Anchoring In Love And Unity In The Now Moment To Avoid Toxic Cycles And More… Discover The Ways These Seemingly “Small” Things Can Break Open Your Journey

Unfortunately, although we start off with high intentions, many “fall off track” along the way. 

So today I have a new free resource to help you make sure you stay on track with calling in love and unity in your connection.

For details and how to access, keep reading.

Twin Flame Recognition – Then…?

So, the Twin Flame connection has “found you”. Love and bliss hit like a bolt of heavenly lightning, and you know you never quite experienced anything like it before… 

But struggles may have shown up.

In fact, you may have been dealing with repeating issues for a long time. 

You may have tried to fix it or googled your heart out, watched videos or consulted psychics, and still things aren’t quite right…

So now what?

Unexpected Solutions

Whether you’re in “separation”, confused about your next steps, or are experiencing “issues” in your physical relationship, or simply want to lift higher into love and unity…

The solution may lie in an unexpected place. 

Habitual alignment. Your daily life.

The things you focus on and think about and tap into on a daily basis carry MASSIVE energy and spiritual repercussions into the Twin Flame connection!

And it’s a place so many forget to look.

Because we long for a “magic overnight fix” to arrive like a bolt from heaven, we run away from the real miracles that come when we approach things differently HERE AND NOW.

Heaven To Earth, Or Vice Versa?

Yes. So many are seeking “out there”, when a major key to the answer is “down here”. After all, you came here to be human. It is part of the experience. 

So what’s the solution?

Well, I’ve been guided to create an interactive forum for this reason! To help Twins align their path with the highest possible.

To anchor in love and positivity, to draw union closer, day by day.

By staying in a high vibration. By being aligned with unity here and now. By calling in a higher state – of your path, reunion timelines, dynamic and more.


Are You Available To Unity?

Because when you are out there chasing for info or overthinking everything, your energy is deflecting love.

When you are out there obsessively reading or watching YouTube videos or discussing the connection with others, you are not at HOME to the unity in the here and now.

It keeps avoiding you. 

So I was strongly guided to create a group forum where you gain a structured high vibrational path day by day, to call in more good.

A mindful space that helps you anchor into a deeper state of purpose, soul alignment and inner unity – which helps you call in Twin Flame union on all levels.

Staying In A Space Of Love

To stay in a space of love.

To stay in the higher vibrations, where unity comes to you with ease.

Where your Twin Soul’s messages and your guidance can easily reach you, and help you make reunion physical.

To apply to join the FREE group, go here.

Here are some of the comments from members:


What Exactly Happens In The Free Facebook Group?

In this Twin Flames 11:11 Community group you get: 

#1) You get aligned information on the connection and solving common problems, such as resolving running on a deeper level, or ending separation, calling in unity and opening and understanding telepathy, and much more

#2) You get positive alchemical prompts to shift higher, to anchor in the true union path.

#3) You get to be a part of a supportive community travelling with you on a higher level – Twins who are also serious about manifesting unity and are in a space of light and love (no drama or toxic debates, playing out the 3D illusions).

#4) You get to take part in high vibrational New Moon and Full Moon rituals, to release stuckness and frustration and call in your desires more effectively

#5) You get loving, kind, supportive guidance and messages from the light, to help you moving forward

#6) You get to share the Twin Flame experience in a space of wisdom and higher understanding, knowing that everything you receive is from a place of light and the higher vibrations. (Again, no drama, 3D illusions or toxic debating from a place of conflict/separation consciousness)

#7) You get to learn and expand your own understanding of your own journey, to release and move through “lessons” much faster, shine light on your own blind spots and thereby break into a higher state.

#8) You get exclusive content (and soon, upcoming events) only available to members of the free group community…

And so much more…

How Would It Help You?

It is a free service offered in addition to the articles and everything on the website. It is specially created content to benefit you on a daily basis, which you will not find elsewhere.

And it is offered at no cost.

In short, being a member of the group will help you elevate your path and anchor in more love and enjoyment on your journey.

In this supportive positive community you will interact with others who are also on the Twin Flame path, but have “graduated” into a higher space of understanding and love.

– We cover and share signs and synchronicities…
– We work on embodying radical self love…
– You get timely reminders to not get pulled into the lower 3D cycles…
– You get to share your Twin Flame stories with others on the path…
And so much more!

Day by day you get aligned accountability, free advice and help.

Why A Group?

You may have seen in the past that I have advised against toxic group environments online, as it can tap you into more negativity and struggle.

That is still the case – a lot of online group environments are highly toxic, such as the comment sections on Youtube and a lot of Twin Flame groups.

So this group is different than most other groups you’ve probably seen.

It’s a group curated, specifically planned and run by spirit and I, for the highest good.

What You Will NOT Get

You do NOT get 30 posts per day of random content and heated ego debates.

All the content and community activities are specially curated and selected for your benefit.

It is NOT a sales group or a group for pitching or promo.

– It is NOT an open venting space – as that would not serve anyone.

What it IS, is an interactive, high vibrational community guided by spirit and I.

A safe space, where you get daily infusions of positivity and uplifting perspective shifters.

 – You get help to stay on track, so you step off the “twin flame rollercoaster”.

– You get help staying motivated, and shifting out of repeated negative cycles.

– You get help to push through your limits, help you see the purpose and the love when you feel lost.

– You get to share happiness and the “miracles” and “magic” of the Twin Flame connection in a space of people who understand and celebrate your wins!

– You receive support, guidance and advice to live your highest path, so you don’t stay stuck in the 3D drama so many experience.

Upleveling Your Journey

If you want to uplevel your journey for 2022, don’t miss this free extra resource! Remember what you focus on and think about every day, truly is what creates your path.

So do you want a more positive, love filled path in 2022?

Click here to apply to join now

It will really help you stay in a high vibration, to enjoy your journey and call in more love in your connection.

Cassady x

Want more? For a guided transformation session that takes you through effortlessly clearing blocks, cleansing the cords between you and your Twin and uplifting your timelines and energies into the highest dimension possible for you at this time, have a look at the Complete Harmony Healing for Twin Flames 


Complete harmony Healing Tool

“Where can I start Cassady! Since having started your harmony tool things have changed so rapidly. I have changed. I cannot even describe it with words. My heart has opened so much and I am standing in a place of acceptance, love, compassion for my twin. I keep seeing 1111 and 111 and I keep repeating myself as a mantra – we are one. I feel this love inside, I feel the changes. Thank you is not enough! Xxxx

– Annalisa. London, UK

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