Full Moon and Mercury Retrograde Highlight Themes of Self Vs Others. The Journey Goes Deep To Unlock the Door to Unity – Have Your True Soul’s Gifts Made You “Wrong” Or Unloved By Others?


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We’re headed into another big week in energy terms – with a powerful Full Moon in the sign of relationships, plus multiple heavy retrogrades.

Mercury has just turned retrograde in Taurus, preparing to move “backwards” through Aries until 3rd May.

As you might already know, Mercury retrograde is infamous for accidents, mistakes and miscommunications… but in reality it’s the cosmic energies pushing us to go within and reconsider what “direction” we’ve been headed in so we can make adjustments before the next forward period.


Your Beliefs And Core Frequency Create Your Reality

Manifestation and progress always hinges on our inner beliefs and perspectives – they are what dictate what outer action we take and what we attract.

So Mercury retrograde periods are times where we get the chance to go within and resolve any counter-intentions, limiting beliefs and disentangle any communication issues from the last few months.

Coming around 4 times a year, Mercury retrograde is our chance to make sure we stay on track and tidy up any negativity as regards communication.

The collective energy fields are stirred up around this time and it’s notoriously tricky to “think straight” or “communicate straight” at this time.

Careful you don’t play up to it and make it worse though – many people act as is Mercury Retrograde is a three week curse from the universe where we’re guaranteed to suffer with tough lessons and mishaps. This only reinforces negativity.

Step into your own power as a co-creator of your reality and use this time to go within – in this way you’re working with the energies, not struggling against them. This is key to managing cosmic transits of energy – going with the flow instead of fighting.

Use your heart and your higher consciousness, is spirit’s advice – the Mercury Retrograde problems happen in the realms of mind, thinking and analysis, so go higher or deeper where you are unaffected.


The Ghost Of Your Relationships Past

Mercury begins his retrograde in Taurus, Venus’ home sign – the house of love,  partnerships and for Twins we’re set to be dealing with the past in terms of relationships to begin with. Next week Mercury continues his backward motion into Aries again – dealing with the self.

We can see that this current Mercury retrograde has to do with how our outer relationships are affected by our own inner issues.

The way we interact with others and our dynamic with them are reflections of our own inner relationship with ourselves. Again, the Twin Flame Mirror paradox is a big theme for 2017 – go here to read more.

Keep this insight in mind in the coming month and you’ll learn a lot about yourself and your connections with others, which is set to help you in your forward motion in the future.

We deal with self love and reinstalling new programming of inner wholeness in the Higher Heart Transformation Journey spirit channeled with me here. I was asked to deal with the fact that self love is a concept many understand intellectually but are unable to embody physically, emotionally and energetically.

I was shown how I myself had been born with the lack of self love as programming – meaning no one in my ancestry had fully loved themselves, so I didn’t have the “template” available.

This is the case for so many, and means we have to deliberately instill this programming in order to really live from inner wholeness. We go through this process in the session – this has the power to change everything from the inside out.


Self love is the “key” to the Twin Flame journey back to unity, by embodying wholeness within you become aligned with physical world wholeness with your Twin Soul.



Full Moon Highlights Themes Of Ego Vs Unity

On April 11th we have a powerful Full Moon in Libra (sign of relationships), close to Jupiter – emphasizing this theme yet again.

We dealt with Self vs Others, Ego vs Unity in last week’s transit of the Sun opposition Jupiter, and this Full Moon is set to be a culmination of these energies.

Periods leading up to the Full Moon are tense times because the collective energy fields are stirred up with unconscious material.

The Moon steers the tides in and out and the human body comprises 70% water, so when the Moon’s light shines with its full power onto earth things can get intense!

Again, this time is all about the one versus the many, being true to ourselves versus keeping harmony with others. Unity versus Self.

In social terms, most would probably deem Libra’s strengths of diplomacy, pleasantness and harmony seeking the more positive traits than Aries’ drive for action, achievement and focus on self… However, at what cost?


Why Being Selfish Might Be For The Highest Good

Spirit is lighting up that in life, many of us have relegated our own dreams and desires for the sake of the collective – family and peers, mostly.

How many of our goals have faded into the shadows because they were deemed not appropriate or realistic?

How many of our personal strengths were considered unsuitable in childhood, and how many of us were encouraged to suppress the exact traits that would serve us best in life?

An unfortunate side of diplomacy is that we often end up with a sense of shame towards ourselves when we don’t stand up for our truth – this lowers our energy vibration and keeps us out of our power.

This especially goes for females, who in most cultures are raised to consider others before self. This can cause unconscious feelings of resentment and blockages to feeling truly valued and loved by our Twin Soul – causing an energetic repulsion between the pair.


Who Are You Really?

These are all potential issues coming up around this Full Moon.

With Jupiter moving retrograde close to the Full Moon we also see again that we’re dealing with things pertaining to the past. Really, what’s bothering you right now is based in the past, and relating to others (we’re shown family, friends, peers in school from teenage and childhood years, co-workers…).

The fact is these people might have thought they had your best interests at heart, but in reality ended up limiting your freedom to be your full self, by shaming or judging the very traits that were your gift to the world…

This might not be the exact way it played out for you but these are universal themes at this time.


Why Your Twin Flame Connection Is “Perfect” Already…

As you might have read in my articles before, you as your “true self” is perfect for your Twin, and they for you.

So wherever you might have shut off your deepest passions and allowed others to block you from residing in your true power, these things come up as blocks between you and your Twin Flame.

Children are impressionable and our blocks are usually buried deeper than we know. Even if you saw a TV show as a child which made fun of a certain body type, gender or trait you embodied, it could have make a deeper impact than you tend to realize now as an adult.

Because this is how we “learn” how to be “human”. By observing what’s deemed acceptable around us – what gets us love and what causes love to be taken away from us.

When we learn that who we are is unacceptable or unloveable in some way (again, these are deeply UN-conscious wounds from childhood, before we could think logically and it lies beyond memory most often) we end up with an inner dissonance that makes us feel alienated from who we really are but unable to express that true self to anyone.

This causes blocks of shame and a deeper fear of opening up to others. So on the Twin Flame journey, it comes up again and again until we resolve it.

So are you willing to stand defenseless in the face of love? To open up that deep?

That’s a question we are being asked now. Love itself can never really us, but these fears reside in most of us and often block the reality of love.

Get to grips with these deeper underlying issues now to permanently uplift your timelines and usher in a harmonious union with your Twin on all levels. I show you how here.


Reinventing Your Future Path

As the Sun conjunctions Uranus April 13th-15th we’re given a positive yet volatile energy transit that helps us lift up into a new and more positive self image.

There’s a chance to completely “reinvent” how we see ourselves now.

This is potentially very positive – if you can use this time constructively, you can give yourself a strong boost for the coming period.

Sit down with a pen and paper, connect to your higher consciousness with the free energy cleanse tool and write down 10 things you’d like to embody. 10 traits you deem admirable and positive, whether it’s regarding fitness, spirituality or skills.

This helps mobilize your unconscious resources to make it a reality. Science shows that writing our goals down, especially by hand, greatly increases our ability to reach those goals!

If you would like some inspiration for this or reconnect with your deeper values, you might find the following insightful:

I discovered a site which gives you a Free In-Depth Video Reading of your Numerology. It goes into life path tendencies, deeper soul urge, love and relationship patterns… The feedback so far has been that it’s uncannily accurate!

Have a look here.


Lessons For The Feminine

15th April Venus finally turns direct in the home sign of the “higher octave of love” – Pisces. We’re set to be moving through shadow terrain for a few weeks longer but this marks the beginning of a more forward oriented period in love and relationships.

In this last month period we’ve seen the Feminine in particular learning lessons of self, power and achievement – first in the archetypal masculine sign of Aries where she was “shown” and downloaded balancing templates helping her to adjust anywhere she’d given away her power to others in the past.

Then, returning into the watery realms of Pisces, she was shown the boundaryless nature of the Twin Flame connection and where things might have gotten tangled up “underground”. In the unconscious realm.

All in a “cosmic effort” to balance and uplift the energy templates and create a more harmonious relationship template.


Twin Flames Re-Coding Relationships

You might have read in previous articles about how the Twin Flame pairs are currently assisting the collective in reworking the traditional “relationship templates” – the energetic coding of pairs – to uplift them into more equality, more inclusivity, more mutual support and openness.

With Venus’ retrograde this spring, much progress has been made. However, the message is that we’re not set to fully realize the benefits of this inner work until later on.

Right now the Feminine’s system is busy integrating recent changes…

To help with this releasing of negativity and help your system integrate the new light codes coming in with more ease – I would highly recommend using energy clearing and management.

I’ve created the Vibrational Alignment Program especially for Twin Flames, and you can get a “sample” with a powerful energy cleanse tool in the Free Help Kit.

Until next time, I’m sending you love and light for your continued journey! <3

Cassady x

“My Twin Flame is a Runner and something amazing happened today… I’ve done the clearing two days in a row so far, and guess who called me this morning after doing the meditation and energy cleanse? Yup, you guessed it… he called on his own without prompting from me! I am so darn happy, it’s a miracle!”

– Kristine D, Mass, USA

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  1. Hi Jenny!

    I’m so glad to hear that – I’m actually working on another one right now! One day as I sat down to meditate I literally heard a meditation being transmitted/channeled as soon as I closed my eyes.

    It’s on triggering unawakened twins to awaken, and anchoring the pair into higher dimensions (5D and up). Keep your eyes peeled, it should be up within a few weeks : )

    Cassady xoxo

  2. I’m so glad you find this insightful – and well done for being open to your guides’ messages even if they were challenging you! Sending you love and light <3 xoxo

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