twin-flame-loveA Week For Positive Surprises… Karmic Outsiders Are No Match For Twin Flame Love – Discover What Your Counterpart Is Really Feeling Deep Down


Welcome into a brand new week in the cosmic energies!

Highlights this week include:

Continued focus in Leo pushes you to step into your true worth and claim your divine birthright. Plus, things have not all been as they seemed in your Twin Flame connection…

Discover more below!

Issues Of Worth And Belief…

We’re in for another week with a strong focus in Leo, which brings themes of the heart, courage, leadership and following your passions. Being in your own power and mastery are strong areas of focus right now.

Expect to feel support from the universe when you DO step into your authentic truth, but if you’re not you may be pushed there.

You ARE worthy of all your desires. You ARE worthy of Twin Flame Unity. You ARE good and special and loveable!

But if you have beliefs that go against it, they will be pushed to the surface in this period and that can be unpleasant. Do make sure you stay on top of your inner work, so you can release the blocks and open to your true divine desires and love.

Use the Free Energy Cleanse Guided Meditation and the other resources here. I get messages from Twin Flames every single week about the positive effects of these tools (read some of them here)!


“Whenever I do your free energy clearing meditation my Twin texts me just as it’s ended. It truly has opened up the connection.” – Taz R

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Is It A Battle Worth Fighting?

Shining your light, following your passions are positive themes right now, and there may be a re-igniting of romance and bonds of the heart. However, Leo is also the sign of drama, egos and position, so stay away from any unnecessary conflict.

Remember, judgment, conflict and blame create separation between Twin Flames. Some battles are not worth fighting.

Know that you are “one soul in two bodies” – if you push negativity toward them, it will only come back to you amplified. Send them love, and it uplifts the whole connection. The “mirror” is always on.

Learn more in “The Truth About The Twin Flame Mirror” here.


Shadow Feminine – “Bad Influence” Around The Masculine

We have a trine between the Sun and Mars this week, indicating passion and a positive flow of motion. Things are moving forward again.

Another positive is that the Sun is out of opposition with the major heavyweight planets who have been putting pressure on us throughout most of 2020.

This means you’ll feel generally less blocked and challenged in this period. However, there are some potential snags. Monday-Tuesday we have a conjunction between Mars and Lilith Retrograde, symbolizing the shadow karmic feminine.

With this conjunction we have potential for “bad influences” on the Masculine Twin. (Or past negativity regarding females coming up to be balanced.)

Is It Really Real Or Is It History?

It could be ill-intended advice pushed on them by a female relative who’s bitter about love, it could be a female presence pushing negativity between you and your counterpart due to jealousy.

In essence, it’s about females who are “shadowy”, with “bad intentions”. If this is going on in your connection, have a look at this article on “Twin Flame Sabotage” because there are powerful solutions.

The other potential version of events is that the female Twin is so full of historical baggage and the “human relationship trauma” of disappointment, sadness and conflict, that she is unconsciously blocking her counterpart.

We see, he is right there, but she doesn’t realize it because of the karmic negativity “blinding” her. He COULD come closer, but her energy is deflecting it without realizing it.

(In this case it’s CRUCIAL to clear the underlying karmic programming that’s keeping things stuck in separation – learn how here)

What Truly Invites In Love, Vs Blocks It

Remember love comes when we are OPEN to it – not when we want it mentally or get upset that it’s not there.

When we are full of blame, anger, sadness, fear and other low vibrational energy, we deflect love – we’re on a different “radio station”.

To receive and be open to love, we must be on that frequency. Learn more here and get a free reading to assess where you’re at.

When we are born, we become part of the collective karmic fields of our biological gender. This means, we tap into karmic issues and programming that isn’t truly ours but begins to “play out as real” in our Twin Flame connection.

Twin Flame Separation? Running? Drama?
Why It’s Not Really “Your Stuff”

Typical expressions of this are issues of infidelity, repeated running, the female being emotionally clingy while the male “runs” and more – if this is going on for you it’s NOT REALLY “YOUR STUFF”!

 Stop owning it. Stop accepting it! Because that only brings more of the same. The truth is, it’s just there in the human fields and you have absorbed it without realizing.

You and your Twin are souls of light and ALWAYS share an immaculately loving connection deep down.

To open to that love, clear out the human baggage. This causes dramatic shifts – have a look here where I explain more and take you through it.


“I have been doing (the Oneness Activation) every week since you made it and now the karmic relationship my twin was in is over and I know it is because of this …I can’t thank you enough Cassady…lots of love…x” – Diane

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Your Perception May Be Off When It Comes To Your Counterpart…

Early this week we also have a square between Mercury and Mars – this indicates communication issues with your Twin Flame.

Most likely due to your outer perception not being accurate. What’s going on with them deep down, is not how you think.

The good news is, even if there’s a negative female presence around them trying to
“get them”, that’s not what the Masculine Twin Flame is after. They seem like they hardly notice “her”.

They want love, and they are more aware of it than EVER – even if you don’t see it. They are looking for YOU, their TRUE counterpart. In fact, they’re a little scared that you seem to be lost to them or out of reach…

Like they’ve messed things up or you may not be there in the future.

Again, The Oneness Activation will truly help bring the connection together, uniting your timelines and opening the communication to love. Have a look here.

The Planets’ Tough Love Gift For You…

As the Moon passes over Mars/Lilith and then onto Uranus on Tuesday-Wednesday, keep in mind what you observe regarding your Twin and another female, or think, or fear, is not the way you may perceive it.

It’s not as bad as you think, and or you’ve got it wrong completely.

It’s almost like the planets are tricking you, to show up that you STILL HAVE TRIGGERS. Because jealousy, fear, envy and so on are blocks.

They push love AWAY from us. Remember “As within, so without”.

When there are NO TRIGGERS, we are immaculately open to love and unity. So when we get triggered, it’s a “gift” – showing that we have something to clear still. SO THAT we will open to a higher love.

Again, test your alignment here to see where you’re at – are you open to love or unconsciously aligned with struggle?


Positivity, Pleasant Surprises In Love

Thursday and into the weekend, Venus moves into a sextile with Uranus, which can bring pleasant surprises and sudden shifts in love and for the Feminine Twin and in existing relationships (Twins who are in a harmonious state).

Above all, we see the Feminine Twin feeling better about themselves, more inspired and uplifted. More confident. Feeling supported by the divine or the world around them.

A challenge to the Sun says, however, that our OWN self criticism and vanity can get in the way for us. It can cause dissonance in love where there needn’t be any.

Things will be more harmonious and happy if you can love and be good to YOURSELF above all.

And – you’ll attract love more easily from others – ESPECIALLY your Twin. Have a look at this article on Self Love for the Twin Flame journey for more.


Lessened Pressure In The Cosmic Energies

Another notable shift this week is very subtle and in the background but highly potent: The three major planets Saturn, Pluto and Jupiter, whose combustion early in the year effected such huge dramatic changes in society… they are now “drifting apart”.

This is a signal that the general mood is relaxing. Things feel a little more smooth and less pressured now than earlier this summer.

This trio will join up again later in the year but in the mean time we get to experience a somewhat gentler time.

What Is Your “Home” Situation Like?

On August 11th even more energy centers in Leo as Vesta, the asteroid ruler of the home and family, enters the sign.

This brings a subtle “background” focus onto your home life – do you feel safe and well at home? If not, what changes can you make?

Know that you are being guided every step of the way.

Spirit also highlights, our being is our own “home” in the world, so going deep and spotlighting any shadows that have kept us blocked from feeling well within OURSELVES is a huge benefit right now.

Have a look here for a session where I take you on a technicolor inner journey, bypassing the ego and into the unconscious, and receive a message from your Twin’s Soul – what they are really feeling deep down.


“I’ve done it today, mind blowing. It was just like personal healing one to one! Thank you Cassady” – Edurne (via Instagram)

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How To Create Magnetism That Pulls In Twin Flame Love

The fact is, you are always home in this universe no matter what. But it doesn’t always feel like it.

You begin to truly FEEL home, well, supported, when your own INNER state can reflect this truth. When you can be whole and harmonious within.

When you can be in a state of inner calm and harmony, you will open to the experience of being home in the world and with your Twin Flame – and the heart connection between you will become shown to you more and more.

On August 15th Uranus moves retrograde while in touch with Venus. This signals that Uranus’ retrograde this time is especially connected with love – he is in fact moving in Venus’ home sign Taurus.

For the next 6 months, Uranus will be triggering heart chakra and love related “upgrades”.

Read more here about what is really going on when a planet goes retrograde – including info for this particular one and dates for all of 2020’s retrogrades.


Inner Work To Open The Path

Spirit shows us, insecurity around abandonment complexes, not feeling recognized or loved for who we truly are deep down, are likely to come up over the next few months.

Again, try to see the triggers as a gift.

The purpose is to clear out of the way anything that’s kept you from being fully free to open your heart. Such as old pain and negativity you “learned” or took on in childhood.

If you can do your own inner work voluntarily, you’ll notice getting through this time with a lot more ease. Without being triggered so much.

For a session where we upgrade, heal and cleanse your heart chakra, download the codes of unconditional love and importantly self love, go here.

After doing this work, you will NOT be so pushed by the cosmic energies to “learn lessons the hard way” in love – I know because I’ve heard from thousands of Twins who have experienced this, and it was my own experience too.

Your Own Inner Light – Discovering Secret Benefits

Other themes to this coming few months are – you discover you were your own best resource and rescuer all along. Hidden resources become revealed and highlighted.

Seeing your own beauty from a different perspective. Appreciating your own uniqueness.

Saturday the Moon joins Venus in Cancer, still trine Uranus, and this brings a nice atmosphere of gentle love, emotional bonding and intimacy.

This is a time for letting yourself be taken care of, above all. Pampering, taking time off, something involving water or the ocean will be very healing for you. Perhaps visiting or connecting with family, or eating a favorite food from childhood.

Or if you’re in the creative arts, you’ll find this a positive time for expression and inspiration.

Surprising Pleasant Developments – The Art Of Alignment

If there are issues with your family or parents, these might be triggered – however, it’s likely it happens in a surprisingly pleasant way.

You may hear from a family member you used to have drama with, only to discover that they’re being genuinely caring and nice. Spirit comments, when you uplift your own inner state, others respond differently to you.

This is a common “side effect” of energy clearing and lifting your vibration, they say – your dynamic with others changes, even if THEY haven’t changed per se, you draw out a different “version” of them.

Because “as within, so without”. And again, this is extra heightened for Twin Flames and is why inner work is so key to the journey.

When you uplift your inner state, you uplift the whole dynamic. Because you two share a collective energy field. You share the same core frequency, so when you uplift, THEY are STRONGLY uplifted too.

Higher Level Communication Between Twin Flames

Sunday, the Sun and Mercury meet in Leo, trine Mars in Aries. This is a signal that it can be a good time to reach out to your counterpart, to talk openly, to be together. Understanding flows more smoothly than in recent times, says spirit.

We see there is a flow of instructions or insights from you to them on a higher level, you provide them with understanding that changes their approach or illuminates their perspective somehow.

Spirit shows us, it could be something so simple as sharing a quote or a short inspirational clip on social media. Something that small can really shift and open the connection between you in the “outside” world.

Or it could be a dream they have about you, even, a thought or a song or a vision.

A Week For Surprises And Major Developments

Go within, connect with your Twin as souls, and allow it to flow from there. Again I take you through it for Free here, or if you want to go deeper, have a look at this session.

This is set to be a week that can bring major surprises and developments in love. A flaring up of passion and romance in your connection is highly likely.

Remember to do your inner work, stay in your light and take any “outsider” involvement with a pinch of salt.

Go to your Twin’s soul – they will ALWAYS give you the TRUTH. Hint, it’s that they love you eternally and nothing else matters!

Let them show it to you, and it will begin to become more and more “real” in the physical and everywhere. Enjoy!

Until next time, I’m sending you love and light for your continued journey! <3

Cassady x

Want more? For a guided transformation session that takes you through effortlessly clearing blocks, cleansing the cords between you and your Twin and uplifting your timelines and energies into the highest dimension possible for you at this time, have a look at the Complete Harmony Healing for Twin Flames

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