12 Days Of Twin Flame Holiday Magic


twin-flame-holidaysFuelling Up With Light – 12 Days Of Twin Flame Surprises, Inspiration, Gifts, Healing Exercises And Offers To Fuel Your 2023 With Harmony And Love!

I’m sure you’re busy in the run-up to the holidays…

This time of year brings so much activity, and 2022 has brought up challenges for so many people…

It can be an overwhelming time, full of stress, worry and “noise”.


What The Holidays Are Really About

I was thinking about it…

The holiday season – and maybe especially Christmas for those of us who are Christians or celebrate Christmas – is meant to be about light and love…

It’s meant to be all about peace and goodwill!

And my work is all about light and harmony, to help Twin Flames feel deep into the love in the connection and step into unity.

I love to share caring, cheer and joy, and help you remember that you’re loved and here in life for a special reason!

Twin Flame Inspiration

So this year, I wanted to do something a bit different for the holidays.

To bring inspiration, fun and positivity to you! And I was guided to launch:

Over the next 12 days over the holidays, you will get:

A new Twin Flame surprise every day in your inbox

Including inspiring Twin Flame content, channeled notes, articles, visuals, free harmonizing healing exercises and more…

And, you will get the biggest offers of the year (some of the biggest discounts I have ever done)… including a brand new exclusive physical project I have never before shared with you!

Programmed With High Vibration Energy

Each Holiday Magic Bundle or offer will be valid for 48 hours, then it expires.

(There WILL be something for everyone in the offers – from very low priced to options where we work together more directly.

It’s completely up to you what is the best fit for where you’re at.)

Plus, every email is charged with love and light energy. Every day, you will literally get a little energy “zing” just from receiving these emails! 

Because that’s how they are programmed – and that’s potent for your connection with your Twin as it lifts your vibration!

Join Us For The Holidays!

To sign up and participate in the 12 days of holiday magic, if you’re not already on the newsletter, use this form:

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Or to check the current offers, go here! 

Wishing you all the most wonderful holiday season, fuelled with love and light! <3

Cassady x