Discover The Truth: Why Twin Flame Recognition Isn’t Just About 11:11, Synchronicity and Romance… And How I Met My False Twin Flame So I Could Share The Truth With You. 10 Conclusive Indications You’ve Met Your True Twin Flame


Every day I receive emails and comments and messages from people all over the planet, asking this one thing:

“How do I know if this person is really my Twin Flame?”

Today, I wanted to provide an in-depth resource and a checklist to help you get clarity on this. And to share some of the deeper implications of this question.

And above all to show why it’s not as simple as we often think, and most of all why the traditional “Twin Flame Identifiers” might just lead to more confusion…


How I Met My False Twin Flame So I Could Share The Truth With You

To help me know this situation from a practical point of view so I could help you understand more, spirit recently took me through the lesson of bringing me a person into my life on the physical plane who mirrored “facts” about my Twin Flame.

I had been lead to expect the possibility of a walk-in experience so I wasn’t surprised when someone showed up in my life who seemed like a “fit” with my Twin Flame.

To begin with I was intrigued, interested, drawn in and speaking to this person, getting to know them gradually but as my mind was more and more activated over days and weeks I got so full of confusion, analysis, doubt, back and forths of arguments in either direction that it made me feel bad. Really bad. Nauseated.

The “facts” said one thing but my feelings said something different.

My spirit was crying out that something was up. It took me a few days but I realized the reason I felt so bad was that I wasn’t listening to the truth.

The mind was running the show, taking me on a rollercoaster of stress when the truth was right there all along. I just needed to shift my perspective a little. And when I did, the answer was so obvious I laughed.

There I was – the person I was presented with seemed “like a fit” in theory. There were so many things that seemed “right”. You could have thought on paper it was my Twin Flame. Synchronicities, coincidences, down to upbringing, commonalities.

But there was something BIG missing! There was no glowing sense of “home”, there was no magnetic pull.

In energetic reality there was no resonance – we did not share the same core energetic frequency, the Twin Flame soul song. I was clearly presented with the valuable real life lesson of how the Twin Flame connection is all about energy.

(In an interesting side note, the person was a Twin Flame but not mine – our souls had an agreement to come together in life so I could help him awaken and help him discover the fact that he had a Twin Soul out there. A beautiful example of how souls arrange mutual learning experiences for both parties’ benefit)


The Key Lesson Your Soul Is Trying To Teach You

There is a big lesson being shown to Twin Flames and Lightworkers all over the world as a part of the Ascension and evolution of our souls and it is this: The mind does not hold the answers to spiritual truth. Your soul does.

Stop thinking so much, because it is alienating you from the deeper truth. You already know the truth, you’re just distracted from it by the human baggage and thoughts and beliefs you’ve taken on in life.

And the key to getting back to your soul’s inner knowing is to clear the baggage, remove what’s been obscuring the truth, to find your way to the truth beyond the human illusions.

I’m grateful to have experienced first hand the confusion and stress most Twin Flames in the physical experience with their initial encounters – wondering “is this the person”? And searching your mind endlessly to try to get clarity.

And I experienced conclusively that using your feeling gifts and sensing energy is ultimately the only real way to know.

The Twin Flame connection is all about energy, all about the resonance of two souls who were one.

When you meet yourself in another body you FEEL it more than think it. In fact, your mind will likely cloud up your ability to sense the truth about the connection.

Someone can seem like a “fit” but if the energy is all off, it’s not your Twin Flame. If someone doesn’t resonate with your heart, they’re not your Twin Flame.


The Truth About Twin Flame Love – 11:11 Doesn’t Really Matter

The Twin Flame connection is not about “compatibility” in a typical earth sense. It’s about the resonance of energy – the magnetic pull like electricity. Feeling that this is something unique.

The truth is no matter how many 11:11s you see or how many synchronicities surround your meeting another individual, nothing can fake the energetic resonance of the true Twin Flame connection.

It really is all about energy. You feel it, if someone is your Twin Flame. It’s different from any other connection you’ve ever had with another person. It will nearly always be clear, if you just feel into it.

It shouldn’t be tricky to figure out. If it feels difficult, confusing, overwhelming, you’re either so in your mind and alienated from your intuition you’ve shut off the ability to feel the truth, or it’s likely that it’s not a genuine Twin Flame connection.

If you’re stuck in your mind trying to “figure it out” you’re in the wrong place and creating struggle for yourself. Stop trying figuring it out. Instead, feel your way there.


Three Essential Steps To Knowing The Truth About Anything


#1) Meditate, relax your mind

Take your mind off the subject for at least ten minutes a day for a week. Try to stop thinking about it so much. Relax your thoughts, relax your body. Breathe. Allow your intuition room to step forth with the truth, when it’s time.


#2) Stop caring so much about the answer

When we are desperate to know something, our connection to our intuition shuts down. Because fear gets in the way – fear vetos spiritual insight, it shuts the channel right down. So it’s essential to get into a space where you can relax enough to allow your intuition to step forth.

Know that you’ll be OK either way! In your life, you will experience amazing love, and even if you’ve met your Soul Mate and not your Twin Soul this time, you can share a beautiful connection of love together. Try to take the pressure off yourself.

#3) Clear your energy

– This will cleanse out any fear-based stress patterns of overthinking and analysis which are blocking you from true insight. Clearing yourself will also remove others’ energies from your system (which would for obvious reasons cloud your ability to identify your true Twin energy connection).

Clearing your energy also helps strengthen your connection to your own higher consciousness and the ultimate spiritual truth about the connection.

Because the truth is, you know already! Your soul knows instantly when you’ve met your Twin Soul. No doubt whatsoever. What gets in the way of you feeling this knowing, is your mind.


Reconnecting With Your Soul’s Wisdom To Uplift Your Journey


I cannot over-emphasize how much clearing your energy can transform your life for the better. My own experience has been phenomenal, and it’s why I was asked by spirit to share my methods with other Twins in the Vibrational Alignment Program and the other energy transformation tracks we’ve created together.

And you can read about the hundreds of other Twins’ positive experiences with energy work and my methods here.

If you haven’t already, please go ahead and download my Free Twin Flame Help Kit and get started with the energy cleanse kit, as this will clear your space, infuse your chakras with new light and uplift your energy almost immediately.

You will feel a shift for the better, and it helps to open up your Twin Flame connection to harmony again! I’ve had so many emails from Twins all over the world about amazing shifts such as hearing from Runners out of the blue after having used the cleanse audio!

The reason for this is that as two beings who share the same energy, any work one Twin does, impacts the other. It can cause profound transformations literally overnight. Go here to try it for yourself.

As always, I’m sending you love and light for your continued journey! <3

Cassady x


how do i know if it's my twin flame



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  1. Always your posts are spot on and reflective of current experiences! This has been a major question for me… is this him? Immediately after reading this 1111 was on the clock…and hearing his name in my head…and seeing his name as I look at other postings! I over think big tI’m and have been aware of it…. thank you for the encouragement to listen to heart…makes huge difference! Thank you beautiful lady for all the assistance!

  2. Cassady, can you do a Q&A about those who are separated from their Twin and can’t wrap their heads around being with someone else? Even when your Twin says that’s what they want for you? Does anyone else here have that issue?

  3. Hi. 🙂 Tonight I spoke with my twin right before reading this. I haven’t heard his voice in over a year, and after we hung up I noticed it was 11:11. We’ve been in contact more than usual. He always knows when I start talking to another guy because he likes to pop up and remind me of my love for him. I have a question? Do I have to come in contact with a false twin before I meet my true twin? Because I’ve wondered if this gentleman is my falsie as well. Although, I always believed he is my true twin flame. We share a telepathy unlike anything else and we always end up coming together regardless of how badly we have treated each other and despite awful words we have spoken to one another. One more question, can I meet my false twin after meeting my true twin or could this possibly be another soul mate I’m having to clear karmic ties with? I was recently involved with another man and the similarities between the two is ridiculous. I feel like I was prepared for the latter relationship from the prior one. Hope I am making sense. Anyways, I knew the latter wasn’t for me, although upon meeting him there was an instant recognition and several synchronicities. It’s definitely been an interesting last 5 months.

  4. Emily, you words are uplifting and amazing. Thank you. The journey is so much more free when you complicate it less. It is the knowing inside of you of who you are and who your twin is that enlightens you from within. My life has changed so much since I met him 3 years ago. I will always be grateful for everything I learned and am still learning from him. The funny thing is that he is not perfect. Not even my type but there is this magnetic pull and energy I never felt before. I try to block my true feelings every now and then but it always comes back with full force. Your words have enlightened me. Thank you again…Dani

  5. These emails always come to me right on time. I am struggling with possibly coming across a false flame. Just as he was allowing me to bring him into the awakening his girlfriend made a fake FB page sent herself messages based on information from txt messages between him and me. (None of the messages disrespected their relationship, not from me not from him) We just became rather close as friends. And he asked me to start a business with him (one before he started dating her and another after. But I have reason to believe the business deals were just a way of finding a way to keep me in his life long-term) but most recently after her showing him the messages he backed out of the deals. I haven’t spoken to him in a month. When he came over to ask me about the messages he just looked at me like I hurt him but also like something in him didn’t believe any of it but at the same time she had “proof”. I emailed him my explanation (what I felt was truly going on) she intercepted every message and told me never contact him again. (She actually threatened me) then she blocked any form of communication between the two of us. At that point I just started to force myself to let it go. Walk away knowing I did nothing wrong. But I keep getting my heart squeezed (tingling sensation in my chest) when I think of him. I feel for some reason that was not the end. Plus I still fully and completely love him and no I can’t explain why. There’s insane electricity between us that causes him to back away the come at me full force. All I can do now is send love through meditation and hope like crazy it doesn’t hurt him when he finally knows the truth. I just really hope she doesn’t hurt him and close his heart and mind. He was really receptive to the awakening and some stuff came naturally. I’ll stop here before I fall into a gush session. But thank you so much for your help.

  6. Is it possible to have your twin flame join you in your own body as opposed to finding them as/in another person?

  7. Yes! The thought of being with anyone else makes me sick to my stomach, but he says we are through and I need to move on. Just can’t do it. It’s been two years and I’m still crazy about him and want only him. Sucks.

  8. I never thought I would encounter my false twin flame, but I did. It was actually a great learning experience because we did mirror each other in certain ways and it helped me understand my behaviors on certain aspects of my life. I let him go because our time with each other was done, still friends of course, but we both know a relationship would never work. He was meant to be a wake up for me. I may or may not have encountered my real twin flame, I don’t know, but at this point I don’t care simply because this is my time. I am truly enjoying being single after getting out of an abusive marriage a few months ago so I’m not ready anyway for someone else. However I surrendered to God and the Universe in that my path in life is not controlled by me and never was, I feel good about my life finally and I’m just riding the wave of life seeing where my path takes me next. I have dreams and ambitions we’ll see which of those come to fruition in time.

  9. Hi Amanda,

    This is something I think it’s important to seek out a professional organization who have experience in the field. I searched on google for you and I’d advise you to look up one of these groups who help people whose loved ones are addicted to drugs:

    Spirit has shown me that all addiction stems from an inner feeling of lack, and not being good enough. Opiate drugs give a “fake unconditional love” feeling, which is why it is so seductive. Send your twin real unconditional love – over time it will help to heal them from the inside out.

    Sending you both blessings <3 x Cassady

  10. I have no idea what I think about all of this. To be honest, if I had to guess who my twin flame was I would guess it was my one brother.

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