Taking Each Day As It Comes to Get Through The Storm Unscathed… Venus Retrograde Brings Ongoing Lessons for the Twin Pair. Who Made You Think You Might Be Unloveable?


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The dust is beginning to settle from this weekend’s powerful Virgo Full Moon, but we’re reminded that these are ongoing lessons with Venus’ current Retrograde through Aries.

Facing up to where we’ve allowed others to take away our power or define us as weak or small. This is a lesson that particularly goes for the feminine polarity Twins.

Old hurts are likely coming up to the surface in this period as Mercury is conjunct Chiron the wounded healer and Venus is moving Retrograde until 15th April. We’re especially dealing with wounds around where males have used power against you.

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Venus Retrograde – Male/Female Blocks Uprising

We’re shown by spirit that this transit deals with uprooting the deeper division between Male and Female which is so engrained in the 3D reality. Because, Twin Flame unity is all about harmony, openness.

This is one of the deepest and most stubborn blocks between Twin Flames and in human love relationships in general.

Venus, symbolizing the Feminine, is on the male’s turf right now. Balancing programming, uplifting “her” into her true power and counteracting damaging patterns most females are given from society, family and genetics.

Just like Mars, symbolizing the Masculine, was assisted in reaching a new harmony and balance by spending time in the soft, feminine sign of Pisces a few months ago, the Feminine is now adjusting to and “learning” how to be a bit tougher, how to step into her power.

And in cosmic terms, that means showing up everywhere she’s been told and has accepted that she’s not powerful.


Imbalances In The Yin/Yang

It’s been a “male” world for millennia and the yang polarity has been dominant in nearly all the world’s cultures – meaning we are genetically programmed with history of the feminine receptive energy polarity being squashed, downtrodden, suppressed.

There is sadness around this surfacing now. We’re given the advice to take each day as it comes, in order to avoid getting drawn into conflict which might be based on false premises.

Karma comes up strongly right now, especially as Mercury squaring Saturn enters into Aries on March 13th and the Sun also challenges Saturn around March 17th.

These are clear signals that the past has a lot to answer for. It’s the past that’s being cleared up right now. The deeper, karmic basis of recurring “issues” between the Twins are coming up for resolution.

This deals with how the feminine relates to the masculine and vice versa. The deeper reason there is conflict, the reason there is fear of opening up.

Discover more about karma and the Twin Flame Journey here – karma is something which we must willingly and consciously resolve with our Free Will intent.

It’s not something that can or will resolve itself of its own accord or through wishful intentions or asking our guides/Universe, because it is locked in the deeper layers of our own consciousness.

If they cleared these things before we understood fully, they would be taking away a chance for evolution and understanding that our soul really wants for us. This is why it’s up to us. Learn more about how to deal with Karma, and how it’s most often what causes the dreaded Twin Flame Running and Separation, in this article (and there’s a quiz!).


The Deeper Causes Of Twin Flame Running And Separation

Spirit wants to emphasize that karma isn’t “who you are” – it’s actually a mis-wiring of your energy, like a problem with an electrical circuit in an originally flawless system.

For your energy to return to flow in a healthy way and allow for the love you can experience as a soul to shine forth in your real physical life experiences, karmic entanglements and “mis-wirings” must be resolved.

Unless resolved, negative karma will keep expressing itself over and over in your life’s circumstances, for example in repeated cycles of being or feeling abandoned by lovers and friends.

Twin Flame Running and Separation are frequently based in past life karma between the pair, which is why it seems to not go away no matter how much the pair try to change things from the outside. (You can read about one of my own experiences with Twin Flame karma here)

Because it’s like trying to hold a beach ball under water, you have to use pressure to keep it there and as soon as you let go things go back to how they were.

Clearing karma is perhaps the most transformational method I’ve seen on the Ascension path. It has the ability to profoundly change your outer reality for the better from the inside out.

Read more here.

Who Told You It Was Right/Wrong To Be You?

As Mercury conjunctions Venus retrograde on March 17th-19th, we’re shown yet again one of this spring’s recurring themes in love:

Information and the past are to “blame” for the blocks you’ve been experiencing in relationships.

A big block spirit has been working to show up for me personally on the Twin Flame path is the human perception and enforced belief that it’s “better” to be a male than a female.

As soon as we’re born we’re faced with the world’s judgments about who we are.

It doesn’t take long before little boys and girls pick up on the fact that they’re “supposed to be different”. And well-meaning adults often point out their differences, assign different roles and “appropriate behaviors” and withhold love when children behave like the opposite sex.

Do you remember this from childhood? Boys being shamed for taking an interest in dolls or appearance or crying “too much” – or girls being shamed for wanting to play with cars or not wanting to wear dresses?

The Real Reason You’re Unable To Come Together – It’s In You

This stuff sticks in us, and unfortunately these limiting roles just keep building as we grow up, face our teenage years and take part in adult society. This is how most of the 3D polarity/separation programming gets given to us.

So right now, as Venus moves retrograde through the sign of the archetypal Masculine – ask yourself this:

How might you have changed yourself or deemed yourself “wrong” because of others’ judgments? And how might this have impacted your love relationships?

The answer is that when we judge ourselves to be “wrong” on any level it creates an unhealthy shame based block to fully opening up to others.

It’s not something we maybe go around thinking on a conscious level – that we’re not “good enough”…

But on the feeling level, what we have picked up on as children stays in our system as an unconscious feeling that prevents us from feeling safe to love and be loved.

Spirit’s message is that many female Twins in particular are unaware that it’s actually their own energy of not being “good enough”, not “worthy” of love, or “loveable” which is blocking the connection.

Their counterpart is reacting to this inner distress signal which is causing a repulsion of their energies. Often creating cycles of separation and running.


The Twin Flame Mirror – Brutal Or Loving?

So in this period, the Feminine’s unconscious blocks to opening up to her own power, her own truth and to her counterpart are being shown up to be cleared once and for all.

Because if we cannot fully accept and love ourselves, our Divine Mirror Self will keep reflecting this energy back to us in some way. Not to hurt us, but because our energies are identical and always interacting.

Relating to this, I was guided by spirit to create a transformational session to unlock the higher codes of unconditional love at a heart level, and bring in the new codes of self love and self acceptance.


In this hour long deep session we go into why self love is so crucial on the Twin Flame journey – “As within so without”.

What you hold towards yourself is what you attract in your Twin Flame connection, and self love is the key to manifesting unity and harmony with your Twin Soul.

To assist with this, spirit helps us to actually download and embody the new 5D programming of self love.

Not just as a mental concept, but as a way of living, an emotional state, an embodiment of complete self acceptance and wholeness within. The core key to unconditional love with your Twin Flame.


Allowing Love To Reach You

Self love and unity with our Twin can “make sense” mentally but if we still have old negative 3D programming or have hurts from prior relationships or situations with family or friends, we are energetically blocked from truly stepping into unity and harmony, because it goes against our “hardwiring”.

There is a big difference between understanding the concept of love and embodying and being able to receive it.

This really is the most fun energy transformation I’ve ever done or created – and it’s deeply powerful – like a technicolor journey into the soul. After I did this clearing myself I had to nap for 20 minutes because the downloads of new high vibration programming was so powerful.

The session really shifts the whole foundation of how your Heart Chakra and Twin connection function, so you can live with an open heart, feeling whole inside and attracting wholeness with your Twin Flame on all levels.

Go here to read more

2017 is set to be a year full of transformations, with this Venus Retrograde being a major transit full of developments and lessons for the Twin pair. To get your Free copy of the 2017 Yearly Twin Flame Energy Forecast, which goes into this in depth, sign up below.

Until next time I’m sending you love and light for your continued journey! <3

Cassady x


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– Caitlin, California, USA

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  1. I too have never considered this. I am petite and very feminine looking and my twin is the big manly man type. I do relate with karenrose333 about wanting to protect my twin and he too is a moon child. I am a Libra ruled by Venus and since this Venus Retrograde started, I have been wanting to “shake” some sense into him, I’ve been impatient and just want him to just snap out of his stubbornness and come be with me. He’s on another continent with his wife in their loveless relationship just going through the motions like a robot.

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