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Why This Blog Is Unlike Any Other Site Out There: 12 Straight To The Point, Outspoken Resources for Twin Flames. We Cut Down Old Myths, Blow Up Confusion and Throw Out The Rulebooks – Going Straight to the Soul…


Every year there are many articles I hesitate to hit publish on – because I know they’ll push people’s buttons. Because I know someone out there will get upset. Because I know what I’ve written goes against the “rules”.

But these are nearly always the articles where spirit is pushing the most to get the info out. And most often, I end up baffled and humbled by all your positive feedback as you read the article!

It usually turns out that these are the very articles that prove the most eye-opening, the biggest perspective shifters and the most impactful on your journey!

So here are twelve of the year’s most button-pushing, deep-going, controversial articles about Twin Flames!


* How outer struggles are actually a signpost getting you to go within
* How you and your Twin Flame pre-engineered yourselves not only to be irresistible to each other but potentially to be born into difficulty
* What the Divine Masculine really is all about
* How new chakras are “unlocked” as you progress through your journey
* How the Twin Flame union functions energetically
* How amazing Sex can actually be the one major trigger and cause of Twin Flame Running
* And so much more…

Have a look below!

Above all I wish you an amazing New Year – may 2017 be the year when all your dreams and wishes begin to show up in the physical for you, when you remember and feel every single day how loved you are and how limitless you are.

Remember this year Mars conjuncts Neptune in Pisces on New Year’s Eve and January 1st (read more here) so be careful with overindulgence – this is a very emotional time in the collective cosmic energies and you don’t want to end up submerged in other people’s “stuff”.

As always, I’m sending you love and light for your continued journey! <3

Cassady x


twin flame mirror

The Truth About the Twin Flame Mirror

Your Own Shadows Are Calling For You To Go Deeper – That’s What The Running/Chasing/Separation/Struggle is All About… Discover Why Everything Needs to Change, and Why There Was Going to Be No Article This Week.


twin flame masculine

A Message From the Divine Masculine

Why The Challenges Had To Happen, What Your Plan Has Been Together All Along, What the Future Holds. The Masculine Collective of Twin Souls Desperately Want You To Know This…


twin flame separation

The Real Reason Why Your Twin Flame Hurt You

The Key to the Gates of Unconditional Love. Why Hurt is a Gift, and the Wonder of A**holes on the spiritual path. Plus, why it’s never time to give up on your Twin Flame…


twin flames connection

5 Surprising Facts:

Why & How The Twin Flame Connection Changes Everything

Including How Twins in Separation can still be in a Behind-the-Scenes “Secret” Union process, How Your Twin could be Depleting Your Heart Chakra, plus the Influence of old Love Attachments on the journey…


twin flame love

Why The Twin Flame Journey Is An “Inside Job”

The Paradox That Can Cause Either Harmony or Struggle. Discover How To Uplevel Your Connection from the “Inside Out” – Moving Out Of The Human Relationship Rollercoaster And Into Eternal Divine Love… Key Codes To Self Mastery And Inner Love


twin soul

A Message For You From Your Twin’s Soul

Surprising Info: Everything They Can’t Tell You in Life. What Your Twin Flame’s Higher Self Really Wants You To Know…


twin flames

Peak Moments – 7 Amazing Facts About The Twin Flame Connection

Including: Why You’re Not Just A “Pair” You Are Already One, Sharing Dreams, Stepping Out Of The Wheel Of Karma, and more… Plus, Did You Know that in the Later Stages of Union New Shared Chakras Are “Unlocked”?



What You Need To Know About Twin Flame Sex

Did You Know That Sex And Amazing Intimacy Can Trigger Twin Flame Running? Plus, Chakras Talking, Heart Activation, Shared Climaxes, Kundalini Rising… It’s All Here In This Brand New Infographic!


twin flame questions

Q&A Your Twin Flame Questions Answered

New Keys And Developments to The Twin Flame Journey – But The Solution Is So Simple I’m Not Sure You’ll Believe Me… How to Raise Your Connection From Human Drama to Spiritual Bliss.


twin flame connection

Hack Your Brain’s Secret 3D Blocks to get to Twin Flame Harmony

The Enemy Within – 5 Keys to Tricking your Brain to Finally Letting you Have Love: Overcoming the Primal Human Hardwiring that keeps Sabotaging your journey…


twin flame dance

7 Things To Give Up For a Happier Twin Flame Journey

Our Instincts Usually Tell us to Seek More and More Insights, Answers and Explanations to Make Everything OK – But What if the Most Powerful Thing Was to Let Go? Find out more here…


twin flame surrender

The Truth About Twin Flame Surrender

Surrender As A Twin Flame Stage – Why Does It Have To Be So Hard? Ideas of the Punishing God, How to know what’s Right for You, and the Secret Messages your Body and Heart have been trying to tell you all along.



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