Venus Retrograde Starts “Countdown” To Reunion, Soul Downloads Incoming… Plus, Powerful Full Moon Shines Light On “Twin Flame Shadow Destinies” To Open To Love


Welcome into a brand new week in the cosmic energies.

Highlights this week include:

Venus goes Retrograde with support from intense Pluto – karmic re-evaluation in love. (Yes, that means an ex might show up for resolution!)

Plus, Powerful Full Moon in Gemini and encouragement for the Feminine’s future path…

Discover more below!

Reunion Preparation

Venus conjunct Pluto is still strongly colouring the mood this week.

Joining up in a sextile to both Mars and Neptune, this is a major part of the preparation and recalibration ahead of Venus and Mars “second reunion” in February 2022. 

It’s getting intense now. The Feminine twin is being strongly awakened to a higher level.

Soul power is being anchored in on a palpable yet unconscious level. The next chapter is being prepared.

Restrictions… For A Reason

 In this period, we face a “detox” and the counterparts are now being pushed to rise into their highest.

To embrace their power and inner self love individually and from the “inside out”.

It’s very possible that this week brings some restriction on action or even, an inability to travel/enjoy life in a physical way.

Isolation may be happening on some level. If this is the case, KNOW that it is by design.


Soul Downloads

It’s to get us to go within. So if you find yourself stuck or seemingly not free to go outward and enjoy life somehow, know that you are being re-directed.

Go within. Your soul is wanting to download important codes and “maps” for you, for the path TO Unity.

You have to be present and STILL for this to fully work.

If you f ex are in a big crowd of people, travelling, or around many others, their energy will affect your ability to receive these codes. So now, you’re being pushed to go within.

(For help with this whole process, and to begin receiving the massive shifts working to reach you in this period, use the Twin Flame Star Activation Ceremony)

“I was very heavy for weeks and felt drawn to the Star Activation. I decide to jump in and now I feel 100x lighter. I really felt my twin there as we did the clearing on both of us, and I got a text from him as soon as it ended!!!!! The same night, I dreamed that we were together and I feel this huge shift has happened between us.”

– Helle, Copenhagen, Denmark

Click here for more testimonials


 We’re shown the Masculine Twin is in particular the one feeling blocked from expansion in the outside world.

The reason is the same. It’s so that they will really SIT with their EMOTIONS and get to know themselves.

And be AVAILABLE to the incoming info, guidance and coding working to download in preparation for the next chapter.

Insights, Guidance

We’re warned by spirit that ***sitting at home BUT surfing on Instagram or Facebook, is the same energetically as being in a crowd****!

So, what is guided is to UN-plug, to take time to yourself.

We’re shown that if you journal, there will be a FLOOD of insights and/or purging that can happen via this channel. 

And you can receive IMPORTANT guidance for the forward path… IF you are open, and not congested energetically. (For help to open, go here – class 2, 4 and 6)


Positive Frustration?

There may be frustration, due to Pluto/Venus’ immense energy and power fuelling into your BODY and etheric body in particular…

But this is actually good. The frustration is due to wanting to take action, an urge for change.

But if you take a little bit of time FIRST to get CLARITY, this boost can help you figure out important steps and solutions that can break open your path in a HUGE way.

Again, it’s about using the flow wisely and LISTENING. 

(For more go here)

Shadow Timelines

With Lilith and Ceres R conjunct North Node on the border between Taurus and Gemini, there is a lot going on regarding SOUL PATH and future.

Spirit tells us, shadow timelines are being brought up for resolution. Collectively and individually.

All the timelines and aspects of your “destiny” that weren’t truly YOURS to live, such as ancestral content.

This is particularly about female ancestry/the biological female collective. It deals with limitations and blocks around the female/feminine’s freedom and manifestation.

Artificial Manifesting Blocks

This is coming up, to free the WHOLE collective – including the Masculine – to have a higher level of creation moving forward.

Spirit tells us there have been artificial restraints on the grids allowing for NEW creation. Because of the repression of Feminine energy in our human culture.

It means, it’s been artificially “difficult” to manifest anything that has NOT been common already. To go beyond. This has greatly impacted Twin Flame Unity.

It has been blocked due to shadow timelines and grids. So these are being brought up to release now.

For help with this, go here.


“I have been doing this session every week since you made it and now the karmic relationship my twin was in is over and I know this is because of this… I can’t thank you enough Cassady…lots of love…x” – Diane


Invisible Force Against You?

Spirit’s words are: If you have felt as if an invisible force was working against your success, love, ease and manifestations… This has been a BIG part of it.

And it was held COLLECTIVELY in the planet’s own grids and energy, so it wasn’t “yours”! But it may still have held you back.

We see this process is set to be complete on a higher level in the new year around January but you can clear this faster and deeper by actively working on it.

(And if you’ve been doing your inner work you WILL have improved your own alignment already)

Clear your energy (you can use my free tool here), as it will mean you don’t get weighed down. 


December 13th Mars enters Sagittarius, setting a new theme for the coming months.

Adventure, physical courage and exploration are key.

Action and progress becomes more invigorated, and the Masculine counterpart is likely in a lighter frame of mind than over the last months.

Mars is more at home in Sagittarius, so things will feel less heavy.

Mercury moving into Capricorn also, means communication and focus takes on a more determined, long term priority – commitment is in focus. 

Confusion, Opposites

However, Pluto/Venus are still pushing for a detox/massive process of recalibrating the feminine and our sacral chakra/sexual programming. 

This means, things may feel confusing.

It may feel like things are FINALLY moving forward… and yet you feel cloudy, out of sorts or a bit unsure about the forward path.

Or you feel invigorated … BUT somehow overwhelmed with processing your experiences and the “bigness” of possibilities within reach.

Action Vs Potential

The wisest choice, spirit comments, is to take time to go within.

It’s generally time for “receiving downloads of POTENTIAL”.

Especially as Venus goes retrograde while conjunct Pluto, at the end of the week, it is not generally a time for action or forward motion.

It’s about going WITHIN, healing, clearing, “de-toxing” and re-aligning to a higher state from the inside out.

Venus retrograde means we’re headed into a period of reevaluation, detoxing and recalibration in love and sexual relationships, in particular.

Feminine Challenges

Mars opposite Lilith/North Node/Ceres Retrograde, shows there’s something about the Feminine’s history or inner state that the Masculine is not understanding.

They don’t “get” the burdens and suffering the Feminine has been through.

You may notice a male person or “masculine system” acting like you should be able to just shake off the past and leap into exciting new ventures, including with THEM…

While you FEEL instinctively that it’s “impossible”.

There may be challenges relating to this.

Ancestral Voices?

You are being asked to go within and resolve any karma and shadows that have made you feel UNSAFE to move forward.

There’s “baggage” that’s held you back from your full potential and dreams come true.

You may notice that there are “ancestral voices” or even “historical female voices” affecting your inner state and causing fear of opening to your counterpart, of moving forward, of the future…

And lingering blocks keeping your connection stuck in conflict/infidelity/separation.

In short, there are things in your system that have not been YOURS, and yet are blocking love on some level.

This HAS to be dealt with, otherwise it will keep affecting your path with distortions and causing deflections from love.

Venus Retrograde is a key time for this work. For help, go here. 

Gemini Full Moon

Saturday we have a powerful Full Moon in Gemini. This deals with mindset/perspective – and EMOTIONS tying into this.

We’re “warned” that the feelings that rise at this time, are not true to the present. They are based in the past. 

It’s a purging, culmination process.

Emotions you may have tried to repress, based in negative beliefs from the female collective. Pain around love/infidelity/inability to be together… Ideas that have been accepted as “unavoidable” instead of resolved…

This is being brought to the surface.

Not Your Feeling

It’s highly likely you’re not feeling your OWN feelings, but picking up on familial and collective female grief.

…Above all wounding around the idea that love/loyalty and devotion with the Masculine is out of reach.

This is coming up, so that we can reach higher
Because it does NOT have to be that way.

In fact, the more we hold onto these ideas, the more they keep playing out in our experience.

The “Runner Identity”

I’ve been shown in working with Twin Flames for years, that often the “runner”/Unawakened Twin is expressing these behaviors because this programming is pushed onto them by the world.

So it’s not who they ARE. But because it’s being pushed into their space, they may act on it and often begin to identify with it…

Thinking that is how men or Masculine people behave. Really, it is a collective issue. Society and outside people are holding it in place.

Holding Toxins In Place

 And we are now being asked to release this once and for all. To go HIGHER.

Because remember Twin Flames are reflections of the SAME original soul essence.

For more on this, and for help to break through the toxic societal gender programming, to open your connection to love and harmony – go here.

As souls, you share immaculate love. It’s the distorted human programming that causes problems for Twins.

Cosmic Process Of Purification

Remember to not “buy into” negativity happening this weekend, as there are massive cosmic processes going on.

Because, during the Full Moon tail Venus turns retrograde in a conjunction with Pluto.

Everything that is going on this week shows us that there is a powerful UN-DOING of the karmic negativity between love counterparts going on this week…

And over the next month as Venus moves “backwards” in her tracks. 

Themes To Venus Retrograde

A major theme to the Venus Retrograde will be to shift our MINDSET and beliefs that have affected our emotions, our vibration/alignment, and therefore our outer results. 

We are being asked to IN PARTICULAR release any ideas of the female as small/not capable, or not able to create her desires… And males/females as being irreconcilably different/opposed.

To cleanse away the “lies” and illusions – so that we open to our soul’s ability to manifest what we CHOOSE…

And to live a life of true joyous unity, love and happiness. 

Belief Ties…

This week shows us VERY powerfully that we ARE CAPABLE.

But we have likely BELIEVED we weren’t – especially on an unconscious inner level And hereby we’ve blocked or limited our ability to HAVE our dreams come true.

This has blocked SO many Twin Flames, we’re shown.

And unfortunately there is still something “missing” for many Feminine Twin Flames…

It is that this programming causes them to WAIT for the outside to deliver a result, instead of CREATING and aligning with that result to MAKE it happen. 

A Core Twin Flame Block

Unfortunately the unconscious feeling/belief “I am not capable, someone else has to deliver it”, is blocking progress.

THIS is the key block that keeps so many Twin Flames from reuniting. 

But the universe has guidance to resolve it: While Venus turns retrograde in Capricorn, Chiron moves direct in Aries.

This shows us, the coming period asks us to become comfortable with our own ability to take ACTION, and CREATE – to actively pursue our passions.

To clear away the beliefs and past illusions we were programmed with, that made us feel we would not be able, or made us hold back. (For help with this, go here)

Healing Disappointment

Venus’ retrograde brings a 5 week long detox and recalibration in terms of love relationships.

Emotional wounds are highlighted – and for Twin Flames this particularly deals with disappointments regarding the 3D physical, or unconscious FEAR of DISAPPOINTMENT. 

Because those are blocks to physical unity, this transit pushes us to clear what has congested and blocked a physical union.

Toxic Love Beliefs

We’re asked to cleanse away toxic BELIEFS about love and relationships, which tend to block togetherness…

Such as, “men always cheat”, “true love doesn’t exist on earth”, “Twin Flames always suffer”, and this kind of content.

Because if you have it in your system it will unfortunately play out as “real”.

Karmic Reevaluation

Venus rarely goes retrograde. When she does, it signals a period of karmic balancing within relationships.

The past comes up for re-evaluation, and this can include exes showing up again.

(Active Karma Clearing is a powerful help in this – in the Vibrational Alignment Program I take you through how to access your Akashic Records of the past, getting out of old patterns of separation and conflict – leaving all the heavy baggage behind.

We also cut attachments to past lovers and anything else that might be holding you back from coming together with your Twin in harmony)

Distortions? Or Help?

Pluto “warns” us, be CAREFUL who you listen to, because negativity and blocks often slip in without us realizing.

So this is also a time to re-evaluate whose input you are ALLOWING in your love connection. 

Listening to the “wrong” people or letting distortions into your system, can keep you stuck. It can severely block unity and your soul purpose.  

How do you know? In short, if it is portraying love as hurtful, your counterpart as an opponent or unity as out of your hands, it is NOT serving you.

So how do you know?

Remember you are a powerful soul, and you and your Twin share UNCONDITIONAL LOVE as souls.

So if you encounter content that paints out drama, limitations, men vs women/ DM & DF as opposed, conflict focused or as Twin Flames as having to undergo enforced lessons/delays – those are not spiritually truthful.

They are NOT true to your soul, and will only create more distortions, more delays and conflicts and “lessons” to learn the slow and arduous way.

Going Higher

To make your path smooth and accelerate unity, go to the truth – your SOUL and theirs.

Don’t allow others’ distortions and ego perceptions to affect your connection and your path.

Pluto conjunct Venus Retrograde says: Claim BACK your power!

This is crucial for the coming period. If something does not serve you, you are ALLOWED to let go of it. Do not hang onto what is damaging.

(More here on Twin Flame myths).

Speeding Up The Shift

Really, it doesn’t matter what’s come before or what we call it – when you align with unity and love on a deep inner level, in spiritual truth it “must” show up in your physical 3D life too.

And that’s what the planets are working to help you with.

It can be heavy with Venus Retrograde and Pluto’s influence – so for best results, to shift instead of being dragged down into the heaviness, use your energy tools.

You’re not MEANT to suffer in this, or go through dramatic ups and downs, purging and trauma.

Stay strong if things are challenging, use the methods and help available, and know the process is trying to get you to your highest. 

Until next time, I’m sending you love and light for your continued journey <3

Cassady x

“Cassady, Your tools have continued to be a direct link to my healing. Thank you for the love and continued information. Your tools have helped me more than anything I’ve done to heal my karma and pain. Love to you “

– Karen, Arkansas, USA

Read more testimonials here

twin flame program

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