twin-flames-2019You Might Be Shocked By Today’s Post – Why Karma Isn’t “Real”, Twin Flame Starseeds, Reincarnation Soul Contracts, The Divine Purpose Of False Twins And More…

The Articles I Almost Didn’t Share With You…

Every year there are many articles I hesitate to hit publish on – because I know they’ll push people’s buttons. Because I know someone out there will get upset. Because I know what I’ve written goes against the “rules”.

But these are nearly always the articles where spirit is pushing the most to get the info out. And most often, I end up baffled and humbled by all your positive feedback as you read the article!

It usually turns out that these are the very articles that prove the most eye-opening, the biggest perspective shifters and the most impactful on your journey!

So here are twelve of the year’s most button-pushing, deep-going, controversial articles about Twin Flames!


*Twin Flame sovereignty and the template to your relationship together

*Why DF and DM are obsolete expressions of Ego

*The truth about supernatural aspects about the TF connection, including starseed backgrounds, false karma and more

*The essential info on your soul contracts to reincarnate on earth

*Why it’s actually a great thing to have met your “False Twin Flame”

*How you can change your path and your Twin Flame connection right here and right now, using your own inner power

*And so much more…

Have a look below!

As always, I’m sending you love and light for your continued journey! <3

Cassady x


Q&A: “Why Is The Twin Flame Journey So Hard?”


Twin Flames: Are You The Masculine Or Feminine Polarity Twin? (Quiz)


Twin Flames: Is This Your Final Lifetime On Earth?


False Twin Flame: How Do You Know If You’ve Met Your False Twin? (Video)


Twin Flame Reunion: 5 Surprising Reasons It May Be Eluding You


Twin Flame Trouble: 7 Keys To Regaining Inner Peace


Twin Flame Message – Have You Journeyed Away From Your Soul?


Mastering Self Love On The Twin Flame Journey – 7 Keys


Twin Flames – A Supernatural Love?


The Spiritual Shift – Are You Open To A Game-Changer?


Before You Go…

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