Wisdom Unfolding – Where Is Your Journey Headed? Discover What Insights Await You, What Lessons You’re Working On And What Blessings Are Offered To You…

Today’s article is another one close to my heart.

The natural kingdom has been a constant guide and support on my journey, and it’s sometimes mystifying how much wisdom there is in animals, their presence and their energy signatures…

So today, I’ve been guided to share this intuitive article to help you connect with the wisdom and messages trying to reach you.

Always pay attention to any animals you see in your mind’s eye or repeatedly in the media, as these are attempting to alert you to insights, wisdom and assistance – answers to “prayers” you’ve sent out…

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#1) Pick Your Image:

For best results, relax yourself, take a few deep breaths. Then see which of the images here you’re the most drawn to right now. Pick one. It’s usually the first one you’re drawn to.

The reason you shouldn’t overthink it is that our intuition is often very subtle and it usually “jumps out” in the split second before we have a chance to decide on something analytically.



#2) Find the number below and read Your Message!





Higher dimensions, unity consciousness, “magic”, purity. Crown and higher chakras. Crystal energy

If you selected image number 1 this is the message you most need right now:

“My dear friend, I am here to ignite your dormant codes of high vibrational consciousness, to awaken in you the Twin Flame code of unity!

You may have seen me in images and in your visions recently, and I am indeed near. You will feel this from a tingly sensation, a feeling of chills, inspiration and a feeling of light.

I am here to guide you to remember the truth about who you are. To tune into the higher dimensional consciousness where your soul originates and to assist your journey into a higher state of being both within and without.

I journey with the Twin Flames of a higher dimensional background to unify their energies across all levels of consciousness.

You are moving into the place of souls. Do not be afraid – there is much happening with your system right now, and it can impact your physical body and your moods.

To lift up, focus on my energy of pure crystalline white, platinum and opalescence. You may find it helpful to meditate on the image of a unicorn or to listen to singing bowls or other high vibrational meditation music. You are always looked after.

Please do be good to yourself right now, as there is much changing in your system. Drink lots of water and send your water a “blessing” of crystalline light for extra positivity. You are on a journey back to the completeness of yourself, both with your Mirror soul and within. Enjoy this adventure as there are so many magical surprises in store!”



twin flame awakening

Recommended Session: Higher Dimensional Anchoring and Awakening




Intuition, moon energy, feminine wisdom, loyalty, sacral/brow chakra (third eye). Silver energy

If you selected image number 2 this is the message you most need right now

“Friend, you are being asked to stand in your power right now. To listen to the wisdom of what words cannot say...

Let your journey flow like the river. When you get into the feeling state you can sense all things. Let go of the mental state that causes such confusion and struggle for humans. Tap into your deeper wisdom, the animal nature of intuition. We are in touch with all things.

You are right now on a journey of reconnecting with your inner wisdom, to journey deeper into faculties of intuitive power. I will be assisting you by showing up feelings, helping you to see through words and get to the deeper messages beneath.

I will help you to tap into the river of consciousness that all things are connected to and that is connected to all things. This is moon magic, the art of consciousness on the plane of feeling. Many people find this frightening, as it is all about letting go and tuning into emotion. Emotions can be frightening because they have no borders.

But this is what I am here to teach, to move in and out of the flow of knowing. And to find the space within yourself where you know yourself strongly enough to flow on the river of being.

When I am working with you, you will find your intuitive connection with your Twin Flame strengthen – and the New Moon/Full Moon periods carry great growth and wisdom for you. You do not have to seek wisdom and insight, they are already in you.

You do not have to seek your Twin Flame outside of yourself, because they are always a part of your soul. Fear ceases when you realize that all things, good and bad, are created from the same substance.”



twin flame program

Recommended Session: Vibrational Alignment Program

In this program I show you step by step how to begin tapping into your intuition, opening telepathy, clearing away congestion and opening to your inner power…



Courage, passion, strength – heart centered power. Heart chakra and solar plexus. Fire energy

If you selected image number 3 this is the message you most need right now:

“Friend, do you feel like you’ve lost your passion in recent times? Like your heart is empty or life doesn’t really excite you? I am here to help you ignite your excitement again.

Inside, you are a brave warrior of light who came here to experience your dreams come true. That path goes through your heart, but if you have been afraid of letting go and opening up you’re not using your true power.

Allow yourself to roar – to sing, to speak, to write, to create, to express yourself! You will feel so much better! Your voice carries in it the frequency of your Twin Flame soul song – drawing in your counterpart.

I’m here to help you stop holding back. In order to experience your dreams and to enjoy passionate bliss with your partner you must allow your heart to open. And that can be scary, especially if you’ve been hurt before.

I am here to provide a calm and loving presence of strength and comfort for you to feel safe to open up again. Can you feel it? Then, when you feel safe enough to allow yourself to relax into your truth, I will inspire you to go for your dreams once more. To launch into the things you love.

To know what things I mean, ask yourself – What have you loved doing ever since childhood? What has always given you joy? What would you do if you didn’t need to work for a living, if you had all the time in the world? These are your soul’s passions and I will help you get in touch with them and create space for you to spend time on them in your life. But first, I’ll help you feel safe enough to open up to this.

Right now, I want you to know the reason you’ve felt lackluster is because there has been a deeper fear keeping you from living from your heart’s true power. When Twin Flames come together, any past hurt that has caused your heart to shut, will be revealed so you can open to each other. That is something I am here to help with.

I will be by your side helping you to feel safe again and heal your heart. Never underestimate yourself, friend. Look for my highest qualities in yourself, you will find them all. You are made to be powerful and radiant with love.”


This energy is very keen on getting you to express yourself through journaling to reconnect with your passion and your inner truth!


Another powerful method for uplifting, boosting your passion and excitement for life and living, is affirmation audios! This is a new resource I created after not only experiencing positive results myself, but discovering that there is “hard proof” in science that affirmations actually create change in your brain and your nervous system over time.

Affirmations are a powerful way to uplift and begin living in your true power. Have a look here for my special affirmations for the Twin Flame journey – set to music, all you have to do is listen along to get the benefits (includes two different affirmations audio tracks).



Power, shadows, karmic wounds, transformation. Night energy

If you selected image number 4 this is the message you most need right now

“Friend, I am here as a warning. A messenger of your own inner shadow nature.

Somewhere in your being lurks fear. Something you experienced in the past has caused a rupture in your being, alienating you from your full whole, safe, loving and loved self.

Do you feel safe? Do you feel deserving and allowed to love and be loved? Do you feel safe, right and good to open up to others, to express your truth? These are all issues I am here to help you address.

I am the shaman healer of your spirit – helping you to identify and find the parts of yourself that have dwelled in darkness and feeling afraid, alone, unloved, expelled from the light of your being.

In spiritual truth, you are always loved, you are always whole, you are always strong. So I am here to help you untangle the web of where you distanced from yourself and others, where you learned to shut off, where a scar was caused, making you shut off within.

Imagine yourself as a glacier. Originally, you were whole. But throughout existence, you had experiences that caused cracks and scars within – pushing you away from yourself.

For Twin Flames I journey to assist you in discovering and healing the parts of yourself that feel unloved, betrayed, afraid of abandonment, neglect…

When you see me, know that there are shadows expressing themselves in your experience or your counterpart’s. What is happening, has to do with your inner fears and past hurts.

When you acknowledge this, you can begin to heal and fully open up to the unconditional love that exists between you as souls. What I ask from you, friend, is to be honest with your true feelings, and to be willing to face the darkness.

When you shine light on the shadows, they begin to lose their power. When you apply love to fear, you heal.”



Recommended Session: Inner Child Healing For Twin Flames

To continue and assist the work panther is guiding you to, make sure you get to the bottom of any karmic wounds and inner shadow aspects.

Inner child wounds can be big blocks on the Twin Flame journey – the child aspect of our consciousness is often holding onto fears and damaging beliefs we’re unaware of as an adult.



Physical body, health, vitality, positive pride and self acceptance. Root chakra. Earth energy

If you selected image number 5 this is the message you most need right now

“Friend, I am here to guide you through physical body changes. I am reminding you to ground yourself, to go outside and experience the bounty of nature daily, to interact with flowers, trees, animals and the other splendors of nature.

You are alive in this human body, remember to live your physical life to the fullest how you can. So many people forget to go outside, to really breathe fully, to be grounded and centered in their bodies. Society does much to make you afraid to fully anchor into physical existence – there are so many fears – but I am here to show you that it is safe, right and good for you to be here in your body.

You are strong and you are proud – and if you believe otherwise, I am here to help you shake this off, because those are beliefs that do not serve you. Your physical body is the vehicle for your soul and all your experiences in life, so I am here to serve the crucial role for Twin Flames to help their physical bodies feel safe to allow the souls to merge.

To feel safe enough to relax into the space where you allow your hearts to connect, to allow for the openness that the Twin Flame connection demands. If I am working with you, then I am also working with your counterpart. Always in tandem.

The physical human body carries many fears, especially of letting go of defenses and opening up, so this is a very important part of the Twin Flames’ journey as it is after all in these physical bodies you are connecting.

Even if one party is passed away, the living Twin’s body is a part of the journey that must be carefully managed – if one Twin carries fear of opening up, it can block the whole connection.

Do make the effort to get some physical exercise as you will feel so much better! Do not sit in front of the computer all day, but move around. This in itself will help you enjoy your journey more and alleviate any depression.

A happy, healthy body is aligned with and attracting love and enjoyment with others. I am here, grateful as your guide to physical health and wellness.”





Recommended session: Energy Clearing Session For Twin Flames – Karma, Negative Energy, Cutting Cords and More

To continue the work horse is guiding you to, make sure you get to the bottom of any karmic negativity that’s keeping you from living as fully as you can. Karmic issues can make us feel like we’re stuck on a train without being able to get off. Recurring cycles of struggle where it seems like “nothing changes”.

Have a look here to discover more and get to grips with clearing it so you can move on into a higher state of love and happiness.


6) OWL

Vision, power, higher insights, seeing through illusion. Crown/brow chakra. Air energy


If you selected image number 6 this is the message you most need right now:

“Friend, I am here to help you see through illusion. I am alerting you to the fact that you need to look deeper in your current situation. With Twin Flames I work with assisting the counterparts in seeing beyond human belief systems.

My gift is to see in the dark and I will help you do the same, to see the light in all things even when there appears to be darkness.

With my bright vision you will be guided to the core of the truth, to what lies beyond beliefs, opinions and hearsay.

When I appear on your path it means you are being asked to stop listening to the voices of the collective, and to listen to your own truth. To go within and rediscover what truly matters.

Let me ask you this: If this were your last day, what would you wish you had spent more time on? Who would you wish you had made amends with? What passion of yours would you wish you had spent your effort on? What would you wish you had enjoyed more?

Do these things now. The answers to those questions just revealed what your soul is trying to push for. You can keep rationalizing but if you are silencing your soul’s quest for illumination, for love, for unity, life will keep feeling empty. Do not waste any time, friend, be true to yourself now.

Know that you already have your Twin Flame. They never left. Your souls were always together. Know that you do not have to push them away, because they are you.

Know that within you, lies a kingdom of wealth, affluence, wisdom, power. Everything you want, is already in you.

Silence the outer voices and the beliefs of the world, and you become radiant with the essence of your being. You become luminescent and magnetic to the outer expression of love that was already yours.



To continue and assist the work owl energy is there to guide you to, do make sure you go within and spend some time quietly every day. If you find meditation tricky, it can be helpful to begin with a Guided Meditation, like the one I offer alongside  my free guided session






Want more? For an easy, smooth way to clear blocks, heal your energy and harmonize your journey with your Twin, have a look at the Vibrational Alignment Program for Twin Flames here.

twin flame program

“Cassady’s teachings and techniques have lifted me from utter soul sickness to greater peace and increasing forgiveness, self love and love for my partner. Now I can greet my fear and anguish with peace and love. I am finally feeling more calm, clear and confident. Thank you Cassady!”

– Kate, California, USA

Alternatively you can try our Free starter Twin Flame Help kit

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  1. Interesting! I felt equally drawn to panther and wolf, and it really is eerie how spot on those combined messages are to this current stage of life I’m experiencing. ? The panther represents more of the insecurities, fears and awareness that’s coming into the open, whereas the wolf represents the need to go within, find balance, trust my intuition, and reassert my power.

  2. Thank you for this! A few days ago I was going through old movies in my library and saw The Last Unicorn title jump at me because I noticed it had been modified on 2011-11-11 at 1:19 AM. I thought it odd and researched unicorns a bit in regard of twin flames but nothing interesting, except that twin flame journey can be like chasing unicorns (the movie is about a unicorn going on a quest to find others of its kind, which is very reminiscent of twin flame journey!) Then the day after I had a reading and a unicorn riding a wave showed up and now today again. Also as I am reading this the total Facebook and likes are 222 individually. To me 222 is always my twin flame telling me he loves me. The Shares are 227 and Pinterest 5, which are my DM’s life path (2+2+7=11) and destiny number (5). All very synchronistic! Thank you for all the good you do! The universe really does speak through you! <3

  3. Holy shit!!!
    Pardon me, but I was shocked to see a wolf as one of the animals. The person who I think is my twin, just got a wolf paw tattoo

  4. Wow!
    A few days ago the person who I think is my twin, got a wolf tattoo on their arm. What does that mean?

  5. I was immediately drawn to the Panther. I cried while reading, it is extremely accurate. I’ve tried to heal the damage done for most of my life but something is still lingering. I just came across your page. My birthday is 11/11/70, I do not believe in coincidences but I know synchronicity exists.
    Thank you for this post ?

  6. Thank you thank you thnak you Casady
    Much Love, Gratitude & Peace

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