Would You Be Willing To Start Over For Love? Unity Consciousness On The Rise, Venus Brings Gentle Power To The Sign Of Oneness…

Welcome into a brand new week in the cosmic energies!

Highlights this week include:
Saturn/Pluto still push for a new “world” and letting go of what’s outworn its purpose, but momentum is increasing… Plus, Venus brings out the “supernatural” in the Twin Flame connection…

Discover more below!

This Only Happens Once In 38 Years

We head into the week fresh off Saturn and Pluto’s once in 38 years conjunction in Capricorn – it’s still highly active, intense and coloring the cosmic atmosphere.

Karma and unconscious fear are being triggered to surface – individually and collectively – so we get a chance to release old negativity and make a new and higher choice…

The purpose? Allowing a “new world” to rise forth.

If you’re feeling heavy or like “nothing works” right now, make sure you use the Free Energy Cleanse Session here – it will help you shift into a higher state.

Things can seem like hard work at the start of this week – and for little return. But if you go with the flow and have a little patience, the feeling of doom at the start of the week will soon start to fade.

Later in the week Venus in Pisces brings an infusion of dreamy love and “supernatural connectedness” between Twins, followed by Mercury’s inventive and progressive thinking.

You’ll still need to be sensible – we are working on shifting into a new and higher “reality” both as individuals and a collective – but you can choose to approach it in a loving and sparkly way.

2020 – A Year Focused In Capricorn

With such an emphasis on Capricorn this year, being practical, well organized and attending to responsibilities provides a backdrop to everything you do – especially right now.

And with the Sun conjoining both Pluto and Saturn at the start of this week, we’re talking about being super-practical, super-organized and super-sensible. Taking control over your life and your situation.

We’re being pushed to release old unconscious fears and perceived limits so we can rise into the true light we’re here for. For Twin Flames this will likely be a time of inner work that can pay off majorly down the line.

Because we can, like archaeologists, remove layers of the “history” and blocks that have been causing snags for so many.

Watch this video for a brief explanation:

A Post Holiday “Detox”

The planets will not do the work all for you, but together Saturn will show you the limits and blocks, and Pluto will push your system to ‘detox’ them.

We’re shown by spirit it’s particularly primal unconscious body fears we’re dealing with. In essence, enabling humanity to rise out of the 3D reality and into a higher state.

As the Sun and Mercury flank Pluto and Saturn’s epoch-defining conjunction, there’s a deep transformation of identity and communication going on. It can be challenging, but the universe pushes us to dismantle ego structures to open to the soul’s true light…

If your counterpart is “Unawakened”, they’re set to be rattled by the current energy influx – they may act out, as ego tends to do when threatened… But you can help them open to their highest self with powerful results.

To make this time pay off handsomely for the long run instead of getting down and heavy, click here for the Higher Dimensional Awakening And Anchoring Session.

twin flame awakening

“The Higher Dimensional Anchoring completely blew me away. I saw my Twin Flame completely change overnight. The biggest change I’ve seen in him to date. I’m so grateful for your tools, and I’m merely without words on this latest one. It really was the answer to my prayers.” – Sarah (via Facebook)

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The Real Reason Some Twins Are Still “Asleep”

Spirit reminds us, the reason some Twins are “unawakened” is NOT because it’s WHO they ARE… It’s because their soul, their inner light, is covered up by a lot of human “baggage”. Identity structures, energies, congestion and familial programming…

When you work with their soul to take off these “layers of unconsciousness”, they gain awareness and rise into a higher state very quickly.

This powerful Saturn/Pluto conjunction is working to open to a complete game-changer for the planet, society and us as individuals. Lightworkers are being powerfully prodded into action, the “mission” activating for Twin Flames…

And that means, if the counterparts haven’t already done their “inner work” the old density may come out suddenly… “Real life” challenges, orchestrated by the soul, show up to push them into releasing the past modes of being…

Are YOU Causing Hold-Ups In Twin Flame Reunion?

Spirit showed me something timely this weekend, which is that some Twins’ “unawakened” counterpart is waiting for them to gain SELF LOVE before “activating” in this life.

Connect to the light (I take you through it for Free here) and ask inside:

Do you and your Twin have any soul contracts that are preventing them from coming to you in the physical?

Are they waiting on something on YOUR end, because your soul is nudging you to learn something first?

Note down what you sense, and make sure you clear any blocks to it. Use the free kit here to do so.


Need Some Work On Self Love? I’ve Been There…

If you recognize yourself in this and know you need some work on self love, don’t worry.

I have an article on it here, it’s something I struggled with myself for a long time and I want you to know if you have issues with self confidence and self love there’s a reason for it.

There’s nothing wrong with you – you just received some mixed up messages in childhood, whether it was from parents or society, deliberate or not.

Spirit tells us, the mere INTENTION of you showing you’re willing to work on self love and acceptance, is incredibly powerful. This in itself can be an opener to your Twin Flame “activating” to come closer in the physical, or your journey progressing.

Again here’s the article with advice.


Why Self Love Is Such a Key “Lesson” For Twin Flames…

Your guides and your Twin’s soul both know, self love is not instant. But we’re meant to ultimately not just seek fulfillment from our counterpart.

When we long for and cling to another, the issue is, it keeps us “outside of our light” and blocks the higher realms from supporting us.

The flow is stuck, because we’re not “at home” to receive or channel that support and unconditional love the universe wants to bring us.

Again, have a look at that article – and I’d strongly suggest this to help you step into EMBODYING inner wholeness – to uplift your alignment and make you a MATCH to unity with your Twin (instead of being stuck in longing and need)…


Why This Temporary “Gloom” Can Be A Good Thing

I know this week with Saturn and Pluto’s push doesn’t seem like much fun. But it doesn’t have to be gloom and doom, either.

It can be the beginning of a new and brighter chapter for you, where you begin creating your reality YOUR way.

True, these heavyweight planets remind you that some serious hard work is in order if you’re going to get what you want…

Some people will find that easier than others, depending on the “baggage” in their system (check where you’re at here). But how you do that hard work is up to you.

Under the Sun/Saturn influence your perspective may be warped right now – in order to show up your negative belief systems that are affecting you, your Twin connection and your world in a bad way.

Being Your Own “Parent”

So make sure you take it for what it is because otherwise you could end up sliding down a slippery slope of negativity…

Be your own “parent” right now. How would you talk to a child if they felt low? That’s a key right now.

Be your own master of self.
(And to tap into spirit’s expert support and love every day on your journey, click here for my Twin Flame oracle cards)

There’s nothing wrong with stepping back if you want some time alone this week. It’ll help you to recharge your batteries. But beware heaviness and downheartedness flaring up amidst these intense energies.

Instead, you could take the seriousness and apply it to your love life.

To make plans for the future, claim your power of manifestation and take aligned action (I show you spirit’s guided step by step method here).

These days it’s less about letting things happen than MAKING things happen. Saturn is the mastery of the higher Masculine physically embodied, and it’s all about planning, action and achievement in the physical.

Primal Needs And Fears Surfacing In Love…

In love, we’re also going deep right now. Primal fears surfacing means many are looking for dependability and safety from their partner or prospective partner – even if it was never on their minds before.

Spirit comments, that mortality and the fragility of life is suddenly in focus for many. If you feel uneasy, this is likely a big part of it.

Consider how YOU can make yourself feel safe, and show how dependable and trustworthy you are for your counterpart. Be there for those who need you – even spiritually.

Send them a blessing, let them know you accept them for who they are.

Paranoia, Secrets, Sex, Power…

Everything feels more intense with Pluto also in the picture. Is it paranoia or are people really out to get you? Is something really wrong with your Twin and you? Will you ever be happy again?

Be careful your thoughts don’t take you down a slippery slope of perceived danger and pitfalls… What you need is a sense of perspective right now because yes, things are intense.

You might feel like people are trying to manipulate you, that someone is making moves on your Twin, that you need to fight to make sure you stay in control…

But if you make the effort to see what’s below the surface, things could look different. Try to see other people’s deeper motivations and things will clear up.

Stay confident, stay in your power – don’t let fear run away with you, that will only make it stronger!

(For more on that, click here)


Twin Flame “Supernatural Phenomena” Kick In

The amazing thing is, the moment you make a plan you’ll start to see the doors opening, the opportunities that exist. Capricorn’s energy can be quite pessimistic, especially when accentuated by Saturn and Pluto.

But it can provide you with the opportunity to get things done, prepare for the future, sort your foundations for the long run. No, it won’t be super easy or give instant results. But it will be worth it.

January 13th we have a shift in love energy and focus as Venus makes her way into Pisces. Moving out of detached Aquarius she brings more romance, gentleness, compassion and sympathy.

And importantly, heightened “supernatural” interactions between the Twin Flame pair. (Read more here, and for an essentials on Telepathy, click here)


Unconditional Love And Forgiveness In Focus

This is a wonderful place for Venus to be and brings sweetness and compassion.
She will stay in Pisces until February 7th so you’ll have plenty of time to take advantage of the opportunities she brings.

One of the key themes with Venus in Pisces is unconditional love and forgiveness, so expect both positive and negative expressions of these in your connection to crop up, depending on where your personal dynamic is at.

Although Capricorn won’t stop making demands on you, they’ll be more colored with tenderness and consideration.

Yes, you still need to be organized and make plans, but you’ll be able to instinctively feel which plans will work out best for you in your love life.

When Oneness Becomes A Problem

One downside to Venus in Pisces is we’re more prone to feel oneness in the “human” sense of the word – i.e. absorbing other people’s and collective issues and emotions around love.

If you feel heavy or tired in this period, it’s not really “yours”. Shield yourself, stay clear and you’ll stay in the heights of what this current can bring you.

A small word of warning: the Sun conjunct Pluto highlights issues of manipulation, and Venus in Pisces can persuade you to see your loved one through rose-tinted glasses that are so blurred that you ignore potential problems.

It doesn’t mean there WILL be problems, but be mindful to not float away completely because after all, you’re here to enjoy your journey in the physical world – that’s why you’re here!

(Read more about this here)

twin flame questions

When Wishes Go Unmet Because We’re Not Grounded To Receive Them In Our Physical Reality…

The spiritual is an important part of our experience, but we cannot remove ourselves completely from the physical reality – in fact, we’re here to create and manifest love and positivity in the physical above all.

If it seems like a challenge, and the only respite or love you get is from the spiritual aspect of your Twin, from dreaming and wishing, have a look here.

You can easily avoid problems, however, if you allow the Sun/Saturn conjunction to keep you firmly fixed in reality.

That will be well worth the effort when on the 15th Venus makes a sextile to Uranus, bring the opportunity for a romantic breakthrough.

Are you ready to be pleasantly surprised?

Mercury In Aquarius – A Breath Of Fresh Air

More of the Capricorn pressure is lifted when on the 16th Mercury moves into Aquarius. It reminds you that although rules are important, some rules are meant to be broken. The trick is to work out which ones.

This new energy feels like a breath of fresh air. Sure there are issues to be dealt with, but you’ll be able to work out new and fresh ways of approaching them.

Life will feel more like an exciting adventure to journey through, than a mountain of work.

You’ll still feel a pull to be sensible but will realize there’s more than one way of being grounded and productive. It’s a balancing act – explore, experiment. You’ll soon get it right.

A Challenging Week With Major Positive Potential!

This will likely start as a heavy and worrisome week but before you have chance to despair, things start getting better and better.

For Twin Flames, the balancing act now is to take the inspiration of unity that Venus in Pisces brings, and fuel that into physical reality – with the support of heavyweights Saturn and Pluto.

Unifying these two opposing kinds of forces is a creator of major “miracles” if you can align yourself, stay conscious, aware of your goals and take guided action.

This is the stuff that can bring big dreams into reality, if you use the energies wisely!

Until next time, I’m sending you love and light for your continued journey! <3

Cassady x

“My Twin Flame is a Runner and something amazing happened today… I’ve done the clearing two days in a row so far, and guess who called me this morning after doing the meditation and energy cleanse? Yup, you guessed it… he called on his own without prompting from me! I am so darn happy, it’s a miracle!”

– Kristine D, Mass., USA

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