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As we approach another 5D Anchoring Gateway, Twins are pushed to let go of some of the most deeply entrenched patterns from the old 3D reality in order to Ascend and Reunite.

A few nights ago about to drift into sleep I received a clear message from the higher realms: in the run-up to next week’s Winter Solstice and the Light Gateway opening up to anchor more Twins into 5D, there are a lot of new developments happening.

Your Soul’s Agenda

If you feel like a lot of negativity has been coming up lately – don’t worry: Many Twins are strongly driven by their souls now to purge as much as possible to get them ready for this anchoring into the “new reality”, the 5D anchoring. Your soul is pushing to get you to the next finish line so you can be more securely anchored into the light and on your way to Union in harmony with your Twin.

If this applies to you, it’s actually great news – it means that your soul knows that if you get certain things cleared out of the way now, you’ll be lifted up into a higher plateau and that means you won’t go back to the lowest lows of the old reality again.

Bridging Heaven and Earth 

Your soul knows that being anchored into the 5D grids means being lifted away from the old human collective fields that are full of low vibrations and negative karma – in other words, you’ll be protected against negative energy to a certain extent.

This will be happening to more and more Twins over the coming years in order to ensure that twins and other lightworkers can function undisturbed as gateways of high vibration energies to planet earth.

To lift us out of the old reality, means we become energetic “bridges between heaven and earth” (between the higher dimensions and the old 3D earth), able to increasingly assist humanity’s evolution and the planet’s ongoing Ascension.

Why Not All Twins are Allowed in Now

The caveat is that in order for 5D to continue to be a “safe place” this way, only those who have Ascended and released the heaviest energies and patterns are anchored in. Otherwise the 5D realms would become just as polluted as the old reality.

Your soul is well aware of this, and may have been pushing you hard to release that old negativity recently – especially deeply rooted ancestral and genetic patterns.

What is Ego Really?

A large part of what’s holding many Twins back from being ready for this, is the engrained patterns of the old reality. Ego, separation and polarity. Now, this sounds simple. Everyone thinks they know what Ego is – an enemy within, a block on the journey. However, it’s a bit more nuanced than that.

Ego is actually the default defence mechanism we all have built into our psyche. It’s the “manager” of our psyche, what keeps the subconscious and the fears and the memories and thousands of unconscious thoughts in check. Ego is the central point of the psyche. And its functioning is often based around analysing past experiences to protect ourselves against other people and the world around us.

To Fight the Ego, Is Ego

Now, here’s where the big issue is – Ego can only exist in a system of polarity and opposition. Once you realize deeply that you are one with everything and everyone – that everything is source energy embodied in different ways – Ego becomes obsolete. You don’t have to fight the Ego.

To fight the Ego, is Ego. To oppose others’ ideas that seem rooted in Ego, is Ego. To blame your Twin because they’re still stuck in Ego, is Ego. Because the idea of danger and opposition are illusions from an energetic and spiritual perspective. In energy, we’re all connected. Most of all Twin Flames.

One of the biggest existential mind-benders of the Twin Flame connection is that we are the same. Therefore Ego has no place on this journey. The Ego may have served us well in protecting us from harm along the way but when we meet the other part of ourselves, our mirror counterparts – it becomes a block.

The great thing is that the Ego is comprised of lots and lots of patterns of beliefs and energy and perceptions – and these can be cleared. We can “dismantle” the Ego using energy clearing tools.

The Twin Flame Crash Course

Twin Flames are in this lifetime in a crash course about the nature of duality. We have signed up to be pushed to learn the lesson that opposition and difference is an illusion, it just depends what angle you look at things from. You and your Twin Flame are in essence the same.

As we enter into this new high vibration gateway and more are set to be anchored into the “new reality”, these larger foundational patterns of the old reality are being shaken up and pushed to be released.

Things like the pattern of perpetual conflict – of emotions, ideas, perspectives. We have to clear these patterns to move further onto the journey. Twin Flame Union is a merging of the two – and two who are opposed cannot be unified, so we’re being faced strongly with this lesson now. 

Your Soul’s Gift to You

Happily, we can use energy clearing tools to uproot these old, deep-seated patterns that have been passed onto us through generations. Instead of living the lesson and being beaten over the head with difficulty for us to finally understand, we can use our power as energetic beings to clear it for good. 

Remember that your soul is always working on showing you what stands between you and what you’re asking and praying for. It will always bring up any blocks that have been getting in the way – it’s what you’re asking for.

You say you want Reunion with your Twin? Your soul says: “Great, I know exactly what’s needed! Get rid of this ancient hurt here and this old belief there and a few blocks here, and you’ll be able to do it!”

Blowing Through Blocks (instead of getting stuck behind them)

Unfortunately, we often miss the essence here – our soul shows this stuff up, yet we are faced with these blocks without realizing that it’s our soul trying to help us. From our perspective we’re just suddenly stuck with negativity and problems showing up out of nowhere.

We don’t understand that it’s deliberate – to show us what’s in the way so that we can get rid of the blocks and move on. This is where energy clearing comes in – it’s painless and quick and gets rid of the blocks for good, blocks that have been in our system for decades, if not lifetimes.

Major Transits Over Coming Weeks

Astrologically, there are three major transits impacting us right now and for weeks to come – between all the heavyweights of the zodiac – the planets with the strongest electromagnetic radiation. These will really be felt.

Currently, Uranus trines Saturn, Neptune squares Saturn and Jupiter trines Pluto. These are powerful energies that make up the backdrop of the collective evolution at this time – the earth’s karmic fields are being stirred up to be cleansed of negativity.

Feeling Blindsided?

Many people are questioning their lives right now, finding it tricky to see a clear path to their desires – things feel “cloudy” but spirit shows me that there is a very particular purpose to this. It is to encourage us to stop relying on our logical minds only.

When we try to think our way to something right now, it might be hard – feels like a wall of clouds or even bricks in the way – but the purpose is for us to realize we have a wealth of other methods to gain insight. We are energetic beings who are finely tuned to sensing what frequencies we are aligning with and what we are creating.

If we listen to our bodies and emotions, and use feeling and intuition and energy sense instead of just our minds, we will find a crystal clear “vision” of the path ahead and what next steps to take.

We will get a resonant impression of the truth that we can have, be or do anything we choose, and that we can tune our energy to make this happen and co-create it with the universal energies. We are being pushed to realize this right now.

Learning From the Eagle

The point of this planetary push is to make us stop relying on one method of information only – logic and analysis has been useful to our society but is also rigid and best suited to polarity and separation based paradigms. The old “3D” reality.

And in order to ascend into higher vibrational living (joy, love, happiness) of “5D”, we are being told that it’s necessary to open up to other ways of “thinking”.

There’s a great analogy for this situation in nature – when storms arise, most birds stop flying because the conditions become too harsh. But the eagle simply flies above the storm – unaffected by what’s going on below.

We can learn from this in terms of energy; no matter what’s going on around us and how impossible it seems to move on, we can raise our vibration to be in tune with our infinite selves and “fly above” the storm.

Until next time, I’m sending you love and light for your continued journey! <3

Cassady x

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  1. Cassady, so much of this makes sense!! I have been doing energy/body work since 1998 and have gone through awakenings but like you mention so many times this is a FAST TRACK and boy is it!!!! I have never had so much become available, awareness and insights, this would take 20 years what I have aligned with in a year. I hope eveyone here on board that may have not gone through awakenings really realizes how monumental this movement is. It’s truly fascinating. Please nurture yourself as much as possible and I find getting outside gives a lot relief. It’s funny to me that in my work for past couple of years I clear karma/emotional/trauma/ancestral blocks in people. Which of course I have received as well, almost like I was destined to line up with this in more ways than one! Thank you for your gifts Cassady, you’re a lighthouse to us!!

  2. Cassady, I am wondering with the feeling of anger which I totally felt this past week, how that impacts the body too?? I have really struggled for past month! Is it possible that clearing these things can do that to physical body or maybe I’m impacted by the strong planets movement? Or is it possible by my not listening to guidance to leave marriage right now is making me physically ill? I have been sick quite a bit since marrying husband and one of the reasons I don’t leave is fear of not being able work bc I’m sick so much!? Any thoughts on this?? Thank you so much! We love you!!!!!

  3. I can’t thank you enough for this entry. Every morning I start my day with the Vibrational Allignment meditation, and am typically able to move through the day feeling upbeat and positive about the current “separation” from my Twin. But this morning, no matter what I did, I felt deep anger and rage bubbling up. I would breathe it away and a few minutes later it would come bubbling back up. The separation from my Twin has been messy, to say the least, and there was a lot of hurt inflicted when he ran. This post gives me hope that I will finally be able to release that hurt. <3

  4. Hi Cassidy,
    Thank you, I love your post. I’ve been suddenly separated with my twin for the last couple of months but your post makes huge sense to me. I do miss my twin from a 3D POV, I also feel him being with me every now and then, as if my guardian angel. I have been using your clearing tools for a few months now every day now; I also find myself in conversations with friends that led me talking about some of my past old traumatic experiences that I thought I’ve forgotten and feel relieved having gotten them out of my system…I believe this is also a form/result of energy clearing?

    1. Hi Angelina, I’m so glad this resonates!

      And yes, your Twin Flame’s higher self can be with you and this can appear as a spiritual presence or a guardian angel <3 You can interact with him openly, and he can even help you open up the connection again in the 3D realm.

      For specifics on how to safely communicate with spirit, including your Twin Flame's higher self (avoiding ego or any negativity that can cause confusion), I've created a class which is available in the shop or as a part of the Vibrational Alignment Course.

      If old issues keep showing up for you somehow this is always a sign that there's something you're not considering. There's some perspective you're not seeing, that will "unlock" it for you. Consider that everything in our life reflects our own selves. Ask your soul to show the way, and be open to realizations…

      Sending you love and light <3

      Cassady x

  5. Thank you, Cassady! I’m having trouble with ego quite a bit lately, that’s for sure. I need to learn how to clear the negative energy and move onto a higher plane. I feel stuck. For some reason, I go back and forth regarding my TF and if he really is the one. We’ve had a trip planned where I am going to see him at the end of this month. However, over the weekend, he told me that there are a few things we need to discuss. We talked on the phone and what he told me was that he is not going to be able to spend that much money when I come to visit because he has been socked with two different unexpected medical bills. Well, I knew this, but did not expect him to ask me: “Do you think you can take care of us and I’ll reimburse you in a couple of months?” I said, “Yes, but do you want me to pay for everything?” He said, “No, not everything.” I’m assuming this means most of everything though. He’s on disability, so he doesn’t make a lot of money. I feel bad for him, but also feel like I could be setting myself up for getting used by him. After I got off the phone with him (we talked for 3 hours!), I thought, “Now why couldn’t he say he’ll come to see me in a couple of months and reimburse me that way (i.e. by taking me out on the town)?” I felt as if he has no plans to do that and that maybe he sees this as our last time together in person. I’m not sure why I jump to these conclusions, but I always do. It’s as if I’m waiting for the other shoe to drop all the time. It bugged me that he brought up my raise and bonus too. He said something like, “Yeah, I wasn’t sure what your financial situation was like, but you told me about getting that nice big raise and bonus.” I said, “Guess I should have kept my mouth shut” and I laughed.

    What do you think about him asking me to foot most of the bill during this trip? Does this sound like something a real TF would do? Or should I be the better person and believe that I am helping out and he will take care of us at a later time? So confused!!!

  6. wow.. very apt for my day showed up with a few old unknown blocks ready for shifting, I feel blessed that I’m catching them rising more easily now too.. culminating in a very astounding encounter with my twin..

  7. This is such a great article! I’ve been receiving your emails for a couple months now and they’ve been a big help and are very inspirational. I feel like I’ve been through it all with my TF, a crazy journey for sure, over these last 7 years. I’ve been through a divorce, had a ‘miracle’ child (which he was angry about, feeling it was going to permanently keep us apart), and now I’m on my own, finally happy and focused on the light through everything.

    We are separated at this time. It’s been a year since I’ve spoken with him. Had a huge fight that did it. Long story…my sister passed away and it threw me into an emotional downward spiral.
    Anyway, I still hope, believe, meditate on our connection, clear energy, do reiki on us both (distance for him). But last week, I went to bed, quietly telling him in my mind I was done. Done waiting around. I then had a dream telling him that in it. Told him I was “Going to the top, with or without him!” (The ‘top’ meaning ascending) Funny thing is, he suddenly turned on me, yelling “I’m coming with!!” Then I woke up.

    I’ve been wondering if he’s doing any of the work. I think That was my answer! 😉

    1. Thank you for what you said at the end here! Despite all your challenges to see you declare you are “going to the top” just made me laugh with joy! I think that is so powerful and I am declaring it as well! To stop worrying if he is going to be with me and just say “hey, I’m headed there!” and let him respond however he will. 🙂

  8. Cassady,

    It’s amazing that you posted this now because I have indeed felt a huge block between my Twin and I come up to the surface within the past week. And just yesterday I could not communicate with my Twin while meditating due to this fear of abandonment block. I believe that was meant to show me I need to clear this block now so I’m ready for the Winter Solstice Gateway next week. I will definitely make sure it’s cleared as I REALLY want to lift my vibration up a notch and make progress on my journey. Thanks for this site and all the amazing support you give to us! Scott

  9. This is such a perfect message, Thank you Cassady!! My twin and I have been separated for a few very difficult months. The last couple of new moons, I have made one of my intentions to raise my vibration for the betterment of myself, my twin and all other beings. I have really felt something shift with in myself lately, I feel like the work I have been doing is starting to show. I also feel a shift of energy with my twin…. its a much better feeling to be in sync than allowing ego energies and thoughts to destroy something so wonderful….I’m looking forward to our reunion and to 5D!

  10. This was accurate again, Cassidy! When it comes to reunion, the thing I feared the most has been my twin cheating, since he was/is a promiscuous man. I know he has changed alot since before separation, I don’t have evidence, but as you said, we are being pushed to get information with other than our logical minds. But what’s silly is, just yesterday a big thing came up where I’m almost certain my husband is cheating. It’s been a feeling I’ve had for a few months, he has been acting strange and he keeps “joking” about it. I’ve never had the suspicion before, and we have been together 11 years. And im not projecting my twin fear onto him. There have been many signs previously leading up to it. But as I woke up this morning, I’m determined to find out the truth. And it’s just silly to me that the fear I have with my twin, is the same issue I’m going through with my husband. Thanks so much for your article, this was a great reminder that what is happening now is for the best, as painful as it may be.

  11. I can’t thank you enough for this entry. Every morning I start my day with the Vibrational Allignment meditation, and am typically able to move through the day feeling upbeat and positive about the current “separation” from my Twin. But this morning, no matter what I did, I felt deep anger and rage bubbling up. I would breathe it away and a few minutes later it would come bubbling back up. The separation from my Twin has been messy, to say the least, and there was a lot of hurt inflicted when he ran. This post gives me hope that I will finally be able to release that hurt. <3

    1. Oh that makes me so happy that you’re feeling the benefits of the track, LaisieMaisie!

      An insight from spirit for you is, if something keeps coming back up, it’s because there’s a perspective or an angle you haven’t considered yet… Your soul wants you to know something deeper. In this case – What if you’re most angry with yourself…? Does that make sense? Often our Twin is the mirror for our deepest feelings about ourselves.

      Consider this and let your intuition show the way to the root of this issue, then clear yourself again. You’ll find that the energy gets cleansed away then <3 xx


      1. It makes perfect sense! I got the very same message in meditation yesterday. Up it came…”you’re mad at yourself!” Spot on.

  12. Another well-timed article, Cassidy! The portion about ego really resonated with me. Just last week, I felt this overwhelming urge to reach out to my twin. It was like some sort of cosmic pull/magnet that I could not repel. He had a contacted me the night before Thanksgiving after 8 months of no communication whatsoever. So, I reached out to him with a follow-up question (total excuse). I sent a simple, brief text message. When I experienced similar “pulls” in the past, my ego would always say, “Why should you be the one to reach out? Don’t bother.” This time, I set my ego aside (thanks to all of the energy clearings) and did not think twice about listening to my instinct. And I felt such relief after reaching out…like a weight had been lifted. It was as if his soul was communicating with mine during this time. Thanks for all of the guidance, Cassidy! You have helped me tremendously.

  13. I was just telling my friend the other day, (one that I can speak to about this), how MAD I was at twin. I was raging mad that he opened this can of worms with knowing first and I was there for him and he’s not here for me while I’m in the thick of it! I felt totally abandoned in the deepest way! It’s amazing these posts!! Makes me appreciate the tough more because it’s all for our highest good even when it might not feel like it in the moment. Thank you!

  14. Thanks Cassady! I have been feeling completely blocked and cold towards my tf recently. I’ve almost come to a point of just giving up on the connection because I feel very resentful for the way he’s treated me/the running and the silence. Your post helps explain a few things. Thanks again <3

    1. I swear this is exactly how I feel. It’s like I’ve become blocked off to him and I’m questioning whether I should have gave up on this situation a long time ago and avoided all the pain and drained energy. Lord I need a breakthrough sooner than later…

  15. Another well-timed article, Cassidy! The portion about ego really resonated with me. Just last week, I felt this overwhelming urge to reach out to my twin. It was like some sort of cosmic pull that I could not repel. He had a contacted me the night before Thanksgiving after 8 months of no communication whatsoever. So, I reached out to him with a follow-up question. I sent a simple, brief text message. When I experienced similar pulls in the past, my ego would always say, “Why should you be the one to reach out? Don’t bother.” This time, I set my ego aside and did not think twice about listening to my instinct. I attribute this to all of the energy clearings. And I felt such relief after reaching out. It felt like a weight had been lifted. It was as if his soul was communicating with mine during this time. Thanks for all of the guidance, Cassidy! You have helped me tremendously

  16. Thank you again Cassady! You are at the top of my list of gratitude these days! Aside from family of course :). I have been asking for it consciously as well as feeling Spirit bringing really deep rooted negativity to clear. It is and in ways I thought I was already done with! I am grateful it needs to come out. Each wave once I get through it is like sloughing off this heaviness that has been keeping me low and blind for so long. I intend to be ready and am working on aligning myself with Spirit to be in the 5D wave. I feel different that is for sure! I am ready for that the lower vibrations are a challenge to stay in now. What a joy to be in this journey! Whether I make it all the way up this time or not, I am certainly on my way. <3

  17. I have another question Cassidy….As I am working through my own junk, I am having trouble distinguishing between what are ego based actions and decisions and what are truly just fair and realistic things regarding the relationship between the two of us. Any thoughts?

  18. Oh gosh Cassidy!! I have ANOTHER question..they just keep popping in there today…
    How do I determine if my thoughts and actions are ego based or fear based as opposed to simply being my constitution and not necessarily rooted in negative but simply being me? I guess I get confused and need to tool to check myself to determine where things are being directed from. This will definitely impact my twin flame union, I feel. I am guessing that the goal is allow our soul the ability to express itself even if, and probably, it requires shedding pieces of how we have been until this time as these constitutional elements of ourselves and the self that we identify ourselves with?? Clinging to this identity may be blocking us from that unconditional love and union and keeping us in separation…?? Am I getting this???

  19. Dear Cassady, do you think you will physically be with a soulmate in this life or are you content with the spiritual Union you have with your twin? I was just curious. Xxx

  20. As im clearing my energy, my twins life seems to be getting better and mine is getting worse. It feels like whatever work I’m doing, he’s the one benefitting. Is that normal Cassady? X

  21. I want to make sure that I’m understanding correctly. I bought the Vibrational Alignment course. I’m understanding your emphasis that “energy clearing is painless, quick, and gets rid of decades-or-lifetimes-old blocks for good.” So, to clear energy, I meditate on a source of light; breathe it in; and breathe out negativity to be vacumed up into the light. And that’s it? That will get rid of the negative energy that has been there for decades or lifetimes? It just seems so simple. How often are we supposed to do this? Is there other stuff we’re supposed to do to clear negative energy? Thank you!

  22. Hi Cassidy
    Would it be possible to write something about how we connect to our higher self/ guides, I don’t think I have ever done this or realised or know how to? Thank you.

  23. This is a great question! I’ve been wondering the same thing. It’s difficult to differentiate between ego-based viewpoints and realistic viewpoints.

  24. So I have even more questions…if we are whole all by ourselves and figure out unconditional love by ourselves, whats the point of union? what’s point of being social and communing with other humans? If we have everything that we require?? I have always wandered this. And after we unite with our twin flame, then what??

    On a separate note, I know it is not good to stay in negativity, but is it not a good idea to recognize it in order to release it? And maybe that sharing that with someone else, maybe won’t necessarily hold us in the dirty diaper, but sharing and showing landmarks on the journey, and then move through it??

  25. So Cassidy I am full of questions this week. Lots of shifting has taken place I feel. I finally figured how to get the clearing tools on my phone and I am listening daily now and sometimes twice per day. It almost feels as though that my twin is moving farther away energetically. Less communication and the telepathy that was indeed in place before seems to not be present. I used to feel his emotions from hours away. I used to sit straight up in bed with his name on my lips when he would think of me. I have tried some telepathic conversations and interactions of which he has not responded. Do you have any advise or thoughts on this?

  26. I made a similar declaration this week. I’m anchoring into the 5D grid for the Winter Solstice and I feel confident my twin is coming with me. 🙂 Scott

  27. Hi there – really, you will feel it once you align deeply enough with your soul self. Clearing energy is my top advice for this – it really transformed my own experience completely. Ego consists of energy and belief patterns, so when we clear our energy we disassemble Ego and open up to the soul self instead.

    If you start paying attention to your mind/ego as a separate thing from your body/energy consciousness, you’ll know – A good exercise is, if you’re wondering about something, clear out any preconceptions and congestion, then sit down and focus on what each part of you feels about the circumstances:

    1) The body, 2) the soul/energy, 3) then the mind. You’ll notice a big variation between these. The mind is mostly aligned with ego, as ego is the mind’s “defense mechanism”/manager. Ego thinks in terms of previous experiences, whereas our soul can look beyond those limitations. This is why ego is so limiting, keeps us boxed in, so to speak.

    And ask your guides and/or your soul to alert you when ego/superego (learned beliefs, societal conventions) patterns kick in, so you can learn to notice it

    <3 x

    1. So here is yet another question…the intensity of desire that I have to be with him, I am having trouble determining if it based out of my fears or just simply our connection. I doubt our telepathy at times, but then I get anxiety and irritation that I am fairly certain is not my own but rather his! so sometimes I feel obsessed with him and this process and I do not know if it is truly mine or if it is his! So I am guessing I am to ask my guides for clear info on this as well?

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