Blind Spots? Cutting Through Stuckness, Accelerating Your Results… Can You Be Coached To Reach Twin Flame Reunion? Examining Benefits, Issues And Best Steps.

What are “Twin Flame Blind Spots”? This is something that’s been coming up recently, and I’ve been guided to cover on the blog.

In short, a blind spot is when we don’t SEE our own issue clearly.

We are “blind” to the real causes and factors behind the problem we’re facing, so we don’t find the solution.

We end up running in circles, often repeating the same futile effort or approach with no results. Because we are not aware of the TRUE issue.

This happens to more Twins than you may realize.

Flipping Perspectives

They may get stuck on the idea that their Twin’s childhood or “bad behavior” is the problem blocking unity…

When really it’s their own inner fear of abandonment that’s holding up the journey energetically…

Or they may think they have a wounded heart and spend years TRYING to nurture self love to manifest reunion…

When the REAL reason they are unable to call in union, is an ancestral karmic burden around females being under-valued and unappreciated.

And this stuff is there in their system without them realizing it… so the OUTER problem never goes away…

In short, a blind spot is when we DON’T KNOW that we DON’T KNOW.

And so we’re not able to resolve it, because we don’t know it’s there! We could be looking in the complete wrong place, missing the piece that would open things up.

So it can really keep things stuck.

Aligned Advice Vs Confusion

And that brings us to the next part of this issue:

What can you do about this?

Ultimately, if what you’re doing is not really bringing the results you’re wanting… it may be time to call in an intuitive coach who can see THROUGH your blind spots.

If you’ve been TRYING on your journey and you’re still not where you want to be, it may be time to call in expert help.

Understanding The Benefits

Being coached by an experienced intuitive coach, who has a deep understanding of the spiritual and energetic aspects of the Twin Flame connection, can COMPLETELY break your journey open.

Because they aren’t “inside” of your blind spots they will KNOW the truth about what has been causing issues…

AND what you uniquely need to shift in order to reach your goal of reunion, harmony, love and wellness within yourself and in the connection.

They will “SEE” the deeper programming that needs clearing, the beliefs that are blocking you and causing negative reflections in the Twin Flame mirror…

(If you would like to work more closely with me in my intuitive practice – have a look here as I have opened up to a new group, starting in a few weeks!)

twin flame coaching

“But All The Info I Need Is Out There?!”

Because unfortunately, trying to figure it out via videos or free articles online, may get you stuck. Because your blind spots will still be there.

You may end up wasting time or making choices that SEEM right, but are actually NOT what you need.

You don’t want to spend 5 years working on healing your INNER CHILD…

If the REAL issue is a past life karmic wound that caused your counterpart to be unconsciously afraid of interacting with you in the physical…

Well-Meaning Strangers…

Related to this, there is a big difference between opinions from strangers or Twins who may have had a similar SEEMING experience, or who even project their past onto you…

Versus a true intuitive who can read your energy and understands how the Twin Flame connection works from the inside out.

In other words: the right coach can save you potentially YEARS of rummaging around on your own and “wasting” time on ineffective choices and methods.

“The X-Ray Power”

An intuitive coach or spiritual channel – like me – will help you move beyond your own blind spots. (Make sure you check someone’s testimonials).

A REAL intuitive healer and channel, can see your situation clearly when you are too clouded by emotion to know the best path forward.

They can tell what your ACTUAL patterns are or what underlying blocks you have, when you are so used to them that you’ve not realized they were there.

They see the solutions, when you may be feeling too stuck to know there even IS a solution.

And they can bring your Twin’s Soul’s insights on what is going on with THEIR side of the connection even if you haven’t spoken in a long time – so you can shift and open the connection again.

What Is The Real Issue Blocking Unity? Find Out!

– Do you have a throat chakra block causing ghosting or running?

– Is there a past life wound around abandonment playing out in present time as repeated separation?

– Are inner child traumas causing fear of intimacy for you or your Twin?

– Have other people gotten into your head with fear based beliefs that Twins suffer, causing an unconscious deflection between you?

– Have you lost your Magnetism due to not being true to yourself?

-Are you being asked to love yourself and unite within FIRST, as a lesson before you can be together?

-Do you have ancestral timelines of suffering around love running in your field?

These are all things an intuitive coach who reads energy can tell you.

AND, importantly, they will know how to resolve these things to move you forward.

(Have a look here for more on my coaching and energy transformation program for Twin Flames, where I take you through this process in an accelerated,  interactive format!)

“Twin Flame Lessons”

Ultimately, working with the right coach can save you years of delays and stuckness.

And it can save you the pain of not “ending up” with your Twin Flame due to staying looped into repeated lessons and blocks.

Here’s an amazing example of how this can work:

Jenny had been told the common story about “not chasing” as a Twin Flame…

And yet when she finally received the aligned info – which was the OPPOSITE of what other Twins told her – her connection opened up again!

testimonial twin flames 11:11 cassady cayne 2021

I hear about this kind of situation all the time.

And ultimately when you have the aligned info and methods, you can make huge progress.

… like Penny and Mike who got married this summer after using my guidance to work through their issues and grow even closer, instead of their wounds getting between them!

cassady cayne testimonial twin flame uniontestimonial cassady cayne twin flames

(Read more testimonials here)

Accelerated Results

Ultimately, coaching is all about getting ACCELERATED RESULTS.

Speeding up your progress. Ensuring that you don’t get stuck.

Elevating your journey into more harmony, love and wellness consistently.

Finding The Right Twin Flame Coach

Of course, you do need the RIGHT coach.

Someone who is in a state of love and unity themselves…

And understands the Twin Flame connection. Someone who is experienced and understands the nuances of what blocks Twins, versus what creates results.

So when you’re choosing your guide, make sure you read or watch their information on the Twin Flame connection to see that it resonates.

They should have a deep understanding of the Twin Flame connection, AND it should be rooted in love and unity consciousness.


What Fear Based Info Can Do…

Fear based info and the “standard rule book” will unfortunately not help you, as it pushes more fear and separateness into your connection…

And it can keep your connection stuck for decades, as in Jenny’s example above.

You DO have to be watchful when looking for a Twin Flame coach or teacher these days, as it is so busy out there – so use your intuition.

One example I hear a lot, is a group telling Twins that their counterpart was actually a “False Twin”…

And then they proceed to “find” them their “Real Twin” who just happens to be another member of their group, so they get set up.

 Don’t let outsiders dictate to you – your heart always knows who your TRUE counterpart is, even if it’s not always convenient.


Making The Journey “On Your Own”

So when looking for a coach or teacher, listen to your guidance, your heart and your intuition – because they KNOW who will be best able to help you!

Can you make the journey work “on your own”?

Of course! It’s definitely possible.

You CAN receive guidance from your spiritual team, the universe and/or your Twin’s soul… And yes, you can read free articles or watch videos online…

But this will not fix your blind spots.

It can add delays and blockages, based in the wrong info or ill-timed choices (like reaching out to your counterpart when they’re triggered and angry, only to be blocked or ghosted.)

“Going it alone” can be confusing and stressful.

There are always things we’re not quite willing to see, that COULD break our journey open to light.

So when going it alone, we can end up getting stuck and experience delays and struggle due to confusion and not knowing WHAT to do WHEN… And being blind to the deeper causes and factors involved.

Game Changers For The Journey

So receiving that expert help and guidance from someone who KNOWS what they’re doing and can guide you through the right steps to take, can be a game changer (again, if it’s the RIGHT person).

At its best, energetic intuitive coaching can enable profound change through choices, questions, reflections, deep shifts in energy, alignment, dynamic, timelines and more.

It can give you clarity, forward motion, breakthroughs and speed where you’ve been struggling – because you’ve been missing some important steps, perspectives or tweaks.

For more info on exactly what is covered in my Twin Flame coaching curriculum and what benefits you’ll gain, have a look here.

A Twin Flame Reunion Coach?

So this all brings us to the question:

CAN you be coached to Twin Flame Reunion?

My perspective and experience says: Yes. Absolutely!

When you have expert help in seeing the true blocks, clearing them, shifting into alignment and taking the right guided steps to call in love and unity, it is absolutely one of the biggest benefits!

When you’re working with a person who has “spiritual X ray vision” and is connected with guidance…

They will look at your situation and intuitively KNOW how to get you there, based on your unique situation, history and energy field (and your pair life lessons, “soul blueprint” and more).

(As a spiritual intuitive, this is the kind of work I do with you in my Twin Flame Coaching and quantum energy healing work)

Are We A Good Match? Find Out

I really hope you found this article helpful.

And I’m sure you have a lot to consider after this.

Do listen to your intuition, as it is always signalling what serves you best at any given moment of your journey.

Maybe it IS time to get more help, to accelerate your results.

Ultimately, if you’ve been TRYING and you’re still not where you want to be, it may be time to call in more help.

Should you want to explore working with me and being guided and coached more closely, you can apply to join my next group of beautiful Twin Flames in coaching here.

As always, I’m sending you love and light for your journey <3

Cassady x



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