Heart-Lead Change: Gateway To Profound Healing. Plus, Old Roles From The Past Return – False Masks In The Twin Flame Mirror…

After an intense weekend with the Capricorn Full Moon, we begin this week with a positive trine with Venus in Gemini – bringing the two Feminine energy planets together in a meeting through fire and air.

There’s a feeling of mutual understanding in love right now, especially through communication, mental pursuits and shared goals and activities.

However, these two energies tend to impatience so there’s a possibility of one or both partners feeling like the other isn’t listening or truly understanding them.

With Mercury still in a trine with Venus from last week, we see that communication is generally harmonious in love right now. You’re set to feel a sense of mutual understanding.

To make the most of this time and cut through Ego “issues” make sure you connect with your Twin on the soul planes to strengthen your love bond and invite in real world interactions from a higher state.

Go here to get a Free Guided Meditation where I take you through this step by step.




Love Realizations Incoming

For a short time on Tuesday Venus finds herself unaspected, which shows the veil of “human illusion” and obscurity is lifted and you can be honest with yourself in love.

Insights and experiences you have right now are set to be strongly focused around love. It’s time to face reality in romance.

We also see the Twin Flames able to connect without “outside” factors being involved and disrupting the relationship in this short period.

Self love is a central issue right now, and if there is a tendency to be looking to others to fulfil us and provide love (feeling bad to be alone, afraid of being abandoned) this time is set to feel strangely isolating and emotionally empty.

Spirit’s insight is that we must always fill up our own heart, because otherwise we attract dysfunction through fear and need in our relationships. When we connect into our deeper soul nature, we are always loved, loving… our heart flows over with love, magnetizing in radiant attraction from our true mirror soul.

To read more about the Twin Flame Mirror, go here. And, if you feel you could use some assistance in opening your heart to your own love, centering into self love – go here.



The Past Complicating Your Ideals Of Love

One of this month’s biggest tendencies in love has to do with Venus’ current “battle” with Neptune. The two planets are moving into an ever more exact square – a challenge that peaks on July 17th. This signals a clash between personal desire for pleasure and higher spiritual, emotion driven aims.

In particular, we’re shown the complication of old emotions on the path of love. There are unconscious emotional patterns from early life that are disrupting your ability to feel at peace in love.

These emotional patterns are so unconscious we are nearly always unaware that we even have them – it’s all about reactions. The automatic responses.

You know the feeling of being sucker-punched in the stomach at the thought of your Twin cheating, or of losing your job or your friend betraying you?

Hardwired emotional responses that permeate into our physical being through sheer force…



What Is Keeping You From Your “Heaven On Earth”?

Neptune and Venus are “helping” us get clarity into these, into what has kept us from “flow” in love.

What snags are there, and where do they really come from? What is keeping us from “Heaven on Earth”?

Usually it’s the emotional responses that keep us from feeling truly at peace. In the ever changing world of human relationships, we find peace within.

Within ourselves, and within the immaculate love of the Twin Flame soul connection above all. So what’s keeping you from dwelling in that peace? What is keeping you from feeling confident in love?

Spirit shows us – As a soul you know that you are always loved, always deserving of love, that you exist in love… So what’s keeping you from that now in your daily life?

Most Twin Flames journeys are complicated by negative belief blocks around love and relationships – when we grow up being told that men always cheat, or that marriages never last, that Twin Flames always have a hard time together…

These become “blueprints of manifestation” operating on automatic in your field (Read more here).

To open up to love and Twin Flame Reunion it’s essential to clear these. Have a look here for a deep clearing session where I take you through erasing this damaging programming for good.


Guided By The Heart – Love As Guiding Star

This is the ‘detective work’ we’re now being helped with. Expect to notice these signs now. With Neptune’s involvement with both the Moon (midweek) and Venus right now – it’s clear that insights and illumination comes from going within.

Meditation, dream journaling, creative work is highly healing and brings transformative insights into love right now.

We’re set to feel “hazy” minded right now, but as always in times like that – it’s a way to make us take our focus off analysis and the mental world and feel into the heart and emotions.

Allow your heart to guide you right now, its wisdom will steer you well. Ask: Does this decision/focus/thought/communication lead closer to love, or further away from it?


Profound Healing Between Masculine/Feminine

On Friday the Sun moves ever closer to couple with dynamic Mars, which is set to invigorate the whole cosmos – as mentioned previously, this deals with the Mother archetype coming face to face with the warrior archetype.

Profound healing can take place in this period – especially between Masculine and Feminine. (Read more here about what the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine really mean)

The Twin Flame bond is a wonderfully strange connection – completely unique in that most Twin Flames have been “everything” to one another at some point in existence. Mother, father, son, daughter, friends, lovers…

Our connections encompass the full spectrum of human love. The Mother/Son theme of the connection is highly aspected right now – with potential to heal wounds around the Feminine feeling abandoned, and the Masculine’s feelings of rejection from the one safe haven of unconditional love he ever knew… The mother’s womb.

We will do best to not place human labels on these feelings, but allow any lingering issues to be shown up and clear them out.



What Love Blocks Did You Inherit From Your Family?

There are a lot of early life issues coming up right now – be as open as you can, and use energy management to help you heal and uplift your “love blueprint” from early life.

In love, psychology shows that our connection with our parents and guardians form the template for all our adult life relationships.

Sun and Mars finally get together in Leo on July 27th. Again, as the Moon conjuncts Chiron late this week, emotional healing is yet again the focus.

With Chiron moving Retrograde right now, it’s all about past emotional wounds being triggered, highlighted and given potential for healing. If recurring issues crop up right now – do what you can to resolve them.

Get to the core, and find out what really happened back in time to cause the negative emotional response. Afraid of abandonment?

Find out why, so you can resolve it. Afraid of being cheated on, or not being good enough?

Dig into why these thoughts and feelings and fears first came from.

Spirit’s insight is many of our fears are “inherited” – meaning we saw our parents and other adults afraid of something, and took on the pattern as “truth” – and based in past life karma.

We all share past life karma with our Twin Flame, and these experiences can cause big blocks in the current connection. You can take a quiz on Twin Flame Karma here.

And to discover more about getting to grips with karma and inherited blocks once and for all – go here.



Where Does True Happiness Come From?

For the next two days as Mercury forms a supportive connection with Jupiter (now moving direct in the house of relationships and marriage), you will have the ability to gain higher insights into love and relationships and help you for your future path.

Revolutionary insights into the nature of your Future Twin Flame connection, are set to come up. We’re shown that accessing the Heart’s truth – allowing the heart to speak its desires, knowing, its love… is the way to progress with your Twin Flame connection.

With Mercury (communication) in Leo (sign of the heart, bravery) supporting Jupiter (symbolizing now the Twin Flame pair) – we see it’s all about this flow between truth, heart and shared love.


An Exercise In “Productive Dreaming”

A wonderful exercise for this time is to sit down and feel into your heart and what truly makes you happy.

If you had more than enough money for the rest of your life, what would you spend your time on? What job would you do even if you didn’t get paid? Where would you love to live, travel, and who would you love to do it with? What makes you light up with excitement, happiness, passion?

Allow your heart to express itself, and write down your biggest dreams and goals for your life and for love – focusing on the pinnacle of happiness, love, bliss.

And once you think you’ve set your goals, aim even higher! Think – how could things be even better? Go beyond what you’ve experienced in life before. Think big!

This stretches your boundaries, allowing for an even higher vibration manifestation to begin to grow forth.

For a full session on Manifestation, where I take you through the process step by step, go here.



Learning About The Deeper Aspects Of Unconditional Love

Saturday, the Aries Moon connects with its ruling planet Mars in Cancer to yet again trigger these Mother/Son, Feminine/Masculine, Nurturer/Warrior themes. This is in astrology called Mutual Reception.

The two planets are in each others’ home signs – visitors on each others’ turf. This indicates a rare ability to get insight into an opposing perspective.

Expect to see your Twin Flame’s side of things now, in a surprising and emotionally profound way.

Forgiveness is heightened in this period as the Feminine can now understand why the Masculine acted a certain way, and vice versa.

This has potential to be a deeply humbling time of emotional bonds growing closer in a love that’s based in mutual understanding. Not romantic love as such, but the undying bond of mutual care and support.

To read more about the Real, Deeper Soul Reason why your Twin Flame might have hurt you – have a look at this controversial article.



Are You Showing A “False Mask” Of Self To The Twin Flame Mirror?

Sunday we have a brief grand trine in Fire that’s set to help us resolve certain old issues from the past – old wounds relating to emotions and communication, especially where others’ words hurt us and caused us to close down our hearts.

Most human beings have an inner private sphere we rarely let anyone into – and most often this stems from experiences where we were made to feel “wrong” for who we were deep down.

For Twin Flames this is a major block to Reunion and Harmony as it keeps us sending out a “false mask” of self to our mirror soul and attracting dysfunction.

With this brief transit we can through sheer willpower overcome and break through these issues. The fire element never shies away from a challenge, and it has no qualms about putting its foot down when something isn’t working.



Uplifting The Future

So this is an amazing time for making real changes to the dynamic of your relationship – you have the willpower and the emotional insight to know what’s “wrong” or skewed, honestly address it and power through into your chosen new paradigm instead.

For maximum effects, feel into where you closed off and why – all the reasons why you might not feel safe to fully open up to your Twin Flame, faults and all – and clear this using metaphysical energy methods to recalibrate your system. Then, spend some time focusing into what you want instead.

Pick images, songs, films, writing that encapsulates the feeling of your ideal situation – and send this new intention into your energy, to your Twin and out into the universe…

I take you through this process step by step in the Higher Heart Transformation Journey for Twin Flames here. Have a look.


As always, I’m sending you love and light for your continued journey!

I’m so honored to be on this beautiful path alongside you. <3?

Cassady x

“Cassady’s guided meditations help me uplift better than anything I’ve tried in the past 6 years of clearing/trying to heal! I’ve tried violet flame mantras, psychic energy clearings, and more…”?

– ?Erin B, Indiana, USA

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  1. I just thought of one of those age-old damaging beliefs….that women should never pursue men. So many fears attached to that:
    – fear of looking desperate/needy
    – fear of losing power/allure/sexual mystique
    – fear that men will take advantage
    Even the idea that if you were the perfect package that you wouldn’t need to pursue because men would automatically be pursuing you has all sorts of negative undertones. I can still here my mom saying that girls don’t call boys. Girls wait for the boy to call. Just uncovered this little “gem” :-). Gonna get to work on it. Thanks for helping me “find” it!!!!!!!!

  2. “The Twin Flame bond is a wonderfully strange connection – completely unique in that most Twin Flames have been ‘everything’ to one another at some point in existence. Mother, father, son, daughter, friends, lovers…” – Does this mean the idea that Twin Flames only incarnate together once is a romanticized myth, much like the idea of only having one soul mate per lifetime?

  3. I want to express my gratitude and thanks to your articles. They are always perfectly timed. For a few months now, I have been meditating and following the free version of your system. I have been asking for guidance from my higher self and twin flame. This past week, I met someone and things are getting better so fast, my head is spinning. I always thought my ex was my twin flame. We couldn’t be apart. We went through so much dysfunction. Thanks to your information, I finally realize that it was a codependent relationship. He made me feel like a worthless person and your true twin flame wouldn’t do that. The more I read and educate myself here, the more I realize that I have been using this concept as an excuse to continue tied to a man that isn’t worth my time. Now this new guy came along with horns blowing (signs are every where! Literally – so many things that I believe are the work of the universe to clear any doubt) and I feel at home. I feel like everything you talk about here resonates with him. I have dated in the past and have met many people after the ex mentioned above but none were like this one. I think the universe, spirit, the stars and my higher self are finally saying duh! here you go silly! lol. Thanks!

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