Can You Change Your Timelines To Reunite Sooner? How Do Soul Contracts, Free Will and Schedules Impact Your Twin Flame Journey? 

Today I’ve been guided to cover a subject that’s much discussed in Twin Flame circles: Timelines.

I’m often asked about this, as there’s a lot of confusion around the term and what it really means…

So What Are “Timelines” Really?

“Timelines is similar to what’s often referred to as “destiny” or “life’s path” in common culture. It’s the future manifestations you have “lined up” and are heading towards.

And the amazing thing that not many Twins know, is that our timelines are actually much more flexible and affected by our choices than we tend to think!

Can You Change Your Timelines?

Yes, simply put, you can change your timelines!

For Twin Flames this is an amazing thing to be aware of. Nothing is set in stone, that’s the spiritual truth.

Further down in this article, I will explain exactly how you can work to uplift and adjust your timelines to what serves you better.

I hear from many Twins who are told by a psychic or healer that they’re not going to be coming together in this lifetime. Understandably, this is very upsetting!

The Power Of Energy Alignment

But the spiritual fact is, even if that was true for you at the point when you got your reading, you can change it!

You yourself can use your energy, emotions, focus, free will choices to change your timelines to usher in sooner Reunion with your Twin Soul, to bring about joy in many forms…

Remember we are here to USE our free will choices – the so-called divine is always supporting us in finding our way back to our light, to co-create a life full of love, joy and happiness – including Twin Flame Union.

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You “Choose” Your Own Timelines!

In essence timelines and the life’s experiences we’re “matched up with” is all about energy frequency.

If your dominant frequency is low (test yours here) you are aligned with things that are in the low range – frustration, anger, conflict, struggle and so on.

The great thing is that uplifting into a higher state of consciousness has a powerful impact on your timelines – love breeds more love, joy attracts more joy.

-Let’s have a look at the key factors that impact your timelines, so you can begin to take action to uplift your life’s path into more of the joy, love and unity you truly desire and deserve.

**7 Key Factors That Affect Your Timelines**

#1) Your Family Patterns – Upbringing, Ancestral Programming

If you look around you, you’ll see the majority of families lead very similar lives. This is because they are operating on group patterning – stored as programming in their energy system.

Common family “energy programs” (like a recipe your system is sticking to) are to settle down young and have children…

Or to go into the same trade as your parents, or to keep living in the city you grew up in, or to adhere to the same religion or outlook on life that your family have.

“Walking in someone’s footsteps” is a telltale saying that shows us the magnitude of this! When we leave family programming unchecked, we can really end up “repeating” the experiences of those who came before us.

For Twin Flames this is ESSENTIAL knowledge, to choose to center into yourself and your truth of love. Family programming is often centered into a loyalty for the “tribe” based in survival, and can be a block to Twin Flame Reunion.

Family programming is a powerful factor in what our timelines are setting out ahead of us. Awareness is essential for shifting out of this.

Being aware of the underlying “pre-made” choices you’ve been set up with throughout your life, is a wonderful way of beginning to adjust your timelines to what serves you better.

Awareness is the first step to change!

#2) Karma – Your Past Life Experiences And Early Childhood Wounds

Karma is energetically an unhealed wound from the past. Because it involves trauma, a karmic wound keeps your system in a state of distress over a past experience, attracting “phantom” versions of the original trauma.

If you have a karmic wound around abandonment or betrayal, this will unfortunately affect your timelines because your system is unconsciously sending out this “distress signal” matching you up with more of the same…

This will be attracting “phantom” versions of abandonment and betrayal, most often playing out in the connection with your Twin Soul as twins have agreed to release and heal karmic wounds together.

The purpose of the repeat negativity is not to hurt you, but your soul’s desire to help you heal the hurt and move past the trauma for good.

Karmic impacts on your timelines can include actual soul contracts with people you’ve known before – where your souls have agreed to come together in this lifetime to balance and resolve old negativity.

Many Twin Flames are set to meet “karmic Twins” and “false Twin” soul mates as their soul seeks to resolve important karma before meeting their true counterpart.

Resolving karma willingly on your own, will remove these kinds of “3D lesson learning connections” from your timelines and open up to Twin Flame reunion.

Karma clearing is a very specific form of healing as we are dealing with fear on an unconscious level – but it is one of the most powerful methods I have come across.

When we consciously uncover karmic wounds and release the source of hurt, we profoundly shift your timelines.

When you clear karma, you remove the “repeat experiences” or “phantom trauma” that would otherwise keep cropping up.

It also uplifts your Twin Flame connection into a higher state of harmony, as old negativity will not be playing out between you and disrupting the connection.

I take you through powerful karmic clearings in the first complete Twin Flame Energy Clearing Session and in the Vibrational Alignment Program.

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#3) Your Soul’s Pre-Life Choices

Before you were born, your soul and your Twin’s in collaboration went through a lengthy process of deciding your focus areas for your coming lifetime.

The family you would be born into, what gender you would be, what key people you would encounter throughout your life…

These key decisions are often “scripted in” to your timelines and regard important development lessons your soul wished to experience. Common learning experiences are things such as forgiveness, to stand in your own truth, to listen to your intuition…

Some things are “hardwired” by your soul into your timelines and are set to happen at some point. Like the first recognition event with your Twin.

This means your soul and guidance team will be maneuvering to get you there behind the scenes until it happens.

However, spirit wants to note that sometimes pre-life scripted soul choices are ADJUSTED as life goes on, because a person makes choices that “uplevels” their experience.

For example, if you have a major learning experience around forgiveness set for your 50s-60s but you undergo a phase of elevating your consciousness in your 20s where you open up to forgiveness, the later set “lesson” will be phased out as it’s no longer needed.

Remember: if someone tells you you’re not going to be coming together in this lifetime or in a particular time frame with your Twin Flame, this is not set in stone!

Your inner work CAN shift your timelines for the long run!

If your Twin Soul is “unawakened” and it’s looking like you won’t be able to reunite, take a step back and have a look at this: I was asked by spirit specifically to channel a session to gently awaken and uplift “sleeper Twins” in full alignment with Free Will.

We go through clearing out old ancestral and societal programming around separation and conflict, trigger dormant light codes in both your systems and assist you into uplifting your timelines into the highest state possible for you at this time.

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#4) Collective Timelines/Cosmic Energies

We not only have individual timelines and timelines as a Twin Flame pair, but humanity as a collective is constantly making choices, healing karma, uplifting consciousness and shifting the collective timelines.

Higher dimensional assistance is frequently brought in to push for an elevation of consciousness for earth as a collective – and the cosmic energies is a big part of this.

When you chose to be born as the person you now are, you chose the time you would be born, what energies you would bring forth, and importantly you knew which cosmic triggers would be affecting you throughout life.

Many Twin Flames awakened around around Neptune’s return to Pisces in 2012-2013, and Uranus in Taurus will have a profound effect on humanity as a collective – pushing for a return to a heart-centered truth of living.

Many experience cosmic transits as intensely triggering, as they push for adjustments. In essence the universe always seeks to balance itself.

So when we ourselves can reach an inner balance, when we remove the old negativity that would otherwise be stirred up, we can begin to smooth out our timelines and enjoy life more. We reach into a greater stability, a more pleasant experience.

To read more about Twin Flames’ pre-life “engineering” of their life’s journey both individually and together – go here.

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#5) Repeated Thoughts/Feelings/Focus/Intentions

You might already know that our focus and intentions are powerful manifestation agents. This is true.

Above all it is the sustained activation of a particular frequency which manifests something into reality.

If you can stay in the state (feeling/thoughts/focus) of love and unity over time, you will be attracting experiences of love and unity in your physical life.

Put shortly, repeated thoughts/feelings/focus/intentions = manifestation which affects our timelines.

You can MANIFEST Twin Flame Reunion. You can manifest the job or the income you desire. You really DO have that power.

The issue is that most of us are unable to truly be in that state of “having it now” if we don’t “have it now”. Because we are human beings, and our experience is so much about what we see, touch and feel.

So if something isn’t there (yet) most of us find it a big challenge to sustain that state of manifestation.

Spirit wants to emphasize that the information you take in, affects your focus and alignment. So beware what you let into your system.

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#6) Unconscious Material – Fears

The unconscious is often described as a storehouse, a giant ocean of our life’s experiences, sensory intake, feelings and thought forms. It’s been estimated that up to 99% of our mental activity is unconscious.

When we have been driving or playing an instrument for a long time, these actions are controlled by our unconscious mind. You’ll notice it happens without you having to think about it actively. Really, it’s beyond your control.

Which is a big part of the issue: The unconscious can be a wonderful assistance on our journey, but the problem is it has no filtering mechanism. It takes in everything we’re exposed to. Good and bad.

So the unconscious is full of fear material, old hurts and experiences we had before we were old enough to understand reason. Survival patterns are deeply embedded in the unconscious, and are strongly affecting things like fear.

The true causes of Twin Flame Running are nearly always unconscious (read more about that here).

If we have fears of the dark, fears of being attacked, fears of sickness, fear of abandonment, fear of not being good enough – these are unfortunately all affecting our timelines…

Attracting more of the same. “As Within, So Without”.

Clearing out unconscious fear is an amazingly effective way of uplifting your timelines for good. To light up what’s really going on inside your unconscious, clear out old fear and sow positive seeds of manifestation for your onward journey, go here.

#7) Emotional Equilibrium – How Well You *Maintain* A High Vibration

A big part of staking out your timelines is what you are HABITUALLY focused on. How well you can MAINTAIN your desired alignment.

Because this is what causes events to come faster or slower into your life. If you maintain a negative alignment, “bad” stuff shows up faster.

Abraham Hicks has said, that with 18 seconds of focus on something you lock into energetic alignment. 30 seconds or more, you begin to draw it to you.

This is why your HABITUAL thoughts/feelings/intentions/focus and above all your UNCONSCIOUS material is so powerful in staking out your life’s course. Read more about manifestation on the Twin Flame path here.


#8) Others’ Free Will Choices

Others’ Free Will choices can affect your timelines. Say you’re looking to join up with an ideal business partner but they’re currently busy with another project, this could delay the collaboration.

However, the Universe will always seek to bring what you are in alignment with so this means others who are similar to that person might show up in their stead, or another different opportunity will show up for you.

Your Twin Soul’s Free Will Choices are slightly different, however. As two parts of one original consciousness, you are always “collaborating”, always functioning as a “team”. Two Twin Flames are never fully separate, their journeys are always affecting one another.

For Twin Flames, an unawakened counterpart’s ego-based free will choices will be frequently sought undermined by their soul if it serves their development better.

Many Twin Flames have experienced this in the form of trying to break the connection to protect themselves from hurt, and discovering that it’s somehow “impossible”.

This is your souls in action – pushing you to learn the “lessons” instead of retreating.

A Twin Flame’s ego can put up resistance against coming together, but their soul will always be pushing for unity – because this is a big part of the “purpose” you chose together for this lifetime.

To read more about Free Will on the Twin Flame path and why the ego can never truly “derail” your experience, go here.


As you can see there are SO many ways you can affect, adjust and uplift your timelines to usher in your desires.

You don’t have to wait for things to proceed in “regular 3D time” the way most human beings do…

And if someone tells you you’re not “meant” to come together with your Twin Flame in this lifetime, you can change things!

I myself am living proof you can change your timelines! Since raising my awareness, clearing energy, healing karmic wounds and setting conscious intentions, my life has changed completely.

I moved country, my income source changed and I now work with what matters to me, I made new friends, new kinds of experiences and opportunities began showing up…

Go here to have a look at the Vibrational Alignment Program I was asked to share with the Twin collective after my Twin and I just 18 months after our first encounter.

We go through all of the above methods for uplifting your timelines: karma clearing, removing negative attachments/outworn soul contracts, uplifting your energy, removing ego resistance, clearing out unconscious fear energies, calling in new connections and assistance from the light.

Plus, I show you how to stay positive *over time*, to uplift your energy alignment with your desires.

And in a specially designed creative visualization for Twin Flames and several fun exercises, we go through how to maintain a high vibration and manifesting positive experiences into your journey – including Twin Flame Reunion.

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Have a look here for more. And to read about other Twin Flames’ experiences with the program, click here.

As always I believe in you, and am honored to be on this beautiful path alongside you! All my blessings <3

Cassady x

“I decided to listen to one of your energy clearings while on one of my flights this week, and something amazing happened– I actually felt and saw my Twin’s higher self kiss me! I had my eyes closed, and as we were going through the clearing part of karma, I saw a face emerge from a black and blue background, covered in white-beaming stars… This has not ever happened to me before! I immediately knew and felt that it was my beloved, and the positivity that flooded my entire being was amazing. Thank you so much, dear Cassady!!! ” – Karina, San Francisco, USA

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