New Beginnings, Powerful Forces Pushing For Unity And Love… But, Karmic Masculine Re-evaluation – History Demands To Be Heard… Did You Realize Your TF Was Picking Up On This One Thing?


Welcome into a brand new week in the cosmic energies.

Highlights this week include:

Mercury Retrograde AND Mars interact with the Sun – heightened momentum, powerful change and perspective shifts happening.

Plus, Masculine karmic reevaluation and renewal. History comes to the fore, to be resolved once and for all…

Discover more below!

Major Re-Evaluation

We head into the week with both Mars and Mercury Retrograde conjunct Sun, and this is HIGHLY rare and intense. It can feel blurry and confusing…

It means we’re in a PIVOTAL period of the journey – especially regarding the Masculine Twin, due to Mars being central in this transit.

In short, it’s a major time of re-evaluation and re-calibration.

Especially in terms of your perspective on yourself and your path forward.

But careful you channel this powerful energy wisely, or it could blow up into misunderstandings, arguments and conflict (in traditional astrology, even actual accidents).

If in doubt – Take your time!

New Beginning

We have a trine between these three and Jupiter Retrograde most of the week, which brings support to shift out of past negativity, especially for the Masculine Twin as mentioned.

In general, you’ll have more confidence, especially to launch into something new – including a new beginning in your Twin Flame connection.

And the Masculine/Aries Twin is set to feel more guided to a new and higher chapter, shows spirit. 

However, this “trio” also square Pluto, which shows us there may be shadows and secrets that need to be brought to light in order for this to happen.

Contradictions In Action

This is set to be a period of transformation and contraditction, pushing us to go beyond.

On the one hand, you may feel optimistic and ready to venture down new paths.

However, you are also being pushed to confront your shadows in order to move higher into your potential and to unity in love…

The good news is, the planets are working to “help you” get there!


Venus In Sagittarius

As Venus has moved into Sagittarius, you’re likely to meet new people who will inspire you with their unique approach to life and lead you to new experiences – or you may be wanting more of this in your life.

If you are in a long-term relationship with your Twin, this current will help you have an easier time to resolve any past conflicts…

However keep an eye on short fuses, due to Mars’ influence.

If you’ve had conflict, it’s a good time to take action on clearing the underlying blocks that have been causing deflection between you.

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Have You Been Honest With Yourself?

Pluto square Sun pushes for repressed material to come up, and for us to confront any insecurities and aspects of ourselves that we tend to cover up in front of others.

It means an unawakened Twin could feel extra triggered this week.

If so, know that any negativity isn’t due to you. It’s their own repressed fear.

(To help them, have a look here)

Because the Sun/Mars/Mercury Rx are all in Libra, these transits deal with our way of relating to others – and any wounds that have blocked or distorted this…

Skeletons In The Closet…

Although we may try to conceal all our flaws and insecurities, Pluto tends to push them to the surface.

“He” is saying that there’s a chance we have not been honest with OURSELVES, and the perspective we’ve been speaking, seeing and taking action from.

You may have some unpleasant realizations or be confronted with things you would rather sweep under the carpet.

Ultimately, it’s to help us. To set us free. To help us confront any fears so we open to love and unity.

For best results, work “with” this energy to de-tox energetically and your connection will open and strengthen.

A Block To Twin Flame Magnetism

Because as Pluto shows, if we’re worried about things like how we look or whether we’re attractive enough for our counterpart…

It’s not allowing for our full SOUL resonance and TRUE INNER love to shine.

And it paradoxically blocks the attraction, the magnetism that is “meant” to exist between Twin Flames.

Pluto’s challenge combined with Mars, can cause flare ups of anger, irritation, jealousy or control issues, so it’s more likely than usual to have blow ups this week…

If this happens, know it’s really about something deeper. Something that was repressed in the past.

The best way to deal with it, is to stay energetically clear and fully release anger, hurt, frustration and other emotions that come to the surface.

Because they’re really “phantoms of the past”, which will only complicate and block the present and future if they stick around.

twin flame story

Hidden Themes of Support

Mars/Sun/Mercury Rx have teamed up in an opposition to Aries and specifically Chiron, meaning this week really is all about purifying and healing our “self vs other” programming.

Your relationships with the world, your Twin and other people in general is in focus.

Chiron is the “wounded healer”, so a key theme right now is healing how we interact not only with our Twin, but with other people and the world and ultimately the Universe.

Whether we feel welcome, accepted, loved and heard… or NOT.

You’re likely being shown in subtle ways that the world isn’t a bad place and that in some way you ARE being supported and appreciated by others.

It may be “hidden”, but that’s a theme now.

Collective Masculine/Feminine Re-Calibration

You are being shown where you may have been wounded into seeing yourself as rejected in the past. And where you have started EXPECTING rejection or lack of love, deep down.

Because this is the deeper root of any separation and lack of togetherness with your Twin. 

But at its core it is due to an inner wounding you picked up before you even MET them in this lifetime. 

So make sure you go deeper. Resolve it now and it will stop blocking your connection.

Female Karma Stirred Up

Lilith R conjuncts Uranus R in Taurus, which indicates that as a female you’ve felt unfairly treated. (Or if you’re male you may see yourself as the villain in this, or have upsets around seeing females mistreated).

As above, there’s a LOT of past content stirred up this week. Historical “baggage”.

And we’re shown it’s not necessarily your PERSONAL past “baggage” it’s ancestral, even collective from the human unconscious faculties of females in GENERAL.

“Collective karma”.

Make sure you clear this now, otherwise it will keep you stuck in more of the same trauma cycles. (I take you through it here in the oneness code activation session)


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Historical Karma Around Masculine Abuse

There is a refinement process happening around the Masculine polarity…

And this week in particular it deals with a karmic resolution and culmination of historical karma – of MISTREATMENT and suppression of the Feminine polarity.

Not merely “females” but the feminine energies and expressions of receptivity, harmony, wisdom and more.

This is coming to a fore, it’s rising so we can now in our modern age see things differently, and opt out on a deeper level.

To reject the energies and perspectives (separation consciousness) that caused it.

To choose a higher state. Unity consciousness.

It’s Happening Without Them Knowing

We see that the Male/Masculine dominants are being pushed to shift their perspective.

This can be a confusing period, where they have no idea what’s ahead, or even what they feel or really think.

So work to stay in a higher state, and hold space for love. It will help them too.

Spirit shows us, that through being tied in with the male karmic collective, the past trauma content is rising to the surface in their energy FIELDS unconsciously.

They may have no idea. It’s happening so they will shift their perspective and release it unconsciously.

But it’s not looking like a smooth process.

Drama That Doesn’t “Belong”

This can cause major drama episodes over “nothing”, as content that doesn’t truly “belong” to them or you or even the present moment, rises and affects their experiences.

So for your own sake and your Twin’s make sure you clear whatever comes up, and I’d strongly recommend cutting cords to the collective karmic fields.

This session will help them release it from their field too. 

It ensures you don’t keep being tapped into it and having this stuff coming to the surface, causing problems in your connection in the future.

(More on how this works and how Twins often end up living karma that’s not even their own, here)

New Relationship Templates

As Lilith turns direct Tuesday, we see there’s a new beginning opening.

Mercury Retrograde through Libra indicates going back over old ground in relationships. On a deeper level we are working through healing relationship ruptures from the past.

Especially for the Masculine and their part in this. Where there has been a lack of empathy or compassion.

Ie. any objectification, lack of empathy or exploitation – even subtle – will likely be flagged to their attention somehow. In order to create a perspective shift.

In order for the timelines to shift, both individually and collectively.

Keep A Cool Head!

Wednesday the Moon conjuncts Pluto in Capricorn, meaning the UN-conscious emotions and KARMA around this is being strongly triggered.

Especially in combination with the highly combustive Mars/Mercury/Sun trio, this can cause blow ups if you don’t stay aware. 

So keep a cool head. Remember that what’s going on right now, in terms of challenges, are not “REAL”.

They are expressions of the past, phantoms.

And this stuff may not even be “yours” or your Twin’s truly.

The Problem With Biology…

It’s collective human history.

In particular male/female trauma cycles based in NOT recognizing the SOUL and the shared love and unity on the higher level.

The “forgetting” of divinity, which happens when people identify with biology.

Venus opposition Ceres shows, the Feminine Twin likely feels it’s out of her hands, that she can’t do anything about a negative situation.

Don’t believe those thoughts and perspectives.

It’s not true. Again, it’s just an expression of the past. (When you clear the patterns/beliefs/energy “recipes”, the outer manifestations shift).

Activating The Third Eye

The whole situation and any current challenges are a “masquerade”, spirit says.

And you must activate or “see” with your third eye, your SOUL, in order to fully transcend this. Seeing with a human perspective will only keep things stuck.

Keep going. Keep ploughing on, they’re saying.

When you release the old karmic grids and that collective material bit by bit, change MUST come.

Because that was what kept things so locked and stuck.

They show us, you MUST dis-identify with those old stories, the “baggage” from the human collective.

The Old And Familiar

It’s like an old jacket someone gave you. It may feel familiar – but it was never really yours. You must take it off now.

Realize it was never YOU.

Thursday as the Moon joins Saturn in Capricorn, this can be extra challenging, as the transit tends to bring all our doubts, worries and past disappointments to the fore.

Try to remember this is happening so you can release it. Make a note on your phone or in your calendar.

Cutting Negative Cords

Saturn encourages us to “cut away” what has outworn its purpose. So you can work WITH his power, instead of being weighed down.

Because Saturn also trines Venus, we see this will ultimately be helpful for improving your love connection in the long run.

You may likely realize, you truly don’t care about just being with “someone”…

And you’re willing now to trust your counterpart’s higher self to show up and show you the way to unity.

Focusing On The Long Run

It will be easier to disregard distractions under Saturn’s influence, and to focus on what you REALLY want for the long run.

With Venus square Neptune Rx throughout, we see it may be difficult to tap into guidance however. You may feel unsupported and unloved.

As if the divine and your Twin’s higher self doesn’t care about you.
So YOU may need to go to them.

You’ll likely feel the Twin Flame connection “won’t work out”.

This is another challenge meant to get you to go WITHIN. Because you already HAVE the path inside you, shows Neptune.

What Is Written Inside You

It’s not something you have to learn, so to speak, or figure out. It is written INSIDE of YOU. And in your Twin Flame.

But you have to go within, align with your own soul and connection to light, in order for this to fully activate and come online.

If you can do this now, you’ll realize things shift surprisingly quickly.

Deep Rumbles Of Change In “Reality”

Above all this week, do NOT take things at face value.

There are deep rumbles happening, shaking up reality on a MUCH deeper and “divinely pre-planned” level than most people realize.

Yes, we see it in the outer world in news and events, but it’s not by accident.

There is a karmic and consciousness related purpose.

We are releasing the dregs of the past, above all the SEPARATION based historical reality.

This will open to UNITY on a more widespread level, but first, we are being confronted with our own “collective shadows”.

11:11 Remember Who You Are

Remember who you are.

You and your Twin share love. You were “born” as one.

Unity is your true nature. Allow it to return to you.

Release the human binds, the stories of division that seek to enthrall you. Those are the shadows.

They can ONLY stay stuck if you believe them. If you allow it to be so.

Choose higher. Align with unity.

You’ve got this!

Until next time, I’m sending you love and light for your journey <3

Cassady x

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