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From Bliss to Turmoil: Karmic Wounds, Other People’s Gunk, Secret Sabotage and Other Causes of Separation. Plus, 3 Easy Remedies to Turn Things around Right Now…

This is another question I get weekly from Twin Flames all over the planet – Everything seemed to be going so well (again), then it all fell apart out of the blue. What went wrong? What happened?

I’ve enlisted the insight of spirit to assist us in this answer, in addition to my own personal experience with Twin clients experiencing separation.

Spirit’s insight is this: When a situation shifts – whether for good or for bad – it is always due to an energetic shift. In some way, you have been aligning with what’s happening whether or not you realize it.

We are always sending out energetic signals and aligning with particular experiences. Consider each human being a car on the freeway system of life. Each minute, you make a choice which turnoff to take, which road to follow.

In energy terms you do this by choosing to focus on certain thoughts and dwelling in certain emotions. Most of these things happen UN-consciously.

In other words, if someone is together with their Twin but simultaneously worrying deep down that it can’t last and wondering when this bliss will come to an end, they’re aligning with negativity – with their happiness coming to an end.

It’s Not Even Your Fault

Often this isn’t even our “fault”, I was shown by spirit recently. Many Twin Flames are empaths – sensitive to energy – and unwittingly absorb others’ energies throughout life. Parents, coworkers, friends, internet contacts news figures you read about or watch on tv… And it’s not something we’re aware of.

I used to have health issues during my upbringing, and no doctors could figure out why. They said “maybe it’s just the way you are”. It was utterly disheartening, as you can imagine. It wasn’t until I encountered the world of healing and learned how to clear my energy, that these symptoms began to go away.

Whose “Stuff” Is Creating Your Journey?

As I went through clearings trying to figure out how I’d created this stuff for myself on automatic, spirit alerted me to the fact that a lot of this stuff wasn’t even my “creation”.

They showed me that the physical symptoms were due to congested negative energy in my system – from other people. This was influencing my system, my manifesting, my experiences, everything.

Anger, disappointment, jealousy, repressed hatred, resentment… all kinds of negativity that I’d just happened to be around and had absorbed unwittingly, a lot of it as a child. Because I’d never known how to protect myself, and I’d never even known about energy… It was such an incredible eye opener for me!

(I help you get started with cleansing and uplifting in the Free Help Kit for Twin Flames here)


The Art of Not “Owning” Other People’s Baggage

Please remember this on your journey – because it affects your Twin Flame journey more than you might realize. I’m not saying to go around blaming other people for any problems that might show up, but please know that if you’re experiencing negativity, it’s not necessarily your negativity.

It could just be congested gunk you’ve taken on unwittingly from others. What’s creating Twin Flame Separation might not be the Twin pair’s own “stuff”!

This is such an important part of our journey because the Twin Union process is all about purification and uplifting of our vibration, and that’s why the old baggage comes up. So keep in mind not to “own” all the stuff that comes up.

Sometimes keeping a distance to things is good for you – because when you stop “owning” the negativity it can’t attach to you anymore. Energetically you’ve then placed a boundary that says, “you can’t be here” to the negativity.

(Test your vibration here – are you aligned with struggle and separation or love and reunion?)


3 simple steps to eradicate others’ secret sabotage from your journey:

1) Shield Yourself Daily

However works for you – imagine a bubble around yourself, a knight’s armour made of rainbows – anything as long as you can feel it and believe it.

Energy is all about the intentions you send out. Believing is everything. Know you have the power. You can also ask your Twin’s soul for permission to do this for them as well.

2) Don’t Buy into Others’ “Stuff”

Keep an emotional distance if you feel uncomfortable. Ask yourself how certain words and discussions and info feels in your body. If it feels icky, it’s your body and soul telling you “stay away!”

Clearing the energy in your home is a huge help here too, it actually gets rid of anything that might have settled already. (If your Twin is the one absorbing negativity, have a look here for a solution)

3) Clear Your Energy Daily

There are a variety of methods you can do this with – I share the ones I’ve found the most effective in my Vibrational Alignment Program.

When you’re clear and your home is clear, you’ll find it easier and easier to stay in a positive frame of mind, to manifest the things you really want (i.e. not what you’re worried about but what makes your heart sing), and to stay stable and keep your connection with your Twin out of those crazy rollercoaster ups and downs.

And if anything should ever take a turn for challenges, you’ll feel infinitely more capable of managing yourself and to rectify whatever needs changing for the better.

Now, onto the reasons why Twin Flame Separation may have been “triggered” to happen. There are a few key reasons things could be shifting in a negative direction.



POTENTIAL CAUSE #1)   You and your Twins’ energies are being triggered by the incoming cosmic energies, which is what we deal with in the weekly Twin Flame Energy Forecasts here on the site.

As a result of this, a wound has been revealed – a trigger that is causing negativity to “erupt” so heavily that it impacts your reality experience in the form of conflict, running, separation…

Solutions: Do what you can to stay in as high a vibration as you can on a regular basis – this will allow you to lessen the impact of any collective energetic “lessons” that Twins are dealing with.

You will benefit energetically still, but you will be “up above” the hurtful experience of it. Consider it like watching a film rather than being inside the story. Spirit describes it as being up on the bridge above the raging river, rather than being down in the water.

How do you achieve this? Clearing your energy yourself, staying in a high frame of mind through play, joyous activities and meditation or other mindfulness methods.

Lastly a very effective tool I’ve been alerted to, is the connecting to the light track in my Free Downloads for Twin Flames – connect, and spread your energy out bigger than the galaxy. This shifts your energetic presence so you’re less affected by earth-centered negativity.

POTENTIAL CAUSE #2)  You may have created this due to inadvertently absorbing others’ energies. As an example – if you are watching a TV show about unhappy divorcees, you are despite the physical distance, matching your energy to this and absorbing negative beliefs whenever you get emotionally involved in the stories.

Another example is – if you have a coworker or a friend who’s had a terrible time with love recently and has been unhappy and getting more and more jaded with the opposite sex, you will have been exposed to their energy a lot.

Although human bodies look separate, on the energetic planes interaction is far less separate – as we interact with others, we interact with their energy. This can be damaging, especially on the Twin Flame journey.

If you feel you’ve been absorbing negativity from others, that the issue may not even be “yours” click here for a session where I take you through cleansing it out on a deep level and uplifting your Twin connection and timelines.


Solutions: As mentioned above; are you protecting yourself from others’ negativity? My advice to speed up the release of negativity during Ascension – by preventing added negativity from attaching to you – is to shield yourself daily during the ascension process and practicing energy clearing.

Energy clearing can take many different forms, whether you choose meditation, salt baths and other traditional methods or newer, more immediately effective metaphysical tools (such as the ones I teach in the Vibrational Alignment Program).

You are being alerted by you and your Twin’s souls to karmic wounds or other energetic influencers that are getting in your way. As Ascension goes on and any energetic baggage is being purged, this energy is revealed and brought to the surface layer by layer, connection by connection. As one layer is cleared, new things are revealed.

As you hit upon a point of a karmic wound between you and your Twin (this could be a previous interaction between you in prior lives – a bad breakup, betrayal, abandonment or something else that has made one of or two of you associate togetherness with impending hurt), this can trigger a negative reaction. (Read more about karma here)


We don’t always know this consciously, but it manifests as a strong need to remove ourselves from our Twin – to protect ourselves somehow by getting away from them. The reason is the subconscious memory we’ve hit upon, where we associate being together with pain.

These wounds impact the most primal parts of our being (survival is hardwired into our brains), where the survival instinct kicks in, and we’ve learned to automatically associate survival with getting away from our Twin.

Solutions: I teach several easy and fast karma clearing tools, as well as tools for how to map out exactly what karmic wounds exist between you and your Twin, and to clear the record between you so you can move out of these patterns for good. The fact that it’s coming up is actually a GOOD thing, because it allows you to resolve the issue, heal the wound and move on.

I was going to write down a few common Twin Flame karmic wounds I’ve seen in Twins throughout my work, but spirit urges me not to, as it’s to your benefit to go in without preconceptions. This way, you yourself can get information about your journey without expecting certain things.

(I take you through karma clearing for Twin Flames in this session)


You have in some way created, aligned with and manifested this situation with negative beliefs and worries. This relates to the above karmic wounds also.
We know this can be tough to hear, but the fastest way to resolve this and move onto happier times is to take a look inside and figure out any underlying factors behind your current situation. Why this happened, so you don’t have to experience it again.

What do you truly believe about the nature of your Twin Flame connection, deep down? Do you believe that it is easily possible to have a consistently happy relationship together?

Do you believe that you are worthy of love? Do you believe that miracles can happen? Do you believe that life is easy and pleasant, or have you been taught that it’s a struggle? Have you been taught that love isn’t real?

Solutions:  Some self examination is essential in these situations so you can weed out any subconscious beliefs and patterns that may be tripping you up. Nothing happens without your energetic involvement.

So map out what you’ve been taught about love and relationships during your upbringing, what you observed around you and what your parents believed.

And examine which beliefs and patterns you may have taken on about the nature of the Twin Flame connection from websites, psychic consultations, friends and other information about the Twin Flame connection as an adult. Weed out the negatives so they cannot shape your journey any longer.

You might want to write it down so you can clear it with energy tools. We go through all this in the Vibrational Alignment Program, designed as a step-by-step roadmap to Twin Flame Union.

twin flame program

“I’ve been using the Vibrational alignment Program for almost a week now. I’ve noticed a huge shift in my energy. Before I was on the emotional roller coaster we feel with our twins. And I was a mess. I could feel his energy and all of the highs/lows he was experiencing as a Runner. Once I started this program, I noticed on day 1 a huge difference. I was no longer crying on the phone to my friend. I was laughing and couldn’t contain my happiness. I’ve also had dreams about my twin each night, and have felt him going back and forth in his spirit on if he should call me. This program is great!! Thank you Cassady. “

Caitlin, California, USA

Click here for more testimonials

Finally: Why Approaching Hardship With Positivity Makes It “Go Away” Faster And More Easily…

In all challenging situations, ask your soul to show you what’s caused this situation, if necessary – in the most gentle way possible, maybe through a dream or an article – so that you can shift out of it and move forward onto situations and a connection that serves you better, without the strife and ups and downs.

Then focus on what makes you feel good – raising your vibration and focusing on your ideal situation so you can create this.

And lastly, remember that things can change for the better again extremely quickly – don’t lose faith! Most of us are taught that improvements take a long time, and that life is an uphill struggle.

Know that this is just a “story” – know that things can change for the better faster than you’d think when you use energy clearings. Be open to this, and don’t listen to learned “realism”.

Thank you for the question, Janine and everyone else who’s asked this, and to everyone who sends in their questions every week. I’m so grateful you’re a part of this community!

And as always, I’m sending you love and light for your continued journey! <3

Cassady x

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  1. Right on the spot, last week I had two days I was physically ill due to energy of others but I realized it too late. (I met with disappointed students who did not pass my course and a meeting with colleagues that got fighty). I did clear after that, but it looks like there is a delay in absorbing as well as clearing (so I feel the energy of others a few hours later and then it suddenly hits me, and also after clearing it takes a few hours before I feel light again). Protecting myself better in advance sounds great. What about engaging in others problems, I try to be as positive in my approach as I can and not go too much into their negativity, but if I need to help (these students eg) I feel I engage too much of my energy to lift them. Will shielding help me while I can still engage? Thanks! It is a very very helpful blog! Love and light, <3 E.

  2. What is actually releasing.. how do we know if we are releasing negativity.. m asking this because although i feel that yes a particular belief has been released, after some time its back again.. please provide some insight on what releasing really is and is it normal to have released beliefs back in energy and if not then what causes this and how do we know that we are doing the releasing process the right way.. thankyou for this amazing information though.. it really helped..

  3. Hi Me,

    Energy works instantly but the body’s physical density means it often takes a little while before we feel the physical shifts. The energy shift is instant, though.

    So when/if you take on negativity from others, it’s common to notice this strongly *after* you’ve been around them… And when you clear their energy out, it can take a little while before the noticeable physical shift comes. Energy will in most cases have cleared noticeably within 12-24 hours.

    Cassady x

  4. Garima,

    You’ll notice it from increased “clarity” mentally, a feeling of increased lightness and vitality – eventually in changing outer circumstances, like income level, friend interactions, love situations, etc.

    The effects and how much you notice it varies from individual to individual, but I’d say as long as you’re “in process” or in Ascension, these things shift continuously – you might not fully notice how much your vibration has increased and how much you’ve shifted before you take a step back and compare with how you felt and thought 2-5 years ago.

    The changes are happening, but as spirit shows me it’s often like tea leaves in a cup of hot water – when you’re “in process” it can seem cloudy, but once things settle you’ll notice how much clearer you are.

    When you are working on clearing and raising your vibration, listen to your inner wisdom to know what best serves you.

    Cassady x

  5. Thank you so much Cassady! Once again, you are amazing! I had been getting the message about shielding myself daily in my oracle readings as well as the Salt bath remedy. Thank you!

  6. This happens so much, going thru this as we speak. Things went from great to separation again and has left my head spinning again!?

  7. Although I have successfully manage to clear and shield my energy, the 3D separation is still so strong. However, my twin is married. I often feel his anxiety and misery, even though we are not currently connected in the physical. I know those emotions are related to his marriage and daily stress in general. Despite trying to remain in a positive state of abundance, I sometimes struggle with the reality of our union. My twin is indeed stuck, as he is so devoted to his family and would lose quite a bit in a divorce. I question whether or not he will ever have the courage to end that marriage. I have read (several times) the article you posted about married twin flames. Could you please shed some light on how to manage this situation? Thanks!

  8. Thank you Again Cassady,
    Perfect for me….it is. for were Iam exactly with my TF. I have been feeling a major energy shift since October with my TF. I have intuitively been knowing these points you shared with us . Much gratitude to you for being our voice of reason and comfort and holding space for us all.
    Love and light

  9. My twin-flame is in NY City where she is being bombarded daily by electromagnetic frequencies, and shallow, fake, and parasitical people and vibrations. By my own power over our distance, I help her deal with those energies by clearing out her heart-space, and clearing out the negative energies around her. It takes quite a bit of concentration to do so, but I do it as much as I can handle. Is it harder for that clearing to be effective given her environment? Maybe it would be more effective if I cast a shield around her (that was a good idea in the article.)

  10. I was wondered something. The other day I got a healing session from a healer who I know. But she doesn´t know about my twin. When she come to the heart chackra she felt a enormously huge energi flow. A very positiv and strong a such. I myself feelt very good at the time. But one day later my belly was up side down. It hurt and I felt sick. Could my body healing or similar have that kind of effect on my twin, and was it that i felt. Nothing like that has ever happened before on my healing sessions. Maria <3

  11. This post comes at a time when I found out my Twin is leaving our workplace for a new job. Separation is an illusion, yet, I have no idea what it feels like in 3D to not have her here near me at work. This is going to be an extremely challenging chapter in my TF “story” but I have faith in the Universe and our connection. She will find her way back to me some way, somehow. Scott

  12. Cassady I am wondering in all of this if there are reasons some of us are more sensitive to these energies as part of our mission? I have been getting the message that some of us are here to help clear the collective behind the scenes. The goal is to become a clear channel that we can clear as we go and not get bogged down by the energy. In these messages, I have worked hard to align myself with this and to listen to my guides in response to shifting this awareness. It has helped me tremendously, but also brought more to me to clear. Everyone is responsible for their own stuff, yet there are these collective patterns that we create. Helping shift those to the new paradigm seems like a beneficial thing to do. Could you shed some light on this for me and others who are drawn to this path? I am sure that being in a joyful union helps the collective the most, however, are there in fact those here to help with the overall energetics? Also, is this more potent WITH your Twin connected together on the physical plane if your combined soul is meant to do this? Thank you!

  13. My twin and I keep seeming to go back and forth. Which I feel like I’m giving more. I’m an empathy/natural healer but, I also received visions of our past lives together and let’s just say I wasn’t the nicest to him. So I understand his fear and maybe he doesn’t know why it’s subconscious. He won’t spill much in the physical plane but constantly imposes on me spiritually.I cleared my throat chakra one day and two days later he blew up on me with all this repressed anger. Which wouldn’t be warranted in this lifetime. So now I try not to associate pain with him. It’s tiring and I have to be honest it’s annoying at times. Because it’s like see what I see already let’s get past it or leave me alone. As much as I love him and how deeply we are connected I’ve tried to get away from him at times. That doesn’t seem to work. I know we both are very sensitive to energies. I live with a negative person who I believe is causing this strife between us. Whenever the person is around my energy shifts and I feel different towards my twin. How can I protect myself from this until I move out and clear myself? I know about the usual clearing tools.I do that everyday. Let’s say I’m clear, then what about my twin? Does me being free from negative energy automatically clear him? We’re too far right now for me to kind of help get those people away from him.

  14. Thank you again for a wonderful article! I have a question; how would I ask my twins soul permission to clear their energy? This is something I’ve been thinking about recently, I know it will help him alot and I want him to feel better because I know he’s struggling.

  15. Very nice post 🙂
    However I in a dilemma. I found many spiritual gurus negating the theory of twin flames, by simply stating that we all are consciousness with no distinction and considering existence of twin flames is foolish!
    On the other hand many of US have felt deeply in our heart the ecstatic connection with one person (or even in spirit form), and this very momentary experience expanded our heart and opened up gates to walk towards ascension.
    I seek your comments on this.

  16. Think I’ve been in shock that this happening to me, even though I know that it is. My twin experience has felt nothing short of a science fiction novel… but I know what you say here is true for us. I understand now that I have been soaking in a negativity womb for most of my life… I have been tremendously sensitive to other people negative energy and been walking in a cloud of it like Pig Pen from Peanuts… I’ve accrued debt trying to find answrs to why this is happening and what to expect and how to fix it but now I understand that only other twins truely get what this experience is and many other sensitive people, psychics and the like, are also prone to their own negative perceptions and judgments and can sometimes add negativity to my own energy by picking up and aligning their own negative beliefs with my worries and negativity… like, if I believe things are bad and not working that is the insight I draw into my experience and like minded energies come with that… I work in a giant city with the public and am collecting many other peoples energy everyday, also drawing in what is aligning with my current frequency… of course my twin is running… It’s what I have been in alignment with for many months, it’s what I have been told by others to believe… as it is what I have believed is normal and unavoidable… this is stunning on many levels frankly, I am suddenly very aware of why I keep getting “you need to relax” from my guides… I haven’t understood what that meant… I haven’t trusted the good messages over the negative messages that bombard. Thanks for this resource, thank you immeasurably. I’m taking a leap of faith and believing in miracles because what I have to gain far out weighs what I fear to lose. Raising my vibration has to be infinitely better than staying in the lowlands where I lived for so long. Clearing myself is what I can control.

  17. Why do people use difficult terms and ideologies? This calls in the negativity. Why do we all think about all this energy and all. keep it simple. Your intuition knows that its not the time for us to be together. My guides tell me that we humans should not ever talk about energy. plz take this seriously. Big big words and big big sentences!!! the more we think the more we are over analysing it. mind can wander anywhere.

  18. Thats a great insight.. thank u cassady.. ascension feels like being a child who falls then crawls then finally learns to walk again.. m always excited to reach new level of light each day.. hope it gets better and better with each passing day for everyone of us.. 🙂

  19. Hey cassady can you suggest a way on how should one deal with feelings of jealousy and loneliness and abandonment.. i try to clear my energy daily.. when i feel jealous i just try to accept with love my twin being with another.. i just pray for him to be happy with whoever he wants to be with.. but deep inside i fear lonliness and confused and vulnerable.. i lack the right perspective to deal with such situations.. i also happen to check his ex’s fb profile n other girls too.. is it wrong to do so.. i dont know how to react.. i want happiness for all and myself.. how can we stay in love and what should we do to stay neutral no matter what and what should we dont do so that the cycles of jealousy doesnt repeat

  20. Just stay in relaxed state 🙂
    Visualize you (only you) are the center of universe and radiating light.

  21. I don’t think it’s a considence that people came together and started having spiritual experiences. Keep a journal of your journey to reference when other’s give you a reason to doubt your own knowing. Light & Love ?

  22. Hi Garima,

    You can use the Free Energy Cleanse tool to do so. Intend that you’re allowing the light to wash away the heavy energies.

    If something negative is coming up, it means your soul is “showing” it to you so you can cleanse it away and move forward into love.

    You’d also benefit from starting a regular Visualizing routine, so you can give yourself the positive images of how your ideal Twin connection would be. This will “distract” you from what sounds like it’s upsetting you – and it will over time attract your desires to you.

    There’s a creative visualization especially for Twin Flames in the Vibrational alignment program ( where I take you through it – all you have to do is listen along. I’ve included some “tricks” that help your unconscious mind get on board and let you enjoy the process more.

    You’ll also find karmic clearing tools in the program – it sounds like the recurring jealousy/loneliness/abandonment are rooted in this. Have a look.

    Sending you love and light x <3 Cassady

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