Venus Joined by Mercury Retrograde… Tidying Up The Past, For Love To Arrive. Karmic Connections Breaking. Plus, The Universe Highlights Your Sacred Beauty And Deep Value. Are You Ready?

Welcome into a brand new week in the cosmic energies.

Highlights this week include:

Venus Retrograde is joined by Mercury Retrograde. Karmic outsider connections breaking apart, childhood wounds coming up for resolution… 

So you can be ready for unity on all levels (don’t worry, your higher selves are working to help you!)…

Discover more below!

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Soul Love And “Past Destiny” In Focus

We enter into this week with some major powerful transits affecting the atmosphere.

Notable for Twin Flames is Sun conjunct Venus Retrograde and Juno, asteroid of soul love and marriage.

There’s a karmic recalibration of past love happening.

It could include old wounds between Twin Flames coming to the surface, such as past life betrayals (the root cause of now moment issues)…

Breaking Karmic Links

If problems seem to flare up, know that it’s “trying” to help you release the root of the issue once and for all.

Another theme is breakups of relationships that are NOT soul led or “divinely guided”.

In order to make way for true relationships based in unconditional love – Twin Flames united in the physical.

It could be happening with you, or your counterpart on their end.

Ending “Outsider” Relationships

It could involve relationships and past life marriage contracts with outsiders coming up for resolution (particularly to be ended) in order to ready you both for unity.

This is huge for Twin Flames, but often we don’t fully realize how to work with this process.

Many Twins are “held up” in their union process because past connections or outsider “contracts” such as marriage/intents of commitment are keeping them “unavailable” energetically in the present moment.

There can be cords, attachments, promises, even soul contracts from the past that mean we are not fully available to union. So it’s key to deal with this right now.

(I help you with it here in the Oneness Code Activation – a full preparation for Twin Flame Union, including karmic reset and entering into the sacred marriage, “Hieros Gamos”.)


Inner Wholeness

So expect this week to bring pressure to deal with these things once and for all.

In short, un-doing relationships that are NOT guided by soul love.

Because the Sun is conjunct Juno, you’re also being alerted and encouraged to enter into INNER unity with YOURSELF.

To step into inner wholeness and activate the templates of unity WITHIN…

Because “downloading” this on the inside will ready your system to receive it on the “outside”. (I take you through all this work in the Oneness Code Activation)

The Karmic Feminine

Another notable effect comes from Mars in Sagittarius opposition Lilith in Gemini. The key here is, there may be feminine/masculine conflict coming up…

BUT it’s not really YOURS.

There is something that may have caused hurt or rejection or conflict between the Twins that is “false”.

You may be feeling collective female karma, not your OWN emotions or the truth about your connection.

Unconscious “Baggage”

Pay very close attention, because you’ll be able to feel into this if you go deep enough. It feels like a “historical female sorrow/victimhood”.

The despair of never being loved faithfully, and more…

The problem is, this content powerfully blocks and disrupts the Twin Flame connection… And we are hooked into it via biological gender, on the unconscious level.

It can keep Twins from reuniting, by keeping you hooked into this historical trauma playing out over and over in “loops” of repeated cycles of pain…

Historical Trauma

And the thing is, it’s not YOURS to live out. It’s something you are picking up on from the collective fields.

When you have it in your system it can unfortunately deflect your counterpart, and “push” them into displaying the exact behavior that you (the historical trauma) are afraid of!

If you’re a female Twin Flame, this is a KEY block to the journey to get rid of.


Twin Flame Drama

And if you’re the Masculine/Male Twin, you would benefit from reassuring your counterpart and clearing it from YOUR system, as it will shift your whole connection.

You will notice when you release and heal it, that you have SO much less drama in your connection.

You’ll FEEL love and be open to love more.

You’ll be available to the higher aspects of the journey. A true match with unity.

Phantoms Of The Past

Remember the collective karma is not yours to live. You are here to be YOU, not to live through past baggage from human history.

You came here to break through it, not to get stuck in it!

You and your Twin are beings of love. As souls you only share love.

Again, go here to resolve this “false karma”.

Venus/Mars Conjunction – Heightened Reunion Period

With the karmic release, we see this is a crucial period of preparation for the upcoming “second reunions” period…

As we are headed closer to Mars/Venus conjunction in Capricorn in a month’s time (the first was in July 2021 as they met in Leo).

It means, whatever happens now is designed to prepare and cleanse you – but you have to be conscious and truly release. 

With Mercury and Saturn joined up in Aquarius, the good news is you’re more able to recognize “false negativity” and old cycles than usual.

Shifting Perspectives

You’ll be more able to recognize negativity at work, and go: “I don’t want more of this. I’m going to shift my perspective consciously”.

And that is a HUGE benefit. It can change everything. You’re also helped by this by Pallas, representing the (True Higher) Divine Feminine, conjunct Neptune.

This means your higher self is more active and involved on your journey than you’re usually able to perceive.

Your own higher faculties are switched on, and it’s most of all lending benefits to strategy and being able to stay in your truth.

To not be swayed by fear, but stay in love and remember what the journey is all about.

Preparation For Divine Love

In fact Neptune trines Sun/Juno/Venus Retrograde and affirms that yes, what is happening this week, is indeed a part of the process of bringing DIVINE love into the physical.

Including any breakdowns of previous relationships and dynamics.

You are being stripped of your attachment to people and places that do not belong in your future anymore”, are the words we receive.

Major Life Shakeup – For Love

It seems it may feel sad or somewhat confusing while it’s happening, but it’s for the highest good.

It’s about making you AVAILABLE to True Soul Love, Twin Flame unity made manifest in the physical world.

Mars is challenged by several important planets, so it seems as if the Masculine Twin is being “kept from knowing” this on some level right now.

They are, as a physical 3D “ego self”, not so involved with their counterpart in general right now.

Anchoring In Soul Love – Then…?

This is in order to make room for the HIGHER self, the soul love, to come through for the Feminine Twin. The rest will come later, we’re told.

If your Masculine Twin seems out of reach right now, try not to worry because their higher self wants you to focus on THAT part of them.

The “real me”, they call it!

So go to their higher self (we do this here) and allow them to anchor in divine love with you, so it will flow more and more in the physical.

Masculine Awakening Time…

Think of it like this, instead of focusing on their “3D” self and being frustrated at things maybe not being ideal…

which only reinforces that, and keeps YOU from ascending to your highest…

Go to their higher self and allow them to lift you up. To anchor in union so you make it available in the physical.

Recalibrating Love

This week can bring challenges in love, but the purpose is to get you to love.

Above all, there is a re-evaluation, re-experiencing of past themes, to push you to recognize and release what has outworn its use.  

We are in a process of deep change.

Try to take a higher perspective and look at challenges from an angle of:
“How is this designed to HELP me get to my highest?”

What block or fear is this showing up? Then clear it, so the path opens and your dynamic lifts higher (for help, go here).

Taking It Slow

Avoid making hasty decisions these next few weeks due to retrogrades.

This is a period to reflect and go inward instead of rushing into action, as you may change your mind later on.

With Uranus trine Venus retrograde, this whole week brings themes of:

Where were you not true to yourself in the past? Where did you allow yourself to settle for less? Where did you act unloving toward yourSELF?

 It’s highlighted now so you can recognize it and release the inner deeper CAUSES of it… (For more have a look at the Inner Child Healing here)

Showing Up Your Highest

Uranus also brings unexpected events or info, that might reveal a new side of your counterpart or yourself… which is designed to open the path in some way.

You’re asked to look at things differently. Be willing to forget what you THOUGHT in love.

Because your past perspective may have kept things locked in a particular recurring pattern, that’s been unhappy or not satisfying.

Opening up your perspective brings flow, progress and solutions.

(If this feels hard to do, use the Free Twin Flame energy cleanse here)

Have You Been Deflecting Love?

Work to open to ALLOW love to show up for you.

That might be challenging though, because our self image is in a process of change and purification.

Because Pluto is involved with Juno, the Sun, and Venus Retrograde, how we see ourselves as a romantic partner and how we THINK our Twin feels about us, is in a period of “detox”.

It means resistance, insecurity, and fears are surfacing.

Twin Flame Magnetism

Many Twins lose magnetism due to comparing themselves to others and trying to live up to false ideals, and it complicates and slows down the journey.

So this is all about removing what has blocked magnetism. 

As the Sun interacts with Neptune, we see that it’s the “3D masks of self” that are being dismantled, so that our true soul self can shine forth.

It also means Twin Flame “supernatural” experiences are on a high – shared dreams, telepathy, feeling your counterpart with you as a spiritual presence…

Going within and interacting with your Twin’s higher self and allow them to mirror back your most loved self – how they truly see you – will be deeply healing.

(For help go here – class 2, 4 and 6) 

twin flame story

Communication Challenge

An issue is that Mercury squares Uranus Retrograde, which can bring unwanted news or disruptions. Or you may feel worried about opening up.

Don’t be surprised if something happens that disrupts the seeming connection between you – especially on the 3D human plane.

There might be misunderstandings between you in the outer world, or there might be misunderstandings…

It’s also an indication to not focus on the 3D. Go higher. Because if you go higher to their soul, there are no problems! 

Giving Away Your Power?

Spirit shows us, you are in general being encouraged to seek your own counsel (and your Twin’s on the higher soul level).

To stop listening to “outsiders” in the human world and giving away your power.

It’s a key lesson in the preparation for deeper unity. 

The good news is, Saturn’s effect is helping you have stronger trust in yourself and discerning the truth. So go within, go to true guidance – and listen to your intuition.

Mercury Retrograde

A major event is that January 15th, Mercury begins his first Retrograde of the year.

It’s a time of purging and recalibration of the throat chakra and communication fields for the collective.

Don’t take things at face value these coming weeks.

As Venus is also Retrograde until January 29th as well, things are set to be “up in the air” and confusing or complicated.

Especially in love and communication, where we are “tidying up the past” to make room for a higher future.

What Have You Been Saying?

A key theme for Twin Flames this coming period:

Have you been “speaking or thinking negativity” into your connection? If so, you’ll be shown this somehow, so you can clear it and lift higher.

Because what you think and speak into your connection and life, tends to be reflected back to you as “real”.

For example, If you speak about your Twin Flame as a “Runner” all the time, unfortunately you’re entrenching it.

It gets harder for them to shift out of because the two of you are aspects of the same consciousness – your focus strongly affects them.

(More on that in this article)

Wake-Up Call

This time is set to be a bit of a wakeup-call for many, says spirit.

If you’ve been pushing negativity into your connection and approaching the journey from a place of “playing small”…

Not taking responsibility for YOUR input and how YOU have been affecting your connection, it’s being shown up now.

With Saturn involved, it’s a lot about taking responsibility.

Why It’s All About YOU

Because if YOU are not aligned with unity and love, ultimately no one else can deliver it to you. “As Within, So Without”.

YOU have to be a match.

So it’s time to be honest with ourselves and changing our approach if needed.

Aquarius rules third eye (brow chakra) perception, and so Mercury Retrograde here also shows up distortions…

Illusions and limiting beliefs, including entity influence – that may have blocked you from SEEING and RECOGNIZING the love that truly IS there between you…

or how CLOSE it is to arriving tangibly.

Ideas Of Separation, Bring Separation?

Releasing any negative limited belief systems around the connection, is key.

Including the “DM vs DF” paradigms, ideas of men and women as opponents in love, stereotypes of males always being unfaithful, and more.

These will unfortunately just bring more and more experiences of that drama – separation.

Focus on love. Unity.

Clear out the distortions. Because they will only block you further.

What are the key beliefs that block Twin Flames? Click here to learn more.

Past Wounds

January 16th, Venus squares Chiron, the wounded healer, which can tend to bring up all our deeper insecurities and fears in love.

This can be tough, but ultimately meant to help us heal.

De-tangling any past hurts around rejection, wounding, hurt, heartbreak or feeling unloved in childhood, will yield powerful results and shift your connection into harmony.

Once you heal the deeper wounds, your whole connection shifts.

(I would strongly recommend Inner Child Healing, to resolve this)

Deep Realizations

You may realize at this time that YOU are being unloving with yourself, that you deserve more, or that you are not opening up enough to the connection – for fear of being hurt.

Be brave, face the mirror of your own inner self and be honest about what you see there.

Heal the deepest shadows of hurt, and you change the future and the situation between you. (I’ll help you with this here)

A Week For Preparation

This week is set to be a time of cleansing in preparation for unity. It might be challenging, but it’s for a reason.

The key is, we have to co-operate.

If you keep running from your own shadows and avoid responsibility…

If you keep seeking outside salvation from a place of victimhood, unfortunately it can’t work. “As within, so without”.

Your soul is calling. It knows the way to your heart’s true desire for unconditional love in the physical. This is part of it. But you have to be willing.

There are exciting times ahead still, and I can’t wait to share more in the coming weeks!

Until next time, as always I’m sending you love and light for your continued journey <3

Cassady x


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