Masculine Twin’s “By Proxy” Return To Love… Visions Of Heaven On Earth. Are You Heeding Your Twin’s Call To Pull You Closer?

Welcome into a brand new week in the cosmic energies!

Highlights this week include: Masculine Twin’s “by proxy” awakening and return to love, rare triple conjunction regarding the soul’s development, plus has your soul “signed you up” to help other people awaken to their spiritual path?

Discover more below!

Push For More – The Challenge Of Staying Focused

We begin this week with a powerful opposition between the Sun and Jupiter, bridging Gemini and Sagittarius. This tends to a push for more, more, more – but with complications.

The key here is expansion and activity, but likely not in a healthy and balanced way.

You’re likely to feel irresistibly and impatiently drawn to socializing, excitement, talking, communicating… But it’s not necessarily to your highest good.

Jupiter being retrograde, you may be faced with old habits of interacting with others, that are actually holding you back from stepping into your own soul’s greatness…

You may be so busy with OTHER people and sharing with collective thoughts, motivations and analysis that your own journey is left to “accident”.

Are You The Passenger Or Driver In Your Life?

This transit is set to feel exciting and there’s a real pull for expansion – but the challenge regards: Are you being a passenger, rather than in the driver’s seat of your life?

As Mars trines Neptune a few days later, we see that progress and positivity comes in the subtle undercurrents of divine guidance this week.

Your soul is always working to reach you, but these messages can be easily drowned out in the face of the “noise from the world”.

You may have read the following quote by Iain Thomas, which is very fitting for this time:

“Every day the world will drag you by the hand, yelling ‘This is important! And this is important! You need to worry about this! And this! And this!’

And each day, it’s up to you to yank back your hand, put it on your heart and say: “No. This is what’s important”.

How Manifestation Actually Works For Twin Flames

In this period you are being challenged to claim back your own choice, your own power over your life!

Be sure you know what you want out of life. Be sure to stay aware of what you’re feeding your focus, your thoughts and your emotions into.

Because that’s how you create your life. Every little choice, emotion, focus, intention carries incredible weight.

If you want to live blissfully, spiritually peacefully and in harmony with your Twin Flame – know that there are certain things that lead toward it… And certain things that lead away from it.

Use your emotions, your energy compass, as your guide. It’s always “on”! The clearer you get, the more accurate your impressions and the easier it is to navigate. (Get started working on your energy with my free methods here).


Divine Delivery Of Physical World Steps To Reunion

Feel into what you’re focusing on and what certain choices align with. This is your divine soul’s key to blissful living. This guidance is always working to reach you.

With Mars trine Neptune spirit shows us that many will be shown and given ideas for the Physical world methods, action steps and opportunities to bring “heaven to earth” – including within the Twin Flame connection.

And, it’s a key time to connect the divine with the physical – especially for the Masculine. Click here to discover how to get your Twin Flame’s higher self to step in and support you more on your journey.

They’re waiting for you to ask and clear the playing field of old blocks and holdbacks so they can get to work with your free will permission!

When Answers To Your Prayers Arrive

The divine is working to reach through with support and guidance in this period, and we see that with the inspiration and the guided action steps coming forth you truly can step into a MUCH more positive journey.

Whether it regards your Twin Flame connection, work, creative projects or finances – guidance is working to reach you with the inspired ideas and action steps that will revolutionize things for the better for you!

Did you know this is how I get all my best projects? I get an insight, an inspiration from spirit.

Often, I don’t know where it will lead – like with the Vibrational Alignment Program, my book of channeled messages from the universe… All guided projects.

But once you begin taking action, even just symbolically, you’ll be shown the next step and the next, and the next…

Later, you may realize that what seemed like an unusual idea was really the inspired answer to a prayer you made!

When Your Twin’s Soul Tries To Steer You Back Together…

For best results, clear your channels of perception so you can receive divine guidance without negative interference…

(Read here about why this is so important. And my experience of how bad things can get when you don’t know Ego or Negative Influence from divine guidance… :/ )

This week, make sure you take the time to go within so you can find the inner stillness to actually receive their messages!

Spirit shows us, your Twin Flame’s higher self is constantly working to reach you this way also.

Feeling stirred to go a certain place for “no reason”? Feeling suddenly hungry for banana ice cream or realizing that you forgot to get lettuce at the supermarket even though you’d written it on your list?

Or do you have an urge to go to a boxing class or drive across town even though you never usually do it?

Discover The Unusual Ways Guidance Seeks To Reach You

It’s them, working to arrange meetings. Working to bring you to the places, people and things that will reunite you. Keep your ears, eyes (and stomach!) open, and you’ll notice how they’re always looking to guide you.

They haven’t forgotten. You may not always PERCEIVE their presence but it doesn’t mean they’re gone. They’re patiently waiting for you to move along with their guidance!

(Again, discover more here about how to involve them more directly and get their energetic support to stabilize and uplift your journey for the long run.)


Masculine/Unawakened Twin Drawn To Spirituality…

A complication with Mars this week is that while he’s receiving support from the divine in the form of Neptune, he’s also being directly challenged by Saturn.

We see that the Masculine Twin is feeling drawn towards spirituality… Exploring new information, going within.

Even if unawakened, he’s sensing the guidance subtly working to reach him… Vivid and unusual dreams, angel numbers…

However, the past and other “regular” people and points of view are trying to deter him. There are people around him who may ridicule his interest in the supernatural…

(To read about the supernatural aspects of the Twin Flame connection, click here)


Could Your “Unawakened” Twin Be Reading The Same Blogs You Are?

Or, the past and authority figures have told him that it’s shameful or illogical to seek a higher meaning from life.

Spirit shows us this is a source of great sadness, and the Masculine/Unawakened Twin feels alone with their spiritual experiences.

Spirit actually shows us, some “awakened” Twins don’t realize it – but their “unawakened” counterpart is actually reading the very same blogs and articles as they are!

There is more happening beneath the surface than you realize at this time…

The Masculine Twin is more drawn to spirituality and higher meaning than it seems on the surface. But he may not have anyone to share it with.

So reach out and interact with them on the soul planes. Tell them you accept them, support them, share how happy you are they are opening up. Tell them they can always turn to you!

Helping Your Twin Rise Into Awakening

And to help them step out of alignment with negative people and programming, use this clearing – it will protect you and them as a pair, uplift your timelines and cleanse their system of damaging 3D ego programming

This stuff has all been keeping them in a feeling of loneliness… Like they have to hide their true self from the people around them.

Later this weekend Mercury moves into this same opposition with Saturn, indicating more of this same issue. Spirit shows us, light often triggers darkness.

When someone finds their spirituality, when someone is in the process of awakening they are often challenged by those who knew them before – the ones who are still in the regular “3D” consciousness.

Spiritual Phenomena – A Global Tendency

Ultimately, we can never convince anyone else of a spiritual link or the Twin Flame connection (read more about why so many people disbelieve the Twin Flame connection here).

Spirit shows us, when it feels lonely, when it feels tough – go within. Allow your Twin’s higher self to nurture you and connect with your guidance (click here to do so). They will ALWAYS understand.

As this Mars/Saturn challenge happens conjunct the North Node in Cancer, we see this is actually a process happening in humanity at large.

There is an immense amount of people experiencing spiritual phenomena, whether through angel numbers, dream experiences, visions, meditations or other methods…

More and more people are awakening but there is still “pressure from the outside to conform”.

The internet is key to making this process smoother, but there are still many who feel alone with their experiences in daily life.

Creating Positive Karma – Who Have You Signed Up To Awaken?

It’s likely in this period that you may hear someone mentioning spirituality in some way, and do answer them gently and guide them in a positive direction, spirit asks.

This can make such a big difference to someone in awakening – and it creates positive karma for you.

Did you know that many of us have “signed up” to help other people awaken?

I have had cab drivers, gym trainers, hairdressers, friends of friends and others show up in my life and out of the blue they reveal spiritual experiences which I just “happen” to know about and can guide them on…

Did I ever tell you about when I met my False Twin Flame and it turned out spirit was trying to get me to awaken him?

He revealed he had experienced remote interaction with a “mystery spirit woman” – a key hallmark of the Twin Flame connection, which I was able to nudge him in the right direction on… (Read about that, and how to recognize a False Twin from a “genuine Twin” here)


Is Your Favorite Celebrity Awakening Spiritually?

Another thing spirit shows us is there are more and more “famous” males awakening spiritually as a strategic soul’s choice to spreading acceptance for spiritually evolved and sensitive role models of the masculine.

Read more about what this means here in the Channeled Message From The Divine Masculine.

divine masculine twin soul

Don’t be surprised if you see your favorite male movie star or singer wearing gemstone jewellery, talking about the afterlife or about meditation…

This is something that is happening in a more and more widespread manner.

Not everyone is “out” and open about it yet, shows spirit, but more and more are finding the courage to share their experiences and being guides for a “brighter tomorrow”.

Themes are “awakening the mother’s instinct in the Masculine”, and standing up for values of nurturing in the face of finance and profit motif (Saturn and Pluto R in Capricorn)!

Rare Triple Conjunction – Masculine Soul’s Development

Saturday the conjunction between North Node, Mars and Mercury hits exact – signifying that this theme is at a peak.

The Masculine is being pushed, often by his own conscience, to speak out for the greater good…

Whether your own Twin counterpart seems awakened or not, there is likely a stirring for something higher and more balanced going on in their own world.

Perhaps a crisis of morality, a challenge where they feel stirred to step up or speak out.

To help your Twin and open up to a smooth and positive awakening for them, have a look here. Most go through a drawn out “dark night of the soul” and this can feel lonely.

You can help them and you by uplifting your connection energetically – this opens up to a smoother awakening on the “outside human plane”.

Awakening Via Protection Instinct

We are shown by spirit that this transit with Mars in Cancer, is awakening his heart “by proxy”.

It may be that caring about those who are vulnerable and unprotected, is how “his” heart is first opened…

It may not be from romantic love to begin with – but know that caring about those who are weaker, or wanting to do good for the world are expressions of a caring heart. And with this reawakening of the heart, comes the Twin Flame connection.

Because this is where the Twins are bonded above all. It’s why it’s so important to go into your HEART to fully experience and uplift the connection’s divine bond.

It can’t happen via the mind. Not even via the crown or third eye. It’s a HEART connection above all.

(I take you through how to unleash your heart’s true power to activate and ignite your Twin Flame connection here.)

The Beginning Of Something Big

This is set to be a week where you may be surprised by your counterpart. You may notice the stirrings of new behavior in them.

Know that it’s the tip of the iceberg – and show that you accept them so they feel safe to come to you!

Stay aware of your focus, and hold your intentions high. Turn any mental worst case scenario into best case scenarios – visualize your dream come true and hold that feeling in your heart.

If you need some help with that, I’m ready to guide you.

As always, I’m sending you love and light for your continued journey! <3

Cassady x


“I’ve been following Cassady for almost a year now and I have to say the information she provides is simply life altering! She gives both the knowledge and tools to not only bring higher awareness, but also help shift your vibration. I have been blessed to be guided to this information during some very challenging transitions. Her insight has really helped me move through deep soul work that my partner and I have been moving through towards. Thank you Cassady!”

Jeanine, California, USA

twin flame program

Want more? For my step-by-step “roadmap” to Twin Flame Union, created after my Twin and I reached Union on my own journey – have a look at the Vibrational Alignment Program for Twin Flames.

(You can also read here about other Twins’ experiences with the program)

Alternatively, you can try my Free Help Kit for Twin Flames!

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