Are You Ignoring Divine Guidance? Discover What Your Soul Has Been Trying To Show You. Behind The Scenes Reasons Why Twin Flame Reunion May Be Eluding You…

When we first encounter our Twin Flame and experience the blissful, all-encompassing glow of Twin Flame love from heart to heart – it can feel like walking on clouds.

It’s an intensity of love that most of us have never felt before, directly from soul to soul, and it activates the heart chakra powerfully.

After connecting heart to heart with your Twin Flame, your heart will be seeking that kind of “ecstatic” unconditional love more and more.

And for many, it’s frustrating when their counterpart seems to be pulling away from the connection. When their mirror soul “runs” or there are ongoing bouts of separation…

We all want love in our lives, and in fact for Twin Flames it’s a major life purpose – a key reason we came here to life.

So what happens when Reunion keeps eluding you?

How can you eradicate whatever blocks might be keeping you from that blissful state of mutual love?

Today I’ve been guided to share some key resources and 5 secret underlying reasons that keep so many Twin Flames from Reuniting:

Why I Get So Many Emails About Runner Twins Returning…

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Twin Flame Reunion:
5 Secret Reasons Why It Might
Not Be Happening For You

So if you’re longing for Reunion and it’s not happening – the following are secret, underlying issues you might not have even realized could be impacting your Twin Flame connection!

Please suspend judgment as you read, as resolving these things can uplift your connection more than you might think at first glance:


You might already know that the Twin Flames share an identical “core frequency” or “Soul Song”. When we are living from our truth, following our passions and staying in our power, we are living in alignment with our Twin Flame Soul Song.

This makes us magnetic to our counterpart. On the other hand, when we abandon our truth, align with others and their perceptions, allow society to dilute our uniqueness…

This unfortunately takes us away from that magnetic state of attraction to our counterpart.

I know it’s easier said than done, but re-discovering and aligning with your truth can be a key part of the Twin Flame journey.

Take a look at your life and yourself. Are you being true to yourself?
Are you living your “bliss”?

If not, these could be issues to look into. Ask your guidance team to support you into re-aligning with your truth, ask for resources and opportunities to show up to help you move into your soul’s purpose – new job options, or insights, inspiration, new people who are more “on your wavelength”…

It might not be an overnight thing, but aligning with and living from your inner truth is a powerful way to attract your Twin Flame in harmony!

If you’re focused on work you don’t care about, helping everyone else, living for others or compromising your values, you’ll end up feeling drained. It lowers your vibration and entrenches receiving blocks.

On The Twin Flame journey we are being pushed back to ourselves all along – to self love, self acceptance, self respect.

Many people – above all females – are taught that they have to help and love everyone else while never taking time for themselves. Unfortunately this is a huge block to your Twin Flame union.

On a deeper level there is an alienation from self in this. And where there is alienation of self, there will be alienation from our Twin Flame Union as well.

Spending time nurturing yourself is a powerful thing – to learn to take care of yourself the way you would love a pet or a child. To above all know that it’s OK to be “selfish”, to enjoy yourself for “no reason”, to experience the fun of love and to enjoy sensual delights.

In the Higher Heart Journey we use a specially formulated alpha level meditation to bypass ego defences and go into your unconscious mind to discover underlying issues regarding self, love and deservingness.

We download the light code programming for *inner* wholeness with self, to draw out a positive reflection from the Twin Flame mirror, building harmony within the connection.

We also clear out blocks from both sides of the Twin Flame connection to uplift you both into a higher state, and we align and uplevel your shared timelines to usher in a faster Reunion.


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Remember how I’ve explained the how Range of Energy Frequencies impacts everything we experience in life? Where Love is a high vibration energy, and it’s important to uplift our state to be in alignment with it?

(If you want to learn more, there’s an explainer and a quiz here with a visual of how energy vibrations work)

Well, stress powerfully lowers your vibration. Both emotionally, mentally and physically. And it impacts your Twin Flame connection negatively.

Really, stress is based in the feeling of overwhelm in the face of too much going on.

I know that it’s not always easy in today’s world to avoid stress, and that we have to work, to deal with other people, to get from A to B every day… And these can be things that need a gradual overhaul and uplifting. It might not be an overnight thing.

But immediately spirit shows us “social media” – There are many modern stressors that don’t need to be in our lives. Where we can at least learn to reduce them.

Lessening the amount of time you spend online, is a big way to help your mind, body and emotions unwind.

And when it’s made into a regular habit, it can transform not only how you feel yourself, but your Twin Flame connection. Spirit shows us, it will streamline your energy and manifestations, removing toxic sources of chaos and disruption.

It will smooth out your journey to Reunion.

On an energetic level, clearing your chakras and aura regularly helps you remove the deeper causes of stress. You cleanse out all the excess negative, chaotic energy and emotions of overwhelm. Opening up to peace again, to calm.

Download the Free Energy Cleanse Guided Meditation here to do so, and if you want to go deeper, resolve long-standing blocks and karmic wounds, have a look here.


Spirit has for years been showing me that there are “Twin Flame virus programs” many take on when they begin exploring information about the connection online.

These consist of over-analyzing, overwhelm of information, doubt, panic…

The crux of it is, that many Twin Flames become so focused on chasing for “answers”, “solutions”, “explanations” and “predictions” that they alienate themselves from the Real Truth. Their own soul’s guidance.

They become so focused on the outer factors and other people’s opinions and writing, that they slip out of alignment with their inner power and the “blueprint” they already have inside.

The truth is that you are completely capable of navigating your way to a happy Reunion with your Twin Flame! Co-creating it, attracting it.

But to do so, it’s imperative that you click into your soul’s true guidance. Your intuition.

That you go within and connect with your “feeling compass”. Because your journey is yours to make. Other people can have their opinions, but no two Twin Flame pairs’ journeys are identical.

We are all here for love, but the parameters we chose for our lives and the lessons we desired to learn are often very different.

When you examine and analyze and dig and question every detail of your journey this creates a loop in your energy creating more and more of the same – more questions, more doubt, more worry, more mental stress.

You can drive yourself a bit crazy with overthinking (I’m sure we’ve all been there) – and the perspective that comes with that attitude is of looking for more “issues” to figure out.

The problem is that this mindset lights up and creates more and more little “issues” and blocks in the Twin Flame connection.

Over thinking keeps you from being fully present in the Now Moment and feeling the Love and Truth of your connection. The Mind can’t feel love! The heart does. When you’re in your Mind, you’re keeping Love and your Heart in the Shadows.

Spirit has been showing me for years that many Twins get addicted to the drama of the connection and that this creates problems for the connection – distracting many from their true purpose and path.

This kind of focus shift can keep you locked in information overload, pushed away from your inner light. But know that it’s never ‘Your Fault’. So please don’t feel bad if you have these habits.

If you’re someone who’s seeking answers to the extent that it feels like a panic, it’s because somewhere along the line you were taught that life is bad or dangerous and you have to stay in fear to try to protect yourself from hurt.

This kind of pattern usually comes from childhood.

People who grow up without being made to feel safe and that they can handle what life brings their way, often have issues with relationships. Because they have an unconscious pattern of expecting things to go wrong.

On the Twin Flame journey it will help you tremendously to check in with what negative programming and fear blocks you may be carrying from childhood. This kind of trauma or imbalance is usually unconscious, so we have to access and resolve it from a different plane of consciousness.

We cannot “fix it” with our grown up minds – because the damage happened on a different level of experience.

In the Inner Child Healing for Twin Flames we connect in with your Inner Child to resolve and heal any deeper unconscious fears and blocks that have been getting in the way of your ability to love and receive love.

A common theme that people report feeling better about is they finally are able to feel *deserving* of love and happiness after working on healing childhood issues.

Click here to learn more


When you ask to reunite with your Twin Flame, when you set the intention that this is what you desire and want to invite into your life, a few very specific things happen.

You begin to be given guidance for how to make it happen. As a co-creator of your reality, you always have to be the physical world vehicle that manifestations happen through.

Your guidance team will never “magically fix things for you”, because as non-incarnate beings they cannot interfere with physical reality except in rare circumstances.

In fact, I’ve been shown time and time again that we ourselves asked for things to be this way when we chose to come here and live on earth.

So when you put forth a request, ask for help or pray for Reunion (or other things), you begin to be shown two things above all:

1) What may have been blocking your desire – so that you can clear the blocks and open up to receiving

2) Action steps and guidance for how to invite in your desire and make it happen

Unfortunately, many people don’t fully pay attention to their guidance. They either are so preoccupied with other things (the internet, physical world activities, worries) that they don’t notice the repeated signs and nudges…

Or they are afraid to act on what they’re guided to.

So if you’ve been wanting and asking for Reunion, ask yourself this:
Have you been noticing repeated information, symbols or signs?

Have you had guidance but not acted on it?
Have you had repeated significant dreams that seem to be telling you something?

And – have you been noticing negativity surfacing without taking action on clearing it in a permanent way? (I.e. has something like insecurity, jealousy or blame been rearing their heads, but you’ve just hoped it would go away, or tried focusing on something else?)

Take a second look back at the last few months and try to answer this:
What divine guidance may you have been ignoring? 

If you can go back and begin to take some small action steps on what has been shown up to you, you’ll find that the situation begins to open up to a higher state of love and harmony.

And if you’re unsure, ask for more clarification. Ask to be shown the guidance in a different way, that you can easily and clearly understand. Even, ask for it to be shown up repeatedly until you understand it.

When you can begin to heed your divine guidance you’ll find that not only your Twin Flame connection but your life’s path, opens up to increased “flow”, smoothness, positivity…

In the channeled Higher Dimensional Anchoring And Awakening Session we go through clearing out any congestion and ancestral blocks that may have been keeping you from your highest potential and ability to connect with your divine guidance.

We also trigger Unawakened Twins to begin rising into full awareness of the connection, cleanse away ego defences and outworn programming, and anchor you as a pair into the highest and most beneficial state possible for you at this time, plus much more.

I’ve had so much positive feedback for this channeled session. Click here to discover more and download

twin flame awakening


Spirit shows us that many Twin Flames are in fact experiencing a soul merge or union process on the spiritual planes, which they show us to be an incredibly happy and special event.

You may have read in my articles before about how Twin Flames are never separated except on the physical reality plane.

And that there are many other planes of consciousness, where the Twins are together – spiritually, emotionally, in dreams, on the higher self levels of experience…

We’re shown that when Twin Flames choose to not pay attention to the spiritual experiences they’re having, their souls often choose to hold back on a physical world reunion until the Ego self goes within and “integrates” on a conscious level the Reunion that is already at hand.

Many Twin Flames are learning the lesson of not taking physical reality as the only truth. Many are being pushed by their soul through seeming outer blocks, into going within.

If you’re unsure whether this is what’s happening to you, then go ahead and do the following for the next few weeks and see what happens:

1) Spend some time in quiet contemplation (meditation) daily
2) Keep a journal of what you experience and see in meditation, and what you remember from your dreams.

This will help you connect in with the spiritual unity that your soul is trying to show you, and will in turn help open up to your physical world reunion.

I help you with this in the brand new Twin Flame Oneness Activation Session – Hieros Gamos Sacred Marriage. Click here to learn more and download


I hope you found this article useful! You might also want to have a look at the following:  An Important Message For Twin Flames In Separation

As always I’m sending you love and light for your continued journey <3

Cassady x

“I’ve been following Cassady for almost a year now and I have to say the information she provides is simply life altering! She gives both the knowledge and tools to not only bring higher awareness, but also help shift your vibration. I have been blessed to be guided to this information during some very challenging transitions. Her insight has really helped me move through deep soul work that my partner and I have been moving through towards. Thank you Cassady!”

Jeanine, California, USA

twin flame program

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  1. Thank you so much Cassady and Spirit for these wise and very helpful insights. I definitely recognize some of the mentioned stuff I’m still guilty of today.. ai ;), quite a bit actually. I’m so grateful for the opportunity to realize and change that, that I now know what to ‘work’ on, at all or even more. Blessings & much love to you and all, Monique

  2. Wow!! Just what I’ve been asking for and I have all 5 blocks!!! The problem I’m facing is whether I should come out to my parents as a non traditional christian anymore (not beliving in salvation by jesus and hell… etc) and risk them freaking out to the point of getting seriously physically ill or not. I was raised to go church with them every week, but since the awakening, I’m unable to tell them about my experience and that I don’t want to go or have anything to do with church anymore. I’m so afraid for their health, I wish if I can move out and have my spiritual beliefs to be non of their business anymore. I’ve been trying to solve this issue since Dec 2017 and so far, the only solution I recieved from my guidance is to write a short story about spiritual truth using talking animals as the wise creatures who tell us the truth of life. I’m going to try at it and see what happens. But I feel my problem is just not mere people pleasing, it’s a life or death situation.

  3. I have been in a relationship for nearly two years. Separation and coming together had been repeating since November, I’m feeling waves of heartbreak and joy in so many different moments I wouldn’t be able to put a number on it now. I truly believe I am here for a bigger purpose and know he is my other half. There has been such a significant amount of pain in our time apart that I question if it’s this life we are meant to come together. I know there are no amount of spiritual readings or guidance that will help us, apart from our own hearts. I have never experienced anything like this, deeper than the physical. I feel I know, just not sure he does ?

  4. I feel like I always find your posts at the PERFECT time. #5 REALLY resonated with what’s been happening to me in the past week, never would’ve thought of it that way.
    Thank you

  5. It is highly imperative that Beloveds realize that they are highly powerful beings making a difference every moment with their thoughts, feelings, intentions and actions. To however consciously act as one makes more difference than ever …realise every limiting thoughts, based on whatever belief. Stand on this fact that you are powerful. That’s what your Beloved was here to remind you of more than anything, your power is needed to uplift an entire planet and its habitants. If waiting on your Beloved moves you from this perspective, then forget waiting all together and be union YOURSELF.

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