You Might Be Shocked By What I Have To Say Today Because It Shakes The Very Foundations Of The Spiritual Blogosphere… Your Highest Good Vs The Human Need For Entertainment And Status.


Today I want to write to you with a different kind of message.

I hear from Twins from all over the world every day and something I see all too often is Twin Flames upset because of what someone on the internet said – predictions that fail to deliver, well-meaning advice that leads to hurt, supposed rules and musts that makes people feel trapped in an impossible situation…

So today, I’ve been guided to nudge you to reconsider certain things for your own highest good.

Every day it seems, there’s a new prediction about Twin Flames, reunion, about running, galactic updates, gateways, numerological codes, supposed new developments…

There is more info about Twin Flames out there than ever before. And in this kind of a hectic climate, there’s something I need to tell you for your own highest good.

It’s likely you’ve already considered it yourself because your soul is always trying to guide you to align with your own truth and step into your own authority and power above all:






1) Because Hardly Any Predictions Came True In The Past


This is something quite a few Twins have emailed me about and I’m grateful that this has been brought to my attention:

If you go back a few years, you’ll see the majority of Twin predictions *never came true*. There are hundreds upon hundreds of these old predictions on YouTube, Facebook and various blogs around the world if you look.

Thankfully, the internet is the world’s greatest history machine, so we can go back and *check* anything we choose.

If you’re curious, do some googling. Find some old “channeled posts” and prophecies in the spiritual community. The Blood Moon and all the 8/8 “gateways” have been particularly hotly anticipated.

You’ll see there are hundreds of articles on supposed dramatic imminent Twin Flame Reunions, huge changes, big events that were supposed to happen.

Such and such a grand spirit or galactic council decreeing that from now on, things would be different, lovers reuniting, Twin Flame Running coming to an end… And so on and so forth.

Did all these amazing things ever happen?

No. Perhaps for a few individuals, but that’s no more than statistical likelihood.

What I so much want to remind you of today is this: Not everything that claims to be a divinely channeled prophecy really is.

Always listen to your intuition. You are here to co-create your bliss. You are the master of your own journey – your soul is infinite and powerful.

Those who always wait for outer changes, rarely take action on manifesting happiness themselves. They end up waiting – which leads to apathy, hopelessness and heaviness.


2) Because You Deserve Better – To Follow Your Own Unique Path


The deeper issue is this. Words can be highly dangerous.

And information is the easiest thing in the world to falsify. Just because someone says they’ve channeled something doesn’t mean it’s accurate or truthful or real.

The reason I’m writing this article today is that I hear from thousands of Twins weekly who experience heartbreak and struggle because of someone on the internet’s words.

Constant ups and downs. Hope followed by disappointment over and over – it gets incredibly tiring and disheartening.

Keeping Twin Flames chained to an ongoing wild goose chase of constantly looking for the “next big development”, the next “revelation”, the next “truth”.

Other culprits of sadness and upset are Descriptions of Running as a necessary stage of the Twin Journey, claims that Twin Flames will always be attempted pushed apart by “dark forces”, statements that the male Twin will always seek to flee from the female, and more…

I would love to help you find peace and mental calm, to return to the space where you can connect with your *own* intuition and soul’s wisdom and truly reconnect in LOVE.

To rise up into your own light.

This is why it’s crucial to always connect to your own intuition. I show you how to do this through the Free Guided Meditations and eBooks here, plus in the Vibrational Alignment Program which I was asked to share with the Twin collective after my own Twin and I reached Union within 18 months of our first encounter.

But don’t just take my word for it – see what other Twins have said about their experiences with my methods here.


Information is incredibly powerful – it can change the way you live and the way you see your whole reality!

It can literally make the difference between happiness and sadness, taking action or sinking into despair.

My desire is always to help you step into the space where you connect with your own infinite power as a co-creator. To your soul’s presence.

Incidentally, this is also the space where you are aligned with your Twin Flame Soul Song – making you magnetic to your mirror soul, attracting harmony rather than struggle.



3) Because Low Vibration Information and False Truths Hurt Twins


The unfortunate thing is that no matter how well-meaning someone is, when a blogger/author/psychic is in a low energy vibration, what they communicate will be tinged with this.

See an infographic here on why low vibration energies and information is so damaging vs how high vibrations can help you reach harmony and Reunion with your Twin Flame.

If you take in low vibration information you’re absorbing false beliefs and energetic templates of limitation and disempowerment.

Damaging information can block someone from being able to lead their lives to the fullest, manifesting unhappiness and problems in the Twin Flame connection.

That’s why Twin Flames 11:11 is always focused on high vibrational information to help you empower yourself above all. And why venting isn’t accepted (read more here).

My aim is to show you how energy works in the Twin Flame relationship, so you can resolve problems and use your gift of free will and co-creation to align with love.

twin flame program



4) Because Not Everyone Is As Capable As They Would Like To Seem


A key factor in the spiritual blogosphere is – the internet allows everyone to hide!

Even if their faces are right in front of you on a screen. (Me included. I would encourage you *not* to trust me, unless you’ve tried my methods and find them to work – You can get the free guided meditations here to start right now!)

If you actually met some of the bloggers who are writing “galactic updates” or prophecies about the future of Twin Flames and earth, or even those who are desperately reaching out trying to help other Twin Flames  – you might think twice before reading their articles or watching their videos.

Not everyone is someone you should trust.

Often the people who are the most keen to give advice are those least suited to!

You don’t know the truth about most of these people’s actual lives. Are they happy themselves? Are they united with their Twin Flame? Are they living abundant, joyous lives?

Let me put it this way: If a mechanic turned up to your house and their own car was a total wreck, would you let them fix yours?

If you went to a doctor, would you expect them to have a medical degree or just be  passionate and intuitively guided to operate on people?

Early on in my journey I experienced healing sessions where I felt much worse rather than better afterwards, I was given highly dubious advice and so-called predictions on numerous occasions, I had sessions where the other person was more interested in telling me how “advanced” they were spiritually than actually assisting me as a client… And unfortunately I know this is far from rare – I hear from Twins every day about their experiences with dubious practitioners.

I have honestly been shocked at how easily authority is given in the spiritual field.

I worked in the traditional fields for years and always had my education checked , always had to submit my CV and proof of graduation, people always asked me for references, about how I knew what I knew, why I did what I did…

If you were a journalist or an academic, you would always need to cite sources. But the spiritual field is flowing over with opinions and theories that are left completely unchecked.



5) Because The Internet Is Full Of “Gurus”


I don’t doubt your intelligence – but one of the core patterns human beings share is the need to be lead. Especially as regards the future.

It makes us incredibly vulnerable to “leaders” at challenging times of our lives – especially those who appear charismatic and passionate.

Look at how political leaders throughout history have persuaded people of the truth and righteousness of things we now see as dubious or downright atrocious.

In the 20th century alone, there were countless examples of this, including genocide. And in recent times, huge division has stemmed from similar themes in international politics.

And yes, I know this sounds extreme – but my point is, be aware. Be conscious of what you take in. Don’t give authority to others just because they are keen to express themselves.

You are *your own* authority! You are *your own* master! (To read more about this, go here)

The Dangers Of Unregulated Online Advice

As a spiritual blogger, the truth is people rarely question things you write.

I’ve frankly been shocked at how lifestyle coaching and the recent spiritual renaissance has opened up a realm of advisors who aren’t able to live their own lives well, giving advice to others…

There are people out there giving healing/reiki/coaching/Twin Flame/advice/psychic sessions, who are honestly not qualified or able. So be very careful.

Yes, sometimes a person’s work or writing resonates.

But keep in mind this:

So did religious decrees in the middle ages – people used to believe in witches, that black people didn’t have a soul, that the devil was controlling rock stars to infest people’s minds with evil messages that could only be heard when you played records backwards, that women were incapable of running their own lives (until the late 1970s women weren’t allowed to get a mortgage or their own bank account in the US/UK – their father or husband had to be the registered holder), that placing leeches on the body could cure illnesses … The list goes on.
(Note how there are sources for each of these).

Be aware. Guard your mind and emotions from damaging content that could otherwise derail your happiness.

And if you feel you’ve already been dragged down by negativity, go here.


6) Because Unregulated, Unsolicited Advice Can Be Dangerous


Yes, I know my examples are extreme, but it’s important to me to write something that helps snap the community awake regarding the incredible amount of dubious information out there.

***Be very aware that The Twin Flame/Spiritual community of practitioners, psychics and bloggers is 100% unregulated.***

So many sites and bloggers are over-complicating the Twin Flame connection, creating more confusion, more helplessness, more mystification… bringing Twins further and further away from themselves and the truth of LOVE.

(To know the truth about the Twin connection – it’s really quite simple – go here)

Be extremely careful who you lend authority to. Be extremely careful with whose views you let into your mind, whose perspectives you allow to color your reality, whose words you allow to steer your path.

Ultimately you are your own savior, you are your own best guide. That’s why I teach energy management and clearing, not rules and mystical dogma. You’ll remember I’ve said this before.

Follow your intuition. Yes, some people are truly gifted and able – but they are few and far between.

Why Your Spirituality Deserves To Be Guarded

This is a huge shadow area of spirituality no one ever talks about. How well-meaning bloggers pull people away from their inner truth by keeping them locked in a cycle of ever more amazing information and complicated theories.

Today, I’m here to tell you to be careful with your spirituality and your Twin Flame journey. It’s yours to define. It’s yours to live out, to explore.

You are your own spiritual leader.


You just need to clear out the congestion and center into your own truth – go here for a free guided meditation that helps you with this.



7) Because Spiritually Distorted Thinking Messes Up Lives

Most of us would never dream of letting a random stranger into our house. We wouldn’t dream of letting someone we met on the street into our bank account or let them do our taxes!

It’s time we start being as mindful and clear about our spiritual practices as we are about our real world assets!

Once a thought form or spiritual dogma takes hold in the mind, it’s not easy to get rid of.


Real World Symptoms of Spiritually Distorted Inflammation of Mind:

  • Superiority and separation from others based in feeling “special” for being “spiritual”/“illumined”/a “twin flame”/an “ascended master”/an “ancient elder”/a “starseed” etc.
  • Feeling removed from the physical reality you’re here to live in (because you’re more focused on the metaphysical world you’ll return to when you die anyway)
  • Anxiety over the future and being addicted to constantly getting new information and prophecies
  • Not being able to connect with “regular” “3D” people
  • Forgetting about the goals and dreams you had for career/passions/creativity/exploration of the world before you realized you were a “Twin Flame”…
  • Seeing problems where there are actually simply life experiences and learning to be dealt with
  • Feeling alienated from the love that brought you here in the first place
  • Not actually manifesting and living your life in the here and now, because you’re waiting for the divine to intervene…



8) Because You Deserve To Follow Your Bliss, Your Journey, Your Way

Always listen to your energy when you read anything – including my articles! All information has a vibration – if you feel “off” when you’re reading an article or listening to/watching Twin Flame advice, step away.

You’re always allowed to say:

“No, thank you.

I am going to travel this journey my way. I am going to follow my own inner compass and do what’s best for me.

I don’t need to have someone else tell me my future because I am the co-creator of my future. (For a session on manifestation, go here)

I don’t need someone to mind read my Twin Flame or tell me what they’re feeling, because I can connect with my counterpart and ask them myself. (Get a free meditation to do this here)

I don’t need to know someone’s rules for Twin Flames, because my Twin and I are unique individuals and we make our own rules.

I don’t need someone to predict when my Twin Soul will “wake up” because we are a team and we can trigger awakening to happen for them in alignment with Free Will (Get a session to do this here).”

twin flame awakening


I cannot tell you how much I respect and honor you as a soul.

I do hope you will honor yourself, follow your bliss and trust that above all you hold your own “map” to love.

If you’d like to learn more about my methods for reaching a state of happiness and love both within yourself and with your Twin Flame, so you can follow your  inner soul’s “Twin Flame Blueprint” and rise into your highest potential – go here.

As always, I’m sending you love and light for your continued journey <3

Cassady x


PS: Why And How The Twin Flames 11:11 Energy Reports Can Help You

In case you have concerns about the weekly energy forecast on the blog: Let me note that the forecasts you read on this website are astrologically based energy reports, which is like a “cosmic weather forecast” which holds your free will choices as paramount.

This means that I give you insight into the energies impacting the earth plane – with a focus on Twin Flames. So you can address blocks, navigate the energies accordingly and make the most of the cosmic “current”.

The motions of the planets and their electromagnetic gravitational impact on each other and us here on earth, can be verified. Astronomers have calculated the orbits and transits of the planets, and this can be looked up online.

The Basis Of Astrology – “As Above, So Below”

When you have an understanding of astrological signs, motions and archetypes, you can interpret these energies.

So what you read in my work is never something I merely “pick out of thin air”.

I check what is happening with the planets and energies, then and only then do I use my spiritual connection to give you a real world understanding of what impact this has on the Twin Flame connection.

You could consider it a very sophisticated cosmic energy “weather” forecast, if weather had a specific purpose.

But I also strive to show how you are an individual with your own energy background interacting with this incoming “weather” – and importantly how you always have Free Will choice.

This is an important distinction to “predictions” that come solely from someone’s mind – without outer verifiable factors being involved.


Want more? Try my Free Guided Meditation Downloads for Twin Flames!

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  1. OMG! thanks for this post Cassidy – I’m on my twin journey and I pretty much was guided to this site when it first started – not much information on twin flames was about or so it seemed! I see the information on twin flames now and I can’t help but feel overwhelmed, and frustrated! coming from a twin perspective I would be completely overwhelmed if I was just starting my journey, after joining many twin flame sites in order to understand the newer twin flame people that seemed to be arising online ,I realised that my first reaction was frustration due to the lack of personal research, or people not taking responsibility to find out what the term ‘twin flame’ actually means! then I noticed a thread of people who where really searching ‘soul searching so to speak! wanting any glimmer of insight or help that would shed light – the information they where receiving was so sad to read about! I commented on these sites when I felt a draw to people that might benefit from what I had to say based on my own experience! after a while I realised that it wasn’t good for my own energy or vibration to be commenting on other sites, it was very noticeable so I just read the information without dipping my own energy into the huge pool of everything online. I actually PM some twins when I felt a draw towards them but would not comment on the site due to the thread of conversation – those twins I led to this blog:) I was lucky enough to come into this life with a fairly good intuition – walking ,talking , lie detector basically! my twin journey has been through the physical connection over 4yrs ago now – but recently I experienced a kundalini rise that basically took me hostage , or so it seemed! 4yrs into my twin flame story and only since Aug 2016 did the lights go out ,my intuition was the light and my god what a road its been since then ,still is now. from my own perception of my own story is the power behind the pain, the opportunity to find deeper truths has been bitter sweet – so when I see twins struggle online it is hard to read ,there are no two journeys the same but there is a common thread with the twin collective and thats where I feel perplexed about the whole dynamics of this journey! are there many called – but not all will come ? when my light went out , is when I saw the deeper value in my own journey xx

  2. This was so nice to read! It is very crucial for us to use the inner compass for our journey in life.

    I found your message at the end very uplifting, highlighting the part about free will. This is something I struggle with, because vedic astrology has made me feel that I have no free will, and has left me with extreme anxiety about my life as an individual, down to the colours I choose to wear each day.

    I must say it is always nice to read the advice you give us– it is always delivered when needed. Thank you, Cassady.

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