twin-flame-couple Want To Get Off The Twin Flame Roller-Coaster?

So many Twins ask me – “Why is the Twin Flame journey so hard?”

Well, the spiritual truth is, it’s not MEANT to be!

When it happens, it means something has gone “wrong” along the line.

Unlocking The Twin Flame Journey

As souls, we are made of “light” – pure consciousness.

No conflict! No stress! Just love…

It’s when the Twin Flames come into the HUMAN world of polarity, separation consciousness and density that problems arise.

The Twin Flame Mission

And we knew that this was likely to happen. You might already know that the Twin Flame “mission” is to “gift” the world with unconditional love.

To form a gateway to pure unconditional love to help the planet’s Ascension into a higher state of collective consciousness.

And if you look around in society, you’ve probably already noticed the world isn’t exactly full of love in most ways. That’s why we’re here. To help with this.

(Read more about the Twin Flame Mission here)


Pioneers Of Love

We’re here as pioneers of love, “peaceful warriors of light”.

Even the Twins who are currently stuck in negativity, hurt and “running” are here for love. They just don’t remember it – or they’re afraid of opening up.

Love is the reason why the Twin Flames chose to divide from one original consciousness, to journey into separation in physical form… and find their way back together despite all the “darkness” of human life.

To help society heal ancient wounds of conflict, by being here and activating in physical form the unconditional love our souls shared since the dawn of our existence.

Going “Undercover” For Love

And in order to do this, Twin Flames chose to go “undercover” as human beings.

To take on karmic baggage, to absorb the hurt, conflict, limitations that humanity have experienced throughout history…

So that we could “learn to be human” – then awaken to our true nature and reunite in love from THAT state. 

To with our awakening and unity, heal old division and separation programming in society. To heal karmic pain in key family lineages and groups, and to activate and “gift” the world with unity consciousness.

Sounds beautiful, right? However, this is where the problems stem from.

Because the awakening process means that the “baggage” we took on in early life and from our bloodlines, begins to be purged.

What usually sets off this process is the heart activation and Kundalini triggering that happens when the Twins connect fully for the first time.

Stirring Up The Depths

After this, old negativity begins to be pushed to the surface. Spirit shows us a glass filled with tea leaves – where the tea leaves settled at the bottom. This is a regular human being.

But when we begin to “awaken” it’s a process like pouring fresh water into the glass of tea – the leaves start to get stirred up. This is Ascension, awakening.

This is why Twins often feel “worse” (i.e. triggered by each other) after having shared intimacy or been open with each other. It’s because their systems trigger each other through connecting in love.

I’ve created a short video to explain this process, the real reason why so many Twin Flames experience struggles.

Above all, know that the Twin Flame journey is not “meant” to be a pain or hurtful. The universe/source/god/angels/guides/your higher self are not forcing you to learn through suffering!

On the contrary – that would only cement into the earth plane even more negativity.

No, Twin Flames are here as messengers of light, carriers of love. Anything else is due to the purging process!

For help to uplift your journey and smooth out the “Twin Flame rollercoaster” so many struggle with – please do go ahead and download my Free Twin Flame Help Kit, which contains a powerful energy cleanse audio and other resources to help you.


The Twin Flame Soul Song

When the Twin Flames come together – as two aspects of an originally identical energy or Soul – both are triggered to release any “baggage” that congests or pollutes their core original energy.

(The shared Twin Flame frequency is often also called the Twin Flame Soul Song.)

So in this process, anything that is NOT in alignment with your core energy frequency of love – what you share with your Twin – will be purged in a process referred to as “Twin Flame Ascension”.

The purpose of this is to ready the two of you for Twin Flame Union, where your soul aspects merge together once again from a human physical form.

This is what creates the gateway of light, when you open the dimensional doorway to unconditional love permanently.

Read more about Twin Flame Union here


How To Make Your Journey Smoother

In order to be ready for Union, you must be in vibrational alignment yet again, the way you were when you first parted – otherwise you will be out of range energetically to each other.

This process of cleansing your energies can often be experienced as a challenge. But once you understand that this is what’s happening and the reasons behind it, it becomes a lot easier to handle for most.

After reaching Union I was guided to share our energy clearing methods with the Twin Flame collective.

This will work even if your Twin is not aware of the true nature of your connection.

10 classes and audio clearings that take you through each facet of the Twin Flame connection and reaching a high enough vibration to enter into Reunion.

We go through eradicating negative karma, cutting old cords and attachments to previous lovers, opening your telepathic connection and hearts to each other, clearing outworn soul contracts, unleashing Kundalini energy, looking into your personal Twin dynamic and “mission”, and much more… Click to learn more

twin flame program

Read testimonials from other Twins here.

The Perfect Match

Know that it’s this process – which was initiated by your souls – that’s the REAL cause of difficulties. It’s not YOUR stuff, it’s the “baggage” that causes problems.

You and your Twin really are a perfect fit, but your souls are working to resolve anything that’s disrupting this and bringing you out of balance.

Know that the Twin Flame connection in itself is not “difficult” whatsoever, but what happens is that any pain, hurt, trauma and negativity you have experienced throughout existence, will be brought up to be released.

In other words, your Twin Flame triggers all the buried wounds and pain in you. And vice versa.

Their system and yours keep pushing each other in this automatic process of purification, to return to your natural state – also known as the “Twin Flame Mirror”.

Have a look at this Twin Flame Chakra Reading for deeper insights on what’s going on with your system and your Twin’s right now

twin flame chakras

Keeping A True Perspective

Keep this in mind at all times, as it will help you stay more neutral so that these negative energies can leave the way they’re supposed to.

And again, there are energy tools that can make this process much lighter and quicker.

This triggering of negative energy patterns can often cause what is termed as “running” and “chasing” and “separation” on the Twin Flame journey, but be aware that this does not have to be the case.

(Watch a video about Twin Flame Running here – 3 Mistakes To Avoid If Your Twin Is Running, Plus Things You Can Do Right Now To Get Them Back)

The Real Reason Why Some Twins Never Reunite

“Running” and “chasing” happens when the Twins take the old negativity at face value and act on them, accepting them once again into their reality and keeping this old negativity around.

In doing this, the old negative patterns are unfortunately kept in a loop, where cycles of “running” and “chasing” and negativity keep cropping up.

Your souls will keep bringing up the negativity for you to release, but if you do not allow it to release, the energy will, unfortunately, keep being stuck in this loop!

Once the Twins recognize that this is a release process, an ALCHEMICAL process, they can work to allow the past negativity to leave the way it’s supposed to. Instead of “taking it at face value”.

The biggest problem for most Twins is that they do not realize that the journey to Twin Flame Union is a CLEANSING process – they take the negative energies and patterns for granted in the present moment and interpret it as a negative aspect of the Twin Flame relationship.

That’s why people talk about the Twin Flame journey as being such a struggle or full of suffering.

It’s because they don’t understand what’s really going on!

Watch a short explainer video on how it works here:

twin flame video

Twin Flame Soul Contracts

Although the “Ego”, your human self, might prefer not to be involved in this process… it is something your deeper soul self arranged for and planned before you came to life.

So Ascension and the journey to Twin Flame Union is not something you can stop in the here and now, as it’s a decision made on the SOUL level.

But you CAN take away the pain and difficulty so you can enjoy the process and get to the harmony and love, with greater ease and speed.

You see, the purpose of this process is to clear you of any negativity and get you back up into a place of love and joy and peace and happiness.

And that’s something you’ll enjoy tremendously once you get there!

The Journey Back To Unconditional Love

One thing is for sure, you and your Twin Flame are 100% compatible from the beginning of your existence – you share the exact same energetic frequency!

What’s needed to get back to perfect harmony, is to clear away the negative energy that’s gotten into your system via your human lives. To release the “baggage”.

I know it might seem tough, if you’ve experienced problems so far…

But know that you wouldn’t be here if you didn’t know as a soul that it was possible – that you could live happily, that you could reunite in harmony.

Love is the answer. You are so much more capable than you might think!

I believe in you.

Again, use my Free Downloads here to get started – you don’t need a credit card and there’s no spam once you sign up.

Use the guided meditations for 10 days and you will notice big positive shifts! So many other Twin Flames have benefited from this already (read their feedback here).


As always, I’m sending you love and light for your continued journey!

I’m so honored to be on this beautiful path alongside you. <3

Cassady x

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  1. Perhaps this has been asked before, (I am physically separated from my TF), but sometimes I “feel” or sense them so close, I don’t know where I begin and they end and I have been told I am a channel.
    When I feel sexual energy or a strong flow of love energy in my heart out of the blue that is theirs, I am so glad they are feeling this. But I don’t know if it is relevant to me, or if they could be feeling this about someone else. How can I know?
    Also, they live in a very ego-centric world and career. My struggle is how do I not let it hurt me that they do not “choose” to share their life experiences with me.
    Cassady – again – you are a blessing and gratitude doesn’t express what you are doing for us. Namaste.

  2. Hey Ali, before you answer whether they’re your twin or not, remember you are YOUR OWN TWIN above all. Doesn’t seem to make much sense until you realize that the world only mirrors back to you what you have in your own self. Really, a physical stalemate just implies at a stale energy in you… Stale in that it’s been there without much movement for as long as you can remember the stalemate state. One thing that helps every time, change… Just shifting one thing or another in life allows for movement of the energy all together. Then, only you have the true answers to your own questions… For a minute there put away this person and the state out of your mind, then focus on your self and see what comes up, how you feel about it and yourself all together. Then polish what you like and shift what you don’t, keep in mind it’s not about judging yourself but loving yourself in every which way you can …love what you adore and gift yourself with change of what you don’t, all in all, loving yourself through it. The Universe will handle the rest, long as love is your choice of communication

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