Stop Running From Your Own Darkness. The Magic Of Twin Flame “Self Union”, What Running Is Really Trying To Tell You: Tough Truths About Twin Flame Alchemy

Every once in a while I am guided to create articles that shake you up a bit because I see so many Twins struggle with the same issues and not fully seeing what is needed to shift it.

And as always, if you are not aware, you cannot shift something.

So today’s article is another wake-up call.

Because if things aren’t happy in your connection, it’s a reflection SOME WAY of what is going on inside of YOU.

#1) So how are you treating YOURSELF? 

#2) Are you showing UP for yourself? 

#3) Are you being kind and loving and respectful toward YOURSELF?

#4) Are YOU behaving like the enlightened, loving, peaceful being you want your Twin Flame to be with you? 

#5) Are you taking ACTION for yourself, being true to your soul?

#6) Are you doing your INNER WORK, especially if you are wanting them to work on themselves and awaken?

#7) Are you whole and UNITED with and in harmony with all aspects of yourself, (masculine, feminine and >>inner child and “god self”) within?

If not, it’s time for change. And I don’t mean to be harsh with this. But when you can see where there are issues, you can begin to shift them.

Maybe not all at once, but to begin shifting – first of all by becoming more aware.

Because I guarantee you:

If things are not going the way you want them to, THIS is where things are getting stuck.

What So Many Twins Are Missing:

Most Twins have heard of the Twin Flame Mirror. But so few really approach their journey with this in mind!

The thing is, this connection is a soul bond. Largely pre-planned by you and your Twin and restricted with soul contracts to teach you important things.

Is not something you can “fix” with one oracle reading on instagram, with a spell cast by someone, or a “metaphysical disc” that is promised to magic your connection.

(At the beginning of my journey I tried ALL of these kinds of things, but I learned the hard way that they do NOT make the magical overnight difference we wish they would – full list of all the stuff I wasted time on in this article)

The truth is, you ARE a soul and you came here to awaken to your light.

And you cannot really do that if you’re not dealing with your own SELF.

Questions For Alchemy

I rarely encounter Twins who ask themselves these powerful questions that could change SO MUCH for the better:

#1) How is this situation directing me back to MYSELF?

#2) How is my Twin Flame mirroring back my OWN inner shadows or issues right now?

#3) What inside of ME could be causing this outer reflection?

#4) What am I being called to face and HEAL, to experience more love and ease in this?

#5) How would I need to show up differently in this, to get the OUTER result I want?

Those are truly the questions your soul is waiting for you to ask.

What the Universe is nudging you to, and likely has for a long time.

The questions, the keys that can and will open up your connection to a profound harmony. “Heaven on earth”.

Is Twin Flame Self Union A Thing? Yes!

The Twin Flame relationship is about two people learning to love themselves, as much as each other.

It’s not always easy – it takes dedication and self-awareness but when you do that, the rewards come back in abundance!

Ultimately, if Twin Flames want harmony they need to begin with self-love. Otherwise there tend to be disruptions, problems, running, drama and more…

What so many miss out on is that a CRUCIAL part of self love is to face your own shadows.

To show up for YOURSELF. To be brave for yourself. To push yourself beyond any toxic patterns that try to hold you stuck or in resistance.

To give YOURSELF what you long for, which is what your system is calling out for.

Above all, to stop running from YOU.

Are You Showing Up For YOURSELF?

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Self-Love As A Crucial Ingredient for Harmony

This situation really highlighted what today’s article is all about.

That how we deal with our OWN situation, what we put OUT into the world, attracts a powerful mirror in our Twin Flame. 

The Twin Flame relationship can be either full of bliss or suffering. And YOU are a huge part of how that ends up.

When you show up for yourself, when you shift higher, when you master your “Self Union”, your outer situation begins to reflect back harmony rather than struggle, drama or plain blocks/ghosting/silence.

It’s an inner journey as much as anything else.

#1) So can you love YOURSELF as much as you want THEM to?

#2) Can YOU embody the respect, trust and other things you want from THEM – for YOU?

#3) Can you BE the kind of partner you want THEM to be?

If not, it means those things are missing in your system. It’s keeping you from being a match with unity, inside and “outside”.

If you have inherited a toxic masculine energy template in your system, your masculine Twin will tend to reflect toxic traits back to you (yes, women have a masculine template too – we all have both polarity templates).

This is why deeper energy work is so important.

It’s not about “figuring it out”. It’s about alchemy.

For more on this, have a look at the article “What Is It Like To Be In Twin Flame Union?”

Why No One Is “Trying” To Hurt You

It will help you so much to remember: The Twin Flame connection is a soul mirror.

If things are tough, the universe is NOT trying to hurt you. Your Twin Flame is NOT trying to hurt you.

They are responding to your inner state.

(Your Twin can’t help this, as their energy system is always responding to you on “automatic”).

It means that any UN-HEALED INNER issues you have with yourself and from your own upbringing, tend to be reflected in the “mirror” of how your “other self” treats you.

The Greatest Gift Of All

In this way, the Twin Flame relationship can be your greatest teacher. Your greatest source of growth, alchemy and love. To journey to unconditional love.

But it HAS to start within. It cannot happen without YOU.

There are so many Twin Flames who think their counterpart is “Running” – but it is truly a reflection that THEY are trying to escape their OWN inner shadows.

That they may be abandoning their OWN SELF.

LISTEN to the mirror, and it becomes gentler.

It becomes healing, instead of a source of suffering.

How you treat yourSELF is the “recipe” for how they will tend to treat you back. And vice versa.

How To Make The Mirror Gentler

And here’s the HUGE thing so many people miss:

When you work WITH this process… When you DO your inner work, it’s smooth. You explore, learn where there might be shadows, heal and resolve.

Including if you’re physically together.

(In fact Twins who willingly work on themselves are more often in a physical world relationship together).

Twin Flames who are TRYING to RUN from their own darkness, their own fear, their own insecurities…

They are unfortunately the ones who tend to experience most problems.

(Even if it’s unconscious to them that they’re running. If you’re not sure if this applies to you, use the above questions and be as honest as you can).

Twin Flame Running As A “Set Stage” Of The Journey?
(Doesn’t Exist – It’s A “Shadow Reaction”)

When YOU do NOT listen to your soul calling for the inner work, it becomes reflected in the Twin Flame Mirror on the “outside” instead.

And that’s when separation/running/chasing and all the drama begins to happen.

It’s not a “set Twin Flame Stage”. 

It’s a “shadow reaction” – energetically – to you trying to abandon your own self.

It’s an attempt to get you to begin LISTENING. To HEAL. To get you to the unity and love you really desire and deserve.

(If you’re ready to start uplifting what the Mirror is showing back to you, have a look here)

Facing Your Own Self

Right now, ask inside. Be honest.

ARE you showing up for yourself?

ARE you embodying the inner “self union” that will make the outer harmony possible?

Only you can decide.

Cassady x

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