

Words that Wound

Midweek, we have a potential iceberg pop up on the journey – as Mercury conjuncts Chiron, be mindful of what words you use, especially in potential confrontations and in intimate settings. Words can wound, and they can rip up old hurts in another without you even realizing.

And as Venus now moves into Pisces, we experience yet another shift in Love – the focus is now on emotional needs, and the challenging issue is that there can be blurred lines between who’s feeling what right now. Twin Flame telepathy is more noticeable, supported by the energy flow.

Keep this in mind – try to differentiate between your own feelings and others’. We are energetic beings and always interacting with the energies of those around us.

On the Twin Flame journey it’s a huge help staying protected against this so our journey to harmony with our divine counterpart doesn’t get brought off balance by our colleagues/friends/family’s baggage. Clearing other people’s energy out of your space will paradoxically open you up to your Twin more than ever.

It also helps open up your journey to your own soul truth – and the places, people, jobs, developments that are in alignment with your own higher truth and resonance, not the entanglements and amalgamations of low vibration patterns and others’ energies most human beings walk around with.

Safety vs Freedom – Clashes in Love

On March 14th we move onto a challenging square between Venus in Pisces and Mars in Sagittarius – a Masculine/Feminine conflict between feelings and sensitivity versus the desire for freedom and expansion. Who is “right”?

The universal wisdom says that balance is the best way. So how can we incorporate both excitement and play and feeling emotionally taken care of and safe in a relationship? 

Issues like these are set to be coming up for resolution now. As always, your heart and intuition knows what serves you best personally. If something feels heavy or negative, take a step back. If there’s a conflict of interest, try to discuss this calmly.

You can be honest about how you feel yet be open to another having a difference of opinion. No one is “right” or “wrong” – it’s a matter of perspective.

Spring Equinox Brings a High 

The Spring Equinox on 20th March carries energies of light, effervescence and optimism. A high time for new joy and shifting perspectives. You will likely feel good about the future now – use this as fuel for your journey.

There is a gateway open now which thins the veil of perception and allows high vibrational energies to flood into the earth plane for a short while. More Twins are set to be anchored into the 5D energy grid at the equinox as a high vibrational gateway opens up.

More Twins Being Anchored into “5D” 

It has been shown to me that more and more Twin Flames will be anchored into the 5th Dimension during equinoxes and solstices over coming years. This means that you will  be assisted in living from a place of higher vibrations, gradually lifted higher.

But we have a responsibility to prepare for this. It is only when you have cleared out enough of the old 3D programming, low vibration energies and negative karma, that your system is ready to be brought into 5D more and more. 

Again, it’s a process, but the anchoring assists you in lifting yourself up and removing you from the collective energy fields of humanity’s heaviness more and more. You become “free to create limitlessly” more and more.

In 5D our future timelines are “empty” – we have to “fill our own reality”, step fully into our roles as co-creators – and this is a lot of responsibility, so we are never brought there before we are ready. 

These template upgrades and anchoring into the 5D will be happening periodically over coming years. In order to speed up your (and your Twin’s) anchoring into 5D, you can consciously clear your energy and karma to get to this point sooner.

Return to “Higher Love” 

Also on March 18th-22nd we have a potentially amazing, pivotal conjunction between Venus and Neptune in Neptune’s home sign of Pisces. This is a “return to higher love” – highly intense Pisces energies abound, indicating a transcendence of the earth planes in Twin Flame love, and a push to open up to unconditional love.

Love no matter what. Release into this, open up and you’ll be supported up and into new, higher experiences on your journey.

Many Twins will experience Dream encounters and Astral adventures together at these times, and there is a sense of remembering the Oneness and bliss we shared in the beginning. A return to the garden of Eden before the “fall” into polarity and shadows of perception. 

The potential negative side of this conjunction is confusion and haziness and being pulled down by the “undertow” of the collective’s emotions (those who are still asleep). Keep your wits about you and shield yourself in this period. If it gets uncomfortable, turn up your “analyzer” at the back of your head.

There are more tools and techniques designed for Twin Flames in the Vibrational Alignment Program too.

Alternatively, you can try our Free starter kit

Until next time, I’m sending you love and light for your continued journey! <3 

Cassady x

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  1. Cassady, thank you so much for all the love you pour into your blog. The guidance is incredible. I am very curious with all the planetary shifts and the big moments, myself and little one get terribly ill, I’ll go a whole seven days each time. Coughing, sinus, fever and so on. Also a wave of emotions usually sets in too. I connect to the light and set intentions past the cosmos to help the impact but wasn’t sure if this is part of the clearing process? Maybe this is the way it moves through and illness is a part of it for us or am I needing to do more clearing? Hard to build this amazing clientele that’s ready to go when I’m constantly canceling which in turn makes me not feel strong to go out on own and move forward, which also makes me feel not worthy being sick so much, who wants to be around that constantly? So, it has many ramifications. Thank you got your continued amazing insights! Much love to you.

  2. Thank you cassady, you have been a lifesaver on this journey on the path of unconditional self love. My twin returned right after the solar eclipse bringing understanding, refreshing my spirit and energy to push aside grief and jump up with zeal into the work of serving the community. Separation is truly an illusion. Love encompasses all emotions except hate. Move away from the hate and the voices of others and listen to the inner voice and all will be well. Whether the twin is there in the physical or not.

  3. I’m curious about these big shifts and eclipses, they seem to take my toddler and I down with health issues each time for a good, rough 7 days. Typically a wave of emotions comes with it too. I wasn’t sure if that meant I need to do more clearing, I do connect up to cosmos or maybe this is part of the process and things are coming up through the body and this is the healing?? Thank you so much for your input!

  4. Dear Cassady: What always amazes is how your weekly forecast parallels what is happening on my end of the #Twin journey. I’m grateful to receive your messages; it really does help me feel sane in moments where I struggle with the reality of the unseen.

    Thank you for reminding us about Chiron’s presence this week. My #Twin was born under Pisces with Venus and Mars in Aries. He is the wounded healer personified. Even born on the day of sacrifice in February. I’m sending positive energy, healing and light to him this week, and all Twin Flames around the world.

    I just posted an essay on my blog last night about perspective, so it was very interesting to read how that comes into play in this week’s forecast. As a writer, I greatly appreciate the caveat about our words. My #Twin is my muse. Everything I write is inspired by him in some way. But this week, I will perhaps put that word-energy into journaling and projects that are not for immediate public view to avoid any miscommunication.

    Again, thank you for being a voice of reason in a world that otherwise appears full of madness. Before I even knew what a #TwinFlame was, I remember having a distinct sense that I must have loved my lover’s soul beyond measure to have agreed to be with him knowing I would have to endure the pain of his loss for much more time than we got to spend together. Reading your words about agreeing to be connected, no matter what, recalled that early thought. Which connects to the idea of remembering our early love.

    Please keep delivering your messages of hope and healing to #TwinFlames around the world. Your words are like a life raft on a tumultuous sea, saving at least some of us from submitting to the waves, slipping below the surface.

    Sending you, and all the Twin Flames gathered here, positive energy, light, love, blessings, luck, and opportunity.

    Best wishes–

  5. Thank you Cassady for your site. I’ve been reading your posts for a long time, but I’ve been wondering how much applies to my situation. My Twin is from one of the benevolent extraterrestrial civilizations in 5D who currently are helping Earth with Ascension. We do have the telepathic communication and unconditional love feeling. I would really appreciate it if you can write sometime about the case of having a twin not incarnated in this Earth, like some of us do. I would specially like to know if the astrological events you always refer to affect my relationship to my Twin also, even if he is not here on Earth. Many thanks!

  6. So beautiful! So powerful! So accurate! I am getting chills while I am reading through.
    I am even more convinced and have more faith. 11:11 has been showing to me for years (along with other numbers) and me and my the other half are preparing for union in all levels and aspects.
    It has been utterly painful and now I am crying for joy.
    Heaviness and doubt has lifted up.
    There have been lots of karmic cleansing, lots of purification…to the point where I got collapsed but Love conquers All.
    Love is literally unconditional.
    I have never known…I could reach this far..Unconditional love, no matter what.

    Thank you and Universe!

  7. When we have the planetary big shifts, I seem to get very ill and then feel emotional waves on the surface ride out. Other than those days I can tell a huge difference of not picking up the negative energies and it’s been so nice. So, I’m just curious, do I need to clear more to get around the big eclipses and what not or is that part of the healing process and I’m just going to feel it? I feel I’m not quite on point with the getting sick so much? Thank you.

    1. Hi Amber, try using the connecting to the light tool and spreading out bigger than the solar system or even the galaxy – this helps you not be so strongly available to the heavy energy releases on earth. You might still be physically here but your energy system expands beyond the heaviness. This really helped me on my journey! And remember to shield yourself. It’s essential in order to not pick up on the collective “gunk” coming up. This one has been feeling quite heavy, so shield and connect to the light <3

      1. Thank you Caasady! I have connected up to light and out to stars but something triggered in me visualizing the solar system, I bet that helps! Hallelujah! How can I help my 3 year old as she goes through it just as much, illness and emotions. Maybe just saying it out loud??

  8. Hi Mari,

    Many twins have other connection centers too, such as the crown and the sacral… It’s often got to do with what you “came here for” what your areas of focus are for your lifetime.

    The positive twin connections/cords are being upgraded during ascension in periods on and off, so if one closes try to focus on and strengthen another for a while. You’ll probably notice that the love and emotion of the connection feels less intense when the heart bond is “down” – the blocks come up so you can clear what’s in the way of unconditional love between you and your twin. Love no matter what. Whatever’s causing this block will keep presenting itself until you clear it (often why running/chasing happens in cycles).

    Use energy tools to clear whatever’s blocking your heart connection – It will come back <3

  9. Thank you Cassady for your weekly forecasts,I read them with interest every time. I met my twin flame on 11 Feb 2014 we’ve become very good friends even we don’t see each other all the time. When we are together I feel our energies,see his aura colours and the silver in his eyes . He’s younger than me so not as spiritually aware wish he could see the things I see . He always triggers me into letting things be released. Is he a sleeper twin?

  10. Hi Cassidy! I am so happy I have found your website as it brings a beautiful approach to the twinflame experience and it is very refreshing and it feels me with good energy and hope that this journey doesn’t have to be separation and pain. I have met my beloved 16 years ago and only recently, after my spiritual awakening and dark night of the soul, realized he was my twin. We live in 2 different countries. For 16 years I had the same recurrent dream with him and never paid much attention it. Nor to
    all the beautiful feelings I associated with him. Last August I had the very same dream. But this time something was different and opened my soul to who he really is.q I love him in such a deep and pure way that I can say he is the most beautiful experience this amazing universe has given me. I cannot even describe the love that sometimes pours out of me it brings tears of joy to my eyes. We are not in a relationship. He is divorced and I am in a long term relationship that doesn’t resonate with me anymore. We have a lot of energy to clear. A lot of ego to let go. He has taught me so much about love, about me. For me the biggest lesson to learn is that there is no real separation between us. That separation is an illusion. I am going to start your breakthrough kit as of today. It’s beautiful to have a space where to share our stories. Thank you for giving us this guidance and light. Love to all x

  11. Hi Cassidy!

    It’s a delight to read your blog every week. A lot of your weekly articles are quite an accurate reflection of what’s going on in my life and Twin journey.

    I think I’m starting to feel what he feels. The other day, I had a massive headache and my eyes felt terrible when I woke up, something that my Twin complains about whenever he wakes up every morning. And, my friend’s little brother is getting married tomorrow, which also happens to be my Twin’s birthday. I wonder if that’s a sign of our eventual Union later this year. 🙂

    Also, I kept seeing 555s and 888s amongst other repeating numbers, but I even dreamt about those two numbers the other night. On Wednesday, I found something that could totally help me and my Twin anchor into 5D more. What a week! 🙂

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