Powerful Aquarius Full Moon – 11:11 Calling All Lightworkers. Internal Changes In The Masculine On The Horizon, The True Purpose Of Sacred Union, And More…

Welcome into a brand new week in the cosmic energies!

Highlights this week include: Full Moon asks you to remember why you’re really here. Plus, Masculine/Runner Twin longs for true love… but have they lost you already?

Discover more below!

What You May Need Most Right Now…!

We start the week with sunny conjunction between the Sun and Venus in Leo. You’re set to feel good about yourself, your personal projects. Focused mainly on your own perspective, which isn’t necessarily bad.

We see you spending money and focusing on beauty and self improvement. Good for you!

Because it’s in essence enjoyable. You are supposed to be the king or queen of your own world – and when Leo meets the Sun in his own sign Leo, this is heightened.

Can it veer over into ego or get distorted? Sure, but if you’re a sensitive person in spiritual awakening, this is something you’ve been needing!

What Is Your “Filter Of Self” Set To?

Boosting your confidence and pampering yourself is good for you. The universe is rooting for you, pushing you to dwell in your own greatness.

Spirit reminds us that everything we experience in the physical world comes through the filter of SELF so it’s key to make sure we’re feeling good about ourselves and who we are.

When we do, we’re more easily aligned with receiving positivity from and with others. (Read more about that here)

Vibrational Scale

They suggest an exercise to uplift even more – list out all the amazing things about yourself and get a few of your favorite photos of yourself onto your phone so you can look at them regularly.

Creating and supporting a positive self image can be a “superpower”.

The Twin Flame Counterparts Moving Closer

In fact, Venus is on her journey through Leo moving across the sun and onto Mars – her counterpart…

So we see that you pampering and boosting yourself is a positive way to make progress in your Twin connection!

Jupiter turns direct on August 12th and although it may take a little while before he picks up “speed” and the flow moves fully, “he” is supporting you in your personal projects now.

Spotlight On YOU – Rewards, Admiration, Promotions?

Spirit shows us some kind of spotlight on you, feeling admired by others or sought out for your opinions, receiving a promotion at work or something equivalent.

And the beauty of it is, it’s because of YOU being YOU!

Continuing a theme from last week, your personality or who you ARE as a person is being highlighted positively somehow. Congratulations!

As the week goes on, keep your eye out for this current of expansive positivity which is stirring you. Write down ideas, explore opportunities that may appear, and stay tuned for guidance on “next steps” to reach your dreams come true.

(If you’d like some help with manifesting your desires in a step by step, reliable way instead of hoping and wishing and worrying things may not work out… Click here. I’ve got your back!)

Your “Team” Pushing You To Reward Yourself…

Spirit shows us, you deserve some pampering, some celebrating, to enjoy yourself. You’ve worked hard, is the message, so reward yourself. You deserve it!

Many Twins’ guidance teams are practically PUSHING them to get out and enjoy life a little in this period!

It doesn’t have to be expensive, and they’re showing us they’re working to bring you the funds to make it happen.

Masculine/Runner Twin Regretting Past Choices…

Mars is still conjunct Juno at the tail end of Leo, and we see the masculine or runner Twin in many cases regretting previous choices.

They’re regretting having been or being involved with other people, and are currently feeling depressed and trapped in something that’s not fulfilling.

They know they would be better off with you – but they’re down and feeling like you’ve moved on…

Pluto and Saturn are involved and show us that this happening SO THAT the unawakened/Masculine Twin realizes so deeply that they’re unhappy… And so they get motivated to change things around.

In particular, to reach out to you once more in the hope you might give them a chance.

(Read more here about Twin Flame Running and how to deal with it)


Heaviness – But It’s To Push Them Into Action

If there have been problems, they know they’ll have to make a bigger effort or show up as a higher version of self to get you back. They seem very willing to.

Moon conjunct Saturn on Monday can tend to heaviness (for you as well) but this is necessary and a positive step for the runner/unawakened Twin…

Because as they consider the future now, they realize how empty it would be without you.

If you are together with your Twin, you’re set to be the “sunshine” in the connection this week and your counterpart may need to lean on you to motivate and help them see that the future can be bright (or if you’re an Aries it could be you who needs a boost of inspiration and support).

When done well, this can create even deeper bonding between you as a pair.

Uranus Retrograde – Change Goes Inward

As Uranus goes retrograde on August 12th, this next 5 months change will tend to move from the outer to the inner realm.

This is extra heightened as Uranus is trine Pluto when he turns. Pluto and Uranus will be working together to ‘detox’ deeper issues…

Especially relating to love and relationships in the physical and with physical manifestation (because they’re meeting between Taurus and Capricorn).

If you use this energy current well you can blast through any lingering internal blockages and stagnation which might have been keeping your outer situation stuck.

(If you’d like to take action on this, go here.)


Is Your Third Eye Chakra Blocked? Twin Misunderstandings

For Twin Flames the biggest changes now for this coming period are likely to come from inner realizations, breaking through our own limitations, and getting “downloads” and epiphanies of unorthodox, ground-breaking info from our own higher faculties.

Highlighted here, are thoughts, beliefs, judgments, perceptions and fears that block us from fully accessing our higher faculties. (Discover more here in the free chakra reading)

Uranus stations while in a square with Mercury, and shows us this – there have been certain misunderstandings in your Twin Flame situation.

Highlighted we see, that you may have thought your Twin didn’t want to be with you. This is not correct.

Aquarius Full Moon – Rising Above The 3D World

On August 15th we have a Full Moon in Aquarius opposition Venus and the Sun both at 22 degrees of Leo.

This carries a cosmic message to rise *above* the material world.

To stop paying attention to the 3D reality and to start focusing on the soul’s deeper purpose – the Twin Flame mission.

The cosmic message is, the Twin Flame path is not about enjoying romance from a human perspective. It’s not about getting married and “playing house”.

It’s a mission to assist the evolution of consciousness on planet earth. To pave a path to unity consciousness. That’s what 11:11 is all about, says spirit.

Which is something we all “volunteered” for as souls and signed soul contracts to do.

Why Problems Have Been Showing Up Recently

So if things don’t feel like they’re working out on a PHYSICAL world level, this Full Moon is pushing it to the surface and working to force you to let go of any 3D lenses you’ve been seeing the connection from.

We’re shown that the more we’ve been trying to get to the HUMAN ideal of a relationship, the more the soul is rebelling and posing challenges.

The key is that we’re meant to meet in UNconditional love. The SOUL’s love.

Not through imposing roles like “husband” and “wife” on each other. Unconditional love means we never un-love each other. For any reason.

It’s to recognize that we ARE the other. That’s the message.

“Spiritually Intense” Full Moon – Are You Being Tested?

And ultimately that every single being on this planet is part of the same greater whole.

That you are everything and that everything is you.

(That’s one of the soul lessons Twins volunteered to incarnate to learn and thereby pave the path for others to follow suit)

This is a particularly “spiritual” Full Moon energy but it can feel heavy and pressured. It’s calling us to remember who we really are and why we’re here!

Because this is about remembering that you are light, you are your Twin Flame and THEY ARE YOU… You may be challenged in this.

You may encounter triggers from your Twin or meet others who seem far from light, or like yourself.

This is all to push you, to test you. Your soul, challenging you to rise to the occasion and remember!

That it’s all connected.

Signs Of Twin Flame Soul Merge

You’ll receive subtle indications of this also, to help you along. Synchronicities, signs, dreams…

You may sense your Twin’s energy INSIDE YOU, to emphasize the point.

Do you ever feel like when you look with your eyes, it’s your Twin who’s doing it? Do you ever move your legs and realize it’s your Twin?

Do you notice your tastes blending, enjoying new kinds of food or music or speaking differently? These are all signs of a soul merge. That you are in fact, one soul in two bodies.

Want To “Uplevel” Your Journey? Now’s The Time!

When handled well this Aquarius Full Moon can shift you into a new and higher chapter.

If you can keep your mind on “I am everything and everything is me”, you will “uplevel” at this time.

(I give you the smooth track to shift into this higher state, moving out of separation and conflict in the oneness activation session).

We see that the Masculine or unawakened Twin is also set to have these kinds of realizations on some level, even if they’re not “spiritual”.

Themes Set To Reach Completion In January 2020

Spirit shows us a shift happening with the Masculine or Unawakened Twin with this full moon, which is set to come to completion within the next Aquarius new moon.

An inner transformation which will then begin to show a new outside. (The next Aquarius New Moon is January 24th 2020).

But spirit wants you to know you can usher in changes sooner, you don’t have to wait for the cosmic energies to “do the job” for you.

Masculine Twin Guided To “Service”

On August 18th we have another highly significant set of transits as Mars moves into Virgo, with Venus, the Sun and Juno right behind at the end of Leo.

We see that the Masculine or Unawakened Twin is guided and uplifted more by a belief in being of service and contributing to the higher good in this period…

And that the Feminine is in some ways held back by her focus on the 3D world, in particular ideas around marriage and romance.

Spirit shows us that the problem with this is that the focus on marriage and romance alienates you from the truth that you ALREADY ARE ONE.

***The focus on wanting to “unite” in a worldly sense, is unfortunately pushing away the state of unity that would attract it.***

(Read more here)

twin flame mirror

How To Manifest A Physical Twin Flame Reunion

So here’s the path we see:

When you can pursue your purpose and know that your Twin already is with you and always was yours, as souls… You open to it “catching up with you” in the physical.

And that can happen VERY soon.

The truth is, spirit shows us, “marriage doesn’t TAKE” with Twin Flames and any non-Twin partners. When a Twin Flame marries a person on earth, it’s not “real” in the sense that it’s intended. Because two Twin Flames are always “married” and together as souls.

Since the dawn of time. No one else can break into that bond. It’s a mirage, are their words.

Snags Re The Karmic Feminine – Are You Feeling The Triggers?

At this time, Lilith the asteroid representing the shadow karmic feminine, is conjunct Neptune and the Moon travels over both at the weekend. This unfortunately spells out heaviness.

The Feminine Twin might feel abandoned by the higher realms, like she’s not receiving any help, like love and unity are out of reach. Don’t listen to these feelings, they’re not true for you!

What’s happening is that you’re picking up on the purge happening from the collective feminine karmic fields. This is literally the past expressing.

Millennia of OTHER FEMALES’ experiences and sadness and hurt, being purged from the earth… :/

History Repeating Itself In Your Twin Connection? It’s For A Reason!

Remember you’re an infinite being of light! And the stuff you’re feeling isn’t really “YOURS” – even if it seems to be going on with you.

What’s happening is that this material has been connected in with your energy field as a female, and therefore it’s been affecting your experiences. Especially with your Twin Flame.

How many females throughout history have enjoyed blissful happy relationships? I feel many of you laughing as you read this.

Exactly! It’s one of the reasons we’re here, to pave a new path!

This old heaviness, disappointment, betrayal and more is being highlighted to you by your soul so you can release it and shift your Twin dynamic into one of unity rather than opposition.

False Karmic Content That Blocks Twin Flames

So how do you release this old karmic weight?

You can write out all your feelings and concerns on paper, then write out new positive statements and work to stay in the knowing that you can have so much more and that love really is possible…

But that can be hard work and nearly always needs to be repeated over and over.

My recommended method is energy clearing – and in the Oneness activation I take you through clearing out this exact kind of “false karmic” content that has so many Twins experiencing struggle and conflict.

Because, really, they’re living out the experiences of the human collective karma.

Can you see that, looking at the common stories about Twins’ struggles? It’s an intensified version of male/female conflicts on this planet. Collective karma.

And sadly, it’s not really THEIR experiences to have… It’s just there in their systems attracting more of the same pain.

A Week That Can Change Your Future Path…

Twins are bonded by UNCONDITIONAL LOVE, that’s the truth. Anything else is due to  human baggage. Set down the burdens, clear your path to light and to reunite to the state of bliss you’re here to live!

This is not set to be an easy week by any means but it can bring a pivotal shift if you play your cards right.

This can be a powerful time to completely change the playing field and your future path by stepping into your light. By knowing who you really are.

We see that after this, you won’t be “fooled” by the 3D “illusions” anymore. And that changes everything.

I’m so grateful you’re here – I believe in you! And as always I’m sending you love and light for your continued journey <3

Cassady x


Want more? For powerful methods to heal blocks and harmonize your journey with your Twin, have a look at Free Help Kit For Twin Flames here!


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