Twin Flame Gateways, Ascension and Awakening: Remembering who you really are beneath it all – find out Why you keep seeing 11:11, Who is showing it to you and What it really means…

After the amazing response you gave for the previous Twin Flame infographics here on the site, I decided to start a series in this format. Clear and concise visual representations with answers to all the questions I receive.

Based on the emails I get every week, I know that so many Twins are wondering the same thing, so here is the first in our new series of Twin Flame Essentials. Everything you need to know about 11:11

As always, I’m sending you love and light for your continued journey! <3 

Cassady x



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As always, I’m sending you love and light for your continued journey!

Cassady x

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Twin Flames 11:11 Comment Guidelines


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  1. Cool! I like the infographics 🙂

    Although I would not want to miss your in-depth-blogs with your powerful words that resonate on all levels of existence from time to time :))

    O, dear lovely Cassady, this beautiful journey, thank you for sharing your knowledge, insights and experiences to better find my way. Gratefulness and love flow more and more through my whole being. I found love, true love, although I thought I had found it already with my twin, now I finally deeply understand (with my soul) what it truly means. Now finally I can let it come in and allow it to be love for me.

    In a short sentence:
    Love for my twin = self love = love for my twin.
    And so it goes on, into eternity. The joy of writing these words, is indescribable.

    So, of course – you know ‘me’, a question: besides the 11’s and 22’s I am being overwhelmed by 44’s (sometimes 4444 or 444). Literally everywhere, for weeks now. Asking my guides to point it out, finding clues for karmic stuff to heal for my twin (ergo: me so much is clear to me by now ;). Also turning 44 myself next week 🙂

    But I feel there might be more, while it does not stop yet…
    Do you have any information to share about seeing 44 to nudge me info finding out more?

    Sending love, light, joy and truth to you and all who read this blog. <3 E.

  2. Hi dear Cassady!
    every day i see the 11 on the license number of Different cars. And sometimes i see 11:11.
    I see a lot of 11, 111 also on other things.

    Thank you So much for sharing this interesting article ^_^

    With divine blessings

  3. So, basically – if i haven’t seen lots of 11 : 11, but i do believe that i’ve found my twinflame – am i wrong? ( i am seeing lots of other double-sequenced number though like 16::16, etc)

  4. Hi Virsa,

    Thanks for your question 11:11 isn’t a guarantee on the Twin Flame journey but it’s so incredibly common and I get so many questions about it that I decided to make a post for everyone. Really, the truth of the Twin Flame journey lies in your heart – I could look at you and your partner’s energies intuitively to see if you’re the same in terms of frequency, but you yourself will feel this in your heart and with your intuition <3

    It really is all about energy, but our guides often use 11:11 as a sign for Twin Flames, to reach through to our deeper soul self.


  5. Hi Me, glad you like it!

    Our guides sometimes have “personal” messages they like to give us (I am inundated with 777s and 222s, plus my birthday), so I like to tune into the meaning of each one as they show up. Use your intuition, you should be able to get a “vibe” for what the message is

    444 is traditionally about steady manifestation (the 4 elements), a message that things really are working behind the scenes and will eventually manifest in the physical – a message to keep faith, keep up the good work : )

    Cassady <3 x

  6. today its 77777………this is a good no ? yes?…do you know info for this? sending sparkles of love for your amazing emails **************** phoenix-rose

  7. Oh that’s interesting! I don’t see 11:11 terribly often, but I do see 11, 22, 33, 44, 55, and so on a lot (or 111, 222, etc.). It’s good to know that it’s not JUST the 11:11 number that is significant, other numbers can have meaning as well. I think it’s probably not just a coincidence that my twin and I met in a city where the number 44 is considered an important number and is everywhere, on phone numbers, buses, etc. (it is the sports number of an important figure from this city).

  8. Infographis is helpful. I met a special person in April 2015. We seperated in June and I started seeing 11:11, 101, 111 sequences, then 333 444 555 which led me and got started me on my spiritual journey. I researched more about the repeating numbers and landed your website, read alot about twinflame journey and I was going through the same events and feelings as described by you. I purchased your vibrational alignment course in December and I feel much better, in harmony and in happy space. Now i keep on seeing new repeating numbers such as 547,747,647… number 47 is everywhere. I have also ordered self love series from Hays house and I want to work on self love.
    Cassidy, I would love to consult you and you to check whether that particluar person is my TF

  9. Thank you Cassady for all your wonderful post. I’m still kinda new to all this, so bare with me. I met my twin almost 3 years ago, two days before my 25th birthday. My grandmother, whom I was very close with passed away a month before that. Earlier on the day before I met him, I had a huge white pile of feathers on the corner between my driveway and walkway to my house. And then the moment that I met him, I had something happen that never has…. His eyes were literally glowing to me. As if he had a flashlight for eyes, pointing right at mine. Fast forward a few years… It’s been a bumpy emotional and confusing road for our relationship. I feel so powerless right now,we have a daughter that is due 6-6-2016.

  10. I’ve also been seeing 222, 777 and 1111 especially over the past 5 months or so. (Today I also saw 444!) I also see 227 or 722, a sequence that I started noticing a few years ago shortly after I met my twin and started to clear old wounds specifically related to not being worthy of love (…which I’m still working on years later! That one’s a doozy, LOL).

    Incidentally I was looking at the other graphic about twin flame stages today…my sense is that my energy and twin’s energy are already intertwined to some extent, even though sometimes this seems to result in “harm” to me (i.e. feeling drained). Sometimes he feels energetically closer than other times. Does the energy start intertwining before both twins are perfectly ready to go? Am I perceiving things incorrectly, or are these stages kinda like spectrums and/or happening simultaneously, vs. turning on or off like a switch, or occurring strictly in linear order? I think I know the answer, but would welcome and be appreciative of validation! <3

    TGIF to everybody! <3 And thank you for the fun new graphic 😀

  11. Great design skills =D i like your posts like this you are a very creative soul =D .

    I wanna share my 11-11 story:

    Months ago i was in doubt about the connection and a picture on my instagram of a random user appeared like this: 11 likes, posted 11 hours ago. 2 girls hugging each other one with the superman shirt, the other one captain ameica shirt (i had the same t-shirts !!! And that was the only 2 super hero t-shirts that i had:o ) . Guess her name ?? Guess guess ??? Exactly my twin flame partner name. (it’s not a very common name).

    I had other signs as well , but for sure that was the most shocking sign that i had , wow !

  12. Cassidy, Thank u for all that u share!! I am wondering though. At what point does your other twin flame realize that he is such? Do I just patiently wait it out or put myself out there?

  13. Me and my husband see the number 13 alot we met on the 13th and also in numerology our names date of births ect all add to 13 apart from our birth year thats adds to 22 but everywhere we go we always see the number 13 what does that mean.

  14. I keep seeing the following numbers (2 times per day): 4:44, 11:11, 1:11 and 5:55 (some days it’s 2:22 and 3:33). The average of seeing these out of 7 days a week……7. I believe that I met my Twin about 7 years ago and circumstances wouldn’t allow us to be together at that time… I wonder if I’m on the right path, or if this is just coincedence?

  15. I see 11:11 ALL THE TIME! Some days it’s so bad, that I just have to laugh. I also see 9:11 and 4:11 quite often. 4/11 is the first day that my twin contacted me in a private message from a website we both frequent. Thanks for this chart, Cassady!

  16. what about 22:22 12:12 10:10 and so on as wel 11:11 and so on, it happens to me real often now and it is not because I am truely looking out for that…

  17. I asked my spirit guides and higher self if a certain person is indeed my Twin Flame and to show me a sign within 48 hours. After I asked, I looked at the time and it was 1:11 pm! I live with this person, and 2 days later, as I was about to go wake them up for work, I saw 1:11pm again! I also saw 111 from my calendar notifications on my phone within this period!

    Not only that, while I did the Twin Flame meditation during my break in the break room at work within that time, he happened to sit right in front of me just as I was starting (we work at the same company too)!

    Then just today, I asked my spirit guides and higher self for 11:11 signs for confirmation because I was worried that I haven’t seen them yet. But right after I asked, I got just got your email newsletter linking me to this info! Wonderful!

  18. I see 11:11 and 1:11 all of the time! But, what strikes me more is the frequency at which I see my twin’s birthday (8/18). Collectively, these numbers have been appearing multiple times a day for a couple of years now. So cool!

  19. My numbers are always ending with the 11. Honestly, its insane how many times I see 9.11, 1.11, 15.11, 16.11, etc etc. Interesting read.

  20. would it cost much for you to take your intuitive peek? i mean, energetically i know that we are right now on tremendously different levels with him – and i am still wondering, what if he is just a set-up stage for me to get my lessons and then to move on? or maybe – i am just imagining things and only because of that i am able to still not break up with him and trying hard to change my perspectives whereas 10 years prior to that i would abruptly end everything if the same situation were to happen there.
    i would gladly appreciate your guidance on this one.

  21. I dreamt the other night that I bought 899$ worth of olives. I’m not sure it was $899.99 or $899 on the receipt. slightly different meanings so not sure.
    Other than that, I have not noticed any other number sequences. I mean the 11:11 comes from this sight at least weekly or every time I check my email because I haven’t deleted any of them yet. So does that count?

    Also, if anyone could help me…I remember reading on one of these posts about the cycles of the journey and I believe it was on one of the last info graphs but it was a comment about it…I feel like my twin and I have grown a bit apart. We are communicating less, there is definitely less telepathy than ever. It feels as if there is a fading. I thought I read that this was actually part of and a step in the process…Am I correct in saying that??

  22. I often have asked this same question…sometimes I am wondering if he is truly my twin or a step in the right direction? How do we really know??? How do I know that this isn’t a karmic relationship and karma is balanced and then that is the purpose??I would love this questioned answered for me in general as well.
    Cassidy is it possible for you to direct us to the information or help us here please?

  23. Hi! The same for me, sequences of same numbers in a row (i.e.777 or 888) Some days more than others about 1111 but get excited when I see it and check my thoughts every time. Plus I see blue sparkles and sometimes other colors but mainly I see blue, one sparkle at a time. My twin and I haven’t met in person yet but am holding steady and trusting the truth of it all and doing many clearings and minding my thoughts and vibrations etc. We met 2 years ago and it’s basically been on the phone or computer. So interesting, this journey. Truly grateful for it all and thank you for your loving and positive guidance Cassidy. I appreciate the support! I’m trusting the unfolding of the union. Sending love to all and positive energy!

  24. Unfortunately I don’t see sequences of numbers but I do believe I have received other ‘signs’. And writing this out made me realise I just need to stay aware to see what I’m receiving…

    I asked for a sign that this was real and my
    spirit guides were helping me, in the first few weeks of December & to ‘show
    me feather within 48 hours’ as proof. I didn’t see a feather until 4 days later…and
    it was a picture in my newsfeed on Facebook with a whole chart of feathers!!
    And that afternoon I saw a pile of feathers on the footpath.

    I had a hard week (11/01 – 15/01) with the man I
    believe is my twin & we stopped contact & deleted each other. Feeling
    very disheartened I again asked for some proof I was on the right track with
    trying to reconnect with him. (Only doing this energetically at this point –
    clearing, running energy, burning old records, visualisation etc. In the
    visualisation we are getting married)

    On the 16/01/16 whilst visiting my daughter I
    asked about a mark on her neck…she took off her jumper and showed me all the
    golden feather fake tattoos she and her friends had placed on her. I asked ‘Why
    feathers?” She said that’s all they had.

    Recently I asked for a sign that this man truly is
    my Twin Flame. I don’t seem to get numbers unfortunately. I asked on 19/01/15,
    to see a ‘rabbit’s foot with 48 hours’ – I still haven’t seen a rabbit’s foot
    but 5 days later (24/1/16) I saw a huge painting in a foyer of a shopping
    centre I went to (don’t usually go there & a friend insisted we walk a
    certain way) of…feathers!!! And next to it an American Indian with a head

    I’ve also had one amazing thing happen. I burnt
    my old records, contracts, blocks & obstacles recently with the gift my ‘Akashi
    record keeper’ gave me – a phoenix (quite symbolic!) & had a past life
    vision on the golden screen of myself & this man doing ‘tag’ in betraying
    each other in marriage. I burnt that away too (19/01/16). 2 days later I had a
    bruise on my ring finger of my left hand! Not a word of a lie! I have a photo!

    So I really believe the signs are ‘personal’. 🙂

  25. Hi Cosmic mamma,

    Thanks for the question – many of you ask about personal signs and yes, these are extremely common. As it’s a communication between each person and their guides you yourself often know best what they’re trying to say, based on your background, info and current situation.

    However – consider the fact that olives are fruits that take a long time to grow… This is the insight I get for you – an olive tree takes decades to bear fruit and the process of making the olives edible is quite long, so this is like a message about patience… Either that you’re being asked to have patience right now while your energy shifts (you can speed this up with the tools I teach) or that you have a block due to expecting everything to take a really long time…

    This is something spirit wants all Twin Flames to know: Things really can shift overnight. The only thing that blocks this is our expectation on earth that things are hard or time consuming. In energy, shifts can be instant.

    Consider these things, and know that feeling distant or telepathy lessening isn’t inevitable – it’s due to congestion, mainly. It’s something you can shift by clearing energy.

    I was away during the holidays and went a few days around lots of other people, not clearing, and I absolutely felt it. Clearing myself again felt like having a fresh shower energetically!

    Sending you love and light for your continued journey <3

    Cassady x

  26. Hi Saartje, it’s your guides proving to you that they’re around you and assisting you!

    You seem to have asked them for help, or you prayed for you and your Twin to come together somehow, and they’re now showing you “We heard you, we’re here and we’re helping you with what you asked” – they want you to know they can help you with other things than your Twin connection too, so any time you need assistance, let them know! Or if you just want to talk to someone, they say ; )

    Cassady <3

    PS: This is the case for those wondering about seeing numericals like this (besides 11:11) – it's most often your guides showing you that they're around and assisting you x

  27. Thanks for the info Cassidy! Interesting take on the olives! That is helpful!
    As far as congested energy, I have been using the tools daily since the beginning of November of 2015. I at least run energy daily or do that plus visualizations. I listen to the recordings on clearings at least once per week. I just feel as if it’s working in the opposite direction or maybe I’m doing something wrong or maybe he’s not actually my twin! How do I truly know if it is him?? I mean I think that working on myself is a wonderful idea but if I am focusing on including him in my life and he is NOT my twin, perhaps it would be helpful to know this. I thought sure of it at one point but as we get farther apart in communication with each other, I am feeling that perhaps I am mistaken. I have asked and asked and asked my guides for an answer yet I still have nothing firm. The only thing is that we are gaining more and more space between us rather than all of this effort bringing us physically and mentally closer. I’m getting frustrated and he seems to be turning back to his marriage.
    I guess I just want to know once and for all for certain if he is truly the one! I do not wish to put effort into a process with him if it is not accurate.
    And YOU are the only expert I trust in this area.
    If you can please please impart to me another tool to tell how I know for certain that we are not simply karmically bound but rather how I know that HE is truly my twin flame!!!

  28. Ive been seeing 11:11 1:11 111, 22 222 220, 222, 333,444, 622, 23, 10, 10:10, 12:21, 122 , 12:22,,17 ,among others…constantly…I mean constantly…especially when Im in thought of someone who i think is my twin…key word is think…have had no contact…she is the runner..almost a year now…after what i can only describe as heaven on earth…the most intense loving relationship i have ever been through..I didnt know you could love someone as much as I do…im emotionally spent…i have gone through the most darkest, loneliest periods of my life…i have totally awakened to guardian angels and God…and in process of “surrendering to the will of God”…every day is an eternity with out this amazing girls love……but learning to live with my angels and God…and trust their guidance…whether we reunite in this life time or next..I Love her unconditionally…and with all my heart ….even in the darkest period of my life….i wouldnt trade it for anything…for the love that i found that existed in my heart…I thank her for that 🙂 thank God for giving her to me…even if just a short time….she was worth all the pain if have gone through….love you

  29. Hi ive been out of contact with my twin since 2009. I reached out 2014 things are still hot and cold and I have started back seeing 1111. Also other sequences of numbers as well.444,333. I wake up to 1111 out of my sleep frequently.

  30. exactly the same for me. wherever I look at it is always 11 or 22, literally 100 times a day. and lately also 11:11 shows up every day. insane

  31. There are a few comments on here about whether they are really our twin flames. I think deep down you really do know. I think it is the pain we go thru that makes us doubt or wonder. I recently went thru a down period and still am on the tail end of it so I searched my twin’s name in my computer to see if I could find anything pertaining to him. Turns out my computer found a picture of the 2 of us together. (I thought i had destroyed everything pertaining to him years ago to try to get on with my life) I happened to notice the date stamp of the picture 07-07-07 @ 1:11pm. I do love getting confirmations!!

  32. i don’t see 11.11 very often but i always see master numbers 11, 22,33,44,55,66,77 on the clock everytime or somewhere since ive started doing my energy work. It isn’t even like my guides are putting it or something. Its like im following a clock of my own or working according to some sacred geometry.

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