Why and How Energy Vibrations Can Make Or Break Your Twin Flame Connection – Plus, How To Use Consciousness, Mindset and Emotions to Reunite With Your Twin …


You might already have read in my articles that energy is the crux of the Twin Flame connection:

When your energies are in a high vibration and aligned, things flow smoothly. You are open to each other. This is the natural state of the Twin Flame connection.

However, in life we experience hurts, take on fear and patterns of conflict and other negativity.

When you and your Twin’s energies are stuck in low vibrations of negativity, the connection gets disrupted. Struggle, conflict, running, separation keep occurring because your energies are repelling each other.


How Are You Feeling Lately? A Key Signpost

Today I wanted to share with you another clear, concise resource regarding the Twin Flame connection and energy vibrations – have a look at the infographic below. Take a screen shot, keep it on your phone, share it with other Twin friends…

And make sure you take the Energy Vibration Quiz here to get insight into where you’re at right now and whether you’re really open to the Union and Love you desire!

Above all, how you feel on a regular basis is an important indication of what energy vibration you’re in and whether you’re truly aligned with the Love and Unity you desire.

If you’re not there quite yet, there’s a number of different energy sessions here that will help you uplift into a higher vibration, aligning you with your heart’s desire to Reunite with your Twin Flame.


There’s A Solution To Every Problem…

If you’re looking for help and answers about Twin Flame Running, have a look at this article – and if you’re dealing with feeling like your Twin just isn’t responding, have a look here.

There are over 200 articles with insights and solutions on this blog – write in your key words in the search box on the right hand side and discover the articles that directly address your issue. You can also try Googling “Cassady +” your issue.

I believe in you – you wouldn’t be here if you didn’t know you had what it takes and that you had every chance of experiencing love and harmony with your Twin.

But the question is, are you yourself taking the actions you keep being guided to by your soul? Are you headed in the direction of love or away from it?


Twin Flames – “One Soul In Two Bodies”

If you’re not feeling good on a regular basis and the connection is shutting down or in conflict, chances are your system is trying to expel negativity…

But are you actively clearing it and being honest with yourself about fears and other blocks, or are you just hoping it will go away or blaming your Twin for difficulties? 

Have a look at the below infographic about energy vibrations – and remember that in essence, the Twin Flame connection is about energy.

When you clear negativity and uplift into love on your side the whole connection starts shifting – because you are “one soul in two bodies”.

If you keep doing what you’ve always done, you’ll keep getting the same results…

I believe in you! And as always, I’m sending you love and light for your continued journey! <3

Cassady x




twin-flame-energy-vibration-infographic (1)


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  1. Cassady love the graphics and colors of the vibrational chart! I did exactly as you suggested and copied it in my phone for reminders …. I can tell by how I’m feeling that the energy clearings are helping me w old karma. Seeing a lot of 1111. 333 and 444 such a nice reminder I am on the right path and also my twin flame is as well. Thank you for the information and your commitment to the twin flames and continued healing. Xx

  2. Hi Adam,

    Thanks so much for sharing your story! I’m glad you’re here!

    In essence, the energy clearings are done on the non-physical plane so it doesn’t matter what our physical body is doing as long as we’re able to focus our attention. So simply put: Do what feels best for you!

    I’m so glad you’re noticing a shift already, this is great news. When we begin energy clearing, we’re starting to shift baggage we’ve had for years so don’t worry if you don’t see “real world” results overnight – it’s coming. When you shift your energy your whole Twin dynamic changes and the outer reality begins to catch up.

    My life has been completely transformed since I started this a few years ago – I’ve become able to communicate with spirit (I guess people would call it psychic but it freaks me out to call it that!), I’m living in a city that’s a much better fit with me, I’ve met new soul friends, and not to mention my Twin and I uniting…

    Your guides are very happy for you and are encouraging you to have fun with this! Pay attention to the things that make you happy, like the creative visualization and the ideal aspects, connecting with your Twin’s soul.

    Hone your vision, they’re saying. Focus on your ideal positive vision. They’re right there with you, trying to help you shift out of the human mindset of noticing problems, and getting you to look at positives because this breeds more positivity. They’re proud of you!

    Sending you love and light! <3 x Cassady

  3. Hi Anna,

    I’m so glad you find it helpful! Yes, all the clearings come as downloads so you can listen even if you’re not on a wifi network : )

    Cassady x

  4. Hi Sarah,

    You can use the energy clearing methods to clear anything you choose. If you want to clear this, go for it!

    You don’t have to know exactly where it comes from but the fact that you already feel you’ve got an issue with trust says your intuition is leading you in that direction. And if you feel like you have trouble asking for help, clear it! Look to your childhood, that’s where we take on most of our basic imprinting for behavior and how we interpret the world and our role in it.

    When you clear those things, you’ll notice more insights, there’s a reason it’s being shown up for you. If you can’t receive help or ask for it, then progress won’t be as fast. So I’d get right to it to clear those issues and open up

    Sending you love and light! <3

    Cassady x

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