11/11/11 Gateway – Can You Find Love’s Harmony In The Midst Of Oppositions? As Venus Goes Direct, Mercury Goes Retrograde. Turbulent Waters, Themes Of Heart Vs Mind…

Welcome into a week full of new potential developments, lessons, challenges, opportunities and positives!

Major events this week include Venus finally going direct, but Mercury heading into a retrograde – clouded by a clash with Neptune. The 11/11/11 gateway opens to positivity, but are you able to step into its full potential?

Spirituality and “real world” are at odds. Themes of intuition versus logic, heart versus mind are in focus…

For Twin Flames, there’s quiet in the center of the storm – cosmic currents open doors to telepathy, remote interaction and astral romance…

More details below.

How To Make The Most Of The 11/11/11 Gateway

Monday we are still in the midst of the much-anticipated 11/11/11 gateway which is still active till midweek!

I know so many Twins have been waiting for this! To make the most of this energy portal – make sure your own personal vibration is able to meet the incredible opportunities at hand in this short period! (Test your vibration here)

Because as you may have noticed with previous 11/11 gateways, 8/8 gateways and other hotly anticipated numerological events – many end up noticing very little of the supposed Twin reunions and other miracles spoken about online…

The truth is, no gateway will magically fix your connection.

Please do not put all your hopes on a date or a transit to solve all your problems and “uplevel” your life! Because the truth is, what happens on a daily basis is much more important!

The higher your personal energy vibration, the more you begin to attract love, ease, harmony *every single day*.

And yes, that includes the hotly anticipated aspects of the 11/11/11 gateway! When you are aligned with a high vibration personally, you begin to access more and more of your higher self’s wisdom and multidimensional capabilities, the veil of perception begins to thin, you begin to attract a state of unity with your Twin Flame instead of running, conflict or ghosting, and more… Not just for one brief period but EVERY DAY!

In essence, when your vibration rises you begin to step into more of your full potential as a being of light.

And when you’re in a higher state, you’ll benefit so much MORE from these gateway times too – because the incoming light won’t just be triggering the density and heaviness in your system to purge.

So if you haven’t already do make sure you download and use my Free Energy Cleanse Audio right now! It will uplift your personal vibration and enable you to really flow with the best of this short period of the 11/11/11 gateway – AND for the long run.


Click here to download now (no credit card needed, and no spam).

Masculine Paradigm Sensitized

Despite the gateway opening up to a potential for positivity – which is like a channel we can tune into, a corridor of light…

This is set to be a challenging week. Mars enters Pisces on the 15th and it indicates a feeling of spaciness and vulnerability – and it’s highlighted that the masculine Twin is set to feel uncomfortably out of “his” element.

And love is still looking very unclear – there’s a lot up in the air still, as Venus completes her retrograde through Libra. If things aren’t clear, there’s no shame in holding back until you feel that the time is right.

Mars is going to remain in Pisces for the rest of the year, which signals major changes in the masculine paradigm and with the Masculine dominant Twin Flame.

It’s about an increased balancing and sensitization of the masculine collective fields. You might know the universe is always working to bring balance – and right now there’s a cosmic “effort” to uplift the masculine fields into increased empathy, gentleness and understanding for others.

Remember this can trigger old ego patterns to flare up in the interrim.

For best results with your masculine Twin, AND to make the most of the 11/11/11 gateway, have a look at the Higher Dimensional Anchoring and Awakening Session here.


twin flame awakening

Pisces – The Higher Octave Of Love

With Mars in Pisces your energy levels are likely to fluctuate over the coming months, and have a lot to do with the energies SURROUNDING you, and other people… (This will also be the case for the Masculine Twin)

Be mindful of shielding yourself from negativity, and staying grounded this period. Otherwise you’re likely to feel like a rudderless ship out at sea.

A benefit is, your intuition is set to be highly powered. And you can choose to grab the moments when they’re at their highest and simply acknowledge the ups and downs for what they are.

Fortunately, Mars is also making a sextile to Uranus and you can access that current energy to give you a bit of an edge. This combination is all about problem solving – taking in inspiration, making things happen and finding solutions.

It also signals that the Masculine Twin Flame is set to be triggered to purge old 3D programming and receive new high vibrational “infusions” of light codes over the next few months.

(To help them with this, have a look here: “10 Essentials For Dealing With An Unawakened Twin Flame”)


Twin Flame Telepathy, Dream Encounters

Mars in Pisces is in its highest form about taking spiritual unity of unconditional love, and bringing it about into real world action.

Because the veil of perception is extra thin with this Pisces transition, don’t be surprised if messages in the form of images, words and songs pop into your mind from your Twin Flame…

Even, suddenly tasting what they’re eating or smelling their aftershave or perfume when you’re apart?

Have you received messages and connections like this on your journey? Share in the comments below! Telepathy is surprisingly common between True Twins – in fact, it’s one of the hallmarks of the connection.

Dreams and astral experiences between Twins are also common with these energies present.

Read more in “Everything You Need To Know About Twin Flame Telepathy” and learn how to activate and develop this aspect of your connection in class 2 here.


Spirit Bubbling Through In Waking Life…

Pisces energies contribute to an increase in spiritual or metaphysical connections – your Masculine Twin is set to be more open to this than usual. Not because they necessarily choose to, but unconsciously.

And spirit shows us it can “carry over” into waking life. Pisces is traditionally the 12th house of the unconscious, extrasensory phenomena, spirituality and the “higher octave of love” – unconditional love.

Keep these themes and the “parallel realm” of life (5D) in mind this month and use metaphysical tools to help you tap into the non-physical bond you share with your Twin!

For Twin Flames these next few weeks present a unique opportunity to strengthen the soul bond, telepathy, 5D remote interaction and the heart connection from soul to soul. To take full advantage of this time, have a look at this session.

The energies present now create a thinning of the “fabric of reality” as we perceive it – especially for Twins. You can expect to notice your connection more palpably now compared to previous months.

(Read more about the amazing facets of the Twin Flame connection in this article)


How To Reactivate The Twin Flame Heart Bond

Even as little as 5 minutes a day of sitting in meditation, helps to open you up to messages and to attune to this.

Twin Flames have an “inborn” connection to each other, but in most cases it’s not open or utilized fully because the mental mind (the “ego”) is so active with thoughts and perceptions that we can’t perceive it.

Consider it like a phone line from Twin to Twin – if your “line” (your mind) is busy with your own inner discussions and buzzing questions and concerns, your Twin’s messages can’t get through.

Meditation can work wonders to open you up to both your own intuition and to your Twin. Try it now with this Free Guided Meditation!

Fortune Favors The Brave!

Chances are that you won’t manage to do as much as you’d like with the low energy that’s around in this next period… But know this: Getting started is the hardest step. In fact getting started might look impossible – it isn’t. If you can get started, the rest will flow.

If you keep your focus on the big picture, things will feel a lot smoother. And the more active you are, the more you’ll get done.

You don’t need to plan things in too much detail in this period. Things will work much better if you go for small steps and follow your instincts – because your intuition is set to be in the driver’s seat.

The same goes for your Twin Flame. Whether they’re “awakened” or not, they’re set to be subtly guided by the hand of the “divine” these next months – much more than usual…

That’s not to say they won’t second-guess or resist, but know that they ARE receiving guidance and nudges from spirit in some form or another.

Discover more about this here:


Divinely Guided Relationships…

In relationships, someone has to make the first move whether it’s to get together or deepen the connection, and with so many people sighing and sitting back, there’s a good chance that it’ll have to be you…

Right now, you’ll likely have to be the alpha in the connection. And again, this has to do with balancing the Masculine/Feminine. You may find yourselves in “opposites” now.

Feel it out – if you tap into your intuition it will help you know the right thing to say, and the right time to say it…

Big progress can be made, but it might happen in a subtle way, behind the scenes…

Venus Direct!

On the 16th Venus finally turns around and stops going backwards. About time, you may say!

Getting relationships to go anywhere has felt like a struggle over the past months… But if you’re going to sort things out, you will need to take a close, very close, look at your relationships, on all levels.

The biggest “lesson” we’ve been pushed to learn is that our inner state, how we love or don’t love OURSELVES, is the key to all our other relationships in life… Especially with our Twin Flame.


Not Quite So Fast…

The problem right now is that at the same time as Venus decides to go forward, Mercury smartly turns backwards! It means we’ll still be in turbulent waters energetically.

Tact and diplomacy aren’t part of Mercury retrograde at the best of times… And with it being in Sagittarius, we’re set to only take our foot out of our mouth for as long as it takes to shove the other in…

Sagittarius’ biggest weakness is about lack of empathy. This is a lesson we’ll be pushed to learn now.

And again the spotlight is on us – we’re set to be taken over old ground in terms of communication, words, ideas, creation… Where we were NOT loving or conscious.

Did you know that your words are a key part of creating your reality? They powerfully affect your Twin Flame connection. Discover more in this article, and get a Free Chakra reading for Twin Flames.


Clashes Around Ideal Vs Reality

At least when you’re aware you can make an effort to be more tactful – and make apologies when you get it wrong, to open up to a higher state.

Take an honest look at your situation with your Other Self.

Could you have hurt them? Perhaps without meaning to? We see this is highly likely… If so, it’s time to make amends. Mercury is practically standing there waiting while you get to it.

Misunderstandings, miscommunications… it’s all so tiring. But this particular Mercury retrograde seems even more draining than usual. And everyone seems so irritable. What’s that all about?

It’s because of this: On top of Mercury moving in the opposite direction to the rest of the world, Neptune Retrograde gets involved – making a challenging square to Mercury.

Things people wouldn’t normally make a lot of fuss about seem to turn into a big deal, and the potential for confusion is more than doubled.

Double, Triple, Quadruple Checking The Facts…

You’re also likely to struggle with the contrast between intuition and logic, between your spiritual awareness, experiences and hopes – vs the “real world”.

It isn’t that you find it hard to join the dots; you might not be able to find the dots in the first place. It would be wise to postpone important decisions for at least a couple of weeks.

It seems a bit like everyone is wading through a fog of confusion in this period.

Where Have Your Wishes Got To?

And when it comes to relationships, perhaps you’re not wearing rose tinted glasses, but they’re very likely out of focus.

You’re also likely to be irritable due to reality not living up to your expectations and hopes…

What’s really going on is a process of pushing you into greater discernment. To know yourself and to gain clarity not only on what you WISH for…

But how to get things to happen in a real life way.

It’s not about making wishes to some Santa Claus character out there… (Or waiting for an 11/11 gateway!) That rarely works, if ever (as many Twins have experienced). WE are the co-creator miracles must happen through.

Read more here and learn powerful methods for manifesting Twin Flame Reunion in physical life…



“I Am Not Who You Think I Am…”

Keep in mind in this period, that you might be projecting feelings and qualities onto your counterpart that are YOURS, not theirs. And they might not be who you think they are just now…

As the spiritual saying goes: “I am not who you think I am. YOU are who you think I am”.  Projection and illusion are big themes when Neptune is involved.

Working out who other people are is one matter – on some level, you’re not even sure who you are at the moment.

The good news is, it’s not going to go on for long and there are some advantages to this energy. For starters, you can access your creative side a lot more easily than usual.

You might find it useful to bypass regular logic and use the powerful archetypes of the unconscious, such as connecting with your spirit animal… (Click here for an article on Spirit Animals On The Twin Flame Journey)


Wisdom Vs Fantasy

This is set to be a week where you’ll get a lot out of your spiritual connection with your Twin Flame – tapping into the emotion of love, the bond of unconditional acceptance…

However, logic and your “real world” journey is set to feel hazy at best.

Another shadow right now is falling prey to fantasy painted as “divine wisdom”.

Neptune challenging Mercury Retrograde also highlights – what “spiritual information” have you been engaging with and taking on? Has it served you and helped you?

Or has it merely submerged you into powerlessness, escapism, confusion?

Your Inner Light Of Self

Be aware at this time – if you listen, if you tap into your own inner power, your intuition will always lead you well.

Go within, center into your light and know that all the answers you need can be accessed through your inner divine soul self.

It’s always there for you – but right now, you have to tear yourself away from others’ well-meaning prophecies, advice and information…

And re-claim what’s rightfully yours. Your Twin Flame connection may well depend on it.

I believe in you! Until next time, I’m sending you love and light <3

Cassady x


“I have made such a progress in my journey just within the last months by consistently practicing the Vibrational Alignment Program. I feel like our telepathic connection has gotten stronger and clearer. My dreams are vivid and deep again as they were before and during our initial meeting four years ago, and even though we are apart I feel complete, content, and happy within myself as well as stronger than ever. “

– Detelina, Georgia, USA

twin flame program

Want more? Download the Free Twin Flame Help Kit to get info on the awakening code 11:11 and the Ascension process going on across the planet right now, plus a deep Alpha Level meditation to connect with your Twin Flame on the soul planes!

Or if you want to go deeper, resolve karmic debt and get to the bottom of Running and Separation struggles for good – have a look at my complete Vibrational Alignment Program for Twin Flames!

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  1. I do get whifts of his smell even when we are miles apart, this just comes up suddenly, i taste and smell things when he is having something with a strong flavor, like alcohol, or when he is smoking cigarettes, or tasting something unusual … i get images sometimes of where he is, like office, or the kitchen or if he is taking a shower etc.. Also songs and scenes if he is watching tv or in the movies … I have been having these experiences here and there, on and off, since we met … but now after the awakening (which was a month back) it has just increased manifold.. And currently in the past week or so, i get images from the future, from after the reunion (we are not currently in) and the theme i see from these pictures is mostly everyday togetherness and harmony, while being our own true personalities.. where we are just so used to each other with a complete lack of inhibitions is the common theme i observed. i also get images about how some things will be resolved, if it has to do with others like our families especially… and dream msgs and symbolism has also increased significantly … When it comes to our connection i have always received guidance in the form of thoughts, these pictures and videos from the future are very new to me, and usually happens just after a clearing – one came just after i cleared my twin s heart chakra, and yesterday i received one just after completing the higher dimensional anchoring session, the journey has truly turned magical now …. 🙂 Thank you Cassady for your tremendous help and guidance … <3

  2. Dear Cassady, it must be possible, is it, to rise above all the cosmic stuff when we do our inner work and meditations like the healing harmony etc?

  3. Wow pretty spot on! After not talking with my flame since April of this year he spontaneously messaged me last night. Then all of my dreams were about him! Don’t know wether to be scared or excited he always comes with a new life lesson.

  4. Thank you, Cassady.?

    ‘C U Again’ by Cartoon feat. Mikk Mäe was playing in my head when I woke up the other day, and ‘Adventure of a Lifetime’ by Coldplay has been a song I’ve been followed by since around April of this year.

    Picked up on movie theatre popcorn, red meat, and some sort of pizza bagel product. They come at the most random of times.

    Higher Dimensional Anchoring session is my most favourite, but I found that the Inner Child Healing session has made the most impact on my connection; last week, his inner child grabbed mine and said “she’s my pea!” I’m so grateful for all of your tools, and products.

  5. Hi Cassady! What’s the differences betveen The Love Blueprint and VAP? I try to feel which one would benefit me/us most right now but it’s hard?I have bought most of your other clearings and maybe they are included in the VAP?
    Thank you so much for everything your doing??

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