Must-Haves for the Journey, including Signs of the True Twin Connection, The Meaning of 11:11, The Twin Flame Stages, Developing Telepathy, the Running/Chasing Paradox, Twin Flame Monogamy and more…

#1) Attracting Your Twin Flame

Building magnetic resonance, working on the soul planes and in 5D, plus methods for connecting remotely

#2) Twin Flame Signs & Indications

Guidelines for how to be sure whether you have really met your true Twin Flame, plus some advice on the nature of the Twin Flame Connection.

#3) Everything You Need To Know About 11:11

Twin Flame Gateways, Ascension and Awakening: Remembering who you really are beneath it all – find out Why you keep seeing 11:11, Who is showing it to you and What it really means…

#4) The Twin Flame Stages

From Recognition and Awakening to Twin Flame Union – what’s really going on behind the scenes on your journey? And what’s the real cause of the infamous Twin Flame Running and Chasing? It’s all here in this infographic.

#5) What is Twin Flame Ascension/ How can I Make The Journey less of a Struggle?

The Return to the Twin Flame Soul Song: Purification of Baggage, Rising Higher and Uniting in Unconditional Love…

#6) Twin Flame Telepathy – Essential Facts

How to activate your Twin Flame Telepathy even if you’ve never experienced it before, how to recognize genuine communication from your Twin, plus how to stay clear of common pitfalls like dialling into Ego by mistake…

#7) Twin Flame Monogamy – Are Twins Made to Be Only With Each Other?

Reconciling Spiritual Love, the Twin Connection and the Journey to Soul Union with Real-Life Sex and Relationships …

#8) How to End Separation and get to Twin Flame Union

Separation Doesn’t Really Exist, and 8 other Hard Hitting Truths that will help you eradicate common illusions, get your Soul to assist your Union and open you up to the relationship you desire…

#9) Twin Flame Running – Explanations & Solutions

Most Twin Flames Fear this more than Anything: Your Love suddenly up and leaving, often to block you completely. We take a look at what’s Really Happening Beneath the surface with Twin Flame Running, plus how you can remedy it.

#10) How can I Communicate with my Twin Flame during Separation?

Telepathy, heart connections and soul signals – how to stay in touch even when you’re physically apart (or estranged)

I couldn’t end this on a low note, so to cap things off I’d like to include a reminder of all the upsides of the Twin Flame connection – it really can be a beautiful as well as life-changing journey!
And as always, I’m sending you love and light
– Cassady x

#11) Bonus – Why You’re Lucky To Be A Twin Flame

Twin Flame writing often makes this connection sound like an affliction, even a curse – but that’s not the full story. Find out the secret reasons why being a Twin Flame really might be the best thing that’s ever happened to you…

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  1. Thank you! Rereading your work always brings me new insights, how wonderful that is! It also made me remember how I felt during summer, when I just discovered your work: happy to understand what was going on for already 22 years, but like a kid that tries to walk and drops down when it tries 🙂 What a massive change with how I feel today. Self empowerment. Dropping down still happens, but everytime I manage to get up and feel better and better afterwards. Wow. Big big smile.
    Love and light <3 xx

  2. Every time i start to doubt myself your blog appears with ‘answers’ which should clear my doubt, but still i worry i’m wrong and just being obsessive. On my spiritual path i have been told many a time that i have good gut instinct and need to be more confident, but im still so scared to go with it. I’ve had plenty of messages from mediums but got to the point where i know i need to connect with my higher self and listen…but it’s so hard. I love this man with all my heart & soul.

  3. Thank you so much for this article. What if your twin flame is full of stubbornness and you feel like they don’t care anymore? I’m full of doubt to whether he actually is my twin flame now. We met out of the normal occurrence, it was crazy how we met. I happen to believe that we are twin flames judging by the signs. However, I’m now in doubt as to whether he was someone I needed to learn from. We seperated due to all of my issues that arised in the relationship and I now can see clearer as to what my deep rooted baggaged issues that I’ve carried with me from my previous relationship and past are.

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