This Week The Spotlight Is On You… Have You Been Creating Wisely? Soul Connection Reviews, New Beginnings In Love. Are You Heeding The Mirror’s Call?

Welcome into a brand-new week in the cosmic energies!

Highlights this week include:
Twin Flame connections go “inward”, soul codes of mastery trying to wake you up. Plus, a new beginning in love as Venus returns home – but are you using positive momentum to your advantage?

Discover more below!

A Week for Soul Mate/Twin Flame Relationship “Review”

We enter into this week with a highly significant transit for Twin Flames.

As Juno goes retrograde in Sagittarius, we have shifts in soul mate and Twin Flame relationships, and are set to be “going back over old ground” of recent months’ in particular.

Echoing the ongoing Pluto/North Node transit from last week, we see that there are many who have given up on or have been talked out of a connection, a dream or a goal that was truly guided for them.

Maybe you were convinced that something was hopeless. Or that it would be too difficult.

Your Soul Pushing for Possibility

Well, your soul and the universe are in this next week’s period in particular, working to show up any of these places where you were MIS-guided into giving up or reducing your expectations.

Were you “opted out” of something that was not only truly GUIDED… but a “soul mission”!

If this has happened, your soul will keep bringing it to your attention, to show you that it’s not “off the table.”

You were MEANT for it and it for you — including a Twin Flame relationship, which is highlighted for many people in this group.

Next Steps Showing Up

We’re being told in basic terms, don’t worry about HOW it will happen. Accept the POSSIBILITY. It COULD.

Just accept right now, that in this infinite universe, it is possible for your dream to come to fruition, for you to happily reunite with your Twin. In harmony.

No matter what’s happened before. Accept the POSSIBILITY, because it is guided. Now, the next steps will begin to show up.

Highlighted is, to clear out any of the stories/opinions/outside beliefs/world programming/past experiences that caused you to “opt out.”

Because otherwise they’ll keep blocking it and you’ll keep thinking it’s impossible – because your reality will be “wired” to that.

Release preconceptions, and possibility opens. I help you with this process here in a session that was requested due to the soul collective’s high need for power realignment.

“That was amazing, thank you SO much! The clearing was very deep and I’m refuelled with positivity!”  – Violeta M. (via Facebook)

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What Was YOUR Input?

With Juno moving backwards, you’re also asked:

Have YOU put into your connection?
Have you demanded more than you gave?
Have you put fear or negativity into the connection instead of love?
are questions from Juno.

A balance, a harmonious Twin Flame connection means BOTH parties feel safe to open up.

We’re being reminded that we cannot demand love and attention if we are not GIVING love and attention. Addiction to rescue and attention is highlighted. Balance is needed.

Make sure you have the “right intentions” i.e., that you are pursuing actual LOVE, not validation from a place of fear, insecurity or entitlement and so on.

To check in, use this free quiz.

Venus Return: New Cycle Restart in Love!

On April 14th we have some good news.

And if you’re using the planets’ advice and guidance from above, this can be a major positive event of the year for you — the beginning of a higher chapter.

Venus, the planet of love, enters her “home sign” Taurus. This is the beginning of a new yearly cycle for love and its ruling planet.

Treat this as you would a New Moon, in essence — set intentions for the coming year and celebrate your new beginning!

But remember if skepticism or disappointment rear their heads when you’re writing out goals and intentions, you have to clear those negatives otherwise they’ll block your dreams from fruition.

Manifestations Not Happening?

I have a powerful deep dive alpha level session here where I take you through a guided manifestation process and clearing out blocks that may have kept your dreams from arriving tangibly so far.

Because the unfortunate thing is, most people are missing some KEY steps in their manifestation efforts.

Key steps that keep them in dreaming and wishing but never truly RECEIVING their manifestations in a tangible real-life way.

So, if you truly want a new beginning this week, I’ll take you through the whole process of “clearing ground” and effectively planting seeds of future reward here.

We also re-open the Twin Flame heart and communication connections, if there have been issues of running/separation/distance between you.


Creative Expression, Self-Love

As Venus “returns home” it’s also a great week for being in nature, tending to plants and animals, painting, singing and expressing yourself creatively, especially in a physical way with your body…

Self-love is also in focus. Make sure you “tend to” yourself from the inside out, nurturing the “seeds” of love and romance.

In other words, try to treat yourself the way you’d like to be treated. Be good to yourself, speak kindly to yourself. It calls back more love from others.

The Problem With Self Love…

When we have negativity around our self-image and wounds around rejection in love, it tends to deflect love and our Twin Flame on “automatic.”

It means we experience them as NOT being positive and attentive, even if their true soul intention is to be so.

Have a look here for more on self-love, and to resolve old childhood wounds that have kept you in a state of inner wounding, use this.

Because what so many people miss out on is, lacking self love isn’t a CHOICE. It’s due to TRAUMA.

When we heal that trauma, self love and inner wholeness flows naturally. Because it’s who we ARE as souls deep down.

Warrior Princess? Be Brave!

Right now, strong Aries energies are still noticeable in the mix and mean you’re being called on to be in your power, to take action on your dreams and not give up or listen to outside negativity.

If you’re the Feminine Twin, you may have to be your own “warrior princess” for a little while longer — to pull your Twin Flame connection into a better state through your effort…

But it will begin to become easier and more in flow.

The last few weeks Venus and the Sun have been travelling together, but are now “drifting apart” with “love” leading the way.

This signals that listening to your heart is key in this next period.

Your Heart Knows the Way!

Your mind may not “get” where things are going yet. Your mind may still be tempted to think things are impossible or not going well.

But tap into your heart. It knows the way, deep down.

(Again, if there are past wounds, make sure you clear them so fear isn’t covering up your true guidance!).

With Venus and the Sun both trining Mars, there is an unspoken collaboration happening between Masculine and Feminine deep down. Don’t be fooled, spirit says, this is ALWAYS a collaboration.

The Truth About Twin Flames

They laugh, because so many forget this due to the human reality of seeming opposition and clashes. The Twin Flame journey is ALWAYS a team effort.

Even if your counterpart seems inactive, their SOUL is working. Even the most unawakened Twin Flame is really a powerful soul of light, a master manifestor, an alchemist.

No one signed up to this, who was weak, bad, incapable or not in the knowing that what they were choosing was LOVE.

No matter what is going on with the human surface your Twin Flame does LOVE you eternally.

(Let them show you)

twin flame union

Speaking Is Creating

Be mindful of how you approach your journey, as Mercury and Ceres join up midweek.

This means heightened manifestation through voice, words, thoughts… Essentially, everything you think, speak and write is contributing to creating your Twin Flame journey and reality.

You may already be familiar with this: That if you reinforce the idea that your Twin is a runner, you are “making” it more real, and pushing it onto them more and more… Blocking any other possibility.

Well, in this period, as Mercury and Ceres meet in Aries midweek, we’re seeing that how you speak about YOURSELF and LIFE is also key.

Listen to what you’re saying, really read what you’re writing.

As spirit has said before: View it as if every word you speak, say or write is creating your life, because in spiritual truth it is.

Focus on Solutions

Focus more on solutions, positivity, possibility… And things will open up. Change will flow to you.

But if you keep focusing on stuckness, problems, change never happening… It will stay that way.

Every word and thought “programs” your reality and your Twin Flame connection.

Again, you are a master at manifesting and energy, as a soul, but in human life you may have been unaware. BECOME aware again. Pay attention.

(I help you with this and share powerful energy techniques to alchemize the Twin Flame connection here in the 10 module Vibrational Alignment Program)

Remembering Your “Superpowers”

You may not have realized, and that’s OK. This is a learning experience. Pay attention right now.

Make a note of them, implement them. Your soul knows it already. It’s all about implementation.

Listen to your soul. It is an expert. What you need, is to start IMPLEMENTING the knowledge.

If there are still problems there are ALWAYS inner issues. Remember, “as within, so without.” Our outer reality is ALWAYS reflecting back to us on some level what we hold within.

What’s Really Going on For So Many

If the outer reality is full of stuckness, there is an INNER problem or wound wanting to be heard and healed.

So many people, so many Twin Flames, are running from themselves, looking for someone to fix them.

This doesn’t work because the soul will keep pushing for them to learn the key lesson they have agreed to understand in this lifetime, which is:
You are a master.

You are in charge. You are the alchemist. Of yourself and your Twin Flame journey.

This lesson will ALWAYS come up at some point during the journey. It’s why I share information, energy techniques and tools with you, so you can open to that power of alchemy.

Resistance? Running From Yourself?

Because it’s imperative that you get to know YOURSELF and go within on YOUR journey.

This is the era of every person awakening to their own power, and Twin Flames are pushed to this more than most.

Trust me when I say, that when you choose to pick up the mantle and accept your soul’s invitation to mastery, EVERYTHING begins to flow more smoothly.

When you are in the illusion of smallness, helplessness, not remembering that you ARE a masterful soul… Everything feels hard. (That’s meant to be a wake-up call – 11:11!)

When you awaken to your true self and power, you see so clearly what it’s all about.

It becomes a moment-to-moment navigation through the highest path. Not struggling to keep our heads above water.

How to Recognize A True Illumined Twin

When someone has truly done their inner work, they are SO easy to recognize. They are calm, present. They’re not seeking to prove how special they are.

They don’t complain or seek to push blame onto others, their Twin Flame or the Universe.

They understand that it’s all a mirror.

That any outer issue is an invitation to go within and discover a deeper layer of self, to unite with that wounded aspect in unconditional love.

To become whole. Fully.

It’s All About YOU

It may not be an overnight thing, but it starts by accepting that it’s all about US. The Twin Flames are “one soul in two bodies” and everything that happens on the journey revolves around this.

We are the core of our world. If we aren’t whole, the outer reality reflects brokenness back.

When we are in light and oneness, the whole world reflects back love.

This is the paradox of consciousness, the miracle of awakening.
The magic we all agreed to come here to remember and re-learn.

This week really is a new chapter, in fact, a new reality.
If you will allow it.

I believe in you.

And as always, I’m sending you love and light for your journey <3

Cassady x

“Your Vibrational Alignment program and Harmony Healing have been so valuable to me and I use them daily. I also use the Higher Heart session weekly. Thank you!!! My Twin Flame and I reconnected again in a way that was better than I ever could have imagined.” – Joy, California, USA

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twin flame program

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