Have You Been Tricked? Twin Flame Distortions And Darkness – How To Banish Hurt For Good, And Open Into A New Path Of Love…


Welcome into a brand new week in the cosmic energies!

Highlights this week include:
Lilith involvements bring “shadow karma” to the surface regarding self, future and life path. Keep a cool head!

Plus, New Moon in Taurus invites you to a new beginning aligned with higher love and unity…

And a new once-in-12-year cycle begins with “lucky” Jupiter entering Pisces. Will there be mass spiritual awakenings this next year?

Discover more below…



Highly Needed Shifts for The Feminine

We’re in a bit of a crunch this week — but hang in there, as shifting perspectives have the power to unlock into a higher state.

We’re still in a period where mistreatment and limitations based in gender may be in focus on your journey.

The old “historical karmic” identity models and love templates are being broken apart.

As the Sun joins Lilith, asteroid of the shadow Feminine this week AND for the Taurus New Moon, we see that this is highly needed work. “Divinely guided”.

The Universe is working to free us from old perceptions of self and others… So we can open to a higher state and receive the love we have been wishing and praying for.


Transcending into Soul Identity

We are being pushed to rise above any separation models of reality based in male vs female. We’re being pushed to release limited ideas of self – the ideas anchored in traditional models of what women/men are like or are capable of…

And into a higher state of SOUL identification.

SOUL love, love from heart to heart, not based in dependency, need, protection, exploitation or any of the old shadow karmic patterns from human history.

(To clear out this “false karma” have a look here)

Lilith And The Shadow Transits

These are personally some of my own LEAST favorite transits because they trigger based on biological body most often (so it tends to be female, rather than just feminine energy dominant)

So I’m not eager on these myself… but it’s helped me endlessly on my own path to become aware of these. And I’m happy to share that once we KNOW what’s going on in cosmic terms…

It becomes SO much easier to handle these times, and we begin to benefit instead of struggle!


What Will Be Involved?

When we are aware of what’s going on from a cosmic perspective, we can shift our perspective.

Even just UNDERSTANDING things from a higher state, allows us to release any struggles more smoothly.

So again, when Lilith is in focus, triggering based in gender shadows are common.

Examples now that she is conjunct the Sun may be, but not limited to, feeling like your male counterpart has it “easy” and you have to do all the work…

Or being insecure about appearance or ageing, based in gender models of women’s worth being related to their looks or desirability…


Are Shadow Influences Derailing Your Twin?

It can be experiences of feeling held back or unsupported based in gender… That “shadow influences” seem to be affecting your counterpart… And it’s likely that your own past experiences figure strongly.

Phantoms of past mistreatment, spirit says EMOTIONAL trauma, based in gender… Are set to be triggered.

However, here is the important thing, and which brings us to the new beginning the New Moon on May 11th is trying to open for us.

Any past mistreatment or emotional trauma you have experienced or observed based in gender… Wasn’t really YOURS.

What I mean is, it was an outer expression of collective “false karma” – historical “baggage” from the human collective. Not your personal creation.


Where Most Twin Flame Issues Come From

It is historical female/male karma from times past, which you may have been tapped into via ancestry, or the body.

Growing up in the human world you absorbed and began carrying that programming, without realizing it… And it attracted OUTER experiences that matched it.

So as an example, if your Twin and you had issues of infidelity… They may have been operating off this “false karma” in their system, and in yours.

The Twin Flame “Reality Mirror”

Because you were carrying it, outer experiences happened that matched it.

“As within, so without” — have a look here for more info on how this works.

Because remember Twin Flames share an eternal love. That’s the TRUTH about the connection.

So, any time NON-love occurs between the Twins, it’s due to human life baggage – distortions.

Here is a brief video to explain:

twin flame video


Where’s Your Focus At?

The reason we’re focusing so much on this issue today is, that it’s being shown up for a reason.

The planets are “lighting it up” so we can RECOGNIZE it for what it is, and therefore release it.

So, check yourself:
– Are you talking and seeing any negativity in terms of gender perspectives?
– Are you focusing on your Twin as their gender, as a stereotype (even if they’ve acted like it)?
– Are you expecting/experiencing relationship experiences based on the “typical human drama”?

If so, it’s a clear signal that this false karma is active! It’s not really yours! It’s been latent in the collective fields since the dawn of time and you may have picked up on it…

You are “one soul in two bodies.” Love is your natural state. So, this gender opposition, this separation programming, is being shown up so you can let go for good.

This is meant to be a new era. This is what we’re here for as Twin Flames, to bring in a new and higher paradigm of true love.



Steps to A New Beginning

The fact that it’s triggered with the New Moon means, we’re being asked to move past it for good! To start over.

Some steps you may find helpful, are:

1) Identify where it’s active — pay attention to your thoughts and words. Map out what’s bothering you with your Twin situation and underline where gender is a part of it.

2) Know it was never YOURS to begin with! It was other people’s latent experiences in the karmic human fields, and you and your Twin just happened to pick up on it in life… Not realizing.

3) Release it for good. Start anew from a higher state! Allow your SOULS to show up eternal love, to raise you out of the shadow timelines of man vs woman and the historical drama humans tend to experience — into UNITY.

 I take you through a permanent clearing of false karma and other sources of “darkness”, opening to Twin Flame Union here.


Is It True Love or Need?

Taurus is a sign of heightened manifestation, being an Earth sign ruled by Venus, so love intentions are positively supported by the currents right now…

As long as you stay out of that old “3D” separation programming.

How do you know? That old programming revolved around protection, need, rescue, dominance, power exchanges…

It wasn’t “pure love” – it was tainted with a lot of fear-based patterns, which tended to cause drama.

It was not a SOUL-based love. It was not unconditional and from the heart. It was often rooted in the lower chakras.

(Learn what that means, and get a free chakra intuitive reading here)


Soul Love Emerging!

So, focus on your highest, on your soul’s love. On the PURE LOVE you feel in your heart, when you set these New Moon intentions.

Stay out of fear, worry, demands, need and longing – as they will only bring complications.

If you’re not yet where you’d like to be in your Twin Flame relationship — setting your highest intentions now will help focus your energy and get you to your ideal.

(Remember if your intentions benefit you BOTH, they’re more likely to come to pass smoothly and quickly.)

The New Moon is an energetic blank page for you to set your intentions for the coming 28-day period.


Setting Twin Flame Intentions

However, something many Twins are tripped up by is, they only get to the first part of the manifestation process. They completely miss out on a crucial step.

Yes, they set intentions and invite in their dream from the universe…

But they don’t “get” the next part of the process, which ultimately BLOCKS their desires from receiving tangibly.

You see, when you ask for something, the universe begins to show up anything in your system that has been blocking it.

The Reason So Many Twins Don’t Receive Their Desires

Any fear, doubt, limiting beliefs, negative programming, soul contracts, attachments and more. And most Twins don’t understand this.

They keep asking and praying and intending, and get upset when their desire DOESN’T show up.

Really, the problem is that they’re not taking the actions guided by the universe! Such as clearing the limitations and blocks.

So ultimately: if you’ve been intending, asking, praying and wishing, and your desire hasn’t shown up – there is STILL something in the way of it!

To get to grips with this once and for all and begin RECEIVING your desires tangibly, have a look here where I take you through the entirety of the manifestation process – including several “secret” steps so many are missing.


Dismantling Hidden Blocks

The Taurus New Moon is especially attuned to real world manifestation (an earth sign) so take advantage of this time.

Spirit calls this one of the most powerful manifestation gateways of the year – especially for love, as Taurus is the home of Venus.

Again, we often dream of a certain situation but have deep down decided it can’t come to pass in “reality.” So becoming aware of blocks is an important part of the process!

Make sure you catch any disbelief, skepticism, limiting programming and fear of disappointment that may show up, and clear it all.

Again is something so many miss out on in their manifestation work and effectively means they never end up RECEIVING their wishes tangibly.

I take you through my most powerful manifestation method here, and share the number 1 reason why so many people block their own desires from arriving. Hint, it’s not because they don’t want it enough…!


Jupiter’s 12 Year Cycle Change!

Thursday, May 13th, we have one of the year’s key astrological events, a once in 12-year cycle change!

Jupiter enters Pisces for the first time since 2010/2011, and this is a HUGE shift in energy!

With two major planets in Pisces over the coming two years — Jupiter and the sign’s ruler Neptune — we’re set to have a major shift in the collective atmosphere.

Jupiter expands what “he” touches, so when he travels through Pisces, we have an expansion of spirituality, sensitivity and heightened focus on unity consciousness.


Increased Spiritualization

It will likely not happen overnight, but we as a species are becoming more spiritualized “in the background”. More activated on the non-physical planes.

Society will likely become more focused on empathy, fantasy, escapism and transcendence… But illusions may be active too.

Victimhood complexes and looking for a savior instead of embracing our own power, are shadow potentials of this energy.

This next two years are set to feel more foggy and unclear than usual, as boundaries dissolve. But the benefits are higher too. Spirit shows us, it’s a lot about remembering who we are — as souls.

(Part of this process will be that the universe shows up where we have been FORGETTING who we are, where we have gotten lost in DIS-empowerment and LACK of hope and spiritual connection – so stay aware of yourself and use your energy tools.)


Spiritual Awakening Among Twins

Twins have been way showers in this for years already, but more “regular” people/society are set to become familiarized with spirituality and the nonphysical over the next two years.

For Twin Flames these next two years are set to being an expansion of “supernatural experiences” and “remote togetherness.” It will FEEL like the soul realms are much closer than usual.

The veil of perception is not merely “thinning” it will become more and more obvious that it is not “out there” or “up there” but a tangible reality we are always interacting with.

And spirit says, that we are not just limited human beings, but SOULS experiencing a physical existence co-currently with our spiritual realm “lives”.


Revealing the Soul Self

Spirituality will likely shift in focus away from “task based” mindset work… to the art of RETURNING to self as soul.

It’s not about BECOMING more, or changing, but cleansing away illusions…  ALLOWING the outer distortions to wash away, revealing the immaculate light that was always there.

Telepathy, shared dreams and other Twin Flame experiences of oneness will likely increase during this time…

But the downside is that you will be more likely to pick up on others’ negative “stuff” than usual as well.

Read more about that here.


Empaths in The Making…!

Discernment is important, because Pisces energies “blur” our perspective. It’s the sign of unity, meaning it is hard to perceive what really is OURS vs other people or collective thoughts/feelings and so on.

Many will become increasingly empathic over these next two years; in fact, we’re shown it’s a guided direction for humanity.

Because with empathy comes peace and unity.

When we are empathic, we wouldn’t dream of hurting someone, because we FEEL how that would be as if it is happening to US. So, empathy and increased unity are a remedy for conflict and opposition.


Your Path Spotlighted — Show the Way!

Also, on Thursday and into the weekend, the Moon travels past Venus, the north node and Mercury all in Gemini. This highlights that the path forward is clearer to you than usual.

Your soul is calling on you, showing what is the guided path for you… For your Twin Flame journey. Note down what comes to you now, it will be helpful down the line.

Finally, sealing off this week, Lilith joins the North Node and Venus in Gemini, highlighting INNER polarity. This reminds us that INNER unity is what unlocks outer unity.

That knowing our INNER masculine and feminine and being in balance, is what creates it on the outside.

And as long as we’re locked in a fight against “the other” inside ourselves, we can never fully be at peace — not with ourselves, nor with a partner.


A Week for Soul Wisdom

This is not set to be an easy week, especially early on, but if you listen to the cosmic guidance and release old illusions of identity… toward the weekend you’ll notice emerging glimmers of light.

You’ll begin to feel more guided.

And if you go within, you’ll notice the secret message the universe and your soul have been trying to tell you this whole journey…

That you are never alone.
That your Twin Flame is always with you, on the soul level.
That love is just a heartbeat away.

As always, I’m sending you love and light for your journey <3

Cassady x


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