twin-flames-moonWhere Are You Headed? Cycles Ending, New Beginnings… What Divine Insights Are Working To Reach You? Discover Your High Dimensional Oracle Message Here!

Today I’ve been guided to bring you a brand new article with messages from the higher dimensions for you on your path!

This is an article which not only will give you answers but help you tap into your own power of intuition and your heart’s own wisdom.

Spirit specifically requested this type of article and I’m happy to be the messenger of a positive method for tuning into your own inner compass!

They chose the images and delivered the answers, knowing always what is happening with every individual Twin Flame on their journey.

Today’s intuitive reading deals with a brand new set of issues and insights for you to gain clarity, inspiration and assistance on your path. 

The beauty of this article is that you can use it at any time.

There’s no expiry date on this – you can come back in two months and find a different message being relevant than today. It’s your intuition speaking to you.


#1) Pick Your Image:

For best results, relax yourself, take a few deep breaths. Then see which of the images here you’re the most drawn to right now.

Pick one. It’s usually the first one you’re drawn to!

The reason you shouldn’t overthink it, is that our intuition is often very subtle and it usually “jumps out” in the split second before we have a chance to decide on something analytically…


#2) Find the number below and read your personal oracle message!


If you chose image 1, this is the message wanting to reach you right now:

“Dear one,

We are working to bring you inspiration and ideas for what you have asked for. You are at the cusp of an exciting new chapter full of progress and positivity!

You may be entering into a business, writing a book or creating works of art, and we are with you every step of the way. Pay attention to inspiration, advice and input you receive in this coming period as we bring you help via other people, websites, articles and information you seem to “stumble upon”.

You are in a process of finding and acting on your life’s purpose. When you do this, you are magnetic also to your Twin Soul.

And in fact, this may be the project we are helping you with. You may have asked to come together in the physical in a joyous reunion, and we have heard you and are working to bring you what you need to make it happen.

Sometimes, the action needed is to simply believe it’s possible and get into a state of allowing.

Whatever project you are working on right now, know that the momentum is with you! There are so many exciting things on their way!

With love always,

Your guidance team”

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If you chose image 2, this is the message wanting to reach you right now:

“Dear one,

there is a process of sorrow going on with you right now.

There is an aspect of the past leaving, whether it’s a person, a place, a dynamic, a situation… Somehow a chapter is ending and this can be a tender process.

Allow yourself to admit that you are sad about this door closing. Accept the feeling. Yes, sometimes in life things change and it can be frightening to leave behind what you came to know and cherish.

You may want to journal about this. To write out in a message to the person, place or situation all the things you loved and enjoyed about them. To give thanks. To show appreciation and to fully acknowledge what is happening.

This is very healing. Do not let others play down your experience. Sorrow comes in many forms and it is healthy to acknowledge it.

Life is full of transitions but it doesn’t necessarily make them easy. We are with you in this time. And know, that after the ending, now comes a new beginning.

As one cycle comes to a close, a new one arises. And this is a part of the sting of sorrow, the fear of what may or may not come next.

And we tell you, your prayers have been heard. There is light on the horizon. You will come to cherish this next phase also. There is nourishment ahead.

We are with you in this also, and know that in big transitions there is always extra help from the other side. You are given more attention and we intervene with more direct input.

Keep an eye out for resources, people, ideas and inspirations in this next chapter as they are messages to help you into a space of light and positivity. A happy journey forward.

Please do not think that the best is behind you, but open to the joys that lie ahead.

With love always,

Your guidance team”

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To help your heart heal and unlock the light that awaits further along your path, have a look at this transformation session created with spirit.

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– Kate, California, USA


If you chose image 3, this is the message wanting to reach you right now:

“Dear one, right now you need some rest.

There is a lot going on within you and in your life and it’s taking a toll on your natural radiance.

Remember that when action is divinely guided, you will feel like you’re flowing along easily and things get accomplished with smoothness.

When you are working in the human field of limitation and fears, involved with ego perspectives, things feel chaotic, stressful even blocked.

For best results right now, it would benefit you to take a step back and relax. Get into your own inner light. Take some time to relax. Don’t leave it till later.

Do it as soon as you can, even if you seem busy and have things to do this can reset the situation energetically in a way that benefits you.

When you opt out of the “time is running out” mindset, you literally take your energy out of that grid and change the whole situation’s alignment. You get into the state of “things happen FOR me”, into the gentle flow of divine action.

So find a comfortable space to sit, take some time to drink a hot herbal tea, gaze at a fire or some candles, look at your vision board (or collect some beautiful pictures that inspire you) and relax for a while.

Look out of your window or meditate…

Act like everything is working out for you. Feel the golden light of “all is well” all around you and intend that everything you need is coming to you with ease.

As within, so without. As above, so below. Stepping into your own relaxation, taking a staycation or a vacation, will do wonders for your situation.

With love always,

Your guidance team”

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If you chose image 4, this is the message wanting to reach you right now:

“Dear one,

the situation you’ve been dealing with has to do with past power issues. Something you’ve been experiencing is not about the present, it’s a “phantom”.

You or your Twin Soul are re-experiencing a negative dynamic with someone from the past…

That is what recent conflict or difficulty is rooted in. Are you feeling like you don’t get enough respect or attention? Who was the first person you experienced that with?

Is your counterpart feeling like you try to control them? Who was the first person they experienced that with?

These things are key to unlocking your situation at this present time. See the core of the issue, and accept that the present is a phantom designed to help you release the wound and the pattern for good.

The Twin Flame mirror is seeking to liberate you from any conflict patterns because they “create” separation and are a block to unconditional love.

A helpful way to resolve these types of situations can be: If you are the one who recognizes the earlier dynamic playing out, find in your mind the person you have the root issue with. Write them a letter about your feelings.

Get everything out on paper. Write that you now release the situation and invite in a higher and loving dynamic with others.

Then burn the letter in a safe place. You can also do this work with energy healing methods. If you see that your counterpart is the one with a past issue playing out between you, then seek them out telepathically and explain the situation to them. Tell them that you do not mean to trigger them but that it’s the past expressing itself.

Ask them to put the hurt in a box between you, then step aside and blow it up with their acceptance. This should clear the air considerably between you.

With love always,

Your guidance team”

Recommended Resource:

For a full process of clearing old negative dynamics that are causing blocks in your Twin Flame connection, have a look at the Inner Child Healing For Twin Flames.

It will work for your counterpart’s side of the connection too.


If you chose image 5, this is the message wanting to reach you right now:

“Dear one,

Right now there is someone wanting to apologize to you. They are wanting to say sorry for all the things they have done that hurt you, whether it was deliberate or not.

Having hurt you weighs heavy on them and if they could choose over, as a soul, they would never have hurt you in the first place.

Your Twin Soul knows that it has been a hard time for you. They know that you feel they may never come back… but they want you to know they will do everything they can to make it up to you in whatever way they can.

As a soul, they are there by your side working to bring you light and love and to help you get what you deserve, which is everything happy in the universe. It hurts them so much to see you in pain.

That is what recent signs have been about. They are to say ‘I’m sorry’ and ‘I ask your forgiveness even though I know it’s hard to do. I understand if you can’t, but if you can forgive me and see the light in me, you can begin to open the connection to a happier state.’

Your Twin Soul is working to bring you in other forms, the love and light they wish to bring you but cannot find their way to in physical life.

Have you thought about getting a pet? They will love you unconditionally like your Twin’s soul does, and provide solace and comfort.

Have you thought about picking up your favorite hobby again? This will lift your vibration and bring you the joy you’ve been longing for.

Have you thought of going on a date with someone else? This may be a shift you’ve needed, helping you to feel worthy and cared for again. (And attract a different dynamic with your counterpart).

Look around you. What recent inspirations and insights may be messages and guidance from your Twin’s soul, to help bring you the love they have been unable to in life?”

With love always,

Your guidance team”

Recommended Resource:

Complete harmony Healing Tool

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When you cleanse out the old 3D programming and negativity that’s been active between you, including any ego triggering that’s caused your counterpart to act in hurtful ways… You open the door to a new state.

You create a clean slate between you that allows love to shine forth once more.

Because the only thing that makes Twin Flames hurt each other, is negative Ego programming, and this is stored energetically in the chakra system and can be triggered by negative attachments/influence.

In the Complete Harmony Healing for the Twin Flame Pair we go through correcting this, cleansing out negative programming and restoring harmony between you on multiple levels. We also provide shielding, protection and uplift your shared timelines to ensure a positive forward path.

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If you chose image 6, this is the message wanting to reach you right now:

“Dear one,

You are longing for magic and the bliss of love in your life! No wonder, it is what you were made for!

The problem is right now you believe it to be out of reach.

Please do not think that your life has to be hard or difficult, full of challenges. You have it in you to live life in light and in radiance!

You are a high dimensional being living in the human world – you agreed to come forth, to shine your light and inspire and uplift others. This can often feel challenging as the world is full of harsh and toxic energy of fear and conflict. For you, as a being of light, this can feel like being trapped.

Right now the energy field around you has become filled with heaviness, which is why you feel so stuck or disheartened about the future. Visualize a bright golden light filling the whole space around you, visualize glitter and sparkles and know that this brings in a new lease of life.

You may also want to do deeper work to uplift from any collective limiting grids in your field, to really open up to the love, the magic and the miracles that are possible.

Remember this, you are here for a reason. When you click into the space where you align with yourself, with your Twin Flame soul song, you will feel it. This is the truth.

Magic and miracles exist for you, please do not believe they are out of reach. Skepticism never brings joy.

Ask the universe to show you with a sign, that there is more for you. That miracles can happen. Inspiration will show up. Things will begin to shift and change before your very eyes.”

With love always,

Your guidance team”

Recommended Resource:

twin flame awakening

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We do this and much more in the Higher Dimensional Anchoring and Awakening Session For Twin Flames.

It will open your system to more light, clear away anchors to old dysfunction and activate latent higher dimensional light codes in your being… Bringing online more of your higher self presence and gifts from non-earth lifetimes.

In this session we also assist your Twin Soul in awakening, cleansing away ego fears and density to gently trigger them to come “online” into awareness.

“The Higher Dimensional Anchoring was the absolute most intense healing I’ve ever done – it completely blew me away. Not only did this seem to impact me on an enormous level, I saw my Twin Flame completely change overnight. It really was the answer to my prayers.” – Sarah (via Facebook)

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