11/11 Powerful Activations, New Timelines Opening… Your Soul Is Calling. Are You Ready To Align With A Higher Truth That Will Transform Your World?

Welcome into a brand new week in the cosmic energies!

Highlights this week include:
Immense light influx for 11/11 Gateway and Full Moon in the sign of love. The year’s most heightened gate of manifestation…

Discover more below, including which mysterious animal guide arrived outside my window while I was writing this forecast…!

Know Thyself – Awakening Code, Activations… A Pivotal Time

As we enter into the 11/11 gateway, it’s all about alignment and knowing of self.

11:11, the awakening code. Remember who you are.

This is set to be a pivotal time, where we are being confronted with the darkness and the illusion of humanity’s stories, to wake us up to the truth about who we REALLY are. Light. Eternal. Infinite.

11/11 is set to open to a complete restart. The beginning of a brand new era.

And that major shift, that heightened transformation comes through stepping into the soul’s mastery. To align with the deeper eternal self. To release the limited “learned” identities and stories and open to the infinity of light.

Are You Using Your Power Of Intention Wisely Right Now?

11/11 is the year’s most heightened gate of manifestation – 1 is the number of new beginnings, sowing seeds in the invisible to reap in the material world, and 1111 quadruples this energy.

You are tapping into your immense power right now so be mindful of the intentions you set. At this gateway everything is sowing a seed for your next period… far into the future.

So work to disregard any past disappointments or habitual patterns of interacting with your Twin and others. Work to release old beliefs about what the world is like, what you are like.

Because your soul is calling for you to step into your true light. 11/11 is the sign shown to those spiritually awakening, to say “remember who you are”.

This is a key time to truly launch into a new phase of light for your onward journey. You can make major shifts at this point. So focus on opening to something higher, create a new identity, write a new story. Focus on light.

The Truth About What 11/11 Means For Twin Flames

For Twin Flames 11/11 also represents the union of the two souls divided.

It’s a heightened time for above all remembering and tapping into the energetic blueprint and truth that we ARE one.

We are not just a “woman and a man” or “two people” – we are one original consciousness that CHOSE to divide and experience the nature of duality in order to release all opposition and reunite in love.

Spirit comments, all it takes is willingness to go back there. But you’d be surprised how many Twins get caught up in opposition and conflict… And that means we’re shutting the door on unity.

(If you need help with this, have a look at the Twin Flame Oneness Activation Session where we go through the crucial process of cancelling out past negativity between the Twin pair to open to union)


Choice Is The Gateway To New Higher Timelines

Our CHOICE is paramount right now. The universe’s gift to us is Free Will. That’s the “game of life”. We have the choice to create darkness and opposition, or to create light and unity.

11/11 is a gateway where we get the opportunity to align with new and higher timelines.

Old “shadow timelines” were being brought up last week so that we could make a final choice to release them.

This week, new “timelines of light” are coming online and these are brand new timelines we have never seen before on the planet I’m being shown.

There is a new grid of light coming online.

Are You Willing To Release The Past?

However, when new light comes in, old darkness gets triggered. How you experience this time, will depend a lot on YOUR system, your thoughts, your intentions, your alignment…

And spirit says, how willing you are to release past manifestations (especially something you may be unhappy with) to invite in a higher state.

The key is responsibility and knowing you are a co-creator of your reality.

Consciousness is creative – when we believe something to be true and inevitable that’s what we create “by default”.

We are here to do more, to be more, to rise into a higher state than humanity has ever seen. That’s why so many of us are “waking up”.

Are Miracles And Reunions More Likely On 11/11?

Are you more likely than usual to experience “miracles” and to reunite with your Twin on 11/11?

The portal is open and you can walk through it and tap into the high vibrational energy…

But it’s so much about YOU. So if you are open and willing and able to tap into that, then yes. You can have it!

If you feel like you’re still struggling, it means your soul is telling you there is still “shadow material” in your being you need to get to grips with before you’re open to that state.

(If you need help with that, click here, where I take you through it for free in the Twin Flame Help Kit)


Temporarily Blinded By Mercury Retrograde – For A Higher Reason

On 11/11 and into Tuesday, we have Mercury moving retrograde backwards over the sun in Scorpio – this signals you’re being asked to rethink who you ARE…

Or rather, how you SEE yourself. There’s likely some confusion around this as Mercury passes “backwards” over the sun.

If you feel temporarily “blinded” it’s deliberately to de-activate the habitual ego thoughts and perceptions in order for you to be open to the new light codes and incoming energetic waves.

Neptune/Lilith in a conjunction at the same time show that the old identity we’re being asked to let go of is all about karmic patterns of limitation.

Karmic Identities Coming Up For Resolution

When we’re born we begin to be told about what the world is like, we’re given an identity, a family history and a national culture…

These are all KARMIC identities because they are not who we truly are, they are taken on or inherited or pushed onto us. They are not the genuine self.

Spirit is keen to remind us, EVERYTHING is possible. That’s the truth about who you are.

Sure, some things take longer and require more ingenuity, but this is an infinite universe. In many ways it would be more illogical, scientifically speaking, that only certain things were possible.

We as a collective have gotten entrenched in habitual ways of seeing life, relationships, each other, ourselves. It’s time to open to something new and better.

Love Ties In Strongly With 11/11 Gateway

As Venus is stationed at 11 degrees of Sagittarius too on 11/11 love is tied in strongly. The message is that love is your CHOICE more than you realize.

In every moment we choose either opposition or unity. Love or fear. (Read more here about how this works and how it impacts the Twin Flame Connection)

So is your IDENTITY aligned with reunion and love?

Are you ALLOWING your true soul’s power of light and positivity to be unleashed in your life?

Or are you “painting a picture from ego” based in the “3d stories” about relationship dramas, lack and other common human belief systems?

The Nexus Of Your Universe – Activating Your Magic

You may see articles and memes describing 11/11 as a miracle day where the universe will somehow magically open you to a new life.

The truth is more amazing and more mundane – that YOU are the portal that light and the miracles come through.

Because YOU are the center of YOUR life, the nexus of YOUR own universe. “As within, so without”. So at this time it will be incredibly helpful if you can go within and focus on your inner light.

To step into a state of peace and inner harmony. To ALLOW miracles. Not just to say it in your mind but to step into a state of pure light. Because that will open you to the immense potential of positivity available at this time.

(I explain more in this article)


Why Twin Flames Were “Enlisted” To Come Here

Remember we are not here to suffer. Nobody is, but because this has become so entrenched in human society, expert help was called in to guide people to a higher state.

And guess who the expert helpers for love and unity were? US!!! Twin flames.

We are the ideal beings to teach forgiveness, unity and unconditional love…

Because as one original consciousness divided we would keep being drawn back to each other over and over in a “fail safe” plan to create a unity out of love so complete that it would create a permanent gateway to love.

To help lead the way out of the fear and conflict that’s been so prevalent in society for thousands of years…

Full Moon In The Home Sign Of Love

This week, expect your experiences to be above all heightened. It’s for a reason. You are being rattled to wake up. Remember you are here for a reason.

Do not let the mundane drag you down. set strong intentions. Reach high. Rethink who you see yourself to be.

The truth is, you are both emissaries of light – whether or not you realize it.

Tuesday we have a powerful Full Moon in Taurus, the home sign of Venus planet of love, echoing this. This is a culmination phase of what began last fall, in terms of love, creativity and sowing seeds of manifestation.

A heightened time for tapping into your heart’s power. (I take you through that here)

This Full Moon can be an incredible experience of unconditional love and allowing your heart to lead the way into unity, happiness and shared love!

(Remember Venus lead the way as Mercury turned to retrograde a few weeks back).

Shakeups For The Masculine – Don’t Get Scared

In the build up to the Full Moon we also have a key conjunction between the Moon and Uranus R, which means our programming and emotional habits around love are being shaken up.

This is also challenging the Masculine represented by Mars, so don’t be afraid if your Masculine Twin seems to go off the rails, be angry or cut you off… it’s their way of reacting to the intense shakeup that’s going on right now.

The purpose is to release old modes of interaction and receive a new higher state of unity.

They may cut things off with you in the physical or seem “offline”, in the soul’s effort to help them go within and heal, and re-form a healthier connection with you in a few weeks or sooner.

If this happens, it means they’re responding to a recalibration of emotions and relationship patterns. It’s a healing process but it can cause ruptures while it lasts.

Action, Sex Drive Being “Reworked” – Expect The Unexpected

Consider that it’s OK for things to be on hold or up in the air for a short while this week, because the universe is really in the process of “shuffling the deck” so that a new and higher chapter can start.

It’s like you have to download a new version of a software before you can continue using it – there’s a momentary pause, but once you get going the experience is smoother than before.

Mars opposition Uranus R and the moon also indicates that your actions, sex drive and physical world projects are likely to feel out of control and unexpected things crop up.

Again, consider it part of the journey. Things are shifting even if it seems inconvenient, and it’s for the good long term.

Expect the unexpected into this week, and try to take everything with a cool head.

Solar Plexus Purge/Upgrade – Uranus R Opposition Mars

The solar plexus is receiving powerful incoming energy which causes a purge of old negativity so that new higher programming can be received – specifically to shift out of ego and into unity.

However, while it lasts it’s likely to experience tendencies such as tiredness/insomnia, feeling like giving up/anger and frustration…

Read more about the solar plexus here and get a free chakra reading…


The experience is likely similar to the Aries Full Moon we had in October. This lasts throughout the week but more intense on Monday.

Feel Like The Deck Is Stacked Against You On Your Journey?

An added complication this week comes from Lilith joining Neptune R in Pisces on both Tuesday and Wednesday – this can bring challenges relating to the karmic feminine, the “historical shadows”.

Themes of feeling abandoned by the Masculine and the higher realms, feeling unsupported and unloved and like the “deck is stacked against you” in life as a female.

Again, remember that this is coming up SO THAT you can release it by making a higher choice.

When you UN-choose the darkness and the illusion of polarity and conflict, when you can stay in a state of love, you open to the new and higher timelines and states that are being made available.

If you’re the masculine Twin, send love to your counterpart and tell her telepathically you are always there and she’s safe.

That she’s an eternal being of light and doesn’t have to live those timelines of suffering.

What’s Your “Love Story”?

As Lilith conjuncts Chiron R in Aries this weekend, similar themes are activated. The wounds from our upbringing where we felt rejected or like we weren’t “good enough”.

Remember that remembering and holding baggage around rejection is a story that will stick around and cause upsets in your love connection if you let it.

The truth is, you are so much more than what you have been lead to believe in your human life.

You and your Twin deliberately chose your backgrounds, families and karmic patterns for this life so that you could go “undercover” to experience the 3D consciousness and later begin to heal them and reunite.

If you could use some help with this process of healing and restoring harmony in your connection, I would strongly recommend taking the Vibrational Alignment Program here.

If you’ve been waiting for things to get better between you and your Twin from “divine intervention” and nothing seems to improve, it’s time to take action for yourself…

We have less than 2 months left until 2020, the start of a brand new decade. Join me here in making this a bright and new chapter of your journey!

twin flame program

“Your Vibrational Alignment Program is helping me to shift my energy and manifest better situations in other areas of my life too.” – Stephanie P, USA

(Click here for more testimonials)

The Mysterious Animal Guide Who Turned Up Out Of The Blue When Writing This Forecast…

You are here for so much more than you might have thought. Spirit shows us, a mask coming off.

In fact, I’m not making this up, but while I was writing this forecast a RACCOON skulked past my home office window, passing back and forth and even came up pawing at the window looking at me.

I have never had a racoon here before!
I have never seen one in person in my life before this moment where suddenly he appeared first as a shadow, then clear as day outside my window.

Naturally I wondered what the spiritual message was, and I was shown, it’s the MASK! He was a messenger.


Awakening is when the MASK comes off and we begin to sense and open to our eternal self – and our Twin’s. The essence of the message is: Remember. Nothing is as it seems on the surface.

Your Twin’s Love Never Truly Goes Away…

Twin Flames are here from love, for love, through love.

The love your counterpart and the universe has for you NEVER goes away. It just seems to, when we go “offline” through aligning with the conflict consciousness grids (the so-called 3D reality).

Love is always there. Love is who we are.

It’s time to take the mask off! This is also an indication that 11/11 ties in STRONGLY with the ego self “mask” being de-activated in as yet “unawakened” Twin Flames.

Spirit says, expect flickers of recognizing their loving, eternal self. There are hints, indications. You truly are making your way back to love.

Remember you are nowhere NEAR “ordinary” or “limited”. You and they beings of light, here to experience a love so glorious that “regular” people would be astounded.

Get Ready For The Next Chapter!

Did you think it was a coincidence that it feels like heaven when your heart connects with your Twin’s? Did you think these numbers you see and the signs you receive were happening by accident?

Did you think it was a dream? says spirit.

It’s everything ELSE that’s the illusion.

Wake up. You ARE here for a reason. You ARE meant to reunite. Get out of your own way. We’re only halfway home. Now comes the good part – if you will allow it.

Open your mind beyond what you’ve ever known before. Now comes the next chapter.

11/11 – the mirror selves, joining together as one.

Until next time, I’m sending you love and light for your continued journey <3

Cassady x



COULD NOT RESIST ADDING THIS: After completing today’s article, this image came up on my Instagram as one final confirmation – you couldn’t make this stuff up if you tried, right? Happy 11/11!





Want more? For my step-by-step “roadmap” to Twin Flame Union, created after my Twin and I reached Union on my own journey – have a look at the Vibrational Alignment Program for Twin Flames. And you can read here about other Twins’ experiences with the program!

Alternatively you can try my Free starter kit!

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