Mercury Retrograde Throws Challenges To Connect You With Your Deeper Power… Where Have You Undersold Yourself? Adjusting The Future Path

Welcome into a brand new week in the cosmic energies!

Highlights this week include: Mercury Retrograde, strong focus on communication – but what misunderstandings have gotten between you and your counterpart?

Discover more below!

Mercury Retrograde – Ball Of Confusion

With Mercury still retrograde there is heightened potential for misunderstandings and confusion this week.

The start of this week is likely to feel extra foggy and unclear. Likely, you’ll feel like there’s literal fog in your head preventing you from getting things straight in your mind.

See it as the universe pushing you to balance by going into your heart instead. This way, you’ll open to the benefits instead of battling with the challenges.

As always with Mercury retrograde, it’s hazarded against to make any major decisions, sign major contracts and so on. Because the indication is, you will likely change your mind down the line.

At least, be extra mindful in these types of situations. Read important info twice, even three times if you have to. Print it out, see it on paper…

Remote Twin Flame Romance…

As Mars is moving out of a connection with Neptune, we see you’ve very likely been having “intimate” experiences with your counterpart on the astral plane in recent times. They have been working hard to reach you in this “physical” way.

Their empathy and sympathy has also been awakened more in recent times, and it is still easier to reach them. Spirit shows us, even if they don’t know consciously what’s going on they can feel or sense it.

They show us, you’d be surprised at how many “unawakened” Twins actually feel their counterparts present in bed with them, in dreams and so on.

It’s not just you who’s experiencing the “supernatural” aspects of the connection!

To help your counterpart shift into a higher state of awareness and reunite, have a look at this new session.


Have a look at some of the amazing feedback I’ve received for this session:

“I did the unity audio again. The next night, I felt his soul merging with me. A blissful divine connection. Felt so peaceful and calm. I felt the divine bliss in me. I realized that it was a merging of the masculinity and feminine in me. Thank you for the unity conscious audio. It is transformative.” – Kemp

“I have done the new union meditation 2 weekends in a row now and it has truly made a huge difference…me and my Twin are laughing together again…we had been arguing for so long…now I feel there is new fresh energy running through my body and I feel like I’m floating on air every time I do the unity meditation…it is so beautiful…thank you so much…” – Diane

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A Message For The Feminine Twin

As Mercury makes a semi-square to Venus on the 11th, there’s an indication for the feminine Twin to hold back.

There’s something you want to say but this is not the right time, is the indication. In a few weeks you’ll know why. Spirit suggests writing it out on a piece of paper, and if you still want to say it or write it later on as Mercury is direct, then go ahead.

Right now there seems to be a challenge between Masculine and Feminine – a clash of perspectives. But it won’t last long if you don’t engage with it. Allow this stuff to work its way out of your connection by clearing it (use the free session here) and that way your dynamic will open up on a higher level.

Often, people end up entrenching and reinforcing negativity by dwelling on it and talking about it too much! The more effective method is to clear the energy around the problem, and allowing a shift into a higher state to take place.

“Our stories become our realities”, is spirit’s input. So what story are you telling about yourself? Your Twin Flame connection? Be aware.

“Your words create your world.” (Read more about this in the article “Whose Story Is Mapping Out Your Twin Flame Path?”)

twin flame forecast

“Dead Love” Returning

March 13th the Sun interacts with Pluto and Mercury Retrograde. In love, you’re likely to be presented with the past somehow, even a past person showing up again.

The “lesson” is that the universe is allowing you a new chance to see the connection from a different perspective. And you likely will now.

Perhaps a “False Twin” shows up again and this time it’s obvious to you that this is what the connection is… Or perhaps an ex shows up and it confirms to you how much you’ve grown since you were together. You get to realize how much more you deserve.

There’s always a gift in the situation.

Mercury Retrograde’s Secret Cosmic Message

With the Sun in Pisces squaring Jupiter and involving Mercury Retrograde there’s collective confusion and stress energy around. For best results, go within.

Take things lightly, keep an eye on your emotions and try to stay in the present moment.

That’s the cosmic “lesson” the whole human collective is pushed to learn right now. Go within. Tune into your INNER WORLD and get it right, then you will align with the outer!

“As within, so without”.

Pluto and the Sun joining forces are telling you you are SO much more powerful than you give yourself credit for. You truly have the power to not just go along with the 3D reality created by others…!

You can and are meant to create your OWN world, your own “heaven on earth”. So if things feel stymied on the outside, consider it a clarion call from the universe to start work on manifesting your own preferences.

Visualizing and manifesting work is heightened right now – your work on “straightening out” your reality from the inside out will have positive effects for the long run.

If you’d like some help with this, have a look at the Higher Heart Transformation Journey…


Blocks And Vulnerability For Masculine Twin

On March 14th Mars trine Saturn puts the breaks on. This energy throws slowness into the mix, to help you not rush into anything that may just cause complications and hassle further down the line.

If something seems to not work out right now, consider it Saturn’s “gift” to you because it wouldn’t have been “worth it”. There are better things coming.

Another indication is that the Masculine Twin is set to feel vulnerable and insecure in the “bedroom area” even if they’re not telling you.

When the Universe pushes the Masculine to slow down, there are often sexual issues. In the Twin Flame pair there may seem to be sexual doldrums right now but it’s for a purpose. To help you bond in other areas.

The heart!

Be gentle with your counterpart right now and be careful not to wound their pride. They’re more sensitive than they may seem on the outside – especially because Neptune is involved.

Your Vision Skewed…

On the 14th there’s a couple of strong indications as regards messed up communication and information.

One, you’re likely seeing yourself COMPLETELY from a skewed perspective right now!

Be careful with your vision of yourself and your life, you’re in a process of refinement being pushed by the universe to release old misconceptions about yourself.

In essence, you are a being of light, perfect as who you are deep down. Anything that appears to be “wrong” has come from the outside, from Ego, from human belief systems.

You may get insight into the “real spiritual” reasons behind love blocks, physical body ailments and more this week. No, it might not mean things will get miraculously amazing overnight, but it can open your eyes powerfully to how you can live more happily from now on.

For best results, keep a journal because the information and insights you receive this week may not make complete sense until later.

Make a note of it, and have a look again once Mercury goes direct in a few weeks.

When We “Try Too Hard”…

Another message from this particular challenging transit is, you don’t have to try so hard. You’re meant to be together happily with your Twin. If you’re not, it’s a sign of energy misalignment.

(Discover in this video why Separation is not a set stage for the Twin Flame journey – that’s just a new age myth!)

Spirit shows us, if you look back, can you see that you may have pushed fear or control energy into your Twin connection?

The problem with “trying hard” (haven’t we all done it?) is that we are coming from a fear based polarity. It’s tainted with a worry that we WON’T get what we’re trying so hard to get. Whether that’s a job, our Twin Flame returning or simply a happy life.

The more “trying” and worrying we do, unfortunately the more edginess and complications we fuel into the situation with our energy.

And it’s not always easy to change this.

Just because someone tells us to “relax”, “let go and it will come to you”, “release it” so the universe can show it up… It’s not easy. Sometimes it’s not even possible there and then!

The Deeper Reason Why Twins Can’t Just “Let Go”…

And it’s because there’s a deeper energy programming of fear in us. Somewhere in our “hardwiring” we believe we have to hang on for dear life (because of karma, that could be due to a literal life or death trauma from the past).

So the simplest way to change things, to finally begin receiving, to learn how to “let go to let it in” is to clear those fear programs.

To heal the karma that keeps our unconscious believing that something terrible will happen if we don’t try to control everything!

I take you through powerful karma clearings, cutting negative attachments and more in my first Complete Energy Clearing Session For Twin Flames. I also answer common questions about the Twin Flame journey and show you how to “up-level” your path and dynamic with your counterpart for good.


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The Opportunities I Messed Up Because Of Fear…

A few years ago, before my Twin Flame showed up in my life… Before I knew about energy work, I was trying so hard with everything. With work, career, people… And then with him. And it made EVERYTHING so tight and on edge…

The unfortunate thing I see is, my uptightness actually made me mess up the good things when they showed up as well. Because I was so tangled up on the inside.

You wouldn’t believe the kind of silly stuff I did, from saying no to highly paid gigs, to offending important people without meaning to… Classic self sabotage. Only, I had *no* idea.

But after clearing my energy, working on healing karma and more (you can read about my exact method here), I finally understand what it means to “allow” it in. To be relaxed enough to RECEIVE from the universe.

When your energy rises in vibration, your whole system relaxes and you’re finally able to allow the good stuff to show up without worrying and controlling so much you deflect it!

“As Within, So Without”

After clearing my energy and raising my vibration, I began attracting opportunities I would have killed for a few years earlier… And it FLOWED. It wasn’t hard work.

The truth is I just wasn’t in alignment a few years earlier. And now I know why my guides kept saying: work on your energy and everything else will follow.

You can get started on this work right now with my powerful Free energy healing audio. And have a look here at the amazing experiences other Twins have had with these tools too.

Doubting Your Twin Flame Connection?

Yet another indication this week is you’re feeling doubtful about what your Twin may have told you previously – you’re doubting your love.

You’re likely thinking that you may have exaggerated or imagined the amazing experiences you’ve had…

Keep your cool until the end of this transit (which is over at the weekend) – you’ll get reassurance sooner than you might think.

Right now, it’s not supported to express the “big words” unless you’re already at that state of your connection. Jupiter hazards against expansion, so keep your cards close to your chest for a while longer.

If things have been challenged, go to your Twin Flame’s higher self instead of seeking them out in the physical right now.

The possibility for misunderstanding is high this week. The same goes for yourself – you may misinterpret what they have said to you.

If you’re feeling upset about something they’ve said previously, if you just can’t get it out of your head – it’s Mercury bringing it back so you can re-examine and realize they didn’t mean it the way you heard it.

Touchy? It’s Because Of The Past!

Spirit shows us, we all interpret the world based on our past experiences. So if there’s been conflict between you, look at which phantom relationship from the past (usually a family connection) is this aggravation based in?

I’m sure you’ve met people who are touchy about “everything”, and it turns out they had a very strict parent or some other factor that made them feel wrong about themselves as a child…

This kind of thing is heightened right now. Tread carefully and make sure you know what you’re saying and if necessary, explain it over again to them so they don’t misinterpret.

Messages From The Soul

As Mercury makes a sextile to Pluto on the 16th this message is reinforced – it’s not so much about what’s being *said* right now as what’s going on under the surface.

Feelings are running strong right now. Especially in the Twin Flame connection.

Pay attention to your dreams and any visions you receive during meditations this period, as you’re likely to get valuable messages from your soul and unconscious mind – and your Twin’s.

Do you ever go in and check up on your Twin’s inner child? This is set to yield powerful results right now. Using this method is like having a truth potion (click here to get started).

The inner child will be completely frank about what’s going on with your counterpart, even if their ego self is trying to self-protect and push you away!

Masculine Twin Anchoring In Light Codes

Lastly, Mercury reaches a sextile with Mars on the 17th and impatience becomes a factor. This can be good. We’re shown that words can never change as much as actions can.

Calling out from Taurus, Mars is showing us there is more happening with the Masculine Twin than it may look like from the outside.

“He” may appear to be progressing excruciatingly slowly, but he’s actually busy on the energetic planes “grounding in” important light codes and preparing meetings between you – even if he has no idea of what’s going on.

(Read more about that here)


A Week For Going Deeper In Communicatoin

This is set to be a week with a strong focus on communication, perspectives and connectedness. Especially, you’ll be shown the deeper factors in any areas that have been fraught with difficulty.

Remember to keep a journal of any important messages you receive, and know that these are “gifts” and “keys” to the brighter future you’ve been asking for.

If you’re willing to stay open to the learning experiences, you can both benefit from and enjoy the cosmic processes going on right now.

It may require some patience and stepping back from yourself, but it will be more than worth it… And if you need some support along the way, have a look here.

Ask yourself what you feel most drawn to – that’s your intuition speaking, your soul’s message about what’s to your highest good right now.

As always, I’m sending you love and light for your continued journey! <3

Cassady x


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– Jessica N. California, USA


twin flame program

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