Uprooting Secret Templates That Block Twin Flame Reunion From The Physical – The Problem Of Collective Rules, Spiritual Ego And Enforced Boundaries That Keep You From Unconditional Love

We head into this week with a powerful Sun AND Venus activation of Mercury Retrograde. This can be a tricky time, as you’re likely to face some opposition preventing progress.

We see, the real issue is that you likely haven’t been doing yourself justice in terms of communicating who you are to the world – and with your Twin Flame.

You’ve been holding back, hiding behind a facade you learned to put up in the past… Most likely something stemming from childhood.

Make sure you check in with your Inner Child now, as this gives you the chance to resolve an old “Issue” for good. Have a look here for more.

The current issue you’re having goes way back, to some old event or others’ statements you might not even consciously remember.



Do You Feel Worthy of Blissful Love?

We see you as a child, accepting someone else’s negative or limiting statement about who or how you were – because they were a grownup and in charge. You didn’t know you were allowed to *not* believe them, on some level.

And it translates to this: Deep down we see you feeling that you might not be loveable for who you really are – “flaws” and all.

And as you know your Twin Flame mirror will be reflecting this back to you, to help you open up to receiving unconditional love.

When we don’t feel “good enough” we shut down our receiving of love, “glory”, bliss, help from others…

This Sun and Venus conjunction with Mercury Retrograde is serving to highlight to you a lot of old misperceptions you’ve unfortunately aligned with.

Your past Free Will Choices aligning with something that didn’t serve you. These themes are also likely coming up for your counterpart right now, whether they realize it or not.


The Problem With Twin Flame Stereotypes

Spirit shows us the other side of this coin – the limiting belief systems aren’t just hurting ourselves. Playing along with stereotypes and allowing stereotypes about relationships is shaping our perceptions of others – including our Twin Flame.

And this can negatively affect our connection, down to the timelines we stake out for ourselves and the journey (read more about Twin Flame Timelines here).

Yes, spirit tells us, there are Twin Flame stereotypes! And they are incredibly damaging. The Twin Flame Runner, The Twin Flame Chaser… these are “shorthand” reduced versions of reality.

They do not allow for the full truth to come forth – especially love.

It’s like taking the planet earth and saying it’s “an orb”. Yes, it describes the surface somewhat but it says *nothing* about what’s going on at a deeper level. These kinds of surface level judgments and assessments of self and others have been hurting so many Twin Flames.

Making Way For Love To Shine

Expect to be faced with “a-ha” moments around these kinds of concepts this week – limiting beliefs that have been obscuring love.

And for Twin Flames, this is heightened. Because there is unfortunately a strong culture of re-enforcing negativity in the Twin Flame community.

To put it like this: When 50,000 people all “agree” and align with Twin Flame Running as an inevitable part of the journey and that hardly any Twins end up happy together…

… that’s an enormous force of energy and intention that pushes boundaries and negativity onto the Twin Flame collective. Paving out a limiting collective timeline for all.

Read more about this in “Whose Beliefs Are Mapping Out Your Twin Flame Journey?”


Have You Caught The “Venting” Virus?

Right now it’s like the cosmos is begging us to reconsider. To rewrite the “Twin Flame Rulebook”, or even better – throw it out altogether!

For, after all, if Twin Flames are mostly getting together to talk about how hard things are, they’re effectively shutting the door on any other possibility.

This is why I would highly recommend being careful with “venting” and being around those who do this. It’s contagious, toxic.

The reason venting feels good is because the person expels their inner toxic energy and leaves it for someone else to pick up on…

Yes, yuck! You don’t want to be at the receiving end of that.

In an ideal world everyone handles their energy in a clean, helpful way – clearing the negativity! Transmuting it into light again. (See an infographic about Energy and How it impacts the Twin Flame journey here)

If we just pawn our stress, heaviness, disappointment, frustration off on other people it has a tendency to stick around in some form because we’re aligned with it, attracting more of the same back to us.

So please download the Free Energy Cleanse Audio here and begin to uplift your energy, harmonizing your Twin Flame connection – you’ll *feel* a world of difference if you stick with it.


What If We Never Showered Or Brushed Our Teeth?

I am aware that there are Twin Flames here reading my forecasts every week without ever clearing their energy.

Unfortunately classic meditation/listening to solfeggio frequencies or praying doesn’t count. Yes, these elevate you temporarily by shifting your consciousness but they don’t remove deep negative baggage from ancestors, karma and so on.

These modalities don’t *permanently recalibrate your frequency*. You’ll have noticed this yourself. It might feel great but things have a tendency to slip back downhill again when a trigger shows up.

Metaphysical energy clearing is different because it permanently changes and uplifts your frequency .

We are all energetic beings – this is scientific fact, everything consists of energy in motion. But most people don’t bother “showering” their energy.

Don’t be surprised if Ascension feels tough and your Twin Flame connection is filled with struggle if you’re leaving the old baggage to pile up.

Watch this explainer video that takes you through the basic facts of it

I cannot put this simply enough – Twin Flames struggle because of negative energy. That is the ONLY reason. Because Twin Flames are in essence one through love.

Negativity is caused by energy taken on in life.

The reason Twin Flames have problems and aren’t able to get together, is because of negative energy blocking them from harmony.

Unfortunately, you can’t wish or think your way to clear, light energy that aligns you with love.


Want to Feel Light, Happy, In Love?

The real reason struggle is there between Twin Flames is because of negative energy. Do yourself a favor and start doing your inner work, clearing and uplifting your connection (any work one Twin does, impacts the other)! You’ll thank yourself for it later.

If you never try, you’ll never know the lasting feeling of clarity, light and optimism – you’ll not give your Twin connection the chance to shift into permanent harmony and balance. 

Do make sure you get started “showering” old negativity away and infusing your system with new light using my Free Guided Meditation here. I’ve seen it help so many Twins – if you’re in dire straits right now, use this 7 minute session every day for 14 days. You will notice a huge shift both within yourself and with your Twin Flame.

Every week I get emails from Twins whose Runner got back in touch out of the blue after they used the Free Energy Cleanse tool! 



When Right And Wrong Begin To Shift…

Further into the week as the Sun and later Venus trines Uranus Retrograde, we see you getting the opportunity to rethink old perceptions especially regarding love.

To be able to discover where damaging beliefs and surface judgments come from.

The material that’s likely been creating a toxic dynamic in your love relationship – or in your mind and emotions.

The exact events and sources will be shown up to you in visions, dreams, meditations, epiphanies… But already spirit is keen to let us know parents, grandparents, caretakers and other adults around you as a child are to “blame”.

What Beliefs Were Pushed Onto You In Childhood?

These people pushed their judgments onto you – showing you what was “right” and “wrong” about people. Especially surface judgments.

What people were “good” and “bad”. Who deserved love and who didn’t. What was
“typical” and expected of women and men.

Be very aware that their perceptions weren’t based on fair objective observation, it was skewed by their own negative experiences with other people. And go far enough back, you’ll realize they had these beliefs pushed onto them.

If you want to begin clearing out these kinds of “belief blocks” from your system, go here for a Full Energy Session for Twin Flames where I take you through it step by step.

I also answer many questions regarding common issues on the Twin Flame path, about separation, the soul, Runner Twins, what Union really feels like…



Secret Blocks To Physical Twin Reunions

As the New Moon comes around on 18th December we see that all of this “rehashing” of perspectives and the past are a huge powerful part of paving the way for Love in the physical.

We’re clearing the way for Twin Flame Reunion, for “heaven on earth”.

Unfortunately, a true physical Twin Flame Reunion cannot happen when we have so many judgments. Because judgments block off opportunities, connections, alignments.

If you for example have deeply aligned with the perception of your Twin Flame as a Runner, you are effectively blocking off any other possibility from reaching you energetically.

Again, to use an analogy – it’s as if you’re tuning into a cosmic radio station.

When you believe “all Twins suffer, hardly any of them come together happily” you’re setting your radio to this station, receiving more and more of this same thing.

All the while, you do really want to be on Love FM, experiencing happiness and unity. Who wouldn’t, right?

But as long as your belief “radio” is glued to “all Twin Flames suffer FM” it’s impossible.

Because energy works like this – your dominant energy vibration is what you attract back to you in the form of people, circumstances, events. You get what you’re “aligned” with.

The trick to changing your “radio” is to uplift your energy vibration. For my simple step by step method, have a look here.


Why So Many People Never Get What They Want

Unfortunately, it’s not about what you *want*… The universe doesn’t bring you that.

No, much more about what you secretly (unconsciously) believe and expect – that’s what you’re really “tuned into” and inviting in from the universe and others.

What you’re tuned into is influenced by so many “behind the scenes” factors. Most importantly your unconscious beliefs.

So many Twins are tripped up by this!

In order to open up your journey to love and reuniting in the physical, you must absolutely MUST be able to be an energetic match to this.

(Click this image for a session that deals with this specifically)


You have to vibrate at the level of love, to be able to believe that it’s possible on some level. To remove all the heavy anchors that have weighed you down.

And this week, the cosmic currents are pushing us to face up to some of the deepest “mis-wirings” that have kept us attracting separation and disappointment rather than love.

Remember you can’t fake a frequency, you can’t fake a belief.

Yes, you can push yourself to “try to stay positive”, but it’ll be an uphill struggle as many have noticed… And the results come *very* slowly.


What Future Are You Really Creating?

With this New Moon, we’re getting a new start in terms of manifestation in the physical.

If things aren’t working out for you, it’s a direct correlation with the beliefs you *secretly* hold and the energy vibration you’re emitting deep down. Your outer world always reflects your inner world. As within, so without (read more about that here).

Many Twins act as if they understand this, but fail to take action on actually harmonizing and improving their inner situation by clearing negativity and uplifting their energy.

So do you want to take action and change things? Or sit around hoping someone else will do it for you? Do you *really* *really* believe it’s possible, even? Be honest with yourself.

Write down what you believe about the Twin Flame journey – write non-stop for 5 minutes.

Write down all the things you fear about the future of your Twin relationship, without editing yourself.

These are your underlying fears and negative beliefs. Regarding your Twin Flame connection. You can now clear these things using energy tools.



Why Some People Have “All The Luck”

Some people get there by “accident” – they’re raised in a way that left them feeling safe, loved and like life is good. This means they’re open and able to experience love, bliss, happiness, “luck”…

But the rest of us have to work at it.

Unless we do this kind of “digging work” we’ll always be in the dark about what we’re really manifesting.

Hoping, praying, looking to others to help us when really – the problem is so ingrained in who we believe ourselves to be that it’s not a quick fix from the outside.

It’s an inner alchemy.


Why So Many Twins’ Wishes Don’t Come True

A notorious deep-seated block many are unaware of, is the ancestral baggage we carry.

Many spiritually advanced people are still not able to manifest their desires into the physical reality, no matter how amazing they are at channeling, meditation, crystal attunement and all the rest of it.

Often, this is because they carry severely limiting programming in their chakra system on an energetic level. (Get a free chakra reading for Twin Flames here)


Opening Up To Receive From The Universe


Unfortunately, if you’re carrying ancestral templates of manifestation, these are limiting what you’re able to hold in your physical reality field. Including Twin Flame unity.

When we clear these limitations, we open you up to being able to receive what the Universe might have been trying to bring to you for so long.

Go here for a session where we do this.

So, with this powerful New Moon restart – are you ready to take action for yourself?

Look ahead 5, 10 years to where you might be if you begin taking step by step toward your goals of love and your ideal life situation – lifting into more love and positivity…

Wouldn’t you at least want to feel that you tried?

As always, I’m sending you love and light for your continued journey! <3

Cassady x

Want more? Sign up here to get the Free Twin Flame Transformation Kit plus Exclusive info on the 8th House transit impacting the sexuality of the Twin Flame connection until fall 2018 …!

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“I’ve been using your energy healing tools and I can really feel the difference. I love the free meditations you’ve shared, and I always feel so refreshed after. My twin even came to my dream last night after using them!”

– Alicia, California, USA

twin flame program

Did you know that most Twin Flames’ struggles are rooted in negative karma and energy blocks? To find out more about how to shift your Twin connection into harmony, have a look here!

Alternatively you can try my Free Twin Flame Transformation Kit!

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  1. Hi Cassidy… Your forecast are exactly what I am experiencing at the moment as alwalys!! What I discovered is that when you open up to your Heart’s Desire. Everything that you are looking for is already surrounding you.. It is absolutely wonderful and amazing!!.. The part I struggle with is the acceptance.. I know it sounds crazy.. Its too amazing and wonderful and I am blocking it from my own reality.. The old if its too good to be true saying.. I believe fully in everything you disguss on this site.. I dont even believe in that saying at all… But for some reason I believe that is what the problem is… I need to fully let go.. And I dont know why I still have… ??

  2. I’m new to this and would like to know if Reiki has the same affect as chakra clearing or healing?

    Also, how do I know that someone is a twin flame when we have never had a personal relationship? Things were going great in a professional setting and we were discussing personal things, getting to know one another, and enjoying each other’s company when two weeks later it was a complete 180. I could just sense something was off when I walked in the room and when she touched me I could feel the tension which caused me to tense up. It was clear when I left I probably wasn’t welcome back and she made one snide remark to me, I was hurt by it. I have had just a couple instances of 11:11 on the clock, I don’t recall any dreams but I wake between 2:02 and 2:06 nearly every night thinking about her for the past few weeks. I also seen 8:11 on the clock the other day, we were born 8 days/11 years apart. Probably the weirdest thing that has happened is that played lottery with our birth days and month and the month/day we met and I won $5 last week and $20 this week, curious to see what the next week brings.

  3. I actually wanted to convey my gratitude to you for creating this blog, that’s all, it gave hope to a lot of people like me

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