Twin Flame Energy Healing & Coaching Program. 5 Weeks To Embody Harmony: Clear 3D Patterns, Heal The Inner Child And Anchor A Higher State As A Pair


On the Twin Flame path, our inner patterns and “baggage” are reflected back to us in the form of the Twin Flame Mirror.

When we encounter our divine partner, everything heavy, congested and separation-based in our system begins to be purged – from our energy and karmic fields to our physical body’s ancestral wiring…

Because Twin Flames are here on the planet to reactivate the light codes of unconditional love on all levels of our being, not just spiritually!

And this requires a very particular approach – to take your situation out of the common “Twin Flame Rollercoaster” of repeated cycles of struggle…

And moving you into the realms of Divine Love.

Where harmony exists between you, and where you become a golden mirror of unconditional love to one another…

I was guided to create a brand new deep transformational audio based healing program for Twin Flames, to help you get the deepest and most comprehensive “upgrade” possible.

A 5 week step by step process – where you just have to listen along and I take you through the advanced healing process, plus building a new higher setpoint.

Simply by listening to my guidance, we lift you out of the 3D programming and templates that hold so many in separation, and into the state of the soul, into your dormant higher crystalline self…

The state where the final alchemical unity of divine love can take place.


Why It Might Feel Like The Universe Isn’t Helping You…

The reason so many Twins struggle is because their systems are full of inherited negativity and programming that keeps them in experiences of hardships – whether it’s ancestral karma or past life wounds…

The negative programming and karmic blocks don’t just “go away” because we want them to or because we ask the universe/ guides/angels or other divine beings for help…

Because of the law of Free Will we ourselves must go into our system, understand why these things are there to begin with, “learn the lesson” so we can delete them in accordance with Divine Will.

When we do this, we are freed from the issues and can move into a higher state of harmony, love and unity. Old soul contracts for karmic lessons, negative attachments and entity cords and other holdbacks are permanently cleared when we do this work.

It can truly transform the Twin Flame journey from a heavy struggle into a state of divine love!


One Soul In Two Bodies

Because you are one original consciousness, “one soul in two bodies”, Twin Flames both benefit when one of the pair does this kind of work!

Twin Flames share a collective energy field and so you can profoundly uplift your connection when you do this work.

This work will also be powerful in a soul mate relationship or for your own sake – because we’re working from the inside out to uplift you into a higher state of love.

We also address your Twin’s side of the connection directly – always in alignment with Free Will.

To enroll now, click here.


In the program, we go systematically into clearing all aspects of self to delete damaging content and limiting programming.

All you have to do is listen and go along with my guidance as we clear negativity and upgrade your system in the following areas:


– Ancestry

– Bloodlines

– Soullines

– Human male-female opposition/separation programming

– Karmic wounds – personal and collective

– Physical body consciousness and fear baggage

– Removing parental “prophecy”, opening to your true divinity

– The 7 energetic bodies

– Chakras

– Connecting you to the higher dimensional grids

– Eradicating negative manifestations and ramifications into your energy field and alignment and uplifting these

– Timelines – clearing ancestral/karmic low vibrational timelines

– Unlocking your connection to your higher self consciousness

…and much more!

Through 10 audio coaching and energy healing sessions and workbooks, I take you step-by-step through the whole process with ease… Going into the root templates of your being to uplift your vibration and open your connection to a radiant new state of love.


The bliss you’ve felt at your most amazing shared moments… Becoming the new “normal”!



“My whole outlook on my life has changed since starting the program. The information was very helpful and cleared up a lot of questions. The energy clearing techniques have been a blessing. I have cleared out so much and opened up immensely. I am filled with excitement everyday for this journey!”
— Corinne, Ohio, USA
“I’ve been following Cassady for almost a year now and I have to say the information she provides is simply life altering! She gives both the knowledge and tools to not only bring higher awareness, but also help shift your vibration. I have been blessed to be guided to this information during some very challenging transitions. Her insight has really helped me move through deep soul work that my partner and I have been moving through towards. Thank you Cassady!”
— Jeanine, California, USA
“Working through the program has helped me immensely. I started with a stuck, defeated attitude. I have grown to a place of self love and respect and have overcome old belief patterns that I didn’t even realize I had. I now feel hopeful and empowered for what the future brings! The program has given me the tools I need to continue on a path of growth and fulfillment.”
— Alexia, Texas, USA

How is the program structured?

The Love Blueprint is a 5 week audio based coaching and energy transformation program where “everything is done for you”. All you have to do is go along with my voice. I take you step-by-step through everything!

Using proven techniques to activate your higher connection and a 3D template of harmony and togetherness – no matter what you may have experienced before.

I know it can be time consuming and overwhelming to try to “figure out” your journey and where/why there are blocks in your connection.

Just listen and go along with my guidance in the audios, and you’ll reap the deep transformational benefits!


Q: What if you’ve done the Vibrational Alignment Program already, will this still be useful?

Yes! These are brand new resources and information I’ve never shared before – in-depth healing modalities that I’ve developed from working with spirit and the collective since creating the VA program.

This new program is audio based, interactive and hands-on in a guided format – to give a powerful transformation that’s easy and simple for you to achieve.

(You get major wins without struggle or suffering through purging, due to how spirit and I have structured the clearings)

If you’ve done the VA program before, you might benefit even more than “newbies” because you’ll be able to really sink your teeth into the energy clearings and vibrational work!

This program will help you identify and shift deep-seated blocks so many people spend a lifetime struggling with in terms of relationships, self acceptance and love… 

At the end of this, you’ll feel like a weight has been lifted off your shoulders – we’ll have activated your system to magnetize love and harmony with your Twin, and you’ll feel infused with new light and sparkle!

Q: What if you’re unsure whether you’ve really met your true Twin Flame?

This program will still benefit you, as we’re giving your system a powerful “upgrade” for love and relationships.

Why? Any time you interact with your Twin, your core templates for relationships come into play – your attachment programming from infancy, any old wounds and fears…

But it doesn’t only benefit your Twin Flame connection – it also powerfully impacts all your other relationships, friendships, family situations, abundance, and your SELF love… Because we’re dealing with YOU and how YOUR SYSTEM interacts with others.

Q: Why does it cost more than my other resources?

Because you get much more content than before, it’s a format that is more “done-for-you” – and it was a much bigger process to create!

It’s based on all the in-depth advanced work I’ve learned about energy healing, the laws of the universe, developmental psychology, academic studies, channeling spirit and dealing with clients – all over a period of almost a decade!

This is my first ever in-depth fully audio based program, and comes with 10 workbooks, 10 audio coaching energy healing sessions and added bonus resources. So you are effortlessly guided through the whole process – it’s made to be as easy for you as possible.

Cost-wise, if you bought this content separately, the cost would be over $900. Keep in mind 10 personal sessions with me (or any experienced clear channel healer) would total over $5,000.

Because there’s only one of me and so many Twins looking for personal help, I wanted to reach out with this program to provide the most powerful shifts possible for a manageable price. So this program is structured like having me as your guide and personal quantum healer (and cheerleader), but at a fraction of the price.

This is a unique resource full of insights you won’t be able to find anywhere else!

You will never see yourself, the world or your Twin Flame connection the same way after this!

Q: Can you pay in installments?

Yes! This is something many of you have asked me, so for this new program I partnered up with Paypal Credit, where you can pay in a number of installments over time!

I deliberately wanted to make this in-depth work available for a fraction of the price of working with me one-on-one…

To enroll now, click here.




– How would you like to know a technique from Ancient Tantra, that activates your Twin Flame’s love and passion for you?


– How would you like to learn a technique for calling in your desires from the universe – and tangibly receiving them?


– How would you like to cleanse your body of ancestral fears, societal programming, shame and heaviness…


– How would it feel like to be off the “Twin Flame rollercoaster” – to know and live the experience harmony with your Twin Flame in every moment?


– How would you like to shine bright as the soul you are, every day?


– What would it feel like to be magnetic to receiving love, compliments, positivity from others?


– What would your life be like if you were in a place of inner peace and sharing soul deep love with your Twin Flame every day?


I can help you get there, if you just give me one hour per day. (And I promise we’ll have fun along the way!)

Click here to enroll now

Cassady x


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