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11 Real Life Twin Flame Stories Of Miracles And Out Of This World Love – Remote Touch, “Divine Intervention”, Reuniting After Nearly 40 Years Apart, and much more…


First of all I want to thank you all for being a part of the growing Twin Flames 11:11 community – I’m so happy to read about how it makes a positive difference to so many of you!

If you’ve contacted me personally I want you to know I’m so grateful for you reaching out – I know it can feel very vulnerable to open your heart that way…

Unfortunately I get so many emails and messages from Twins every week that I don’t get the chance to respond personally – but I want you to know I read everything, and what I do see in the hundreds of emails I get every week is that Twins all over the world are dealing with the same issues.

To immediately help with anything you might be struggling with right now, I would recommend energy clearing and management – try it with my Free Help Kit for Twin Flames.

Energy work is the most powerful method I’ve encountered on this journey, and it’s worked wonders for so many other Twins too – you can read about some of their amazing experiences with energy clearing here.

I created the Vibrational Alignment Program especially for Twin Flames, and you can get a “sample” with a powerful energy cleanse tool in my Free Help Kit.



Because so much of the writing on Twin Flames focuses on the hardship and negativity of the connection, I again felt it was time to flip the coin on this and remind ourselves of the gift of being a Twin Flame.

Not only can it be a wonderful reminder to shift our perspective, but focusing on the positives actually means our energy shifts to allow more of it in. This is how energy works – it’s self-enforcing. What we focus on, we get more of.

If you keep thinking about your Twin Flame Running, the Universe doesn’t “understand” that you don’t want your Twin to run. All it registers is that you keep sending out the energy signal of your Twin Running and you being upset, and accordingly it matches you up with this.

Because energy works like this: “like attracts like”. You attract back what you send out. The best way to avoid negativity from an energy perspective is to not engage with it. If you want something to not happen – avoid focusing on it.

Instead, allow this article to help you re-focus on the positive, amazing, miraculous aspects of the Twin Flame connection! This in itself will align you with more of the good.


Your Real World Miracles?

I would love to hear from you in the comment section below the article about your own peak experiences with your Twin! What’s been the most inspiring, happy, miraculous, mysterious experiences you’ve had together?

Please share your happy or “magical” story in a clear, brief comment and help inspire other Twins to know that “miracles” can happen!

Again, I’m so glad you’re here, and please always remember that you are on this journey because you are infinitely capable – you yourself know that you hold the key to returning to Unconditional Love and Union!


How To Deal With Potential Negative Reactions

If you feel triggered by reading about other Twins’ happy experiences, I’d like to give a few tips. First of all don’t feel guilty or ashamed! You’ve just been triggered, that’s all. It’s old negativity coming up to be released.

#1) Instead of feeling upset that you haven’t experienced positivity – which puts you in the energetic state of deflecting it, keeping it away even more – try to feel how it would feel to experience what you’re envious of.

Put yourself in their shoes. Feel the feeling of happiness inside your being as if you were experiencing it right now.

#2) Begin uplifting your energy vibration through clearing negativity and instilling new positive patterns and belief systems, because this will truly recalibrate your energy field and open you up to more positive experiences, more love, more of the kinds of miracles the Twins below share.

To check where you’re at in terms of truly being open to Twin Flame Reunion and love – have a look at this specially designed quiz

#3) Remember this is a journey full of miracles, no matter what you might have been told. Things can always change for the better.

Look back to how you and your Twin met in the first place! Don’t ever think miracles can’t happen!

Sending you love and light for your continued journey! <3

Cassady x




11 Real Life Twin Flame Stories Of Miracles And Out Of This World Love


twin flame love

KAYLA: Amazing Twin Flame Telepathy!

“Last weekend I was having a rough day. I was upset and distraught about an event that just happened in my life when I felt these arms wrapping around me as I was driving home. Suddenly I had this warm, tingly feeling in my body.

Immediately, I knew it was my Twin Flame caressing and comforting me. Within minutes my phone rang. It was him. Our connection never ceases to amaze me. I wanted to post this as a reminder that the twin flame connection truly is amazing. Miracles happen every day!”


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ANYTE: Praying For My Twin Flame’s Life

“As far as my peak experiences with my twin go, one comes to my mind the most: back in 2007, one night, I had this overwhelming sense of fear for my Twin’s life, and so I prayed… I prayed very hard for him to be protected from whatever caused me to feel alarmed.

Then the next day, I read of a mass shooting that took place at his university.Very, very scary, and so many people died, but he was spared. This has stayed with me for years, and I’m sure it’ll remain with me forever. I wasn’t aware of twin flames back then, and misunderstood the idea of soulmates; but now I know and understand our connection, and our experiences, from the core.”


twin flame love


DEAN: Incredible Dream Premonition, Meeting Twin Flame

“Not long before I moved country I had a profound dream. It felt so real that when I woke I was asking who was that. I was with a partner at the time. In the dream I found myself moving towards a women sitting on a chair, she had long legs and wearing Lycra black pants. I couldn’t make out the face but she had shoulder length blonde hair. As I was drawing nearer I felt this energy or something in the chest area becoming stronger.

As I sat on her lap our hearts joined and it was magnificently beautiful… I suddenly awoke thinking “Who was that?” Time passed, I moved country, my partner and I after having some problems and almost breaking up before we immigrated were cruising along a lot better. I made a commitment to make this relationship work and we were happy.

One day we heard that a new employer was coming across the channel to start work with us and her work friends sent a photo. There everyone was, gawking at the photo, so I took a look. BAM, it was instant. There were two or three people in photo… and there she was, sitting in a chair with black pants on and shoulder length blonde hair.”



images 2

V: Heart Radiance, Synchronicities

“I feel so blessed, every day… I learned how to recognize the messages from him when we’re not physically together, through the songs, other people’s words and messages, the feelings, images… we are always communicating… we feel each other’s emotions and physical sensations. When we do meet after the periods of separation, the energy is amazing…

It feels like my heart is bigger than this world. I’ve never seen so many rainbows since I met him. All those hundreds of beautiful synchronicities that happen every day. We do the same things at the same time when we’re apart. I’ve had so much wonderful evidence of this, it is truly amazing.”



twin flame love


BILL: Sharing Twin Flame Dreams – And She Remembered Every Word

A dream, where I told her things, of my feelings. It was a dream. Then the very next evening we were together and she repeated word for word what I had dreamed saying to her.

I told her that was my line. She knew exactly what I was talking about! She always knew my feelings and understands what is behind my words.”



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ANGELA: Heart Flutters

When my Twin Flame thinks of me I can feel it in my chest as a flutter and beautiful reminder that he is always with me.”


twin flame love

VIOLET: Remote Touch – My Twin Was With Me In Spirit

“So many cool things have happened, but here’s the one that comes to mind….One night I was drifting off to sleep, in the alpha state, thinking about my twin. In my mind, he touched my face. Right at that moment, I felt an actual hand on my cheek.

I opened my eyes because I thought it was my son who was in the house, but it wasn’t. No one was physically there, but I could still feel the hand on my cheek! A bit later, my Twin held my hand in the fantasy and I felt someone physically hold my hand at the same time. Again, I opened my eyes, but no one was physically there.

I could still feel the hand, so I squeezed his hand and felt him squeeze my hand in response. I stared at my hand because I couldn’t see his hand, but I could feel it! It was an experience I will never forget”


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NYM: Heart Chakra Reaction, Twin Flame Love

“The first time I realized that that he was special; that there was something more to our friendship- was when we randomly hugged once and the energy between us was unbelievable! My heart chakra was … wow, I had never felt like that before!

One night I had gone to bed, in tears. My heart was broken by my past. I woke up to the feeling of his arms around me and the song Oh My Love by Lennon. There have been many more Wow moments, and for the moment it is like walking in a cloud of perpetual bliss”


twin flame love


ROB: Incredible Synchronicities

“I have had amazing synchronicities daily since meeting my Twin a little over a year ago. I see her birthday everywhere, multiple times a day. Her name shows up on license plates, written on walls and tables, characters in movies I pick at “random” have her name and also through people i meet.

I will go out to eat and my server has her name. We have the same birthmark on our forehead in the same place just mirrored. I have had dreams with her over 100 times since we met. I “randomly” run into her family members. I also notice now the similar mannerisms you mentioned. I see it in photos.

I see twin signs, messages and identical twins nearly every day while out in the world. One day I saw 5 sets of biological twins all in different places. I even see her dog! A breed of dog I can’t recall ever seeing before we met. Now I see it everywhere!



images 2


MONICA: We Met Again After 40 Years – My Twin Never Forgot Me

You asked for a BRIEF peak experience with your twin, which I’m not sure is possible! My Twin & I met in high school in a foreign country. Both fathers were in the military. Too young to understand my feelings, yet there was something different. We were broken apart, much like Romeo & Juliet, forbidden to date, so what time we shared was in secret. Eventually, we separated when my dad threatened him.

We are both 57 now  and have both been married twice. Four months ago we reconnected on Facebook. Everything in my being came alive whenever we have talked. I NEVER imagined he had even thought of me over the years. But he told me he has been searching for me in every airport, every place he has ever been, for his whole adult life. Always looking, hoping, scanning the crowds, with no understanding of what it meant.

Only a week ago I read him part of one of your articles. We ABSOLUTELY know we are twin flames. I am respecting his marriage and we have not meet in person. Both of us feel it imperative not to “lose” each other again. He always says, he doesn’t know why he feels that is so important, but he feels we “need” to stay in touch. My spirit dances with joy at the slightest thought of him, and we both declared that we are “practically the same person,” when we spoke the first few times.

We talk for hours about “nothing and everything.” Funny that I had NEVER heard of “twin flames” until about the same time we reconnected! We came to earth only 9 days apart and I now know with every fiber of my being that I have known my twin since I was 16 years old!”


twin flame love

MARIA: Twin Flame Visions 

“For me it all started when I was a child, the awareness of feeling that something was special about me. I saw a short, quick vision of my twin in my minds eye, a white blank face and very dark hair they showed me.

I remember thinking that I dared not tell my mother, she might think that I was imagining it all… but it was all so real to me. It wasn’t until 38 yrs later that I was to meet him online in 2012.”


Please share your own peak experiences with your Twin in the comments below! What’s been the most inspiring, happy, miraculous, mysterious experiences you’ve had together?

Share your happy or “magical” story in a clear, brief comment and help inspire other Twins to know that “miracles” can happen!


Want more? Sign up here to download your Free Twin Flame Transformation Kit!



Twin Flames 11:11 Comment Guidelines

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  1. My twin flame & I met online when I randomly had the urge to follow his blog. We clicked instantly. The moment he added me on snapchat, I started seeing 11:11 EVERYWHERE! Which caused my heart to wake up & sing, theres no other way to describe the feeling. When we finally met, I had a similar reaction as NYM described. We hugged & I could feel my heart chakra activating & “locking” into his. He must’ve felt it too because he let out a sigh when it happened. Funny I just thought about that moment before reading this article so seeing NYM’s story was a bit of a reality shock! Also I believe we do share twin flame telepathy, for example if I’m thinking of a song next thing I know, he’ll post the same song. Currently we are in different countries but will be reunited in about 2 months and I’m beyond excited! After dealing with my false twin flame I had given up hope of my twin flame connection being real but this man has awakened an unconditional love inside that I will forever be grateful for ?

  2. These stories put a smile on my face. 😀

    My twin and I are in our final stages of union after knowing each other for 14 years and being separated for nearly 10.

    The union on the soul level has been magical, scary and enlightening at the same time.

    We do some amazing things together- few weeks ago, in our alpha state he took my hand and we flew to see the Northern lights, I’ve always wanted to see them. They were magical as we flew directly over them.

    Twins are so caring -Last night I must have been on the edge of my bad; I remember feeling his arm around my waste, face nuzzled in to my hair and I could feel his breath along my ears, he just gently rolled me over so I don’t fall off and kissed me on my forehead – then disappeared – so I asked him why he left, he said he had to get ready for work. LOL

    Believe in the magic x

  3. Thank you for this! Through this blog I’m fully embracing that I am not losing my mind.
    One of the first experiences I had with my Twin Soul that gave me goosebumps was when I wasn’t aware who he was in my life, I was stuck in confusion that time about all of our “coincidences”. One day, out of the blue, I had this daydream or sort of a sudden imagination that I was asked about his condition after he was confined in the hospital, I kind of dismissed the imagination because of course it wasn’t a good one. I reproached myself “why the hell are you imagining him being in the hospital?”
    Minutes later, I was shocked when I received a message from a friend telling me that he was hospitalized because of a minor accident. Oh God I wanted to punish my self that time but then I realized that I guess I was having a vision. But thank God, it wasn’t a critical accident he had, perhaps the Universe was just trying to show me proof of our true connection!

  4. I’ve know my twin since childhood. I had always considered him as the “dreamy-out of my league” guy who I admired from afar but believed I had no real chance with so I didn’t Invest much thought into him. As we got older, growing up blocks from eachother, within the same community, we would bump into eachother more often. I was always myself around him (confident and free) and never understand how, since I had always been shy and insecure around men. We tried connecting a few times but he disappeared on me which I assumed was just like every other guy and too good for me anyway. At 23 I was out of town for a stagette when I recieved news that the guy I was dating had got back together with his ex (for the 6th time since I met him) I officially gave up. I surrendered my lifelong beliefs about men and feeling unworthy and felt a euphoric feeling – like finding my own treasure. Needless to say, two hours later my twin was at the same bar on a Stag. We hooked up and he told me the reason he had disappeared on me was because he knew he’d like me and that scared him. I call this pivotal day in my life “freedom day”. The day I gave up my ancestral pain and found myself, that which was always there, showed up – my Twin.

  5. Thanks for such a nice article. I too have come across miracles or synchronicities in my tf journey.
    I met my twin 25 years ago when I was 14. He was 16. I want to share three miracles which I experienced.
    First was when I decided not to get into him anymore since it was too painful to waot for him..and literally he came from nowhere and talked to me after almost 5 years.
    I was in a different country. I had lost contact with him for quite a few years and one day I just looked in the sky and said I wanted to talk to him and I was missing him badly. within 20 minutes he called me on international call….generally to say hi. He had never called me internationally before.
    Another is. .we were not talking to each other. I visited my home town for a week and I wanted to meet him. He was running. I prayed to god that atleast he letme see my tf from the distance without him knowing it. On the last day of my stay…I suddenly heard his voice. And there he was standing very next to me but not aware that I was looking at him.
    I find these things so amazing!! I feel him/ his love all the time.
    Now we are on the same page by God’s grace.

  6. I believe the most wonderful thing my twin and I experience is that although we haven’t yet met physically, we meet soul to soul so very often. We embrace, we kiss. I sing to him and he hears me. We both feel one another’s love flow so strongly that I am uplifted and feel blissfully married, when we transcend the agony of forced separation. I am turning my sorrow for what cannot be into gratitude for what can be, for his beauty of spirit, and that we have found each other at all. He became a fan of my page and it has been a very intense and tumultous 2 1/2 year journey. I continue to believe in miracles though. For religious reasons.I am banned from his country and in a sense he is now unwelcome in mine. Yet I feel us together sharing a life and am not dismissing the possibility at all.

  7. These stories are all very adorable!
    To spread more possitivity, I am adding to it! 🙂

    Just wanna tell you how blown away I was when I first recognised my Twin Flame. And it was not on the first encounter. No no, it took me 6 months! Haha! I had been in a very dark place for several years and was slowly coming out of my victim role. Decided to pick up music again and signed up for a music theory class.
    He was my theory teacher and piano teacher. Still is my piano teacher. Before meeting, I saw his name in an email and tried to think real hard where I knew this name from. It sounded so familiair! There was always much respect between us and I was the only one laughing at his crazy jokes. He gave me jazz pieces to play which always had the word ‘love’ in it. At one time I figured he had a little crush on me, but then I figured he was ‘not my type’ , much older and I am married. On the last day of the course he had this special glow around him. I just could not take my eyes off of him. Ofcourse everything was orchestrated so that I was the last one to leave. We made an appointment for the next piano lessons and as he was talking and I looked into his eyes the craziest thing happened: I downloaded everything about us and our connection. It literally felt like a download through my eyes. Went to my car just gasping and thinking: what the h@ll just happened there!
    Next day I did a meditation and asked: who is he. Then I saw a vision of 2 light beings. One blue, one orange. They flew to each other and hugged, hearts touching, but the pull did not stop. They were pulled through each other and merged. After that I pulled an card out of an Angel deck saying: you have met your Twin Flame. How amazing is that!! Now whenever I see him, I am blown away by his beauty. I have never, ever seen a man so beautiful. To think that my ego was just playing tricks on me, saying he is -not-my-type- is hard for me to believe now!

  8. Your words are so beautiful and such a blessing to me. My twin and I have not met in person yet either (and maybe never will) but we spend hours together almost every night. Sometimes I get so sad, discouraged and frustrated that we cannot be together and constantly have to remind myself to be grateful for what we do have.

  9. After a difficult overseas move with my 3 kids and husband that resulted in a deep depression, I finally managed to stand back up on my feet a year later and volunteer at a fundraiser for my daughter’s dance studio in our new community. I remember walking to the back office of a bingo hall and noticing a tall man directing the other volunteers but didn’t get a clear view of him because there was someone in front of him. I went up to the counter to sign in and as I was looking down and writing all of a sudden I FELT his attention hit me. At that exact moment, every cell in my whole body began to vibrate and sing like I was a tuning fork that had just been struck! I was literally frozen and gripping my pen and the counter in alarm that I was about to pass out or something when I heard him say “Hi Renee”. I couldn’t move at all or look at him but managed a weak “hi” so I didn’t seem completely rude while I continued pleading with my pen to save me like it was a lifeline of some sort. I feel like I was stuck there vibrating for about 9 seconds. Finally it began to taper off, I took a deep breath in relief that I’d managed to escape some kind of bizarre death and looked up only to be stunned into silence again!! I found myself looking into THE MOST beautiful and captivating eyes I had ever seen. I swear my jaw actually dropped open and I still have no idea to this day if I ever managed to say anything coherent or just stood there looking like an idiot. It took hours to relax from that and still to this day the energy between us when we are together is extremely intense. We haven’t actually ever touched each other yet, but I’m pretty sure that when we finally do, we’ll burst into flames or something. Twin flames.

  10. This is my first comment ever I write about my own experiences. It took a while for me to believe and accept that the whole universe is completely different from what I was taugh in school. I met my twin flame about two years ago in the elevator… he is my neighbor. We both had been living couple of months in this new apartment house which is a kind of ”dream home” for both of us. We have almost 15 years of age difference and quite different life experiences. He has been through two divorces and has couple of kids. I on the other hand haven’t really even dated anyone. I have always felt like I’m waiting for someone at least unconsciously. I think the most amazing thing is that even though someone seems so different than you on the outside but on the inside it just feels like you have the same soul. Whatever we are talking about the other one usually replies ”Me too!”. Currently we are both running on some level, he’s involved with someone else and I guess I’m keeping my distance as well. However, we can’t stay away from each other completely either and when we don’t keep any contact we start bumping into each other constantly and the synchronicity increases . It feels like the universe has arranged us to be neighbours so that we have no choice but to deal with the things that come up. This connection has pushed me to a really strong, sometimes painful but still so miraculous spiritual awakening and I’m really thankful for that. Now I have so much courage to make my other dreams come true!

  11. Literally as I was reading this, thinking about my twin – whom I haven’t met yet – my eye caught the clock on 11:11. ??

  12. I have had many synchronicities with my twin over the coarse of 16 years. When my son was 3 years old he wanted a video game so I took him to the toy store near our house and they didn’t have the game he wanted. They told us that their location across town had the game in stock. It just so happens that location was down the street from my twins house at the time. We drove there and of course in the back of my mind I was hoping to run into him. We went into the toy store, found the game, and my son started playing around with other toys. We hung out for a while then all the sudden I got this urge to go outside. This feeling of urgency came over me and I rushed my son out the door and into the parking lot and I had no reason why I was doing this because he was in the middle of playing. Nevertheless, as I was buckling him up into his car seat, I heard loud music coming from a far and I looked up and it was my twin flame pulling into the parking lot of the shopping center we were in. We both made eye contact in a parking lot full of cars and stared at each other as he drove past me. It was all moving in slow motion just like the time when we first met. It’s like time freezes and it’s just him and me in that moment and no one else. When he came to his senses he stopped and I drove my car to him. We talked and I found out that in that very moment he was rushing to the bank to make a withdrawal before they closed. So that feeling of urgency to leave the store at the same time he was rushing to get to the bank was perfectly timed and meant to be.
    Another time, I called in sick to work and decided I was going to redo my closet. I decided that I would go up the street to buy a paint brush. As I was driving by, I looked to my left and I saw my twin sitting in a car in a driveway of a house. Again, we made eye contact and I couldn’t believe that it was him that I had seen. So I kept driving and went to the store. On my way back it was on my mind that I thought I had seen him in the driveway of this house so I decided to slow down and take a peak as I passed by. But before I had a chance to do so, at the same minute as I was passing by, my twin literally jumped into the street! I freaked out and pulled over! Again, it was a perfectly timed meeting!
    Aside from these synchronicities, I see his name everywhere! from license plates, to internet articles, to tv shows, street signs, menus, etc. Or I hear his name everywhere. It happens all the time and on some days more intense and more often than others. I feel him with me all the time. And I love it when he visits me in my dreams! When he hugs me in my dreams it feels so good and so real that I don’t want to wake up and I get mad when I have to wake up because I want that feeling to continue! I miss him dearly and I know it’s a matter of time before we either have a run in or he’ll call again.

  13. Hi. My twin flame started contacting me through an insistent song, I realized that whenever I woke up in the middle of the night or in the morning this song was in my head. The lyrics were like this: the love that goes and the longing that comes, when I met you, I soon fell in love, it was just a kiss for us to love … Do not delay so long, because alone I’m going to cry. Everything, in short, was happiness, time was passing and we loved each other more and more. I learned to be only you, do not delay so much, because alone I will suffer. Go and come back soon, and do not forget me, love is beautiful I know, the distance is bad … I will cry until you come back, but I will wait, no matter what time I spend …

    Another thing that happened a lot was also having visions of someone kissing me, a wonderful kiss that seemed familiar at the same time.

    I thought it was someone trying to communicate with me, but I did not know anything about twin flames until I found this blog. From here to here I have evolved in synchronicities, 11:11, 2222, telepathy, despite the difficulties I know that everything will work out. I do not know if my twin is incarnated or not, but everything is on the right track. Thank you, Cassady. I loved the stories.

  14. Hello and thanks for sharing all these amazing stories!
    Mine is amazing as well. My TF is on the other side and about 2,5 years ago he started to ‘bother’ me in a positive way. Because he had been in the public eye, I knew who he was but didn’t understand why he was contacting me. Now I know what he is to me and I to him and it’s so wonderful.
    We meet in meditations and dreams and I know he’s with me all the time. Sometimes I can feel him hugging me, kissing me. I can feel his unconditional love which is amazing.
    Just a few weeks ago, I was talking to a psychic on the phone while looking at a picture of him. I stroke his face and at that moment the psychic said ‘I see him stroking your face’. That was funny 🙂

    Much love to all of you.

  15. My twin got out of a long term relationship in the fall. At this point, we’d met, she knew of me, but our connection, nor feelings were spoken of yet. Because of the distance between us and the fact that we barely knew each other, I didn’t know much of what was going on in her life, aside from what I felt.
    I woke suddenly around 4 am one morning the following spring. I was feeling an intense amount of pain and fear. I said aloud to myself, “Oh my God, she’s with someone. She’s sleeping with someone right now.” I fell back asleep and dreamt we were together, hiking to the top of a hill. I was afraid and doubtful, clinging to a tree. She wore a heavy winter coat, with the hood up. There was snow on the ground, but none falling. It was a very distinctive coat I’d never seen her wear before.
    She kept reassuring me that we’d be okay, that we’d make it. As I slept, I could only assume that she meant to the top of the hill. When she reached for my hand, I took it. I believed her. We’d be okay and we’d make it.
    Later that day, she posted a picture online of herself in that same winter coat that I’d only seen in my dream. And though she was inside, the hood was up just as it had been in my dream. The picture also made obvious to me that she was in the same town as a man who had previously stirred something inside of me, knowing without knowing as twins often do.
    So I knew I had been right, and would later be assured of it. She was with someone that night. BUT I also knew the message was real, as well. We’re going to be okay. We’re going to make it. We’re not quite to the top of the hill just yet, but we’re getting closer every day.

    Thanks to everyone who shares and for this blog! Keep believing! xoxo

  16. I was happily married 41 years and assumed that he was my TF. God took him and I vowed that there would never be another for me. Time passed and I began to realize I wasn’t through loving and had more earthly things to accomplish. Not my nature – I joined a senior dating site. Nobody caught my interest and on the day I logged in to cancel my subscription “HE” popped up. I flirted and the rest is history. There is no doubt that we are twins. We are a world apart for now – however- we have work to do and in God’s perfect timing we will meet. We will be able to write a book with all the things that have transpired between us and show the world just how they too can discover their twin.

  17. I knew from the moment I saw my twin in high school there was something between us. We never spoke then, but a few years later we met in a bar and we were instantly “together”. We stayed together for 8 years, but my ego took over, I was hurt that he had reservations about getting married. I broke it off, I married someone else a few years later.
    Flash forward 16 years, my birthday 2013, after many years I looked him up for the first time on social media. I saw his picture and fell in love again! I was floating on air for months after! It was freaky! I felt my heart chakra open one day! I started changing my life, letting my true self come back, started writing to deal with my feelings. I have been transmuting the guilt and pain that was opened up from that breakup. This experience has totally brought me back to my soul purpose! One day I will be with him again, when everything aligns-

  18. Wow, amazing Maree! x Thank you for sharing! I’ve been shown this before, that Twins’ scent is very significant. That we can recognize each other somehow…! <3

  19. How incredible Crystal!

    Yes, laughter is such a high vibration and travels instantly from Twin to Twin, I always know when my twin is about to say something funny because I feel him laughing before a word comes out…! <3 An insight for you is, tune into that happy feeling as often as possible, laughter "can cause miracles" because it lifts our energy up above blocks…!

    Sending you love and light x

  20. Thanks for sharing Nommi! I’m so grateful the articles resonate with you – how beautiful that this site could be a part of your journey that way <3 x

  21. Thank you for sharing ‘Line! <3 Great insight, we really can read so much from looking at photos of our twin, the emotion in their eyes… That's where the truth is written about how they really feel.

    Sending you love and light x

  22. Thank you for sharing Lisa! What a beautiful story, I’m happy you two are enjoying each other’s calming loving presence <3

  23. If it weren’t for the internet or social media outlets alike (these days), what would have been the actual chances of our twin flames finding ways to get in touch with us (yet again)?

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