Cutting Through Confusion, Keys To Enlisting Spiritual Guidance.Twin Flame Psychics – 7 Things They Can Help With And 3 They Can’t (And *Shouldn’t*)…

Right now, we’re in a crux of timelines where we have the ability to shift into a “Higher Reality” in the connection…
However, it can be hard to know where to start for YOUR unique situation.

I get asked every single day if I can give insights, confirm if someone is a genuine Twin or not, how to move forward, whether reunion is ever possible…

Connecting Personally

I’ve done my best to answer the most needed Twin Flame questions here on the website and in my sessions…

But I know that sometimes you want to talk to a person, someone who can give you a direct reading of your unique situation and path.

So today, I’m sharing a unique opportunity to do just that, at 90% off:

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How To Find Truly Gifted Advisors

Always use your intuition when seeking advice and help on your journey.

If you get a good feeling about someone, that’s an indication of the experience you’ll have. Listen to those intuitive messages.

I was lucky to find some highly gifted individuals along my path and they were instrumental in helping me gain understanding, clarity and uplifting my perspective when no one else understood what was going on!

(I know you’re probably itching to get started, but before you talk to an advisor, take a look at the pointers below on how to get the most out of a psychic reading!)

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Intuitives, Psychics – 7 Things They Can Help You With

#1) They Can Give You Clarity On Your Situation

One of the most important things is, a gifted intuitive will be able to see your situation clearly.

When you’re feeling down and like there’s no way forward, a gifted intuitive will sense the positive developments waiting right around the corner.

They can change your perspective and help you open up again.

As an example, before you met your Twin Flame, did you ever suspect that something that big would happen? Before you reunited with your Twin after a long while, would you ever have thought it? That kind of amazingness, is stuff they can tap into.

Years before I started this website, I had a session where I was told – “I see you writing for a large audience.  It will help many people. I see you doing something like TV, or videos too. You will reach many people”.

At the time I had 400 followers for Twin Flames 11:11 on Facebook and had no idea what lay ahead. This helped me have confidence to get started!

#2) They Can Give You Confirmation For Your OWN Intuition

I hear this from many Twins who have spoken with the recommended advisors I’ve posted before.

They feel such relief when they get confirmation that they weren’t “going crazy” – that their intuition had been spot on.

That all the feelings and hopes and spiritual messages hadn’t just been confusion or their imagination.

Say you’ve been feeling like your Twin has been wanting to call you but they’re afraid. And you get confirmation on this, it can be such a relief!

That you don’t have to go back and forth in your mind wondering anymore.

My first ever psychic reading a few years ago was like that – I’d been thinking and wondering about something for weeks without being able to share it with anyone. And when I asked the psychic, she nailed exactly what I’d never said out loud.

It ended up being a turning point for me – where it showed me not only that there was a spiritual reality and guidance working to reach me… But that I myself was able to pick up on it. That my intuition was something real!

(To develop your own intuition further, have a look at class 2 and 4 here)

twin flame program

#3) They Can Give You Insight Into Timelines/Your Future Path
– So You Can Take Action For Your Highest Good

A gifted intuitive gets insights into things like the energies present around you – including blocks and fears holding you back – and what kinds of timelines you’re aligned with.

They can feel, sense or see if you are holding back from the happy future you’re wishing for… Or if an old hurt is blocking you from opening up to love again…

In simple terms, they can see the “big picture” even when you can’t. And this can be a huge gift.

As mentioned in point #1 it can help uplift you if you’re down – because there’s ALWAYS something good ahead on some level in some way. And importantly, they can let you know if there’s something negative going on.

If an intuitive picks up on something negative in your future, the gift of this is, you can work to change your timelines (read about how here)! If you don’t like what you hear, you then can take action on changing things.

It’s like checking a map and seeing you’re way off where you wanted to be.

It can be frustrating, but at least now you can move in the right direction!

This has happened to me so many times along the way.

#4) They Can Help You Understand Soul Lessons/Karmic Patterns And More

Yet again, the gifted intuitive gets a “big picture” on your life that’s hard to get on our own.

Our vision is most often clouded when it comes to ourselves, no matter how attuned we are to others. A gifted intuitive can pick up almost immediately on your soul’s identity and gifts, your lessons, karmic patterns, past life issues and more.

In this way they cut through all the “fodder” and get straight to the core, the root of what you may be struggling with.

They can perceive the real deeper reasons why you may have been stuck in difficulty, why your Twin may have been running or why separation has kept happening…

And importantly, how to “learn the lesson”/resolve the pattern so you can move beyond and start living more fully and enjoying more love and ease with your Twin.

This can be like having someone shine a spotlight in the dark – it can help you open up your path, when it seemed like things would never change!

#5) They Can Give You Insight On What You Are Blocking Insight On – The High Pressure Info

Again, we most often have preconceptions and emotional “blinkers” about our own lives.

When we have a lot riding on something, and we care a lot about a person or a situation, we can become completely blinded to it.

The pressure of OUTCOME can be incredibly overpowering.

Such as when it comes to the future of your Twin Flame relationship, or what awaits you down the line in the future – whether your dreams of being a famous author or a singer or getting your dream job will ever come true…

Those things are so important to us, our system kind of freezes out spiritual insights.

Our energy gets all tied up in knots, blocking true guidance even if we’re using cards and other methods.

However, a good advisor is NOT involved in your life, and because they have that distance, they have nothing blocking those insights.

They really can get insights about the future of your relationship and those other BIG THINGS you’re so concerned about.

And it can be good stuff! The reason we get so tied up and tense about it isn’t that we sense bad things coming, it’s just because we care so deeply.

So it can be a huge relief to talk to a psychic, get those insights and help put our minds to rest.

#6) They Can Tap Into What Someone ELSE Is Feeling And Thinking

This is another huge thing! A gifted intuitive is able to tap into what’s going on with your counterpart – or other people.

They can let you know what someone else is feeling – therefore, they can give you the know-how to resolve issues like your Twin Flame running.

They can tap into what’s going on under the surface, such as your Twin secretly longing for you to reach out, or if they’re offended by something you said…

I’ve had this happen myself, where I was so worried someone was upset with me, only to later realize I’d built it up in my mind.

Confusion and worry had convinced me a person was angry, when that was the last thing on their mind. And the intuitive advisor knew.

#7) They Can Translate For Your Guidance Team

This can be such a fun and amazing thing! Having a gifted psychic to talk to early on my journey really helped me to understand and familiarize myself with my guidance.

Through the psychic “translating” for my guidance team I got so much confirmation about what had been going on for me, what they wanted to help me with and what the next step forward was…

And it gave me much more confidence in my life, because I was able to know how highly *they* thought of me and who I was as a soul.

Having someone who can reliably “translate” for your spiritual guidance – how to move forward, how to uplift into happiness, how to resolve issues with your Twin – can be a real life changer. It was for me.

And the biggest thing was, it helped me open up to it more and more myself as well!

(Again, if you want to open to your own guidance and activate your spiritual link, click here for class 2 and 4)


Intuitives/Psychics – 3 Things They Can’t (And Shouldn’t) Help You With

#1) They Cannot Make Choices FOR You

Your path is yours to walk. You always have Free Will.

Therefore, a psychic or intuitive won’t (and shouldn’t!) TELL you what choices to make.

This includes things like whether to call your Twin Flame or not, whether to take a job in another city or not, whether to move to a new country or not, whether or not to start a business…

Those are YOUR decisions to make.

However, they can assist you in recognizing HOW to uplift your situation, things you might have been missing, give you insights that help you break through.

In other words, they can help YOU make YOUR best choices, and to help smooth your path.

If you want help with your Twin Flame connection right now, reach out to one of the advisors here
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#2) They Don’t All Have The Twin Flame “Rulebook”
– And That’s Actually A Great Thing!

Ultimately, it doesn’t matter what you CALL your connection.

Most psychics can actually read you and your situation better if you DON’T tell them you’re Twin Flames…!

Because it leaves the situation open to be read.

Many Twin Flame specific advisors and psychics can get caught up in the dogma of the Twin Flame journey and can be influenced by the “stages” and “rules” so much they don’t tap into your UNIQUE situation properly.

That means they can end up wasting your time and causing heartache by being fixated on things like running as a “set stage”… Instead of being open to perceiving that you are two people who have a bond shared in deep feelings for each other but are both scared of being hurt.

A great psychic doesn’t care what it’s CALLED – they will tell you the truth, and give you the spiritual insights whether or not they use the word Twin Flame, Soul Mate, Starseed or any other expression.

Remember the truth has many descriptions, but the deeper meaning doesn’t change.

#3) They Cannot “Magic” Things Better – And If They Tell You They Can, It’s Not True!

No one person is meant to fix anyone else. That would be interfering with Free Will.

Even a healer will require that you participate in your own healing – you are the one who must release negativity and lift into a new state.

A great psychic is a bit like a spiritual therapist with X-ray vision into your life. They will assist you, give you clarity, help you make choices that serve you better, lift your perspective, show you where you may have been blocked…

And help you see the path forwards and assist you in making the most of your life here and now!

But they’re not a fairy godmother or father. They can’t (because of Free Will, for one!) step in and change the parameters of your life on your behalf.

Put it this way:
They can turn the light on for you in the dark.

They can show you the way to your dreams, then you can walk there with more clarity and confidence – not getting lost along the way.

A New Beginning…

I really hope you found this article helpful!

I wish you a wonderful and illuminating experience should you choose to reach out to one of the readers at the link below.

Click here to get started

Until next time, I’m sending you love and light for your continued journey! <3

Cassady x

Not ready to talk to a psychic?
Experience my Free Energy Healing Session for Twin Flames here.


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