Venus Retrograde – Major Changes On The Horizon For Twins… Expect The Unexpected, Open Your Heart. What Past Love Is The Universe Working To Return To You?


Welcome into a brand new week in the cosmic energies!

Highlights this week include:

Major changes as Venus, Saturn and Jupiter go retrograde, while Mercury travels “out of bounds” in his home sign of the Twins.

Open to the unexpected and know that what may have gone “wrong” in love in the past is being brought to resolution…

Discover more below!

A Key Week For Twin Flames In 2020

This is set to be one of the most impactful weeks of the year for Twin Flames – and everyone!

We have several planets going retrograde, Mercury returns to his home sign Gemini – while “out of bounds”… Just to mention the highlights. The big one for Twins is Venus retrograde.

But let’s start at the beginning. The first notable transit this week coloring the collective atmosphere, is Saturn’s retrograde. Stationing to go “backwards” for the next few months from May 11th, this is a major change in mood for all of us.

Saturn’s station date tends to feel edgy, heavy, full of static. It truly can feel like the wind is changing direction, like there’s a different current in the air – and most often it’s unpleasant and triggering.

So Between 10th and 12th of May, do keep this in mind. It will help a lot. Don’t take things at face value – particularly on those dates.

(Do use the Free Twin Flame Help Kit here to feel better, the 9 minute Energy Cleanse Guided Meditation will help you release conflict and heaviness and open up your Twin Flame connection to a higher state of love)


Twin Flame Karmic Challenges – Saturn’s “Help”

When Saturn goes retrograde until September 29th we’re set to be experiencing an intensification of karmic lessons and dealing with the past.

As Saturn is working to show us, sometimes the current situation is kept on a “loop” because of an unresolved issue from before – or because we ourselves keep doing and thinking the same thing unconsciously.

This is most often how Twin Flames experience running and separation – on again off again. This is a clear indication of karma at work, when we experience repeating cycles of what is in essence the “same” situation.

The Truth About What Karma Really Is

Phobias, stubborn health issues and sensitivities with no “clear diagnosis” and “irrationally strong” emotions of jealousy, fear and depression are all typical symptoms of karmic patterns at work.

Karma is in essence the re-experiencing of an old unhealed trauma over and over. Repeating in “phantom versions”.

To read more about karma and how it can impact the Twin Flame connection, go here – abandonment fears, running cycles and separation issues are nearly always rooted in childhood or past life karma.

Discover here how to clear and update karma for both you and your Twin Soul to resolve these issues for good and move forward into increased harmony and love.


Saturn: The “Teacher Of Time”, Lord Of Karma…

Saturn is really working on helping us, but he’s a bit of a stickler.

He’s like the teacher who doesn’t give much praise but is meticulously trying to spot what we may NOT be doing properly – so we can get it fixed and move forward to more happiness, more ease.

Although his effect is not pleasant, he helps us grow, learn and uplift through releasing what has been holding us back. In other words, his effect is powerfully positive – but only when we listen.

When we’re stubbornly looking away from our own “issues” and clinging to what’s outworn its purpose, that’s when he tends to get tricky to deal with – because he has to push us to make changes we’re not willing to face…!

As always, it’s for our highest good. Keep this in mind too as the week progresses and brings more cosmic changes in the atmosphere.

Powerful Restart In Communication

On May 11th we also have Mercury returning to his home sign Gemini. This signals a powerful new beginning in communication.

And with Saturn’s involvement, we’re clearly being challenged to release past modes of doing things. This is extra heightened. Release any old ideas of self and your twin connection that have held you back.

When Mercury returns to Gemini, you can also expect communication to liven up again. If you haven’t heard from someone important to you in the past few weeks, they may have been ruminating and pondering things over – they are now likely to feel spurred on to talk.

Particularly, someone getting in touch to resolve an issue from the past. This could include new information or an apology that clears the air between you.

Extraordinary “Supernatural” Twin Flame Communication Incoming…

And the extra twist to this transit is, that on May 15th Mercury goes “out of bounds” – until June 9th. He’s going beyond his usual trajectory – and is now in uncharted territory. Therefore, communication, thinking and ideas are set to be out of the ordinary.

Work to keep an open mind.

Don’t be surprised if you hear from your Twin’s *past life self* in a dream, or have a vision of the two of you as a *non-earth couple*, or you suddenly watch a TV show and hear their name or see a story line that echoes your experiences together along with some message that feels like it’s from them to you…

These are just examples, but you get the idea – communication and connection that goes BEYOND the ordinary. Keep your eyes and ears and non-physical senses peeled, because this can be quite extraordinary!

For more on Twin Flame “remote romance”, telepathy and more, have a look here (class 2, 4 and 6).


Becoming The Master Of Your Mind

During this next month of heightened Gemini energies, keep in mind things are set to feel extra cerebral, mentally “busy” – it’s all about communication, ideas, socializing.

Shadow sides of this sign of the Twins can be restlessness, stress, over-analysis to the point of not being able to see the woods for the trees, so now more than ever keep an eye on your mind.

Remember you’re the boss and fears are just “false evidence appearing real”. If you need a time-out, meditate to calm your mind. (Try my free meditations here, as they are guided and it’s an easier way to get started than jumping into classic meditation if you find that tricky)

Above all, avoid getting sucked into the internet for hours at a time as this causes us to float out of our bodies and become more vulnerable to influence!

If you go within right now you’ll get info from your Twin’s higher self that goes beyond what you’ll ever find from other people online. (Click here for the Oneness Activation Session where I help you with that)


“I have been doing this meditation every week since you made it and now the karmic relationship my twin was in is over and I know this is because of this meditation…not only that but this meditation calms me so much…it is so beautiful… I can’t thank you enough Cassady…lots of love…x” – Diane

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Major Transits For Twin Flames – Past Love Returning

May 13th we have two simultaneous MAJOR transits for love and the Twin Flame connection. Mars, planet of the Masculine, enters Pisces, sign of unconditional love and unity… WHILE Venus, planet of the Feminine, goes Retrograde.

This spells out major intensity, deep changes with the Twin Flame pair over the next few months. Especially as Saturn is ALSO retrograde now.

First off, let’s talk about Venus retrograde. She only goes retrograde once every two years, and when she does it signals a time of going over old issues in love and relationships, and turning love “inwards” – in other words dealing with SELF love.

As Saturn and Venus are both retrograde we have a PEAK TIME for “past love” returning.

(Saturn works to bring what belongs to you, back to you, and cut out what does not truly serve you). It can mean your Twin returning after a time apart – but again, you have to be energetically open to it, not blocked.

Learn here what that means and how to know if you really are aligned with reunion.

Past Life Marriages? Twin Flame Helpers…

It can also mean karmic partners showing up in your life, in order to resolve old contracts or issues!

In other words someone you had a past life marriage to, may show up now so you get a chance to end that bond from your current life standpoint. That could be your Twin as a “past life self”, looking to resolve issues from back then…

It can even be someone showing up as a “Twin Flame helper” and providing you with learning experiences and growth that will then help you with your Twin.

(Read more about that here – and to clear contracts with outsiders in order to open your Twin connection to union, have a look here)

Heart Chakra Purge And Upgrade

In general, Venus retrograde brings a purge and upgrade of the heart chakra (touching on the sacral/sexual programming), and it’s a peak time for going deep and considering why have things been the way they have for you?

Where did it originally “come from”? Childhood issues are likely to be shown up.

For love relationships, we’re dealing with a detoxification of what has kept us from feeling able to fully open to love. Any old emotional wound – often relating to rejection – is being brought to your attention to resolve.

Because when we fear rejection, we unwittingly block out love. In its essence unconditional love is about being fully seen for who we are at our most vulnerable, and to be loved and love anyway. To love despite perceived flaws and setbacks…

To learn more about the heart chakra and get a free reading, click here

twin flame chakras

Dealing With Baggage On The Twin Flame Path

So if it feels like all your old insecurities are threatening to come out in the open right now, there’s a reason for it! When you put down your old “stories” and fears – set the baggage aside – you can open up to love and be loved on a whole new level.

Look around you, most human beings go through their whole lives experiencing merely a fraction of the love their souls are capable of sharing, receiving and feeling. As a Twin Soul, you came here to revolutionize this, to help the whole planet rise up into love.

This is why all the old “baggage”, all the old hurts and fears begin to come up when you meet your Twin Flame – because you and your mirror soul trigger each other to begin releasing everything that isn’t love. Everything that held you back from being open to each other.

Watch a video on that here:

Re-Experiencing Old Hurts That Are Trying To Leave…

Ascension is often tough for people, as it involves an almost re-experiencing of old hurts as they come up to be resolved.

But there are ways of lightening the load, uplifting your journey, opening to the love that has truly existed between you as souls since the dawn of your existence.

Because ultimately, what determines whether your Twin Soul connection is harmonious or fraught with problems is your energy vibration and your core beliefs.

The actual hows and whats of your journey actually make very little difference.

There are no “rules” for the Twin connection, it’s more about your unique energy, dynamic and individual “baggage”. Some Twins experience only happiness, while others struggle for decades…

How To Palpably Shift Into Harmony and Unity

In essence, it doesn’t matter what’s come before or what we call it – when your energy shifts into a higher state, your connection and your situation opens up to love! You can read here about some of the amazing experiences Twin Flames have had with my energy clearing modalities.

I want you to know that no matter what’s happened before or what pain you’ve experienced, things really can change for the better! I’ve seen it happen time and time again.

Again, get started with the Free Kit hereand if you want to go deeper, check out the full Vibrational Alignment Program, a step by step journey to union.

Chasing The Bliss Of Unconditional Love

Again, Venus is not a planet that often goes retrograde, and when she does, it signals that a period of karmic rebalancing within relationships is due. Beliefs and patterns need to be reevaluated and past situations to be resolved once and for all.

The reason it feels so amazing to meet our Twin Flame is that we feel this unconditional Love we share as souls. Imagine if you could feel the bliss of Love all the time, how invincible would you be?

That’s what Twin Flame Ascension is about – rising up out of anything that keeps us from living in that state of pure love and radiating it out into the world around us.

(Read more about Twin Flame Ascension here)

Balancing The Masculine – Seeding In Unity Consciousness

And now, onto Mars, representing the Masculine. His entry into Pisces signals a further balancing and softening/heightening of the Masculine collective.

Spirit shows us, bringing many into connection with their higher self and the eternal realms… Bringing them into contact with the truth about their souls.

As Mars moves into Pisces, there’s a sense of a lot of feeling and intuitive information being taken in by the Masculine, new insights about the Twin Flame journey being given to “him” but in such a way that it might not be mentally clear yet.

The seeds being sown, especially in as yet Unawakened Twins. Sleepers are being primed to “Wake Up” more and more. (If you’d like help with accelerating this process, click here)

Is Your Twin Acting Out Other People’s/Collective Negativity?

In Pisces, the Masculine is on the way “home”. He may be feeling vulnerable but is also more open to love. Pisces is the realm of no boundaries… So when Mars journeys here, we have a spiritualization of the Masculine.

This also means a spiritualization and softening of action on the world plane. Greater empathy and compassion.

Spirit also highlights, keep in mind your Twin may be reacting to OTHER PEOPLE’s stuff. If they are rejecting you or acting out, it’s not their “stuff”, it’s other people’s energy and emotional material. This is highlighted during Pisces transits.

Lack of boundaries can mean problems with absorbing outside heaviness and negativity…  If this may be the case for you, I have solutions. Have a look here for more.

Complete harmony Healing Tool

Divine Feminine – Leadership Rising

I wasn’t kidding when I said this would be a major week – because on May 14th both Pallas and Jupiter go retrograde.

Pallas symbolizes the Divine feminine, the higher self aspect. When she goes retrograde we may see increased resistance or challenges to the Feminine on an outer level…

But it’s in order to purify and uplift long-term. To bring learning opportunities, ultimately. Discernment and balancing.

Jupiter’s retrograde turns the focus from outer expansion onto your inner world. We’re asked to go into a process of refining the inner basis of growth – our emotions, beliefs and patterns…

So that when Jupiter moves direct again we can fully expand and progress on the outside. Not just aimlessly and “automatically” but from a place of aligned conscious decisions and intentions. For our highest good!

What Have You Been (Unconsciously) Manifesting?

Because the truth is that “as within, so without” what we hold in our focus, our emotions, our energy, is what tends to manifest on the outside.

So have you been feeding doubt, worry, fear into your future? Jupiter is now giving you the chance to get clear on this so you can shift into a higher state of attraction!

For Twin Flames this is great news. Although Jupiter won’t be “boosting” you in a noticeable outer way like before, “he” will be guiding and helping you from within…

Helping you to open to your INNER power. To step into your mastery. To use your energy and focus to manifest what is truly deserving of you! Your dreams!

How To Actually *Receive* Your Wishes Of Love And Reunion…

These next weeks and months you’ll be nudged to get clearer on what you’re unconsciously focusing on and aiming for. What “seeds” are you sowing that will bring the fruits you reap?

If you want to reunite with your Twin Flame, but at the same time think it’s impossible on some level, you’re ALREADY in that thought shaping your energy to block it out!

Aligning with the “reality”, the energetic outside mirror, that it can’t happen. And then that’s what you attract…

So although this seems like “small stuff” – it has a BIG IMPACT on your journey, your connection, your whole life… In spiritual truth, we have to be able to ALIGN with something in order to receive it.

The Spiritual Truth About Your Desires Come True

And it’s something that trips up so many people – especially Twin Flames because we’re on such a heightened journey for our souls!

Have a look at this session where I help you pinpoint and clear out for good the mental belief blocks that are sabotaging your Twin Flame journey.

Because the spiritual truth is – what you desire, you can have! It is universal law – where there is a desire, there is a path to it fulfilled.

When you clear these “virus programs” from your system, your energy opens up to allow in what you’re truly desiring – without cancelling it out on “automatic”.

A Week For Recalibrating Love

This is set to be a week with major underlying shifts. Be aware that with more retrograde activity, you may be pushed to find your OWN love, to go WITHIN to connect with your Twin Flame there.

Know that through your inner connection you access a whole universe of magical information, solutions, interactions. True divine love.

If things have been hard lately, if you’re getting frustrated with the “outside” not working out – go within. Center into your soul’s light and your heart connection with your Twin – and the outside will adjust.

If you keep chasing and pushing on the outside, getting into frustration, irritation, disappointment, you’ll only get more of the same. The key is inside you.

But are you using it?

Until next time, I’m sending you love and light for your continued journey! <3

Cassady x

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