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Mercury Retrograde Puts The Pressure On. Are You Unconsciously Blocking Union With Your Twin? What And Who Affects Reunion Timing And Whether Twins Come Together In This Lifetime


This week’s forecast is going to be a bit different than usual. As I began writing this I could – as always – sense the Twin Flame collective’s expectant energies and the intense desire to read about the coming developments for positive changes to take place.

Which I completely understand – we all want to know that the future is set to be bright, that good things are coming, that we’ll be experiencing happiness and that our dreams are set to come true.

Every week when I write these forecasts, I can feel the desire for information and for positive news – especially the kind of information that says:

“All Twin Flame Runners Set To Return Now”

“Twin Flame Union Happening As Decreed From Above”

“Blocks Dissolving Overnight”

“Divine Feminine And Masculine Uniting In Joy and Love Now”


Your Power Over Outside Circumstances

We all want to know that everything is going to be OK. It’s one of the deepest human instincts – to seek to know the future, to be told that we really will live happily ever after. I completely understand.

However, sometimes I feel like I’m cheating you through writing these weekly energy updates – because although I am truthfully describing the energies at hand through actual planetary movements, it could affect your Free Will Choices.

Reading forecasts can unfortunately encourage us to not step into our true power, and instead lock our energy to outer definitions of what’s happening, including messages from spirit. No matter how well intended.

I’m not saying there’s something wrong with the forecasts – I’m a clear channel and an expert astrologist with over ten years experience – but I really feel like you deserve to know that ultimately it doesn’t matter as much as it might seem.

Neither does anyone else’s channeled articles or predictions or forecasts about the Twin Flame collective’s futures and lessons…

Because empowerment is what truly matters. Yes. It really all is about you.

You are an infinite soul of light, and you have the power to control energy. In other words: No matter what is going on in life or in the cosmic energy currents, you yourself can counteract it, manage it, create your desires anyway. You just have to take action.

Like with a ship, you can go with the current or you can sail your chosen course. Or use a combination to get to your chosen destination.

The last thing I would want is to steer you onto a course where you align with something disempowering. It could create you to unwittingly align with blocking your own joy and love.


Stealing From The Soul

If I somehow encouraged you to give up your power over your own life, I would have robbed you of so much. If I inadvertently had you aligning with leaving your future up to some mysterious forces or “galactic councils” or God or the Universe…

That’s not the point of us being here.

We came here to live *human* lives, to be embodied physically and to create, to experience, to fail and learn and love and meet our Twin Flame and everything else… as *humans*.

After mentioning my concerns to spirit, I was immediately encouraged to write to you completely openly. To instead of providing the information you might hunger for, to honestly speak the deeper truth.

You see, astrological themes, energies and influxes of light from the higher realms are for sure impactful and can influence our experience, and they can even push for developments from the outside – both positive and negative. BUT…

The deeper truth is that you are a powerful being of light, and you can make things work for you no matter what any outside energies are doing!

What If You Had Been Mislead?

Really, you have it in your power to create your dreams. It might not be an overnight easy thing to manifest your dream, but it’s possible.

And if I steered you away from that knowing, if I lead you to believe that the decisions had already been made for you – I would feel terrible.

So I needed to let you know. Just in case you’d got pulled in, as so many of us do, to this feeling that events were completely out of your hands.

They’re not. But if you don’t take action, yes you might get dragged along with the energies. That’s why I share energy clearing and manifestation methods proven to shift your situation for the better.

No matter whether Mercury is retrograde or Mars and Venus are currently opposed… These tools work *all the time*, not just sometimes. No waiting for reunion to be decreed by some outer force.

Instead, we work with energy to create it and align with and attract it, just like your soul has been trying to show you this whole time.



Your Twin Flame Reunion Is Waiting…

The deeper truth is that if we were dependent on and locked to the astrological movements, or decrees from above, we would never get anything done. There would be no point in us being here.

Your Twin Flame joy, happiness, Reunion and all the rest of it isn’t dependent on any outside things unless you choose that.

You can make love and Reunion happen anyway, because you are an infinite being of light who can mold and shape and manage your energy and intention to make it happen.

You wouldn’t be here if you weren’t able. There would be no point to the universe or source or god or a higher power sending Twin Flames to earth just to be puppets going through the motions. We always have free will action as co-creators.

This Week’s Events

This week I want you to know that for example even though Mercury is moving Retrograde and communication tends to be chaotic, you can deal with it and use the opportunity to clear the chaos and stress and misunderstandings so your path opens wide! (more info here)

And although there are gateways and influxes of light coming in this September onwards to assist Twin Flames in sexual unity and uplifting (sign up to the newsletter and you can download a 2017 forecast with more) – you can get to that point yourself, now! (more info here)

And although there are strong energies set to assist us to anchor Twin Union more and more into the physical earthly reality in 2018 and it’s a theme for the year – you can get to that point yourself, now! (more info here)

In metaphorical terms, you can either stand around waiting for the bus, or you can decide to use your own feet and walk. You as an infinite being can make anything happen! That’s the truth.


How To Make Things Work For You No Matter What

The key is to become conscious of your energy, manifestation and how your past is impacting your present and future.

You can eradicate the things that have kept you disempowered, in cycles of running and chasing or disappointment, and you can move out of limiting beliefs and past hurts. It’s all about energy.

Energy really is the crux of the Twin Flame connection: When your energies are aligned, you exist in harmony together.

When your energies are imbalanced, there are flare-ups of conflict, negativity and problems. This is why energy management is the deepest and most effective way to shift your Twin Flame connection into harmony, love and joy.

Because I know this from first hand experience and from hundreds of clients I created The Free Twin Flame Help Kit you can download a powerful energy cleanse tool here to get going if you haven’t already.


This has truly transformed so many Twin Flames’ lives already (you can read about them here, including lots of new unsolicited testimonials)


Reuniting With Your Twin Flame

The most important thing to achieving your desires/to reunite with your Twin Flame/to be happy, is to shift your mindset from outer-centered, to inner-centered.

To begin listening to your own intuition. To become your own authority. It’s been the toughest lesson on my journey so far.

You see, if we’re focused on the outer things, our situation might change for the better for a while when the “weather is good”, but then the next pattern/trigger/planetary push/challenging event comes along again and tears down our progress…

When you are your own power, on the other hand, we stand firm in the knowing that nothing and no one can stop us. And that’s the energetic and spiritual truth of it.

When we live from that point, we become able to manifest what mirrors that inner wholeness – Twin Flame harmony and joy on a deeper level.

When we live waiting for a situation to be resolved from the outside, whether it’s up to the universe or angels or our Twin Flame changing or the astrological themes lining up or other people finally seeing sense and “waking up”… we give away all our power.

And the energetic match to that, is more situations where we feel disempowered – more running/chasing/separation cycles, more confusion, more turmoil…


No One And Nothing Can Stop You Once You Make This One Tiny Shift

I felt that you deserved to know this. And deep down, you already know. Your soul has been trying to tell you this for some time.

By all means, I understand the desire to read forecasts and to want to know the future, but I’d highly recommend doing that from a place of … interest… from a place of discovering the deeper issues going on so you can resolve old blocks and move forward from a higher place.

Please don’t read these forecasts thinking that things are set in stone and some outer force is determining events or experiences for you where you have no choice.

The intention and choice to be in your own power will have deep repercussions for your life.

When you take back your power of definition, you really can make things happen the way you want. You set your goal, clear what’s in the way of it, and keep going until you finally get there…

Twin Flame Heartbreak

The saddest thing I see is Twin Flames who are so distraught, so upset because they’re afraid it will never happen – the happiness, the union, the joy – because they’re putting all of the power in the hands of outside things… I receive comments and emails to that effect every single day.

And I know that what many are waiting for is for someone to say “It’ll be OK, I can see that everything will come together for you the way you desire. You really will be happy in the end.”

The truth is, no one can give you your happiness but no one can take it away either. Making that mental and emotional shift has the power to truly transform things for you.

Remember you are the power of your life. No one can stop you, block you or ruin things for you. Not even your own Twin Flame.

The person who takes charge of their energy and chooses consciously to make things happen, “overrides” the one who’s unconsciously operating on patterns (for those whose Twin is “unawakened”). Intention and awareness “wins” every time.

(Read more about the dynamic with Unawakened Twins in this article)

Why This Is So Important To Me

Thank you for reading this far, I deeply appreciate you being open to this.

Especially as I wish someone could have said this to me a few years ago, back when I was hovering over forecasts every day, reading tons of articles and going to psychics looking for answers and reassurance … and feeling that familiar sinking stone in my stomach whenever I was told something negative.

I could have saved myself so much time, hurt and struggle. So now, I want to do that for you. I experienced enough hurt, I don’t want you to go through the same. Step into your power now, you’ll thank yourself later.

A simple way to get started right now is to download my powerful Free Help Kit if you haven’t already.


Again, there may be “cosmic weather” – but you can choose how to handle it! Nothing can stop you.

So, do you stay at home feeling bad about the storms and the rain – just waiting for the sun to shine again – or do you grab your rain gear and get out and make things happen anyway?

I believe in you! There is so much love for you!

 As always I’m sending you blessings for your continued journey! <3

Cassady x


“I’ve been using your energy healing tools and I can really feel the difference. I love the free meditations you’ve shared, and I always feel so refreshed after. My twin even came to my dream last night after using them!”

– Alicia, California, USA

twin flame program


Did you know that most Twin Flames’ struggles are rooted in negative karma and energy blocks? To find out more about how to shift your Twin connection into harmony, have a look at the Vibrational Alignment Program for Twin Flames here, and read about other Twins’ amazing experiences with these methods.

Alternatively you can try our Free Transformation Kit!

Sign up here to get the Free Twin Flame Transformation Kit plus Exclusive info on the upcoming 8th House transit impacting the sexuality of the Twin Flame connection – beginning in September and impacting all of next year 2018…!

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  1. Thank you Cassidy! For me this is one of your best articles untill now….although I cherish the message of the divine masculine. But this article has been my biggest lesson so far, gaining back the confidence to trust my own feelings & intuition. I’m still learning…..but now I recognize it immediately when someone triggers or when I give my power away and let people rain over the magic I share with my love! All these triggers are lessons & tests to reclaim our divine power & grow! Because we can…..!! I choose love!! Thank you Cassidy, thank you for helping us!!

  2. Thanks for this question, Sarah

    Mainly, when we find it hard to visualize or connect with our “imagination” it’s a confidence issue – you’ll get more and more confident the more you go along so try to not be hard on yourself <3

    Spirit reminds us, energy is natural to us, so it's only our minds that get in the way. Try to relax the thoughts, not to think so much

    Cassady x

  3. I’m so glad it resonates B.! <3 Yes, I like showing a mirror to your true inner power – always working on new ways to bring illumination x Sending you love and light

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