Twin Flame Illusions And “Inner Monsters” Show Up To Test You. Are You Brave Enough To Pierce The Veil, Or Will You Let Lies Vanquish You?

Welcome into a brand new week in the cosmic energies.

Highlights this week include:

Intensity rising with Mars/Sun opposing Neptune – bringing heightened soul connections but shining light on illusions.

Plus, Pluto and Venus clash in the “underworld”, triggering shadows to be revealed… But did you realize the “darkness” is powerless if you do this one thing?

Discover more below!

Love Goes Deep

We’re headed into a week full of transformations and deepening of love.

The planets are throwing an element of evolution into the Twin Flame connection…

Do your best to flow WITH this current instead of fighting change, as you’ll open to the blossoming of a brand new and higher chapter that way.

Work to see change as something that can add interest and sparkle to your connection, something to LEARN and GROW from, rather than an annoyance.

Commitment In Love

Because the issue is, your path may not make a lot of sense to you right now.

Venus is still in intense Scorpio, adding passion, sexual fire and depth to love and the Twin Flame connection…

(Shadow sides involve unconscious fears, paranoia, obsession and jealousy being triggered).

This week, we have a new element in the mix, as Venus moves into a square with Saturn, planet of karma, restriction and long term manifestation.


Wake-Up Call Coming?

Saturn’s presence is often “feared”, as he tends to highlight problems and pitfalls and issues in our way…

But his wisdom is, that unless we’re aware of our blocks, we can’t clear them and move into a higher state!

So when Venus in Scorpio squares Saturn in Aquarius, we are dealing with intense emotions in love — and the purpose is to have us clear and heal any shadows in our system.

A theme right now is: Negativity can be a MESSENGER.

(If you’re struggling, go here and use the Free Energy Cleanse Audio to clear out heaviness from your chakras and aura, help you re-center into self love and harmony with your Twin)


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Saturn’s Strict Message

So YES, you may be encountering issues lately, and Saturn is “saying” that this is a MESSAGE that you have to resolve the underlying reasons. 

To clear the deeper (including karmic) blocks that have attracted and aligned you with experiences you are UN-happy with.

It’s a part of life, to learn how to DEAL with any challenges and “alchemize” them. To clear and shift.

Because we are really here to grow and evolve as beings — and sometimes our soul needs us to LEARN something. So we don’t keep repeating lower cycles.

(For help with this, go here)

Transcending Shadows

Saturn challenging Venus can also mean you’re coming face to face with old outdated beliefs and programming around relationships, love and whether you really feel WORTHY of love.

Content that has caused pessimism, skepticism, doubts and blocks on a deeper UN-conscious level…

And Saturn “says”: If you haven’t dealt with these and released them, don’t be upset that they’re still there or affecting your results.

Get to grips with them now!

Whose Fault?

We are always a creator of our experiences, whether it happens on a conscious or un-conscious level.

There’s a high likelihood you’re coming face to face with something unpleasant…

And the temptation is to look to OTHERS for fault…

But really, taking responsibility, clearing the underlying causes and deciding to create something better, is what will actually CHANGE the situation.

Otherwise it will keep returning, as the inner signal keeps calling it in.

Unconscious Factors

So look into the underlying reasons WHY you may have aligned with what you DIDN’T want. (“As within, so without”)

Have you been tapped into an unconscious family belief system that “life is hard” or “love hurts”?

Have other Twins gotten into your head with ideas of “Twin Flames always struggle”/“never reunite” and so on?

Make sure you clear those deeper inner causes now.

The Difference Between Wishing And Manifesting

“Saying” that you want to create differently doesn’t fully shift your alignment.

You have to change your inner SETPOINT.

Because we create with our energy, our emotions, our frequency. Not just our conscious MIND.

Have a look here for more and get a free quiz to determine where you’re at with this.

The Ruler Of Karma

Saturn is also the ruler of karma and time so it’s likely you’re experiencing something this week, that is really the ECHOES of past life karma.

If you’re experiencing problems with your Twin Flame, look into the Akashic records and past life, as that’s likely where you’ll find the PERMANENT deeper solutions.

Because as you may have heard me say before, karma is like a train track.

It keeps us stuck in repeated cycles of the same KINDS of experiences, like phantoms of an old trauma.

Have a look here to learn more, and for a session where I take you through clearing karma between you and your Twin, to open to harmony and unity in the present, click here.


“It has helped me to raise my vibration, to have a better and a higher connection with my twin. I can feel his love from his higher self so much more.” – Sarah P, London, UK

Echoes Of The Past – Separation?

The problem with karma, is that if we had trauma with our Twin in a past life, say “losing“ them in death or a traumatic breakup or there was major betrayal…

It’s there in your systems in the “background” – keeping around echoes of the same trauma in the now moment.

(This is often the root cause of prolonged Separation)

So clearing karma is one of the most transformative things we can do for the Twin Flame connection, to open to love without the “roller-coaster”, running and other issues.

Because those “issues” are based in karmic trauma and blocks. So when we clear that content, the connection opens up dramatically.

Have a look here for a step by step method to resolve it.

vibrational alignment program module 8

Making Progress

With Mars being close to the Sun this week, we have extra power to plough ahead and make progress.

In other words, focus on your DESIRES and you can get far!

This includes any inner work you’ve been meaning to get to grips with, such as writing a list of your biggest fears in your Twin Flame connection so you can finally get clarity, and then work to eradicate them energetically.

A great place to start would be to do the FREE Twin Flame Guided Sessions here daily for a major positive shift — quickly.

Playing With Illusions

A challenge is that Sun and Mars both oppose Neptune, the planet of dreams and fantasies.

You are likely to feel a strong spiritual connection with your Twin Flame, but there’s a strong tension between the PHYSICAL and the SPIRITUAL.

This transit will tend to heighten the “supernatural” aspects of the Twin connection, such as telepathy, shared dreams and more…

But as it’s in opposition, you may have “distortions” involved… Above all, feeling upset that it is not “there” in the 3D…

(If so, there are ways of making it happen tangibly – have a look here.)

Fear Masquerading To “Break UP” Love

Another issue is may THINK you’re dreaming a prophetic dream, about your Twin Flame cheating — but really it’s a mirror of your own inner FEAR of that possibility.

Or you may hear or feel words or messages that are hurtful, or feel rejected by your Twin Flame…

When really, you’ve picked up on ego content from others.

For best results, familiarize yourself with some of the risk factors around Twin Flame Telepathy and how to avoid ego interference and other common issues.

twin flame forecast

Abandoned By The Light?

Another indication is, you may feel distant from your Twin’s soul, and the higher realms. You may feel unloved or even abandoned.

If so, try to not worry too much, because what’s really happening is that you’re being challenged to go within and find your OWN spiritual link.

To give YOURSELF love and find inner wholeness.

This will open your link again.

Filters Of Perception

A risk now, is that you may also be seeing things through a distorted “filter of reality”.

This is one of the things people far into spiritual awakening struggle with – illusions.

It’s like trying to grasp smoke with your hand.

Illusions are a distortion of perspective and that’s why they’re so damaging. When we are wanting to manifest something, they tend to throw us off our path.

A Story About The Lottery

Be aware, so you don’t project something that isn’t there.

A key factor right now is, don’t WAIT for an OUTER source to resolve or bring you something that’s up to YOU to take action on.

A story to illustrate:

A man prays to God to help him win the lottery. He prays every day, and yet nothing changes.

Every single day of his life, he prays to win the lottery.

One day he eventually dies and goes to heaven. He asks God: “Why didn’t you let me win the lottery?”

God answers: “I wanted to, but you never bought a ticket!”

Don’t ignore the actions that are there for YOU to take.

Taking Action From Your Own Power

If things don’t feel spiritually very open this week, try to relax.

Find your OWN inner center, your own power and take ACTION as Mars/Sun show us — then, things will begin to flow again soon.

For help, have a look at the full Twin Flame program and the modules on your Twin Flame guidance team, how to open your channel and how to best work with them…

Plus the module on remote romance, kundalini rising and astral sex on the Twin Flame journey, on decoding your personal Twin Flame mission, and so much more.

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Luck And Flow In Communication

We have a positive transit September 13th, as Mercury trines Jupiter Retrograde, which creates positive flow and a sense of “luck” in communication.

You’ll find communication easier than usual, including with your Twin Flame or others you’ve had challenges with.

Open (gentle) dialogue is encouraged. Especially in terms of “What can I do FOR YOU? Let’s work as a TEAM to move forward”…

Toxic Release

A complication is that Mercury also squares Pluto, ruler of shadows and “detoxing”.

Grudges, jealousies, grievances, and toxic emotions that you have been harboring under the surface, will likely purge to finally clear up.

So triggering in the now moment, based in repressed, latent issues in you or your counterpart’s system are likely now.

Be aware that conflict and communication issues are not to do with you or the here and now, but phantoms of the past.

(When Twin Flames experience being ghosted or ignored by their counterpart, it always involves throat chakra blocks. So make sure you resolve them now to re-open communication.)

Holding On Too Tight?

Venus is also opposed with Uranus Retrograde all week.

With this, Uranus “says” that you have likely been holding on too tight – out of fear – to things that you would be better off releasing.

So tight in fact, that the CHANGE you desire can’t reach you.

Consider this, if you’re holding a tennis ball clenched in each hand, you couldn’t catch or hold anything else in those hands!

So now, Uranus is working to open you up.

He tends to bring sudden change, breaking things open in unexpected ways, so it might not be pleasant. Work WITH this energy, and it will be a lot smoother.


Change Incoming

Likely, you’ll also feel an inexplicable need for change within.

You may feel tempted to “run away” into a new life altogether or carry out other dramatic changes in your life.

But not so fast — Uranus is still Retrograde, and it tells us that we can never outrun OURSELVES.

Why Change Can Be So Slow

We can move halfway across the world, but our issues will still come with us.

Sooner or later they’ll show up in a new guise — a “phantom” — because they are coming from INSIDE OF US.

The change you TRULY desire, is inside of YOU, says Uranus.

If things aren’t the way you want them to be, sustainable change has to come from WITHIN.

Otherwise, you will bring your old dynamics and issues to new places, new people and situations.

Facing The Shadows

And this is a big life lesson for SO many.

The deeper lesson is, especially with Venus in Scorpio and the challenges from Uranus and Saturn Retrograde, to stop fearing our own shadows and trying to escape them.

Instead, to FACE them once and for all and HEAL them.

Because once we stare down our biggest fears, we will ALWAYS realize that they are not as powerful as when we’re trying to escape them.

Fear only GROWS when we seek to ignore, repress or outrun it.

Being Brave

This week, be your bravest self (Mars/Sun will help make it easier than usual) and vanquish those fears once and for all.

The miracle is, once you do, they lose their power.

Conscious awareness is a miracle worker against fear.

Like in the fairy tales, trolls “burst” when they come out in the light of day. The vampires can’t be out in the sunshine.

Being Unshakeable

Mars moving into a trine with Saturn this weekend, into next week, “promises” that your effort will build long term valuable results, and this current helps you focus and make progress on your TRUE desires.

You’ll feel more secure within yourself too. And, it indicates that the Masculine/Aries Twin will be more anchored in responsibility and long term perspectives.

So if you’ve had issues in the past with them not being ready to “settle down” they’re likely seeing a different perspective now.

Just make sure you’re not full of fear if you make contact, which can unfortunately DEFLECT them.

A Week To Grow Into Your Power

This week, expect to make MAJOR progress if you flow with the current and take action.

Tap into your courage, face your fears and you’ll realize they were not that powerful after all!

And once you do this, your reality, your Twin Flame connection and your future begin to look VERY different…

In the light of your awareness, the “monsters” of fear can’t hurt you or even affect you.

You are in charge. Not the shadows.

Until next time, I’m sending you love and light for your journey <3

Cassady x

“This has been truly amazing, every time I use this my Twin Flame texts or calls me immediately afterwards. It’s really crazy! And then we always get to some kind of different level of communication. We are continuing to heal. It’s amazing that I can do this type of thing and my Twin be so affected by it as well!” – Teresa B., USA

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